2007-04-16: Cutting Loose


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Summary: Candice and Elle reunite. They are total sociopaths. Jane and Randall don't know what hit them.

Date It Happened: April 16, 2007

Cutting Loose

Noodle Heaven

It isn't very often that Candice Willmer can be persuaded to venture about the streets of New York City in her chosen guise, rather than one of her many aliases. But for her wayward friend Elle? Exceptions can be made. She sits at her table, drumming her fingers absently on the surface as she re-reads a text message for the hundreth time. She should be here soon. Where is she? A sandwich, one that looks far too large for a woman of Candice's slender figure, sits untouched in front of her. It'd be impolite to start eating before her friend arrives, after all.

For her own part, Elle Bishop is fairly new to venturing the streets of New York…or anywhere else…on her own. And given that she hasn't seen Candice since leaving the Company's facility, it's a good time for catching up with her BFF. The door opens, and in walks the petite microblonde, in clothing for the barely-spring weather (or at least, her version of it)…some very snugly fitted black slacks, a purple silk top, and the ever-present high heels. Black, 4" heels. She looks about as she steps in, and spotting Candice, smiles and starts over that way.

Candice actually stands up when she spots Elle. She stops just short of hugging the other girl. "You discharged lately? I don't need my hair standing on end." She eyes the blonde dubiously, a little grin on her lips.

Elle walks over and smiles. "I wouldn't make your hair stand on end." she says. Candice is one of the few people (two, really) who Elle isn't prone to shock just for the fun of it. She leans in to hug the taller brunette. "How have you BEEN? It's been too long." Bright, beamish smile on her face.

It's a thing she does, and quite frequently. Playing guitar on the streets of New York. And quite likely she's been doing it again, since Jane has her guitar case slung over one shoulder and a backpack over the other as she enters the Place With No Noodles. The five foot eight inch tall brunette, attired in a light jacket over a vintage rock band hoodie, dark jeans, and two inch heeled boots takes just a few moments to look around and pick a table, then she's moving toward it and occupying a seat there. If Elle is in her line of sight she nods an acknowledgment in that direction, but shows no sign of recognizing the other woman with her.

"You had me worried," Candice admits in a low voice, as though it were some sort of dirty little secret. She runs her fingers through the ends of Elle's hair fondly before reclaiming her seat. "No worse for wear, it seems." Candice eyes the street musician for a moment. I see you. I see you looking at my friend. Not that she's going to pursue that at all, it's just an even look. Acknowledgement and nothing more.

The blonde looks back to Candice. "I'm okay." she says, and she moves to sit at Candice's table. "No, I'm better than okay. I'm good. Things are going really well. Even if I feel a dire need to cut loose sometime soon." She spots Jane out of the corner of her eye, and looks over that way, giving a faint smile and a nod to the musician.

Not being party to the conversation between them, Jane deposits her gear on the floor by her table, the guitar case leaning against it and the pack by her feet, then sits and looks over a menu. Moments later a server comes to attend her. "How may I help you?" she asks. The guitarist's answer: I'll have a large Pepsi, and… a steak and cheese sandwich, please." Her server nods, writing that down, and departs.

Moments later another server approaches the table where Elle and Candice sit. She's about five feet four, wearing the standard clothing of people working at the Place With No Noodles, with a pad and pen in her hand. Elle is addressed first, with a smile. "Is there something I can get for you?" Then Candice gets her attention, as she looks over the table. "Is everything okay, would you like me to get you anything?"

"Friend of yours?" Candice asks quietly. The urge to stare at Jane again is resisted, for now. "Cut loose?" She can't help but grin faintly at that. "In what way?" The server gets the illusionist's attention. "Another soda would be great."

Elle looks over. "Mmm…I'll have a cheesesteak. No onions, no peppers. And a Diet Pepsi, please." she addresses the server. She looks back to Candice. "Occasional helper. Former acquaintance of our friend from Haiti." It's a way to allude to her prior Company imprisonment without tipping off anyone else, of course. "And sure. Cut loose. I'm enjoying my days, and my nights. But it gets a little boring sometime."

Jane's not paying the pair any attention now, perhaps because Elle's the only one of the two she recognizes and she's not wanting to interrupt their conversation. The guitarist reaches into her pack and pulls out a notepad, then a pen, and starts to write something on it. The motions of her hand are those of drawing five parallel lines at the top of the page, then perpendicular lines across them at intervals. Next comes symbols being written onto the diagram she created, and a pensive expression, followed by a smile, like something is coming together nicely. Moments later her Pepsi is brought. "Thanks," she offers as the server departs.

Meanwhile the other server nods once in reply to Candice, "Coming right up." She doesn't ask what type of soda Candice had, remembering it easily, as she turns to Elle. Her fingers write the order on the pad and she repeats it verbatim to verify having gotten it right, then moves away from their table.

"I'd take you out to party, but I don't think Daddy would like that too much." Candice's gaze slips to Jane even as she tries to keep the conversation light. Bagged and tagged, huh? No wonder she looks familiar. Her gaze darkens for a moment before she shakes off her thoughts and gives Elle a smile. "What did you have in mind?"

Elle smiles. "Anything?" She says, with a sweet, innocent smile that anyone who knows her is completely put upon. "And he doesn't need to KNOW." With a flick of her finger, she sends a very brief but fairly potent little spark at the backside of the waitress as she heads off.

Being studied by Candice, Jane may well be remembered as having met her before. She was with Nathan, Hiro, and Noah Bennet when they came to try freeing Peter from the Company, and the one who tried to tackle what Candice caused her to perceive as a victim of their experiments with skin that turned to minerals or something in hopes of keeping the girl safe from whatever was to happen there. There could be a remembered image of the woman in a ski mask with her mouth open and no sound coming out when Hiro's glasses broke, and the window in the door partly shattered. The one who she may well have wanted to torment with illusions at length. Without any memory of having seen the illusionist before, however, Jane simply drinks from her glass and continues with whatever she's diagramming on the paper while waiting for her sandwich.

The shocked server jumps when the spark makes contact and looses a small scream, her fingers dropping the pad. As she bends to pick it up, she looks around to hopefully spot the source of static, and shakes her head. "Weird," she murmurs, "I didn't touch anything metal. Or touch anything with my backside."

Candice has to cover her mouth with one hand to stifle a giggle when Elle torments the poor waitress. "You are terrible," she tells her friend before reaching across the table to clutch her hand. "Don't ever change." Another glance is given to Jane and Candice suddenly realises why she seems so familiar. Oh, /bitch/. Jane might notice the notes on her page don't quite seem to be where she drew them. They kind of… keep bouncing around on the clef. "I'm terrible, too."

Elle shakes her head. "I'm not terrible. I'm bored. If I were terrible I'd have killed her." she says it rather matter-of-factly, all things told. And then there's a broad grin at Candice's second comment, and then the third. "But that's why I like you so much."

What the…? Jane stops writing symbols on the lines she drew and stares at them for a long moment, then blinks a few times. This is followed by more staring, a shake of her head, and closing her eyes to slowly rub at them. When they reopen, damn. Weird things are still happening on the page. Fingers turn the pad over and leave it facing down; she recloses her eyes and lifts the glass of Pepsi to drink from it.

Something about spending time with Elle brings out the schoolgirl in Candice. Though Candice never acted this way while in school. She leans in and actually giggles. "God, they are just /too easy/ to mess with." It'll be a shame when they're all gone. But it's for the betterment of the world.

Elle can't help it…she notices…looks over to Jane, then back to Candice. "What are you doing to her?" she whispers, with an amused giggle as she looks at her friend. "And can I help?"

Sitting at a table with her guitar case propped against it, the open pack near her left foot, and a pad of paper turned upside down in front of her, Jane's eyes are closed as she drinks from her glass of what appears to be Pepsi or Coke. Moments later she sets it down and reopens her eyes, then turns the pad over so she can look at what she drew on it again, hoping her eyes aren't behaving weirdly anymore.

The shocked server has moved on now, gone back to the kitchen still shaking her head about the odd bit of static she was hit by.

Candice pushes a blank napkin in front of Elle. "This." The ledger lines appear from nowhere and the non-existent notes start dancing across the white surface of the napkin. Once the blonde's got the gist of it, the illusion fades. After all, it isn't her friend that Candice wants to toy with.

Elle grins at Candice. "Aww, here I thought you could do better than THAT." That, boys and girls, we call the classic "egging on your BFF". She looks to the illusionist and smiles. "Should we go say hello?" Another sweet and innocent smile, completely belied by the look in her eyes.

The door opens again, briefly, as Randall shoulders his way inside. Adjusting a battered briefcase slung over one shoulder, he heads for the counter, waving to Jane en route. Wow, she lands all the interesting gigs around town, doesn't she?

"Damn," the guitarist murmurs, when the pad is turned over and looked upon again. The symbols are still moving around. A panicked look appears on her face, Jane suddenly stares hard at the glass of soda on the table and pushes it away from her. To the other side of the table. This is bad, very bad. Her experiences after the raid come to her mind quickly, and the most rational explanation she can come up with is having been dosed with some hallucinogen. In the guitarist's head she's on the express train back to three days of cold turkey hell, and the only likely source she can think of is the Pepsi. She didn't leave it unattended, but she also didn't see it filled, it could've been spiked before being brought to her. In any case she's not going to stick around and go down the tubes publicly. Quickly getting to her feet, she throws an amount of money sufficient to pay for her as yet undelivered food and partially consumed soda, closes up the backpack, slings the guitar case over one shoulder, and makes for the door while working to pull the pack across the other. Randall is barely acknowledged in all of this.

"Do you think we should?" Candice squints at Jane and then turns back to Elle, all seriousness. "How much does she know? I'd really hate to have to call our friend from Haiti." She really, really doesn't like having to even talk to him. It makes her skin crawl. "Wait. Watch." The illusion stops after Jane's on her feet and Candice is prodding Elle in the arm. "Do your thing!"

Elle answers. "She knows a pretty good amount. She was involved in things lately, and so far as I know, she still knows some of it." She looks back to Candice. "People -see- my thing!" But that still won't stop her from having a little fun. She slides one foot out of her shoe, and touches it to the floor. When Jane gets near the door, she'll run a current out that way. It should mostly disperse, but again, there should be a pretty big static -pop- when she touches the metal doorknob.

Randall is still pretty close to the door, so when Jane makes a break for it, he reaches over to push the door open again for her. "Yow!" he exclaims, drawing his hand back and shaking it out a few times before deciding to switch back to the shoulder-against-frame approach. "Guess it's time to get the insulation inspected."

The guitarist glances at Randall when he touches metal and unwittingly takes the shock for her, but they don't linger. Something clearly spooked Jane, and she's not sticking around to converse with anyone here. No, she reaches for the doorknob intending to open it and exit the Place With No Noodles. Barring any further illusory acts from Candice which cause her to think the exit's turned into a giant dose of Demerol, Dilaudid, or some such chemical, or any other false visual effect, she's gone.

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