2009-11-15: Curry, Keys and Caution



Date: November 15, 2009


During a well-timed dinner encounter, Hallis warns George what some of his colleagues are up to.

"Curry, Keys and Caution"

High Rise Apartments, Greenwich Village

It is late afternoon/early evening and Hallis is just getting back from her day out on the town. The building is relatively quiet, which it usually is on Sunday. It's good and bad news that she missed church this morning. Good because she spent it in bliss with the man in the apartment just down the hall, bad because her karma is sure to go down because of her broken promise.

Wrestling with various bags, she slides them down to the floor and pulls her keys out of her purse. She seems to be having trouble finding the right one, which is rather odd because there aren't that many on her ring. One by one, she tests each key, frowning as none of them turn the locks in her door.

For George, it's been a typical Sunday as well - apart from the night/morning with Hallis, which he merely hopes will become typical. There are still some places to go and appearances to make, but with so many others at church or just generally resting up from their work weeks, his schedule has been lighter than usual. The elevator doors open and he steps out just as Hallis runs out of keys. "Having a little trouble there?" he offers.

Smiling a little sheepishly she looks up at him and nods, "I think I might have grabbed your keys by mistake this morning. You wouldn't just happen to have mine, do you?" She holds up a set which indeed look just like George's. Then she leans in to give him a kiss, snaking her arm around his waist. The bags on the floor look suspiciously like take-out, definitely more food than one person could handle, especially Hallis. When she finally pulls her lips from his, she looks up at him and delivers a small smile. "I hope you don't have dinner plans, I got something for us."

"I—" Oh, he's getting kissed. Put that thought on hold for a minute and return the embrace. "No, nothing yet," George finally answers, "I was going to call you once I got in. And I had my car keys today, but…" He pulls out his own set, which don't look like Hallis's, but also look like only half of his. "I think that's the key to my apartment there, let's see if the key to yours is still inside."

A little too quickly, he turns and heads down the hall in that direction. Yet another weird coincidence: if he'd gotten here any other time, he could've been locked out of his place, too. Should he tell her the one secret he's still holding close to his vest, or risk her figuring it out on her own?

Bending down, Hallis picks up the bags and then follows George down the hall to his apartment. As they near his door, she looks up at him and smiles again. "It's rather lucky that you came out of the lift just then, isn't it? I could have been sitting in the hallway eating curry all by myself." Placing the key into the lock, it turns very easily and she raises her eyebrows at him. "I guess I'm just hopeless, George, what would I do without you?"

"I don't know, what did you do before me?" he asks, heading inside. What would I do without you? he thinks to himself. As the door shuts behind them, he takes a quick look around, then heads down the hall, emerging a minute or so later with - sure enough - Hallis's keys in hand. "I didn't figure you for the curry type," he says as he places them back in her hands.

Hallis accepts the keys and wanders into the kitchen, placing the bags on the counter before carefully unpacking them. "I can try new things," she calls out to him as she finishes and places the empty paper bags in the garbage. Then there is silence. Hallis isn't very familiar with the set up in his kitchen so she is left standing in the middle fo the floor, turning every once in a while as she tries to decide between cupboards to rummage through. "Uhm… George?" she says, in a rather sheepish tone, peeking out from the small room. "Where do you keep your plates and forks?"

George grins. "Curry's a pretty spicy new thing," he replies, "I like it every now and then but— well, I think I've got some milk left." With Hallis's keys returned, and his own hooked back together properly again, he heads into the kitchen to check. "Oh, here and there," he adds, pointing out the right ones, "this one in the middle's just a dummy plate because of the sink."

The dummy plate, this confuses Hallis who reaches down to tug at it lightly. "Oh— I get it. So it looks like a drawer, but it's not." Then she turns back to him with a large smile, "That's just silly." Then, moving to the cupboard, she pulls out two plates and sets them beside all of the takeout containers. "So I went to visit a friend today," she says rather nonchalantly at the same time grabbing some cutlery from the drawers. As she begins dishing some of the food out onto both of their plates, she takes a small breath inward. She seems a little bit worried about something, but unsure of how to begin. "You know how you told me about the people that can do things? Like the fire?"

Oh, crap, here it comes. Or maybe not. "Yeah, what about it?" George takes down a couple glasses, pouring out the rest of the milk - Hallis, if you're lactose-intolerant, now's the time to bring it up - and doing his best to stay out of her way. This second-person-in-the-kitchen thing is a little odd, he mostly did it back in Texas where there was a lot more elbow room to be had.

"Well.." Hallis slows in her preparation of their plates and turns to look at him. She has that expression on her face again, the look, but only because it's a serious issue to her. She stares into his eyes and the corner of her lips twitch slightly as she tries to think of the right thing to say. "I heard that the government had put those people on trains, and not just ones like the fire man, but honest to goodness good people. You don't know anything about that, right? You would never do something like that…" She's had a limited education, stopping after high school graduation, but the education she had was very good. "When I heard, I thought of the holocaust."

George blinks slowly, and not just because Hallis is making those eyes at him that make him fall a little harder each time he sees them. "Or the Japanese, here," he murmurs, bringing up an example closer to home. "No, I haven't heard anything about it. I can see how someone in the government might, if they found out about it…" As he mulls it over, he looks increasingly worried: his ability is a relatively subtle one, and he's a bit publically visible to be disappeared, but it's still not out of the question.

"I knew you wouldn't have anything to do with it!" Hallis cries out, rushing to him and hugging him tightly. With that small assurance from him, her face smooths to a serene smile and she looks up, her eyes meeting his. "I was so scared this afternoon, not because of that, but because I met another person that could do things. Well I knew her before but I didn't know that she could do things. You know?" Her slight frame melts to his and the food seems all but forgotten, that is until her stomach growls. "Ugh… without my pills it keeps doing that."

"Yeah? Small world." After the hug is released, George walks around to stand behind Hallis, resting his hands atop her stomach as it rumbles and complains. "I guess one of those people could turn up just about anywhere," he murmurs. Another subtle hint; if she does figure it out, at least he can point back to this moment. "So did someone try to capture her, too?"

"She said they shot at her, George." Hallis' hand snakes up and she curls her fingers into his hair in the back of his head. She turns her head slightly to give him a sidelong glance and her eyebrows furrow into a worried expression. "I mean, anyone could be keeping a secret like that… anyone. Like my grandmother, or my parents, or you." Then she starts and turns in his arms, looking up at him. "Do you think I should ask my grandmother if she knows?"

George shakes his head. "I'm pretty sure she would have confided in you by now, if she did. Best not to worry her." It's an action-spy-film sort of threat, and he met her grandmother— definitely not an action-spy-film sort of woman. "I'm glad she's all right, though. Tell her it's okay to talk with me too if she wants, okay?"

Hallis seems quite relieved and nods up at him. "I'll tell her, but I'm not sure if she will because you're a member of the government. But I'll tell her." Then she twists to look at the food, and grins. "Shall we? I'll carry the milk if you carry the plates." She leans up and gives him another kiss. The young woman is no Mrs. Cleaver by any means, but she can dish up a mean plate of take-out.

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