2007-02-26: D. Lish Morning


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Summary: Anders and Elle pay Niki a morning visit, bearing more than breakfast and niceties. …well, Anders is mostly breakfast and niceties. It's the little blonde you have to worry about.

Date It Happened: February 26th, 2007

D. Lish Morning

Private hospital outside the city, New York

Hospital wards, early morning.

As much to avoid Elle as to keep himself busy, Anders has decided to go and visit the Sanders girl at the Hospital. Granted, 8am is pretty early, but like they care about visiting hours, honestly. He knocks on the door and steps into the room, dressed in an iron maiden t-shirt, jeans and a smart leather jacket, like some undercover cop, "Good morning, Miss Sanders," he says, bringing in her breakfast with him, "Pleasant dreams?"

It's almost a serene scene inside the hospital room that Niki Sanders had to make her temporary home; it's an illusion, one that can easily be seen through if one just looks closely enough. Buried under thin layers of white sheets and grey blankets, her sleep is not a peaceful one. It's barely a sleep at all, considering the sounds near her door jar her harshly awake - the woman launches suddenly up into a sitting position, clutching the sheets of the mattress with clenched fists. Her stare, automatically pegged on Anders, softens ever-so-slightly when she realizes he probably doesn't deserve it. Not today, at least. "No… not really," she answers with a soft, but sleep-cracked voice. "Good morning."

Because the gods like to piss on Anders' head? Elle shows up about ten seconds after he does. She was probably tailing him in the hallway even. Waiting five seconds, she sticks her head into the room then, knocking on the doorframe. "Morning Sunshine. Morning Troll. How's things?"

The gods really don't like Anders, this is true, he shoots Elle a glare, but pays Niki the most attention, "That is a shame, Miss Sanders, you deserve pleasant dreams considering what we're doing to you," he says airily, "French toast again for breakfast." In fact, other than the glare, Elle gets shunned.

Niki is a /little/ bit overwhelmed at the welcoming committee that is suddenly present to usher in the morning for her. It's not entirely unusual to be approached first thing here in the hospital, but it's usually by doctors, not the thug and a little blonde girl. She blinks heavily a few times, focusing, and swipes a few knuckles across her eyes lightly before crawling back against the metal bed frame. "Thanks," she says, managing a shadow of a smile for Anders - it's kind, all things considered, but scarce nonetheless. She takes the plate, but doesn't touch its contents yet. Blue eyes skirt from Anders to Elle. "What's the occasion?"

"Awww gosh lady, I'm here to help Anders do his job…" Elle makes a face, then raises her hands for an exaggerated shrug, "Apparently, he kind of sucks at it." She smiles widely and moves further inside, closing the door behind her. "Mmmm breakfast. Smells D. Lish."

After placing the breakfast tray on the bed-table, Anders takes a very deep breath, "En, to, tre, fire, fem.." he counts, under said breath, before saying, "No occasion, Miss Sanders, we.. that is, myself and the Company, simply decided you deserve something a little better than how we are treating you." All smiles then, he adds "Miss Bishop is here, I believe, to talk to you about fashion and magazines like "Cosmopolitan" and giggle. If you'd like, I could have her sent out."

The motion of tucking her hair behind one ear slows down as Elle speaks - then stops entirely, Niki's hand clutching the ends of the pale locks as she listens to Anders. 'O-kaay'. She doesn't voice it, but the expression is written all over her face. The two seemingly light-hearted agents seem to be making her a little uneasy. "I don't know," she begins unsurely, lifting her brows and looking between the man and woman, "He seems to have 'bringing breakfast in' covered. And— it's okay, I just… I don't understand. I don't need any special treatment. I'm fine with being left alone."

"No, seriously," Elle looks to Anders now, a snarky smile perfectly painted on her lips. "When are we getting around to torturing her? I mean, that is what we do, right? We hurt people for a living. So are you going to tie her down or should I?" she snaps sarcastically. Hahaha. She totally has issues. And they just got worse.

"I am not all torture," Anders says, humourless, to Elle, though Niki gets a smile, "Hardly special treatment, Miss Sanders, perhaps you would like a magazine or DVD or such, to while away your hours here?" What the hell, Anders is actually not being a complete arse? "Please excuse Agent Bishop, someone lit her tampon this morning and we are hunting down the pyrokinetic responsible."

And surprise, surprise, Niki had a good reason to feel uneasy, but she's still unsure. These people have a notable tendency to be sarcastic. Wariness masking her eyes darkly, she flattens her palms against the mattress and pushes back further, as if she could go beyond the wall. Unfortunately - or fortunately, really, for everyone, depending on one's point of view - that's her husband's trick, not hers. "What are you talking about?" she shoots at the unlikely pair in a harsh, urgent murmur, mostly directed at Elle; Anders and his comments are mostly ignored. She distractedly shoots him a quiet, "Sure … yeah, I guess."

"Fun. E. No, you male types slay me when you go for the PMSing chick excuse," Elle fires back. "Would it hurt you to be a little more creative in your insult slinging, Troll?" She plunks down into a seat then and crosses her arms, quiet for now.

"Feel free to write a list and I will see what we can get for you, Miss Sanders," Anders says to Niki, placing a piece of paper and a pencil on the tray beside her breakfast, "We are trying to make you comfortable and I apologise for my attitude previously.. and currently, Agent Bishop and I have issues to work out." Speaking of Elle, she gets a shrug, "It’s not the time, Bishop, we are here to help the subject and perhaps ask her a few questions."

Ignoring her breakfast for the time being, Niki just sits and waits for-well, whatever it is these two have planned, since she suspects it's not just French toast and Cosmo. Then again, Anders is being so polite… she gives him a skeptical look. "Thank you Anders," she says nonetheless, her sincerity lessened by the look she continues to give the man. She crosses her arms over the white tanktop she wears. "What kind of questions?" They are, after all, not the psychiatrists.

Elle remains arms crossed. She switches her gaze from Anders to Niki though and begins staring. That's two, two sets of blue eyes staring in the Multiple Personality Disorder's direction.

"About your gifts, Miss Sanders, if you would allow me to be that frank," says the thug, "We are curious if you have encountered anyone with similar powers, excepting ourselves and Mr. Winters, of course. The Company has noticed that, for whatever reason, people with "gifts" tend to flock together."

It's a battle of blue eyes all around as Niki's narrow at the pair. "…/gifts/?" It's a scoffing question, matched by a humourless laugh. She shakes her head disbelievingly hair swaying, but says no more on that note. The probing question on the part of Anders prompts a period of thoughtful, chary silence. "Sure, I've seen some … crazy things," she admits. "But I'm pretty certain you know about most of them--" she shifts about slightly in the bed. "--are you asking me to out people? So you can find them, right? To bring them here?"

"You tell us, you get to see your son again someday," Elle interjects helpfully. She's a pro at this, really.

"Not necessarily, we only really want to bring the dangerous ones here," Anders says, in as reassuring a way as possible, "We don't have the manpower, or room, for that matter, otherwise." Hardly a mccarthy-style inquisitor, "You don't ha-" he manages before he realises what Elle said, "Bishop, please do not threaten the schizophrenic with the enhanced strength."

Elle retorts, "I thought she was MPD?"

Anders shrugs, "I'm not a psychologist."

Yeah, Bishop. Don't threaten the whatever-she-is. Niki's eyes spark with a dangerous fire the second those words are out of Elle's mouth, but at least it's still Niki that's eyeing the young woman defensively - and with no small amount of horror, besides. "You have no right to threaten me with my son," she tells Elle matter-of-factly, with a hint of Protective Mother thrown in for good measure. "I was there that night at Kirby Plaza," she explains dismissively with a shrug of one shoulder. "An organization like you has to know about that. There were a whole bunch of people there doing all sorts of crazy things."

"I'm very impressed with your motherly dedication," Elle deadpans, right before she rolls her eyes. "Right. That night that Sylar was killed and or disappeared?" There's a mocking smile for the mother of one. "Lots of people there doing crazy things… like your husband?"

Anders decides to let Elle have the rest of the question, realising that his careful politeness is worthless now, he takes a seat at the far side of the room and sits patiently, waiting for the catfight.

Niki eyes Elle for several long, staring moments before she makes any move to reply. "Leave D.L. out of this," she states. Lifting her brows high, she shakes her head. "He's just minding his own business, he's not hurting anyone. Why are you asking me about my family? I know you guys were connected to Linderman somehow. He had whole files on us. You obviously already know."

"Why should we?" Elle fires back at Niki, a frown on her face. "Anders already said it. We bring in dangerous people. How does 'breaking and entering' our property bypass that description, Ms. Sanders? How does one of our top agents dead during that same timeframe not qualify as dangerous?"

"Taunt the dangeroud psychopath some more," Anders says, so far under his breath its barely audible, before pulling a paperback book from his jacket pocket and flicking to the page with the bookmark. Its about vikings.

"Hey. Linderman had our /son/," Niki says, sharp-tongued in her defense - and the defense of her husband. "We did what we had to. D.L.'s not some kind of dangerous threat. He's not like me." A glance flickers to Anders at his 'psychopath' comment, but, well, it's kind of warranted. She pretty much just said so herself. Her sights lock on Elle again, the vexed expression on her face obvious. "We're just trying to that all that behind us. That's why I'm here! And now you're going to go threatening my family again?"

Elle doesn't /say/ anything to Anders when he mutters, but there is a sudden crackling noise in the air shortly after he does. Little blue flickers of electricity are skittering across her the fingertips of her right hand. Her jaw tightens a little and she puts on a smile, focussing on Niki. "I don't think you're a psychopath. I think you just need help. A lot of us do." She adds after another half-second, "Was there a short Japanese man with glasses at the Plaza that night? Kinda pudgy, but cute in an incredibly dorky sort of way?"

Not passing comment, Anders simply turns the page on his book, reading intently and totally disregarding the conversation (especially when it turns to boys).

The little electric arcs don't go unnoticed by Niki; she watches the electricity rove in Elle's hand while the younger woman talks. "It was all kind of a blur. Um… maybe. Actually, yeah," she says, sounding a bit more sure by the end, "That sounds like the guy with the sword."

The lack of commentary by Anders means that Elle's little light show starts to fade. "Alright. Troll? You got questions you want to ask or what?" She doesn't /look/ at the man. "I think I'm going to grab a snickers from the vending machine… you want one Sunshine?"

"Please forgive Agent Bishop," Anders says as he closes and re-pockets the book, "And, I think we've taken up enough of your morning as well, with our questions and unprofessionalism. Have a nice day." Anders having apparently decided that Niki doesn't know the swordsman, or, presumably, his partner with the bat, "Feel free to ask the guards for anything you need and remember to fill out your requests in the notepad there."

Niki just shakes her head a little at Elle as the girl prepares for a chocolate raid. She smiles thinly at the pair. "I will." As Anders makes to leave, her lips move as she's abut to speak up, but ultimately, she stays quiet and glances over to stare at the notepad instead.

Elle pushes to her feet and heads out, pausing at the door to give Niki a finger-wave before looking around for the vending machines down the hall.

Outside, in the hall, Anders shoots one last little jibe at Elle, "I like my women curvier, Agent Bishop, keep eating those candies." and promptly heads the opposite direction.

Elle looks over her shoulder, extends her hand and as she keeps walking away from Anders, launches a ball of electricity at his backside.

The first thing Anders knows is the smell of burning hair, and then, shortly, the pain of a scorched arse. The man lets out a most undignified yelp and, one hand going to massage his poor backside, gestures with the other at the floor around Elle's feet.

Elle sliiiiiips as Anders freezes the floor underneath her. She manages to turn it into fun by sliding down to the end of the hall where the vending machines are. Glancing over her shoulder, she smiles and blows a kiss. "Later gator!"

Anders finds himself impressed and perhaps a little turned on, but shrugs it off and heads out to get new pants.

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