2008-02-25: Cue Training Montage


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Summary: When a certain puppeteer artist goes to visit a friend and finds her boyfriend at home instead… the two end up talking and deciding to do a little lesson in an ability.

Date It Happened: February 25th, 2008

Cue Training Montage

Elena's Apartment

Project after project, activities and classes collided with each other's scheduling. Time spent inside and outside of the classroom left no time to chat with others, and when it did, it all revolved around school work.

It is one of those times that Mikhail has a real excuse to go -stalk- visit one of his friends and talk about important unimportant things. Something he never really did before, in fact. But getting his mind off of the most recent of harsh art critiques just screams 'random hang out.' The artist makes his way over toward Elena's apartment, its settings familiar to the eye. A quick visit, he thinks, and then he'll head back. He hasn't seen her in…a month or two anyway. Stopping a foot and a half away from the door, he draws in a breath and knocks.

It isn't Elena who answers the door.

There's a sound of someone shuffling up to it, a little heavier than Elena should be, dragging feet as if tired. After a short pause, the locks get turned, the chain gets removed, and the door opens… It's Peter Petrelli. The owner of the apartment's boyfriend. From the look of him, he'd just been napping on the couch or something, or at least resting his eyes. He looks tired, but not sick, hair longer than the last time the boy had seen him, ruffled from pillow contact for a short time. "Mikhail. I haven't seen you in a while," he says, voice rougher than normal. Upon close inspection, it looks as if he has some light bruising along his neck and jawline, but it's faded to the point it's barely discoloration.

"Elena's in another late study session…" he says regretfully, before… "Would you like to come in anyway?" It's a genuine invitation, by the looks of it. He even steps back to hold the door open.


Blue gray eyes widen slightly at the sight of Peter, the brief stroke of surprise fading as he studies the man's face. "Pyotr," Mikhail nods after another moment, a corner of his mouth tugging downward when he hears that Elena is not in. "Man, she's been busy. It's hard to contact her." Pause. "And I hope that heals all the way," he tacks on, gesturing a few fingers parallel to Peter's face. After dropping his hand, the artist shows a small smile. "Sure," he says with a chuckle, stepping inside.

"She missed a lot of classes last semester, and a few more this semester too," Peter confesses as he closes the door behind the young man, locking in in case of intruders. Walking toward the fridge, he opens it up and pulls out a bottle of water, before motioning, "Want anything?" There's more water, some regular sodas, some juices and V8. Anything the younger man requests will be handed to him after the fridge is closed. "I think she's wanting to graduate early, get her degree as fast as she can. She's pretty ambitious." Nothing wrong with that, really.

Leading the way into the living area, he lifts up the pillows he was obviously sleeping on to make room on the couch. "It'll heal fine, it just needs a few more days," he adds, about his bruising. There's a moment where he pauses. "How have you been lately? No more problems with your ability?"

Mikhail just flinches at the news, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he wanders off to the side to stare at everything. "Um, no thanks, it's cool," he responds after a few seconds of spacing out. He takes another pause, running a hand through his half-bleached hair. The roots have grown out, and it's showing a two-tone effect. "On second thought, water sounds good."

Taking what is handed to him, the young man settles down on the couch's armrest. "That's just like Ele, then," he says, shaking his head. "She's crazy and ambitious." It fits her just fine, too. Mikhail nods when Peter reassures him about the face-healing bit, raising his eyebrows a little.

Where to start…

"Um, well…about that," the artist starts, opening the bottle with a snap. "I…actually had to use it again for a spat that could've broken out between two construction workers." Buh?

"If you managed to help people, Miki, that's a good thing," Peter says, opening his own water bottle so he can take a drink. He settles down onto the far end of the couch, and there's a chair near the window he could sit on as well. It's a nicely decorated living room. He's not even sure he still has the young man's ability anymore, to be honest. It could have vanished along with his healing. It's one ability he hopes his father doesn't have access to… He puts aside his own worries and looks at the young man, "Do you want to talk about what happened?"

A long sip leads to half of the water missing from its container. The half-Asian smacks his lips, staring at the bottle absently before flicking his gaze back at Peter. Another long stare is taken before he blinks. "…I was just hanging out at the pub for dinner with a friend," Mikhail says quietly. "One of the guys was drunk and had some beef with another guy who came in. And they were going to start something, y'know? In a pub full of patrons." He recalls everything vividly within his mind, the setting being a little more blurry than the action taking place. "I think drunk was going to hit the other guy with a bottle, so I…sorta held his hand back," he shrugs, a little sheepish with the result. "And Genie saw it all." A beat passes. "Oh yeah - he knows about my ability now," he adds without hesitation.

"Genie?" Peter repeats after a moment, trying to think of someone with that name who he might be meaning. "As long as he doesn't go to the public or anything that's okay, but…" Genie… of course. "Gene Kensington?" That's one of Elena's friends, so it wouldn't surprise him if Mikhail knew of him too. He nods after a moment. "I wouldn't worry too much about it. He's friends with Elena too." But he's also… there's a small bit of tension on his forehead, as if there's something else going on there.

"I honestly wish I could use your ability half as well as you can. I have other ones I can use in situations, but I think yours would be pretty helpful in certain ones, too." And while telekinesis could do much of the same, it has some associated emotions…

Oh yeah - no one else calls Gene 'Genie.' "Ah — yeah, Gene. Yeah," the artist nods, finishing off the rest of the bottle's contents. "He made me a nifty drawing tablet for my computer. I think his power is neat, even if it doesn't really do anything action-like."

The bottle goes crunch as he compresses it into a crinkled mess, recapping it shortly after doing so. It amuses him in a strange way as he observes its new shape, but he does get back to the conversation. "…You mean…like, training?"

"He made me these.. battery things. So I could charge a bunch of car batteries for him," Peter admits, laughing a little, though it doesn't sound like he's been doing too much battery charging these days. He knows a little about what he's doing with electricity, but… "You haven't seen his robots yet, then. They can do actiony stuff."

He can testify for that, cause he got saved by the Governator once. Or at least a robot that looked just like him.

"Yeah, I mean training. I— I used to have someone who helped me with my abilities, but they're a little busy right now. And I've recently discovered that learning how to use an ability with the person I got them from… we both learn a little."

Mikhail laughs softly with Peter, amused at the thought of a quick and speedy car battery-charging service. He perks a little more at the mention of robots in plural. "That does sound intriguing," he says with a glint in his eyes. And the glint doesn't fade away as Peter says more about his idea of training with the abilities he has yet to recover. A slow nod of approval is given. "…I don't see why not. If it benefits me and you, then I'd give it a go," he replies casually. "I've been meaning to do so. And it is sorta suspicious when, you know, people start moving on their own in public."


Okay, maybe not. Peter sticks on one topic for the moment, shifting on the couch to better look at the younger man. He raises his hand, really not sure how it works, but understanding the concept of it the one time he did. "I've never made anyone move, that I know of, but if it helps you too, then it'd be all the better." Too bad his girlfriend isn't around to help them practice. Then again… "I guess we could just practice on each other. As long as we're careful. Try not to hurt each other. And maybe we can find ways to break it, if we ever run into someone with the same ability. Can people resist it?"

NINJA Robots. Yes. Mikhail snaps back to reality, blinking again. "It's sorta like that," he says, turning in his spot to face Peter. "I mean, it'd be nice. If I get a better…grip on it, then I wouldn't have to resort to just using physical movements." It's a better way of saying 'hurting himself' anyway. Arms fold over his chest as he leans forward, bobbing his head in agreement. "Sounds easy to do until we try it," Miki adds with a shrug. An eyebrow then arches. "If people are stubborn enough, they can. But if they're not focusing on breaking away, then they're leaving themselves open to it."

Putting down his bottle of water onto a coaster, Peter stands up. "How much time you got now? I don't think Elena will be home for an hour or two. If you wanted to wait for her… we could do some practicing until she gets here." There's often times he would make plans for later, but something always happens later… The present may be the best time for these sorts of things. There's even a stereo system so they can have music to practice to.

Like in Sports Movies.

Just one look, and the artist also goes to toss his crumpled plastic bottle/thing onto the table as well. He gets off of his perch, rolling a shoulder while taking a 'stance' more or less. Mikhail purses his lips prior to placing his hands on his hips.

"Okay. Let's do this."

Cue music. Fade.

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