2008-05-06: Crimefighting


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Summary: Kitty, Amun, and Jamie meet in line at Starbucks and discuss crime fighting.

Date It Happened: May 6th, 2008



Starbucks is a hub of activity oddly enough even at seven o'clock in the evening. The line is long, and the yuppies are yapping away on their cellphones which does little to help it on its way. When Amun arrives through the doors with a list of drinks for the fine men and women of the NYPD one can quickly see his face drop. "You've gotta be kidding me…" he murmurs to himself. Hand on his cellphone, he flips the face open and quickly dials a number, and after a few rings he makes contact. "Yeah… I'm gonna be in here for a while… Haha, that's what she said," he offers into the portable device as a smile lights his features before a nod is given. "Alright, seeya in a bit." That said, the man sighs and slides the phone back into his pocket. Figures they'd give a rookie all of the 'fun' jobs.

Standing in line in front of Amun is a young woman wearing a long white flowing skirt and a light blue tank top, her feet are sandaled. Kitty's long brown hair is down and frames her face, her dark brown eyes study the menu as she waits her turn to order. A hand goes to her arm as she shifts her weight to one hip. The cashier is sure taking their time.

Jamie slips in the front door of the coffee shop, and blinks at the crowd too. The young girl just shrugs, though, not seeming to care as she practically skips over to join the line as well. She looks up to the person in front of her in line, who happens to be the cop, and says a cheerful, "Hi."

This was pretty bogus. He doesn't even drink coffee. "I wonder if I flash my badge and declare an emergency they'll let me move to the front of the line," he offers to no one in particular, as his thumbs hook into the pockets of his pants. Shifting from side to side, it looks like the man might need to go to the bathroom. "Human beings were not meant to wait in lines…" The cheerful voice from behind draws a glance from the officer, and when he notices that it's a child he looks puzzled briefly before offering a smile in return. "Hey there, kiddo. Your mom know you drink this stuff?"

"Now that wouldn't be fair, would it?" Kitty chuckles at Amun and turns her head to look at the cop. Her eyes twinkle in the lights on the coffee shop. When Jamie speaks, Kitty looks down to smile at the girl. "You're out late, hun." She says softly to the little girl. "Don't you wish you could just stop time and get your drink and go?" YEAH THANKS FOR COMING HIRO.

Jamie starts to say something to Amun, stops, and then says, "My foster mom. She does, yep. She gave me money to get a milkshake and ice-cream-sandwich before she went to work." Not exactly the things most people come in for, but on the menu nonetheless. She looks up to Kitty, and blinks, "You're the one who stopped the bad guys at that bike store." Then she nods quickly, "Kinda late, yeah. But not curfew yet."

Amun smirks at the comment from the woman in front of him, and his head turns to glance back at her. "Hey, I put my life on the line on a daily basis. The least that could earn me is a place at the front of a line," he replies, his smile broadening just slightly before his gaze returns to the little girl as Kitty speaks to her. "Stop time, huh…" For a moment there, Amun seems to consider how nifty such an ability would be. "If only," he offers with a soft chuckle before nodding to Jamie. Isn't she cute. "She did, did she?" he asks, unable to help himself as his smile takes on a youthful cheer of its own. Bad guys? Blinking, the officer looks to Kitty again, saying nothing as he waits for her to answer.

"Oh yes.. you were there. Good to see you again kid." She offers with a gentle smile. "You haven't seen those bad guys again have you?" Kit looks up at Amun and winks, "I don't know.. depends on how good you are at your job." She teases and puts her hands on her hips. "Some thugs thought they could come and rob a bike shop a couple months ago. I kind of.. stopped them.. not that I needed to do much." She can't really say that she went crazy and pointed a gun at the thugs..

Jamie nods quickly to Amun. Then she looks up to Kitty and giggles, "Yeah, guess they weren't expectin' anybody to to fight back. You had 'em running so fast that they were tripping over themselves." She's smart enough not to mention the gun too, apparently. She shakes her head quickly then, "Nope, ain't seen 'em at all."

Amun breathes a laugh and leans back slightly, his expression showing complete disbelief. "Get outta here…" he says, only to laugh again, his face completely lit with amusement. "You stopped a couple… Like, more than one thug from robbing a bike shop?" he asks, though the question doesn't seem to require an answer as he quickly continues. "What are you… one-twenty? C'mon, you had help.." he says, his gaze meeting Kitty's as if attempting to read her. Insert foot in mouth. Looking to Jamie, the police officer's expression completely shifts in an instant. "That's…really impressive. How did she stop the badguys?" Manners, Amun. Looking back to Kitty then, the man seems to forward the question to whoever is willing to answer. "…And, apparently not as good as you are, at /my/ job."

Excccuusee me? "How do you think I did it?" Kitty raises and eyebrow and grins at the cop. "I have my ways." A wink follows and she drags one foot behind her as the line moves a little. "Maybe you should take some lessons from me then."

Kit looks to Jamie, waiting to see what the child will say. "It wasn't all that hard, really."

Jamie starts to say something and again stops. She glances up to Kitty and bites her lip, and then looks upto the cop and says, "She convinced them she had a gun and that she'd shoot 'em if they did anything." Not exactly the straight truth, but not a lie either. Technically.

"What you think you could show me a thing or two about crime fighting?" Amun asks, chuckling as he does so and slides a step closer to his destination. "I'd like to see that… Believe me, I really would," he offers in return. He keeps his eyes on the older of the pair for a moment as the younger girl begins to speak, pulling his gaze away from Kitty to look again to Jamie eventually after a few moments. "That's it? These thugs just decided to bolt then?" A whistle flows from the officer and he shakes his head, smiling broadly. "I guess fibbing isn't always the wrong thing to do, eh kid? But, of course that was an extremely dangerous thing to do…" he notes, gazing back to Kit. "You could've gotten hurt. I hope you'll leave that kinda thing to us in the future… Nice work either way though. This city owes you a debt of gratitude, Miss."

"Well sign yourself up Sir. I start teaching my crime fighting class next week. Three hundred an hour." Kitty jokes and smiles up at the handsome guy. "And sure, I'll let you guys do all the saving, in the future. For now.." she winks to show she's kidding. "Kitty." She says as he calls her miss. Jamie is given a bright smile for her innovative fib.

Jamie smiles back to Kitty. Then adds her own introduction, "I'm Jamie." She looks up towards the front of the line and then back up to Kitty and Amun. She adds to the latter, "She couldn't wait that time. There weren't no cops there, and they were gonna hurt the… store owner, I guess."

Amun shakes his head again, unable to help from grinning. "Three hundred an hour? You know with prices like that I think I might have to cuff you and charge you for robbery," he teases. Clearing his throat softly, Amun extends his hand to Kitty. "Amun," he returns the favor of introduction, and when Jamie speaks up he moves his free hand to rest on top of the young girl's head. "Nice to meet you, Jamie… And I guess you're right. Wouldn't want an innocent person getting hurt like that," he agrees, ruffling the child's hair a bit before his eyes again meet Kitty's. "We really could use all the heroes we can get out here.. Ever think of joining the Force? We just happen to have an opening for pretty and witty if you're interested," is offered with a wink.

"Like the Egyptian god, nice." Kitty says and she shakes Amun's hand with a grin. "I'm not a Force type of girl." Kitty chuckles and moves forward in the line again, one more person! "But thanks, we need more handsome heroes like you out there. Just sucks I know for the girlfriend to be worried sick not knowing if you are hurt or not."

Jamie nods quickly to Amun as she agrees with her, smiling. She looks to Kitty then and blinks, asking, "Do cops get hurt a lot?" She looks up to Amun again curiously as she asks that question.

"What did you say?" Amun asks, taken back for a moment. "You actually know about that?" he asks, looking positively impressed as he smiles. "Ah, well, had to try," he notes with a light shrug. "Good to know that some people know a little something about something. Usually when I introduce myself people look at me like I'm planning to blow up a building," he jokes, only to breathe a laugh at the compliment. "Thanks… And honestly, my girlfriend would know better than to worry." At Jamie's question, Amun takes in a sharp breath and looks a little unsure of what to say as he glances over to the young lady. "Uh… Sometimes we do. Not all of the bad guys run away when they hear that you have a gun, so it pays to be careful. That's also why we wear armor," he notes, tapping his chest which toks with each impact like the second hand of a Grandfather Clock. "Sort of light Knights from the old days. We have to protect our fiefdom, so we have the best equipment to handle the barbarians and dragons of the world," he tells the girl with a smile before moving another step forward in line.

"I read a lot." Kitty admits to Amun, "Egyptian Mythology is my favorite to read about. When the last person moves, Kitty moves forward to order her drink and then moves over. "I'm sure you're great at your job, so the girlfriend wouldn't have to worry about you, agreed." She smiles widely and leans against the counter waiting on Amun to order as well.

Jamie listens to Amun's explanation curiously, and smiles at the analogy to Knights. "Wow! Some bad guys must be real dangerous if you gotta wear armour. Glad ya do, though." The talk of mythology though seems to go right over her head, and she just listens to that.

"That's really refreshing to hear, Kitty," Amun offers with a grin. "Everyone seems to be so into movies and television these days I thought that the readers were dying off faster than chickens in China." When Kitty places her order and steps aside, he smiles to her and archs a brow. "Do you mind?" he wonders as he fishes his wallet out of his back pocket, opening it quickly to produce a trio of twenty dollar bills. Apparently the officer wishes to pay for her drink. "You too, kiddo. My tab," he says, moving a hand to rest upon Jamie's shoulder and gently usher her in front of him. "Oh, the bad ones are /really/ bad. They usually shoot first and never surrender, but we tend to handle our own pretty well so it all works out," he tells the young girl before nodding toward the cashier. "Tell the nice lady what you want." That said he brings his other hand to rest on Jamie's other shoulder as well, and his gaze travels back to Kitty. "I try to be. It's not what I wanted, but… Such is life. I was /going/ to be a marine," Amun admits. "If that had been the case then maybe she might have a little more to worry about," he chuckles.

"Oh wow.. thank you." Kitty says and gives Amun a smile. "You're girlfriend is really lucky." She points out and smiles at Jamie. "Isn't this guy cool?" Kit grins at Amun and winks.

Jamie blinks, but smiles, "Thanks!" To the server she says, "Can I have an ice-cream sandwich and a chocolate milkshake, please?" She bends her neck back to look up to Amun with another smile, then nods emphatically to Kitty.

Amun grins broadly as he lifts his head slightly and gazes briefly at the ceiling as a soft chuckle flows from him. "Oh she is, I'm sure… Wherever she is," he says with a light shrug. "I mean, when I actually meet her," he clarifies, returning his gaze to Kitty, and then quickly to Jamie whose shoulders he gives a light squeeze before returning his hands to his sides. "You're welcome, Jamie. You two aren't bad yourselves. Ice cold, I'd say," he offers with a smile and again looks to Kitty. "Who'd of thought I'd meet a real life hero and her sidekick all in one day."

Kit's eyes widen at the clarification. "Oh really?" she raises an eyebrow and grins at Amun. "Seems like you lucked out, though I'm sure Jamie would agree with me when I say we didn't expect to run into a handsome gentleman of a cop this evening."

Jamie nods quickly again in agreement with Kitty, giving the slightest of giggles. She rocks a little on the balls of her feet as she waits for her order. A little too hyper to stand still so long. "Dunno if I'm a sidekick, though. All I did while she stopped everything was hide."

"I know right? The uniform is like a magnet for most guys, but… I guess rookies need to work their way up to that status," Amun says, smiling in light of what he takes from Kit's expression to be surprise. He smiles wider then, and bows his head ever so slightly. "Thanks, Kitty.. I guess we can chalk being a charmer up as another one of your many positive attributes." From the confines of his wallet, Amun slides a piece of paper covered in writing. "Well, if that's what you did then you did the right thing. If you didn't hide and stay safe I think maybe our hero wouldn't have been able to do her job quite as well. First rule of being a good sidekick… Know your role," he notes to Jamie. "…So, I hope you'll consider my treat as something of a down payment on that class of yours?" he wonders amusedly, lifting a brow to the older of the two young women before his attention shifts to the cashier. "Okay… This might take a while," Amun offers and then begins to read the listed orders on the slip of paper one by one.

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