D. L.
D.L. Hawkins
Portrayed By Leonard Roberts
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1976
Age 31
Zodiac Sign ???
Aliases D, Daniel Lawerence, Ghost
Place of Birth Las Vegas, NV, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Ex-Con, Ghost
Known Relatives Paulette Hawkins (mother), Micah Sanders (son), Monica Dawson (cousin), Damon Dawson (cousin)
Significant Other Niki Sanders (wife)
Known Abilities Phasing
First Appearance Hiros

D.L. Hawkins is an ex-con with a rough past and a turbulent future. Married to Niki Sanders, he works as a hard as he can to provide for her and his son, Micah. Most recently, he was presumed dead. But in a strange twist of events, it turned out to not be true and D.L. has returned to his family… harboring a secret that could put them into harm's way.


From a young age, D.L. Hawkins has always been something of a worker. He's had to provide for his family by doing whatever he could to get money. This, of course, led to him getting involved in gangs and the seedier side of things. His lifestyle left quite a bit to be desired, but he was putting food onto the table and that's all that really mattered to him. His life was nothing more than a constant struggle that never seemed to have any sort of hope. That is, until, he met Niki Sanders.

The relationship between Niki and D.L. was something out of storybook. Sometimes things were rocky and other times things were great. Together they were like Bonnie and Clyde. Including the fact that their love was doomed to fail, in a manner of speaking. After dropping out of school, D.L. dedicated his life to crime fully. Which didn't sit too well with Niki, but at least he was bringing money in. Enough money to pay for their wedding.

With Niki and Micah, their son, in tow, D.L. worked his ass off to provide for them. As an ex-con, he couldn't find much work but somehow managed to land himself a job with a construction company. He worked his way up to something of a needed role and started to bring in some legit money. Still, though, there were times he needed to revert to his old ways. Not that he was ever really happy about doing anything of the sort.

The past always seems to catch up with people and D.L. is not exempt to such things. Once again in need of some major income, D.L. looked towards crime as the answer. He got himself involved with a big time bad dude by the name of Linderman. He worked a few odd jobs for Linderman while doing as well as he could at the construction job. But it wasn't enough. Ends were getting met, but there needed to be something more. D.L. wanted more for his family. More for Niki. More for Micah.

The plan was simple. The target? Not so simple. Especially with it being Linderman. D.L. hooked up with a bunch of guys that were planning to take Linderman for a bit of a ride. Though, when he took the time to think about it, he realized his love for Niki and Micah was more important than the prospect of getting 2 million dollars to fix their financial issues. Scared of possible retribution from the big time bad dude, D.L. backed out of the plan, only to have it go on without his say so anyway.

Arrested for the robbery of 2 million dollars from Linderman was something that D.L. wasn't expecting. Framed, even. Unable to just stand by and let this happen, since he was finally starting to get his life on the right track, D.L. phased through the handcuffs and escaped, disappearing without a trace. Just, not going invisible or anything. There was only one place for him to go after that. One place that he could get the help he needed to get the cops off his back and fix this mess he'd gotten himself in. Home.

Home wasn't exactly as inviting as he had hoped. The reconciliation with Niki was strained, but things seem to be heading in the right direction. Together they investigated his frame job only to discover a room full of dead men. No more leads, the not-too-happy couple headed back home, only for D.L. to find out that the one that framed him for the job… was his own wife! Brokenhearted and at a clear loss for everything, D.L. fled with Micah and the money, ready to start a new life and leave Niki in the dust.

On a forced road trip away from Niki, D.L. and Micah learn a few things about each other. Most importantly, though, Micah finally convinces D.L. that Niki is more in need than she is anything else. D.L. agrees to go back and help, but it's a bit too late. Thanks to gun shots forcing him and Micah into the woods. What results is something of a really bad domestic dispute, but in the end, everyone is still living and Niki has turned herself in for murder. The family that D.L.'s been working so hard to keep together has grown closer but remain farther apart.

With Niki on lockdown, D.L. and Micah are left to keep things going. D.L. visits Niki both in jail and at the mental facility where she's being held. He plans to help her escape but she stops him, fearing that the arrival of Jessica will screw up everything. D.L. pays Linderman's accountant, to try and get the monkey off their backs, but it doesn't end happily. However, there's some hope for a better future when Micah shares with his father that he too has a special ability… that could result in backpacks full of money.

Soon enough, though, Jessica returns to the family as Niki and things really start to get confusing. Micah gets kidnapped, D.L. and Jessica have it out and D.L. heads off on a suicidal rescue mission to save his son. Niki, somehow, manages to make Jessica accompany him. This unlikely alliance manages to find out that Micah's been taken to New York. They follow.

This is where they confront the campaigning Nathan Petrelli. With some poking and prodding, he gives up Linderman's location, which happens to be a Company facility. They infiltrate and confront Linderman. Words are exchanged and Linderman tries to shoot Niki, but D.L. takes the bullet for her. Before Linderman can take Niki out, D.L. phases his hand into Linderman's skull, killing him. That's one problem solved.

D.L. survives the gunshot wound and things start to return to normal, after some explosions happen in the sky one night. The family gets put back together. Niki gets herself some pills to control Jessica. D.L. gets a job as a firefighter. Everything seems to be headed in the right direction. But does anything ever stay that way? Nope.

After taking Micah to school one day, both of them returned home to find that Niki was gone. The argument with Niki about her pills didn't go well obviously. She was gone and D.L. wasn't sure what to do. He knew where she was headed. He knew she had the best of intentions. But still, there was something tugging at him that wasn't sitting right with him.

So now he and Micah are off to get her back. By any means necessary.



D.L. has something of a not-so-complex personality. First and foremost, he's loving and caring to the point of sometimes not being able to see anything furtherer than that. He's a hopeless romantic and has a love for his wife and son that cannot be broken. Even though it seems to be cracked and chipped away at on a regular basis. Extremely loyal to those that he cares about, he fashions himself to be something of a hero. Enough of a hero that he can provide for his family and help Micah grow up to be a man that doesn't have to deal with all the things that he's had to deal with in his own struggling life time.

D.L. has issues with pride. He can't really stop himself from being the man of the house, not matter what the situation is. He will sometimes put himself into harm's way or do something stupid, simply because he can't get over his own stubborn attributes. He's willing to go the extra mile to stick to his guns and it's hard to move him sometimes. There are only a select few that can seem to break through that shell and get him to consider options. This stubborn pride also meshes well with the fact that when he's focused or driven towards something, death or unconsciousness are usually the only things that will deter him from his path.

Unlike the majority of the stereotypical black men in the world, D.L. doesn't seem to be harboring some innate need to blame The White Man for everything. Instead, he's more attached to the fact that times are too hard and that it's not exactly fair for an ex-con trying to get a job out here. But he's strong. Strong in mind and soul, which means that he's not one to give up. He'll fight to the death for anything he believes in and that makes him something of a special case.

So does the fact that he's angry. More often than not, he seems to be in this subdued sense of angry paranoia. He's had a rough life and it's hard for him to really trust people enough to just be relaxed all the time. He's tense and constantly worried about things not going right. He's always ready to pick up and leave. He's a runner, but he's also a fighter and that could prove to be an interesting dynamic for the man.



D.L. has the ability to "phase". This basically means that he can move through solid matter at will. His power is directly linked to his mind and this allows him to phase other things, such as objects or people, as long as he's touching them. His phasing is activated by a just a little bit of concentration and it allows him to do a multitude of things that can assist him in various ways. He can phase through sentient beings too, but doing so seems to make them fall into a disabled state of unconsciousness. Phasing into someone's vital organs will kill them.

In theory, D.L.'s phasing should be able to disrupt any number of things with working parts. So machines, computers and other things are all possible victims of D.L.'s abilities at work. Phasing objects is a bit harder than phasing himself and thus takes a little bit more concentration and maybe even two hands. It's hard for him to fully phase anything larger than a standard door, but he could certainly phase particular sections of objects, should the need ever really arise.

Phasing Stunts
Using his power to the best of his ability, D.L. has started to master it. A number of different uses (or stunts) are in his arsenal and they seem to come in handy, depending on the situation. He's well versed in using these stunts to the best of his advantage.

  • D.L. Howser: The act of using his phasing ability to assist in medical procedures such as removing bullets from bodies or massaging the heart. Difficult: Superb.
  • Ghost Dad: By becoming intangible D.L. is unable to walk on surfaces. Instead he interacts with the molecules around the objects allowing himself to ascend and descend in a "floating" capacity. This isn't flight. There must be solid objects around for him to "slide" against. Difficulty: Good.
  • I.C. Thru: By placing his hand on walls or other solid surfaces he can phase the object to an almost invisible degree allowing himself and others to see through it. The object never fully goes invisible so it's hindered sight. Difficulty: Great.
  • Innerspace: The act of phasing what's on the inside of the body while leaving the outside of the body penetrable. Like phasing vital organs at the sound of a gunshot. Difficulty: Great.
  • Interior Decorating: The act of phasing someone into a solid object and leaving them there. Difficulty: Good. Defense: Dodge.
  • Interphasial Relationship: The act of phasing himself and others simply by touching them and extending the phase field to encompass them also. Difficulty: Average.
  • In Yo Phase: An extension of the basic phasing ability this involves phasing a part of his body to dodge without moving incoming attacks of projectile and physical natures. Has been known to work against energy and other natural disastrous attacks as well. Difficulty: Good.
  • Linderman Special: A special move designed by D.L. that involves a surprise attack of phasing a hand into someone's skull and ruining their brain. Difficulty: Great. Defense: Dodge.
  • Phizzle: The act of phasing a part of his body and sending it through a mechanical or electronic device and shorting out the inner workings of that device disabling and rendering it useless. Difficulty: Average. Defense: Stamina.
  • Pop-Lock And Phase It: This is the act of D.L. using his phasing ability to reach into a lock (electronic or otherwise) and deactivating the locking mechanism to, essentially, 'pop the lock'. Difficulty: Average.
  • Section Ain't: Using his abilities and acute concentration he's capable of partially phasing sections of larger objects temporarily making 'holes' in solid matter. Difficulty: Average.
  • Swayze: The basic and true stunt of phasing his entire body and becoming intangible to a high degree. Difficulty: Average.
  • Trading Phases: A tricky technique that involves using his phasing ability to send a phase field over a short distance. Like phasing one end of a see-saw and sending it via rippling effect to the other side to phase whatever is on the other side. Difficulty: Great.
  • Without A Trace: D.L. can separate the molecules in his fingertips to either not have fingerprints or muddle them enough to make them seem different or untraceable. Difficulty: Good.

The Catch: Not that Phasing is intensely powerful or anything, but with every power comes a catch. The catch for D.L.'s is the fact that he can only phase things that he knows about. Surprise attacks, snipers and just random shoving from people that he doesn't suspect will all be taken in full physical stride, unfortunately for D.L.



1. With You - Linkin Park (D.L. & Niki)
D.L.'s relationship with Niki is a strained one. Full of domestic violence, broken trust and it's all Niki's fault. Still, though, he can't not be with her. Whether he's addicted or obsessed or just that loyal to his wife, regardless of what she does to him or their son, he will always be with her. Even after death. Too bad she doesn't feel the same way.

2. In The End - Linkin Park (D.L.'s Life)
Another track for D.L.'s relationship with Niki. Even moreso, it could be extended to his life in general. Everything he tries to do, tries to gain, anything like that… none of it matters. It's almost like his life has been predetermined to fail. And there's not a thing he can do about it. As hard as he tries to keep living for Niki and Micah, in the end, it doesn't really matter.

3. Trouble - Skindred (Fight Music)
There's a line and if people cross it, then they're going to get some trouble in the form of D.L.'s fists. There's only a few things that D.L. cares about in this world and messing with any of those things is a problem that he will not hesitate to solve with rampant violence and possible brain punching.

4. Step Up - Drowning Pool (Fight Music)
D.L. doesn't give many warnings and this song is not one of them. This is actually one of his fight songs. One that still has some kind of hope for the opponent to survive through dealing with the pounding that D.L. will deliver. He has no qualms about knocking down anybody that dares to step up.

5. 37 Stitches - Drowning Pool (D.L. & Niki)
Again, D.L. and Niki are so meant to be that they're not supposed to be together, if that makes any sense. However, D.L. knows that Niki is the one and he can feel it in his heart that he's the one for her. However, there's so much pain and anguish between them, that it's hard to remember that their soul mates. Despite all of that, D.L. still manages to keep the pain in and continue on the loyal path.

6. Taking You Down - Egypt Central (Linderman)
Took him down. DONE. Next.

7. Faling On - Finger Eleven (Hero)
D.L. likes to think of himself as the hero for his family. Even though they go through so much crap and then some, no matter what, whether or not they can see what's right before their eyes… if they're falling… he'll be what they're falling on. He's that cushion that the entire family can count on to always be there.

8. Ready Or Not - Fugees (D.L. & Niki)
This is kind o a back in the day track that explains how much D.L. wants Niki. Even when she pulls one of her crazy disappearing acts, the search for her isn't to kick her ass or anything. Or to even break up with her. It's to get her back into his arms so that the two of them can reconcile once again. It's a passion that continues to burn deep within his soul and stops him from breaking this constant circle. Ready or not, Niki, here he comes.

9. Savin' Me - Nickelback (Lockdown)
D.L. goes to jail on almost a bi-yearly basis these days. The only thing he can ever think about is Niki and his son, Micah, while he's behind those bars. He's not sure if there's anything he can ever do to stop being the criminal that he is within, but all someone has to do is tell him to be better and maybe he'll have a reason to be. Granted, with a family as jacked up as the one he's created is, maybe he's not the one that actually needs savin'.

10. Next Contestant - Nickelback (Niki)
This is what happens when you fall in love with a stripper. Speaking of…

11. I'm In Love With A Stripper - T-Pain, Mike Jones (Niki)
Yeah. It's kinda' like that.

12. Just The Two Of Us - Will Smith (D.L. & Micah)
Even more than he loves Niki (if it can even be measured like this) D.L. cares for and lives for Micah, his son. There's nothing else in the world that's more important to him. And he will move mountains, or at least phase through them, to make sure he's doing everything in the world he can for his son.

13. Me And My Girlfriend - Tupac (D.L. & Niki, Old School)
Before all the crazy problems and murder and betrayal… this was D.L. and Niki. A new age Bonnie & Clyde for the record books. Of course, things happen to change everything and maybe it was the marriage that started them down the path of self-destruction that their marriage is on. Still, though, when they're connected… when they're together… when they're not trying to kill each other.. it's perfect. Like this.

14. I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace (D.L. & Niki)
Even though their marriage is crumbling and their lives are going in drastically different directions, more or less pulling apart at the seams, D.L.'s internal hatred for everything that's gone crazy with Niki is fueled by the passion that he feels for all of those same things. She wouldn't be Niki if she wasn't screwed up the way she is and maybe he wouldn't love her as much as he does.

15. Hero - Pop Evil (D.L. & Niki)
Everything that Jessica has put D.L. through has to be taken out on Niki, if only because D.L. finds it hard to tell the two apart. Especially, well, considering that Jessica has to be some part of Niki for her to be manifested in such a way. D.L. has spent the better part of his life with Niki trying to be her hero and protect her. Never again.


D.L.: The good news is, it's just going to be you and me from here on out. Partners.
Micah: You mean like Batman and Robin?
D.L.: Yeah. Like Batman and Robin. Only… I'm not wearing any tights. You can wear tights, but I'm not wearing tights. - Homecoming

D.L.: "I'm sorry… for bein' dead." — Life After Death

Ghost: "Boo." — HRG. Heat. Ghost.


  • D.L. has the Helix Symbol either carved or tattooed into his right arm. Look close.
  • Rumor has it that D.L.'s smile has gotten him out of more trouble than his phasing. It's magical! Not literally.
  • Daniel Lawerence Hawkins is officially a Free man. Finally. No more Wanted status.
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