2007-07-09: Get Carter: Crisis


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Summary: The women hit a snag. A big one.

Date It Happened: July 9, 2007

Get Carter: Crisis

Abandoned Metalworks Building, South Syracuse, New York

"Desiree!" Cass lurches forward to try and catch the other woman, but it's too much to try and help Elena as well as catch Desiree and keep Elena up. The other woman drops to the ground. "Yeah. I'm not planning to come back here any time soon. So I can't say be right back. Nor will I say I've had sex. It's always the liberated sexed up women who get killed after the first act." Pause. "Crap I said it. At least you're safe from that." Another pause. "Wait, you /are/ safe from—-Okay. Stop. This is not the time to talk about virginity." When Cass gets nervous, she starts talking. It's just something she does. However, as she's trying to attend to Desiree and look for something that might help carry her out of there she notices the winking silvery metallic glinting. "Wait. There's…there's something over there. We should…uh…not got that way."

The young Gomez girl forces herself to grab Desiree, to help Cass. She grits her teeth, and she tries to haul the Southerner up to help Cass this time. She looks over at her worriedly. But then she stares when she segways into OTHER stuff about horror movies. "….-YES-, Cass, I'm safe," she can't help but say, but right after she says it, she bursts out laughing. It's a little unhinged, and a little nervous. "Believe me I'm not doing any of that for a while. But…we have to keep going…" She tries hauling up the Southerner on her own…

CASS: When Cass looks around to look for something to help carry Desiree with, she'll suddenly trip, sprawling onto the side. Whatever it is against her ankle, it's thin. It draws a little bit of blood from her skin, having cut through fabric. It's -sharp-, and it seems to stretch out from the edge and into the darkness.

There's also a strange sound coming from there…

Being the klutz that she is - even during rescue missions - Cass goes sprawling over something and cuts her ankle. "/Ow/." Reaching out, she takes the fallen flashlight from Desiree to try and figure out what is going on. "Let's…yeah. /Watch out/. There's something really sharp here." After she claps a hand over the wound quickly, she realizes it's a superficial wound so she just pulls herself onto her feet. Flashing the beam to where she fell, she tries to show the sharp thing that drew blood from here. "Wait. Wait." Then, the book store owner falls silent to listen. "You hear that? There's something….what /is/ that?"

There is a pause, Elena staring at Cass as she sprawls over the wire. "What IS that?" she murmurs, setting Desiree back down gently and moving over to grope somewhat fuzzily on the thing on the ground that Cass has tripped on. She sees….a wire, upon close inspection. She stares at it, and then along the darkness when Cass tells her that she hears something. "I….I don't know…" she murmurs. She'll reach over to try and help Cass up from where she's fallen. "Are you bleeding? Hurt anywhere?" It looks like it cut through fabric, it's stretched so tight.

CASS and ELENA: The sound…is very faint. And mechanical. It doesn't sound electronic at all. It also sounds -very- close, and seems to be originating under a tarp draped over one of the drums that the complex seemed to be filled with, the ones usually used to store metal waste. This was a smelting plant at some point after all, there had to be places where they stored trash around.

Waving Elena off, Cass gets up on her own steam. It's not that she's not grateful for the help, but Desiree needs it more. "I'm fine, I'm fine. It didn't hurt me. Help Desiree," she tells Elena. They both should to pull the Southerner up onto her feet and carry her out of there between the two of them. However, the sound of mechanical whatever it is catches her attention again. It's that tarp that she spied from outside in the van. Curiosity takes a grip of her and she can't help but try to figure out what it is that would make that sound in an abandoned warehouse. "Come on. We should get out of here." But even as she says it, she reaches forward to yank off the tarp and see what it is that could be.

Helping Cass with Desiree, Elena takes careful steps towards the end of the hall, turning to look at Cass as she drags the tarp up and yanks it off the drum. "Cass, should we keep going forward…?" she asks as the canvas slides away from the drum…

And once the tarp is removed, Cass and Elena will see it. The wire seems to branch into the drum, and right on top there is….a wad of a gray material pressed on top, large and blocky, with an electronic device wedged upon it. While it LOOKS WHAT IT IS, the disturbing thing about it is that there is no timer.

And these drums are -all over- the complex.

Elena's face turns as gray as the mound of C4 slapped on the drum. "Oh…oh my god. OH MY GOD!" Yes. They have to move. THEY HAVE TO MOVE.

"…" There's a long long pause while Cass just stares at the drums and the C4. "Is that…" It takes a little while for this to process. "Oh my God." Yes. They /have/ to move. As loud as she can think as /well/ as yell, "GET OUT." ~/Get Out/~ Hopefully the loudest she can think will get through to Ramon and to Peter. She's not sure. But now they're going to have to get out of there as soon as possible. Quickly, she goes back to pull Desiree up. "Come on. Come on. We /have/ to get out of here. This is not good. This is not good at all." What if her thoughts don't get through? What if the others don't /know/ what is around? She wants to run back like Peter to warn everyone, but if she does that Desiree and Elena won't get out. "/Dammit/." As soon as those to are out and safe, she's going to back to make sure.

Outside, a fireball erupts...

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