2007-02-23: Crossing Paths To Greenwich


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Summary: Jane's on her way to Greenwich Village. So is Xander for a different reason. Crossing paths is always awkward.

Date It Happened: February 23rd, 2007

Crossing Paths to Greenwich

Midtown West

Walking along toward Greenwich Village with real estate and apartment for rent listings in her hand, a briefcase in the other, Jane is clad in a charcoal grey woman's business suit with skirt and complementary pumps, her hair pinned up professionally. The guitar and backpack some have become used to seeing her with are left elsewhere, it appears her pursuit today is business.

It always is business, isn't it? Business is the thing that gets people moving, it's business that has Xander going from point A to point B. Point A being the DA's office, where he works, and point B being, coincedentally, Greenwich Village where a crime has taken place. It hasn't quite hit the news, since Xander wants to get a look at it right quick. Jane might remember him from the park. Jane might have remembered him confronting a crazed pyro chick. If Jane was really lucky, she might have also remembered seeing sparks of electricity crackling around one of Xander's hands, but you'd have to be paying close attention, one would think.

He, for his part, might remember her being there. The guitar-toting, backpack wearing woman who entered the park just minutes before that evening went swiftly to fiery hell. Consulting her lists, she walks on and soon is close to intersecting the man. Her eyes look up to settle on his face just in time to not bump directly into him. And she pauses, studying the face, as if trying to place it. "Sorry, sir," Jane offers.

Xander finds himself halting himself so as to not run into her when he sees her getting close, and smiles a bit, "Quite alright, nothing's happened. Not going to sue you." He's always for making lawyer jokes at his own expense. He pauses a moment as he looks her over, but shakes his head, as though trying to place her in his mind, but failing. "Feel free to overtake." His accent is crisp, and very much London. He was rather one of the more prominent voices wasn't he? Trying to negotiate with the Pyro bitch.

She chuckles a bit, seemingly about to reply, when something makes her stop short. The face, the build, that accent… Jane had been wearing earplugs that evening in the park, to ward against the unexpected dog whistle or other source of painful ultrasonic tones, but some things were heard in muffled fashion. Her memory is consulted, this shows on her features. "Were you present during a… disturbance recently, in Central Park?"

Xander blinks for a moment, before realizing that this woman had seen him at Central Park, before smiling and shrugging, "Well, yes, I was, actually. I suppose you might have seen me there… I had no intention of being a part of the disturbance, but it happened.." He shrugs, and introduces himself, "Alexander Weston Marx, how do you do?" He extends his hand so for Jane to shake it.

She places her hand in his to shake once and release. It's warm to the touch and soft, as women's hands tend to be, but the grip is a bit stronger than one might expect and the tips of her fingers have hints of calluses to them. "Doctor M. Jane Forrest," Jane replies pleasantly. A Doctor, at apparently twenty-four or five? "Good to meet you, Mr. Marx. I… saw you in the park." Wariness is on her face, studying his, and apparently trying to decide how much she can safely share. So she asks, with what she tries to make seem casual curiosity, "was that real, or some odd version of performance art?"

Xander bites his lip, not sure how to answer that, before replying, "Merely a very capable arsonist, one whom I'm hoping to not deal with again…" That was the best cover he could come up with. If there was a better explaination that he could give, he'd jump on it, but Arsonist was definitly a good one. "Besides, I'm a lawyer, not an actor, I don't put on shows."

She chuckles slightly. "You're a lawyer, Doctor Marx? That's got to have some degree of theatrics involved doesn't it? Standing up in court, speaking to the jury, making your point. Unless, of course, your thing is more for copyrights and trademarks." Jane's head tilts to one side, her eyes studying the face, as she seems to ponder something further. Her voice is hushed when she speaks again, the words meant for hearing by him alone. "It looked like I saw sparks on your fingertips a time or two. Can't be sure, I was trying to get closer without being seen."

Xander for a moment corrects her, "I'm not a doctor…." And then when Jane mentions that there were sparks going about his fingers, he finds himself getting a little annoyed, as he proceeds to take a step, as though getting back on his route, "It was a stressful evening, the arsonist had taken someone hostage, and she was threatening to take more lives. You were clearly seeing things…"
Her eyes meet his, they explore a bit, as he denies what she saw and claims not to have be a doctor too. "What's your degree called, the one you got from graduating law school? It was juris doctor, wasn't it? And seeing things? Well," she remarks calmly, a tone to her voice that suggests not being convinced but not arguing the point, "if you say so. The woman didn't make fire with her hands and throw it like a pitcher. Nothing else unusual happened."

Xander would very much rather not deal with people who meddle in his business, and stops walking when Jane makes those remarks, as he turns around to look in her eyes, and and speaks with a tone that conveys annoyance and frustration to a degree, "What do you want from me? Are you looking to be make a little money off of me else off of the tabloids? That evening was very stressful. My friend's daughter was held hostage by that woman, and barely escaped with her life."

"I saw," Jane replies simply. "I can only imagine the stress it caused, I'm no stranger to it myself." She takes a pause to collect her thoughts and choose the proper words before continuing. "Now, you may want to deny what you saw, maybe you sparked, maybe you didn't. If you want to keep that quiet, fine. It's actually smart, but to be fair, be very careful of those other people who were there. They're dangerous too." A step is taken, as if to continue on and let him be.

The Lawyer narrows his eyes for a moment as he tells the woman, "I'm sure I can take care of myself. I don't see the need for anyone to tell me to watch my own back." With that, he makes to move in his direction again, not really wanting to further discuss this with the woman.

No move is made to stop him, she's headed off toward Greenwich Village, leaving the man behind, unless he's still headed that way to check out what brought him here in the first place. As Jane strides along her head shakes slowly a few times. Under her breath she sadly remarks "If he does have a talent, I hope he doesn't get captured and marked by Primatech. Can't help people who won't listen."

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