2007-03-19: Daily Goals


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Summary: Bekah helps Vanessa accomplish a little something.

Date It Happened: March 19, 2007

Daily Goals

//Midtown, NYC - Midtown West //

It's afternoon in Manhattan, and that means that there's a crowd on the street. Though really, that's any time of day here. Bekah steps out of Common Grounds with a cup of coffee in her hands, sipping on the hot drink with a look of bliss. She's dressed in jeans and battered sneakers with a ski jacket over the top. It's not the trendy look so often seen in this part of the city.

Okay, today, your goal is an easy one. Talk to a stranger. Just talk to a stranger, someone you don't know. Just talk. Open your mouth, and talk. Shoulders hunched and head ducked, Vanessa goes over her goal for the day - Something her parents had started giving her to try and help her get over her fear of anything outside, especially the people and their things and their memories. - gloved hands slightly clenched at her sides, blue eyes darting here and there as she does her best to avoid touching anything. It's certainly a hard thing to pull off, in a city such as this. Stopping suddenly as she spots Bekah, the blonde's hands involuntarily clench as she forces one foot in front of the other, bringing her closer to her intended 'stranger'. "Um…"

At least there's enough of a chill in the air still that gloved hands won't seem out of place. Bekah has her own off, but her hands are wrapped around her coffee cup. She takes another sip as she almost steps into Vanessa. She blinks at the younger woman then gives her a smile. "Sorry."

Stumbling back with wide eyes, Vanessa's terrified gaze seems to linger more on the coffee cup than anything. However, her attention is rerouted once Bekah talks, the young girl looking back up. "Um…" She repeats, before attempting to ask, "D-d-d-do you know wh-wh-what…" Face reddening, Vanessa's lips work for a moment as she tries to fight out the next word, tongue seeming frozen. "…Time! T-time. Wh-what t-time?"

Bekah looks over to the teen and raises her eyebrows. After a moment she pulls out her cell phone and flips it up. Who needs a watch? "It's almost 4." She says watching the girl with half her attention. "Are you okay?"

Crap. She had not anticipated that this would start a /conversation./ Still flushed face paling, Vanessa's mouth opens, but no words emerge, only a small and very terrified squeak. Taking another step back, the blonde shakes her head no, before realizing what exactly she's saying, quickly giving a jerky shrug, hands clenching at her sides. Lips again parting, she tries again, stammering out an quiet and squeaky answer. "D-d-d-don't t-t-talk well."

Bekah gives Vanessa a concerned look. She looks over the teen from head to toe, as if looking for trauma. "Normally, or just today?" She asks with a tone that though dry, doesn't sound too demeaning.

"N-n-n-n-n-n," Vanessa starts, before biting her lip, face flushing again as she tries another word. "A-always."

Bekah gives Vanessa another long look before she nods. "Well, I suppose if it's not a recent thing than I don't need to worry about flagging down an ambulance for you or something." Bekah notes dryly, turning back to sipping at her coffee.

Not offering a verbal answer, Vanessa only shakes her head, eyes again darting from side to side, looking for some form of escape. Eventually, she simply turns around and heads the way she came, shoulders hunching again as she starts her usual dodging process. Goal accomplished.

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