2008-05-26: Daddys' Girls


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Summary: Two girls, one small and one almost grown, talk about their beloved fathers.

Date It Happened: May 26, 2008

Daddys' Girls

Uptown, NYC - Central Park

It is late afternoon in New York's Central Park and people are out enjoying the sunshine. Many of the park's benches have been occupied and, as a result, the lush green grass is becoming populated by people spread out on blankets. One such person is Chase Bixby. Though she doesn't have a blanket to sit on, she has found a nice little spot beneath a small group of trees. She sits with her legs crossed, a notebook open in her lap, and her eyes on her fellow park-goers.

And one of those fellow park-goers is Jamie. The young girl is dressed in a pink t-shirt and jeans with a stitched flower image on one leg. Barefoot, she seems to be practicing some kind of gymnastic routine, running and doing a bunch of flips and twisting jumps. One such practice run brings her right by Chase. She ends up missing her landing slightly on that attempt, falling to the grass. She doesn't seem upset, though, just laughing a little as she catches her breath. When she notices Chase sitting so close, she sits up, giving a smile, "Hi."

Chase smirks slightly at the small girl. It isn't often that something amuses her anymore, but she also hasn't interacted with the sweet innocence of people under twelve for quite a while, either. "Hello." She lifts a hand to block the sun so she can get a good look at the girl, "You're pretty good at that. You been doing it long?"

Jamie smiles and says, "Thanks." Brushing some hair from her face she answers, "My whole life. Well, not that routine, or I wouldn't've fallen, but that kinda thing. I was an acrobat. Will be again, too, once my dad's out of jail and we get another show going."

Chase blinks. And then blinks again. "Jail?" She squints a little as if trying to debating something and then shrugs. "How long's he been in jail?" Call it curiousity. "And how long until he gets out again?"

Jamie nods quickly and says, openly, "He's in jail for killing my mom and me. Which is really silly, 'cause I know he didn't kill my mom, heard the voices of the ones who did. And, know I ain't dead." She gives a shrug and says, "I dunno. There's a really nice lawyer working on getting him out now, but dunno how long it's gonna take." The idea that she shouldn't be talking this openly to a stranger doesn't seem to have even occured to her.

"Killing… " Chase closes her eyes and squints as she thinks for what seems like a very long moment. "No… No…" she sighs and opens her eyes again. "Well, frankly, I'd been inclined to agree with you that you most certainly aren't dead. Why would anyone think you are? I mean," she gestures at the girl. "Though I suppose, if you knew who… You know… With your mom and all."

Jamie bites her lip a moment and looks down. "I… kinda panicked after my mom died. Thought dad was dead too, so I ran away. That was when I was eight, I'm ten now. Only found out a few weeks ago that my dad was alive. Guess he didn't tell nobody I was missing for so long, they thought he killed me and tried to hide it. Can't wait until he gets out."

"Oh." Chase sits silently for a few minutes. "I'm sure they'll let him out, though. I mean. You're clearly alive and you said you were there, right? So you know he didn't do it. They can't really keep him in jail when there's evidence that he's innocent." She tries to offer a reassuring smile.

Jamie smiles back at that and nods quickly in agreement, "Yep! That's what I think too." She scratches at her ankle absently, probably a bug bite, as she says, "And Jane's really good at lawyering, that's what everybody says anyway."

Chase laughs a little. "Everybody? You know a lot of people then?" She smiles. "That's nice. Wish I'd known a lot of people at your age. I just had my dad. Now I don't really even have him anymore. Just sometimes. When business lets him come visit. But even then… we don't really get to spend a lot of one-on-one time together."

Jamie nods quickly and says, "I know lots of people. Not many kids, though, just the ones at school." She listens curiously to Chase and says, "Bet you miss him lots. What kinda business does he do? Andhow come you don't go with him?"

"I do, very much," Chase looks down at the notebook in her lap. "He works for a company down in Los Vegas. I used to live there with him, but he wanted me to get the best education possible so he sent me to live with his parents up here. They have a lot of money and I get a good education. I just wish he could come up here more."

Jamie ohs and bites her lip a moment. "Glad my dad wouldn't do that. He never liked me being away at all. Probably gonna be even more once he gets out now. He didn't trust anybody outside the circus. Think that's why he didn't tell nobody I was missing."

Chase tries to smile. "To be honest, I could be a bit of a handful and he knew a lot of it had to do with the fact that I just wasn't being challeneged enough in school. But he gave up his chance at making a lot of money so he could raise me. I respect that he had the determination to put my needs first. Even if I would have be just as happy with him. I'm getting the best education money can by?" She nods when the girl mentions trust, "Trust is such a delicite thing…"

Jamie ohs, and nods a little again. "School *definitely* challenges me. Except gym class, that's mostly easy. Really easy." She then seems to remember something, and says, "Oops, I was supposed to be home already." She hops to her feet and says, cheerfully, "Nice meetin' ya!" Then she's running off.

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