2007-06-30: Daily Life At Evosoft


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Summary: A typical work day at Evosoft, with Eric plotting, Gene working, Elena checking up on everything, and Jaden being…well, Jaden. Only today, Jaden shows his more serious side, Eric unfolds his plan, a trip to Spain is proposed, and Elena receives a gift from a certain senator-to-be.

Date It Happened: June 30, 2007

Daily Life At Evosoft

The Evosoft/Lancaster Building, Currently Under Renovations, Somewhere in Downtown New York


The room is large and metallic, appearing to be the size roughly of a football field. The cold metallic steel is stainless and clean, though there are dents and scratches of various sizes to prevent a perfect and shiny paradise. At one end of the room, there is the entrance to the lab. While there is a small sliding door, it's placed within a massive vault door. Clearly the little door is used for people, but what would a simple electronics company need to move that be around twenty-five feet tall and/or wide? The thick security doors have a pair of turrets near them, lodged in the twenty foot ceiling roughly ten feet from the door. They aren't pointed currently at the door, but seem ready to do so in a moment's notice. Perfect for unannounced guests, though it's unsure if if they fire bullets, stinging foam, or nerf darts. Likely not the nerf.

Directly to the left is a large thirty foot by thirty-by-thirty foot grooved rubber mat, which is blocked off by the door by a thick shatterproof and perhaps bulletproof glass all that extends the length of the mat. There is no door around the corner, leaving the exposed side free for people or things to come in and out. Various current projects reside on the mat in various stages of construction or deconstruction. While the parts are often placed about seemingly randomly, a wheeled tray with gas canisters and batteries is near by. The wielding tools, the power tools, as well as the safety gear such as goggles and gloves, are almost always put away careful in their proper place, likely to ensure he can always find them and there are no accidents.

In the back left of the room, there is another black mat that is fifty feet by fifty, usually with a car or unmanned aerial craft of sorts on it. In the back left of the room, simple cubical walls mark out a 'room' of sorts where a simple twin-sized bed with silk sheets resides along with a large plasma screen TV and a wall lined with video games and DVDs. For someone going into the room they will notice something under a black tarp at almost all times. A small kitchenette to the front right provides the room with a fridge, a sink, and a microwave (but no stove), allowing someone to make the basic geek foods of Noodles in a Cup and Easy Mac.

Finally in the center of the room is a large desk, with a trio of large desktop computers on it. Three computer monitors are side by side, usually with a variety of information on them, even if there is no one around. A couple of wireless keyboards, a mouse, and a couple of unique control boards litter the desk, in a small mound along with print readouts, books, and a various knick-knacks of various sorts.

The lab smells like puke. Well, it doesn't smell entirely of puke as the smell of orange cleaner attempts to mask it. It fails, so it smells like oranges and vomit that might have been Easy Mac at one point in time. The smell seems to be coming from the trash can in the kitchenette area.

Where is Gene while this place is smelling so badly? Working. In the thirty-by-thirty mat, he appears to be working on something, using a small wielder on what appears to be a limb of some sort. To protect himself, he wears the protective gear, the wielding mask, the apron, as well as very nice silicon gloves to give him max dexterity. Under the apron, he wears a green shirt that says 'Legend at Work' in yellow with a picture of classic Link (from the Zelda games) above it. He wears a pair of jeans as well, but has perhaps some of the oddest footware around: black silicon slippers that have fuzzy lining so he can sleep in them.

People Fear What They Don't Understand.
I Don't Understand Shit.

— Jaden Cain

Silence is golden. Silence is always golden. Except for when the golden silence is broken. And that silence is broken by the footsteps of the young man known as Jaden Cain: the greatest CEO in all of the world. And then some.

His footsteps draw him closer to the lab of doom. Of course, Jaden Cain can't look like a normal person. Oh no. When entering such a lab, he's heard of things that go on in this lab. Bad things. Or things that, well, don't actually smell too good. Black boots make their way down halls and around corridors and a long black cap swooshes against the ankles of this outfit. Not until he slides his ALL ACCESS PASS through the slots to get himself inside, does Jaden Cain make his presence known.

Breathing. Heavy, scary.. mechanical breathing.

"Gene." His familiar voice echoes and with an illuminating hum, a large beam of red light is lifted from within the cape. It hums threateningly as a dark, evil helmet turns to regard the Legend At Work.

"I am your… boss. Welcome to the Dark Side."

Darth Jaden.

The familiar voice catches his attention, Gene turning off his torch and lifting his helmet. He must be working too long, that sounded like. The young inventor pauses to see Vador? How could this be? The only way such a thing were possible is if someone was able to make a killbot like his to break into the place or if someone make a mental image to attack him from beyond the walls of this building. After all, who would be able to get in with a pass and actually dress like that? No one Gene knows, not understanding yet who it could be.

Gene gets up, trying to make his way toward the desk. He gets about half way before falling back down to his hands and knees. With the mask lifted up, beads of sweat can be seen on Gene's pale forehead. He appears ready to call out for a bot to assist him with this issue before he puts two and two together.

"…oh hell," he offers meekly.

One of the world's most goofy daredevil playboys around is IN his lab. His special super secret lab. And apparently, is his boss.

"This is for flipping through that Playboy that one time, isn't it?" Gene whispers secretly to the Big G.

Darth Jaden holds up his ComiCon bought and paid for lightsaber, using it ever so gracefully. Obviously, he's watched a lot of Star Wars. That amazing voice comes through with all the Darthness of Vader. Because, well, that's what happens when you have a mom that embodies everything that Hollywood stands for. There's something to having a Special Effects Guru "Uncle".

"Playboy? I do not know of this Playboy." Darth Jaden moves around and closer to Gene, holding the lightsaber out and pointing at the smart fool. "Though, the Master would like to know which issue and who the centerfold is."

Glancing up at the 'lightsaber', Gene gives his childhood (anti-)hero a long look. The young man figures really needs to unlearn the 'talking to himself' thing. It's fine when you're alone all the time but when you've got company "It's nothing, Jaden, just one of those exploring yourself things when you're just starting to realize that girls make you funny in the pants things." Getting up with the help of the nearby desk, the young man sighs. "So, what brings you down here?" Pausing as he whiffs the air a couple of times, the inventor shakes his head. "Don't mind the puke smell… Rough day."

The doors slide open, Elena stepping inside - it was crazily hot outside, so today she's wearing a pale, blue halter top and a pair of black short-shorts. A pair of comfortable, ballerina flats grace her feet, and she's got a hoodie tied around her waist. This one she starts undoing now that she's in more airconditioned confines. Her hair is pulled back by a pair of chopsticks, with loose tresses fulled from the bind to frame her face. "Augh! Gene have you been outside yet today, it's so -hot- out— oh holy Skywalker," she says, catching sight of the tall, Darth Vader-esque figure in the room. There was only one person who would dress in something like THAT in this heat while still being allowed in Gene's inner sanctum…

"Hi Jaden," she greets him cheerfully, setting her messenger bag on the side and starts heading in further in the laboratory, looking around with that same, curious light in her eyes. She starts tugging the hoodie on her, as the cold inside the lab is slowly spreading goosebumps over the golden tone of her skin. "What are you boys up to?" Her hands slide into her pockets at her approach, stopping at a lifelike, fully functional version of Johnny 5 stashed on the other side of the room.

"Young Nerdawan…." Darth Jaden reaches up to unbuckle his helmet and peel it off his head. "Aw man! How'd you know it was me?" This is asked towards both Gene and Elena, as the helmet is taken off and tossed to the side. He drops the lightsaber to the side, not really caring as there's some short-shorts that just happen to be on Elena's fine ass.

"Holy Skywalker is right." Elena gets swarmed by the cape-wearing CEO. "Please tell me you're still single. Because… goddayum, girl!" Should he try and smack it? Will he get in trouble? Sexual harassment?

"/I've/ been working," Gene states, making sure to make it known that Jaden and himself are two different people. The idea of Jaden using his equipment to try and build something almost causes him to shiver. "I'm not sure what Jaden's been up to, he just got here himself." Gene takes off his wielding mask and gloves putting them down on the desk. He's not going to get anymore work done for the time being with these two around. While he might be a slightly less social mood than usual, the fact that Jaden's his boss and booty shorts has Elena on… Err, Elena's booty shorts are here… Err, Elena's looking nice today, he isn't in the mood to dismiss either of them. And shallow excuses aside, these guys are likely the closest things to friends he's had in years.

Thankfully for Gene, Jaden's little display is more than likely to distract Elena from Gene just giving a brief stare. As usual, Gene does his best to downplay. Mostly to himself as he figures Jaden and Elena will have some sort of cat-and-mouse banter like in the movies, Gene just gives a soft, "Didn't go out" before he settles himself down at his work station, brushing off a couple empty bottles; one of Excedrin Migraine and another of Tums.

"Because you're the only one I know who has access to this place who'd wear that in the summer," Elena says with a laugh, reaching up to ruffle Jaden's hair gently in an affectionate manner. "I haven't seen you in a while though? How have you been?" And when Jaden turns on the playboy charm, she just starts laughing. "Well, in the legal sense of the word, yes, I'm still single. I'm 19. I'm not about to get engaged or married anytime soon." She rocks back a little bit on her heels. "Hey, listen, Eric stopped by the other day, he has this plan to slap the people who wanted you out upside the head. It's pretty good, have you talked to him yet?"

Because no one was going to see it coming.

To Gene, she turns her head to look over at him and smile. "I was just stopping by to see if you wanted a reprieve from work. Pizza or something, I know how long your hours get….Jaden, you interested? It's cool though if you're both too busy, it's just that I haven't seen you guys in a while." Back to Jaden, she gestures to the room. "Did he give you the 'look but don't touch' tour yet?" she asks the CEO with a grin.

Jaden shakes his head. He's not even really listening to what's going on. Especially since he's following Elena around and literally watching her ass. He's such a perv sometimes. "19. I like 19. Always been a good number. Ever since that episode of Sesame Street…" He looks over Elena's head to smile a Gene and he mouths the word: 'Legal!' with a big ol' smile.

"Huh? Ryu? Oh, I ain't talked to him in like ninety years. But enough about that. Let's talk wardrobe."

With a flash of no-light, Jadinne shows up out of nowhere. His longer hair and goatee looking nothing like Jaden, except for the fact that he looks like Jaden. "Elena! Dahhhhllliiiing!" Not gay. Metrosexual. He opens his arms to move closer to Elena and get her in a hug, with that classic kiss-kiss motion! "I /love/ those shorts."

The inventor glances over toward Elena for a moment, giving a weak or meek smirk. It's hard to tell which of the two it is because he quickly put his head down and looks away. "Reprieve? This is my reprieve these days," Gene offers before he moves toward the kitchenette. He begins to double and triple bag the yellowish gunk in the trash bag, doing his best to cut off the smell. Either the two are too polite to let Gene know they smell it or they haven't been able to. Regardless, it doesn't stop the young man from doing what he needs to, which is cut off the source of the odor. Once that is done, he glances up to see Jaden give the clue of Legal. Why would Jaden be concerned about… Oh, right, stuff Gene doesn't do. Reddenly faintly, the young inventor replies with eyes to the ground. "Nah, stomach's been giving me a bit of trouble today, so no pizza here. You can Jaden could go if you really want and come back when you're-"

Gene pauses as a second Jaden appear. He blinks a couple of times. Despite seeing the power before, the young man is still taken back by it. Just because he lives in the world of the weird doesn't mean that he has to adjust to it. Silently, he moves toward his robotic limb on the mat, just starting to move the joints. It appears to be an arm, the young man inspecting what appears to be the hydrologic system. "Has to be a way to push up the PSI safely…" he mutters to himself as he stares at the system intently. There is no lights, no special effects. Just pure focus. While Jaden shows off his power, Gene unknownly is using his as well.

"……Sesame Street?" Elena says, looking over at Jaden and somewhat puzzled. But before she could ask him to clarify, Jadinne appears out of nowhere and she's double-cheek kissed much like European people do. Jadinne, however, isn't a stranger to her. She smiles, and kisses both cheeks back. "I only wore these because the temperature was unbearable. The humidity kills. I could've worn a skirt but it's too hot for that too. Ugh, I hate New York summers sometimes…." Even if she could deal with it better than most, the young woman has always been a summer kind of person. "How are you? I heard you won an award!" She looks over at Jaden. "Oh by the way….I was going through the collection of articles where you or Evosoft are mentioned for today. Did you know Nightlife Magazine started calling you the Real Van Wilder?" Perhaps due to the wild, insane parties he throws.

When Gene mentions he's stomach-achey sick, she frowns. "What? When did this start?" she asks concernedly. Her eyes settle on Gene, even as he tries to get back to work with three chatterboxes there. But her concern is justified - he's been on and off sick lately, and she doesn't know what the cause actually is now. She wonders if he had been to the doctor, but that probably wasn't likely. Still, she's also eyeing his latest project curiously.

"Van Wilder? Really?" Jaden gets a big ol' smile on his face as he starts peeling himself out of that Darth Vader suit. His usual attire is worn underneath and he's fixing his hair a bit to try and make sure he seems like Van Wilder. "I love Ryan Reynolds. He's awesome to the max!" If there was a camera around, Jaden's 'wink' would be towards that. But this is real life, so none of that, right?

Jadinne just smiles and wraps an arm around Elena. "Oh that? It was nothing. Just a little interior decorating. It was an amazing job, if I do say so myself." Jadinne smiles and smooths out his hair. "I know how you feel about summertime, girl. It's crazy. But you are working those shorts. You do you, honey." And then he leans in to whisper something about Jaden wanting to 'smack that' and that maybe she should let him.

Sick on-again/off-again is true, but Gene seems to be doing all he can to move on. After all, getting sick to your stomach isn't like dealing with lung cancer or the like. "I just got sick this morning. The Easy Mac breakfast didn't agree with me. It does that from time to time." And with that, he begins takes a screwdriver and begins to tinker. He doesn't mention anything about Elena working her shorts. It's better for all parties involved that way.

"Yup. I'll e-mail it to you later," Elena promises, flashing a grin at Jaden. "Apparently the hardcore New York party types are putting together a betting pool about your next party." And then, Jadinne tosses his arm on her shoulders, and she looks over at him. But about smacking that, she laughs and elbows Jadinne lightly on the ribs. "Nice try," she says with a laugh. "Hey, now that you're an award-winning designer and all, whenever I move out, you could help me figure out just what to do with my space. You know, make it look bigger, kinda funky. Maybe find a place of honor for my framed Indiana Jones poster." She waggles her brows teasingly at the metro. "Eh? Eh?" Though god knows when she'll be moving out. It could take forever.

She frowns at Gene. "You're not supposed to eat that junk for breakfast anyway," she says with furrowed brows. But she does slide her hands back into her pockets again. "What are you working on?" she asks curiously.

Jadinne shakes his head and just unpeels from around Elena. "We had to. Call me! We'll do lunch! Smooches!" And without much further ado, Jadinne disappears and Jaden's still frowning. He can't ever get his way with this girl, Elena. Which is probably why he's on a constant pursuit. But hey, he's just going through his hormonal post-teenage years. Harmless fun, right?

"Wait. What're we talking about?" Jaden hasn't been listening to Gene or anyone else. Because, well, he's been focused on short-shorts. And all of that. "Are we planning a party?"

Giving a confident smirk as he realizes what he needs to do, Gene puts down the robotic arm, taking a pen from his pocket to jolt down the stuff on a piece of paper. Ensuring that his eureka momane won't be lost in the art of conversation, the young man turns toward Elena and Jaden. Geeky story time!

"I was able to take one of my creations out for a test in covert actions and such… Ended up running into some psycho woman who was trying to do protection money or something like that. The robot and her fought. She lost obviously, but the fact that the robot wasn't able to mount a strong offensive disappointed me. I'm hoping that by increase the power of the hydrologics, I can increase movement and attack speed, giving the needed umph for a nice offensive edge." After giving Elena the lowdown, the genius glances over toward Jaden. "Not the sort of party you'd want to be around for."

She was Catholic! Elena wasn't that easy. When Jaden looks up, she grins. "No, not right now. I'm just saying people are betting over your next party according to word down the wire," she informs him. She nudges him playfully. "Pay attention." Sliding her hands back in her pockets, she blinks a little bit at Gene. "Wait. -What-? You made the killbot fight someone?" She lost, it sounded like - whoever it was. But the fact that wasn't good enough for Gene causes her to quirk a….slightly apprehensive smile. "….ah….the killbot didn't…really….kill anyone did it?" she ventures hesitantly.

"What? Jaden Cain can make /any/ party a party. Just tell me where to bring the strippers…" Jaden's almost a little hurt by the nerd's accusation. But then there's some cool words being tossed around and Mr. Cain finds himself sliding over to wherever Gene is and starts trying to look at things that he shouldn't be worried about. It's almost like DeeDee and Dexter or something. "What's this do? And this? And this? Oh and this looks cool?" Hopefully, Jaden doesn't pick up anything dangerous and activate the destructo bomb and explodinate the world. That would suck.

Mental Tire Screeeech. "… Wait. You built a Terminator?" He looks at Gene and raises a hand up into the air. "Dude! Total Forge Action! HIGH FIVE!"

"I didn't make it fight anyone… I was controlling it remotely when I noticed a man attacked. I was able to fend her off. She managed to get away. If the robot I had out on the streets was truly a 'killbot', she wouldn't have gotten far. It was a robot designed for testing out systems. Most of my work is in human-based and vehicular robotics with some aerodynamic and microization aspects put into it. If I wanted to get into the business of killing people, I would have signed up for the weapons projects of Lockheed Martin or Boeing instead of staying here for two years."

Gene's words are controlled, calm as he continues to inspect his arm. Deciding whatever adjustments he made are ready for testing, Gene moves toward a tank of gas or two, connecting a couple tubes of the arm to the tanks. Finally, he plugs in some electricity. He moves to get a simple looking remote, wiring it into the arm, likely a simple way to control motion. Finally, he gives it a test. The arm tightens with the speed of a striking snake or a swift punch. It causes the arm to fly about five feet in the air, causing Gene to pull back. As soon as he recovers, he moves swiftly to turn off the gasses, as the tubing was dislodged due to the violent movement.

Giving a weak smile, unsure if what he says makes him bad or good, Gene states, "Believe me, if I view something in need of killing, I'd use more than simple muscle power."

Jaden's comment causes Gene to turn around. Thankfully, Jaden is no longer messing with stuff in order to give a high five. For messing in Gene's lab is a major no-no. And Gene isn't short enough to be Dexter, dang-it! The young inventor looks at the hand before sighing and getting up to give a high five. Jaden's the boss after all. "Kinda" is his answer to the energetic duplicator, figuring that Jaden won't be too interested in a longer form of an answer.

The young woman with them jumps a little bit when the thing suddenly…does something. Elena can't help but be curious though, watching Gene as he keeps on doing his work. "….yeah I think I'll stick to the R2-D2 sort of inventions," she says with a laugh. Gene can probably build a Death Star if he was seriously pissed at someone. Perhaps trigger it remotely and pick off whoever it was when he or she was stepping out of the bathroom. At this point she was pretty much certain that her friend could build -anything-. "I'm glad you're not like that, though. I really am." When Jaden makes Gene slap a high-five with him, she can't help but smile.

Out of all of them Jaden was always the more socially adept one.

She opens her mouth, but then the little paging system in the lab blips. "Um…." says one of the secretaries. "Sorry to interrupt, but….Miss Gomez? A package just came for you?"

"…I guess I better go get it," Elena says, furrowing her brows a bit. Who the hell would send her anything in the Lancaster/Evosoft building?

"If that's a vibrator, I swear I didn't send it." Jaden remarks over his shoulder to Elena, before he looks back at Gene and his toys. "Dude. So wait. You're like… a super genius. DUDE!" Jaden's getting more hype as more references pop up in his mind. "DUDE DUDE DUDE! YOU'RE DOC BROWN!" Jaden jumps backwards and slaps a hand to his forehead and points at Gene! "This is SWEET! Oh EvoSoft is about to kick SO. MUCH. ASS!"

The jPhone is yanked off his hip and he speed dials a number. "Yo! Yo Shaggy! Dude, can you still get your hands on your uncle's Delorean?" Oh Jesus.

The young genius really doesn't say much on the Elena's first comment. After all, while he hasn't build a machine designed to kill yet, it doesn't mean that he hasn't already indirectly killed or that he will never design a machine specifically designed to kill a person. As long as they are people like Sylar and Elle in the world, Gene figures that he will one day be forced to make a monster. He hopes that day doesn't come soon, because he knows how the world usually treats the 'mad scientist' in the media.

"I'm not really like Doc Brown. He was a fictional character that found a way to send matter back through the time-space barrier and currently I don't have the faintest idea how I could replicate a feat that's still being debated if it's physically po-" Gene stops himself as he realizes that Jaden is on the phone and busy plotting. He can explain it again soon enough.

Turning toward Elena, the blue eyed boy wonder offers, "If you want, could send Artoo up to get the package for you."

She shoots Jaden a LOOK. "You better NOT have sent me anything like that," Elena cries, huffing a bit. To Gene, she flashes him a grin. "It's okay, I'll get it," she remarks as she opens the door to the lab, stepping out to go grab the package. Walking over to the office area, she looks around for the mail guy. Finding him standing near the elevators past a row of cubicles, she heads on over, taking it and signing the manifest. "Good lord what IS this?" The package is pretty sizeable, after all. "Who's it from….?"

"Says it's from the Petrelli campaign headquarters, ma'am." He looks at her curiously. "Do you know former congressman Petrelli?" he wonders.

"Yeah, you can say that. Thanks, Jerry."

"No problem, later Elena."

She takes a box cutter in her hand, setting down the box on the empty desk and starts ripping the box open. A curious secretary peeks over her cubicle at Elena. "Wait, Nathan Petrelli sent you something, Elena?" she asks, lifting her brows. "Didn't he send you flowers too a while back?" She grins. "Be careful, or the reporters might stalk you."

"It's nothing like that, Janina," Elena replies with a laugh, unfolding the top, and pulling out………….

A chicken head.

A red, white, and blue chicken head. She stares down at the mass of feathers in the box, pulling out a full chicken suit of like colors. She gapes at the costume in her hand, nearly missing the white card that came with it, yanked out and drifting on the desk. Everyone in the floor turns, and stares at her.

"…………………" Realization sets in. "Oh. My. God."

She picks up the card.

'How do you feel about flyers? ~ Nate'


Janina looks perplexed. "…I didn't know Nathan Petrelli was into— "

"It's a JOKE, JANINA."

Jaden's still on the phone and finally gets off. "Dude. I'm about to have a Time Machine." And this is the part where Jaden Cain starts trying to Crip Walk. "Holla' back! Holla' holla' back! Word." He poses in a so white b-boy style, leaning against the air and crossing his arms all the way around his body almost. "Do I look gangsta' like this, Forge?" He doesn't hold it long enough to get an answer and is moving back towards looking around the lab to see what buttons he can push or do something else he shouldn't be doing. "So wait. You just sit down here building Terminators and other stuff? Dude, you must get like no sex at all. Sucks to be you." He shrugs is off and picks up something that looks like it could shoot something. "Hey. To you have any special fabrics that would be good for uh… spelunking?"

After Elena leaves, Gene soon finds he has other things to worry about. "I'm not For-… My dating life is… PUT DOWN THE PNEUMATIC GRAPPLING SYSTEM!" Despite two former attempts to speak, Gene only yells once Jaden seems to have the unique power of finding the one functional device around here that shoot something out. Hopefully, he won't try push the button because Jaden has the thing pointed toward his computer desk whether he knows it or not. While there is no tow cable attached to it like there should be, the ten pound steel claw will likely be enough to rip through Gene's computer set-up and his ply-wood desk like it was made out of playing cards. After all, it was powerful enough to lodge a claw into the wall of a building… And stay there as a half-ton robot used it to zipline through a window. Talk of Jaden's 'spelunking' adventures is put on hold, likely to the benefit of Gene's sanity.

"The Pneumonia what?" Jaden ends up lifting the thing up towards the ceiling before he presses the button. But his attention is already drawn by something else. Something glowy. So after the button is pressed, the thing is dropped and Jaden's moving on to the next thing. Oblivious to whatever the thing behind is doing. Any havoc that may be wreaked. "So no super woven Nomex fibers, huh? Damn. What about like… oh, I dunno… a discontinued army vehicle that wasn't allowed in the field because it cost to much?"

The claw is fired and hits the ceiling. Hitting a light, there is a small explosion of electricity and glass causing Gene to duck away to avoid getting broken lighting in his face. Still having his hand up to protect his face from the aftermath, the young inventor gives a sigh. "I have my projects involving automobiles, but they don't go back in time. The only one I had planned for the armed forces was the Swift Transport for Important Field Tactics Or the SWIFT. Price was a factor in the reason why the project was refused, but it was mostly due to the fact that the Marines weren't interested in something that only transported a man and his equipment. I tried to explain that with modern technology, one man COULD become a powerful force or the idea of possibly using an military robot, but they never could sign off on it." With that, Gene begins to move toward the vehicle bay corner, figuring that Jaden will be following after.

When the door slides open, Elena comes back inside the laboratory with a miffed expression. And for some reason she's carrying a chicken head under her arm, and a box in another, with feathers sticking out of it. Looking between both men, she sighs. "Don't ask," she grumbles, still somewhat red on the cheeks in embarassment. And then, she watches Gene as he starts moving…somewhere else. She missed the explanation. "Hey, where are you two going?" she asks inquisitively, her feet hurrying up a touch as she follows after both taller dudes like a lost puppy. If Gene is about to unveil another invention, she definitely wants to see it.

Jaden blinks and looks up at the ceiling. "We seriously gotta' get that short fixed. There could be a fire." Jaden is, of course, oblivious to the fact that he's the reason there were sparks in the first damn place. Though, he seems to have actually paid attention to whatever it is that Gene just explained and he's taken to following the nerd, without touching anything else. "Swift huh?" Already, Jaden's starting to imagine his costume and is fiddling with a heroic gimmick for the nine hundredth time. "Just how 'swift' are we talking here, Doc?"

Step. Step. Step. Step. Footsteps on the foor to the entryway. Eric Lancaster is coming to visit his old friends. Into the room of doom he comes, looking down at a file in his hand. He dosn't look up either, just walks into the cavernous thing and heading towards where Gene usually is. He walks by the glass, steps around the sparking things without really looking around, like he is expecting things like that to be here. He finally looks up. "Gene! I have an…" Pause. Glare around. "…what are you guys doing here?" Pause. "New invention?" Pause. "…Jaden. Don't blow it up."

Gene's brow twitches. That's the only reaction Jaden's comment about the ceiling gets. Jaden is a lucky man that he is currently Gene's boss or he might be dealing with the business end of R2's zapping.

"I'm just showing Jaden something I worked on in the past. It was supposed to be used for the Iraq war, but due to the Marines' issues with the expenses and tactics, as well as the issue of roadside bombs, made the project unfeasible." Looks like Gene's pulling out the big words like he usually does when he gets into presentation mode.

Moving toward the fifty by fifty black mat, he moves toward an object the side of a motorcycle. Removing the tarp he unveils the S.W.I.F.T.


Seemingly designed by a kid who watched too much cartoons as a child, the S.W.I.F.T. is based off of a trike systems. Two long and narrow performance tires in the back give the ride the needed push and handling in order to get up toward the high speeds it gets to. The engine is in the back, to appear box like in the back, rising up in total to about three feet. On the left and the right corners, there seem to be some mounts, but there is nothing put on there mysteriously enough. The back is boxy, but it soon gets some curves as it moves downward having a canopy of tinted black glass which has the same basic shape of a airplane canopy. It narrows like a triangle toward the front wheel, which is almost like a regular motorcycle wheel, but a little wider and thinner, again for traction on the ground.

"Speed? Top speed was estimated to be 300 miles per hour, but I figure I could trick it up to 350 if I wanted to. It can carry up to five hundred pounds and maintain a speed of over a hundred miles per hour, which was the original idea. It's meant for transportation involving cramped urban streets that are usually found in the Middle East and Europe, hense the use of a 3-wheeled cycle. The mounts are current devoid of equipment, but the idea was to either have surveillance equipment or some other form of mounted weapons."

Appearing ready to give more, Gene pauses to see Eric. For some reason, Gene gets a biiiiiiiiig smile on his face. That's odd, Gene usually doesn't smile that big.

That's right. Gene doesn't smile like that too often either. Elena looks over at Gene curiously, but upon seeing Eric, she beams at him. "Here, hold this," she says cheerfully….and sets the chicken head on his head. And then? She takes a picture with her jPhone. "Thanks." She takes it back, grinning - like what she did was the most natural thing in the world. And then, she trots on, bare legs crossing the floor until they get to the center of the vehicle bay, where Gene unveils THE SWIFT.

She stares. She listens to Gene's explanation, but she sets the chicken suit aside so she could roam around it. "Wait. THREE HUNDRED miles per hour?" she repeats. Oh wow. Oh wow. If Jack were here, he'd flip. But judging at the look on Jaden's face, it's not JACK who Gene has to worry about right now. "So….was this specifically built for cramped urban routes…" Like New York. Uh oh. "What about the desert?" she asks, sliding her hands in the pockets of her short-shorts.

Jaden Cain is in love. The look on his face is something that doesn't, really, well… y'know… seem to match his usual demeanor. While he definitely looks excited and the like, there's also a more studious and serious glint in his eye. He's actually paying attention to what Gene's saying. He moves closer to the SWIFT , but doesn't dare touch it. His hands just kind of hover over the awesome looking vehicle. And then, Jaden uses his real voice, instead of the highly cartoonized excited version. This can't be good.

"Could you maybe design some non-lethal weapons that would fit on these mounts? Anything that could be harmful enough to take down opposition, but not hurt them?" Jaden walks around the bike, his eyes only leaving it to peek up at Gene every once in a while to pay attention. "What kind of surveillance we talking about? High end GPS satellite imaging system? Hands free communication software with multiple use standard capabilities and both long range and short wave radio options?" WTF.

Jaden keeps going, though, getting to the back of the bike. "What kind of armor this thing cased in? I'm assuming it can handle general small arms munitions. Maybe even heavy assault fire, if it's not a direct hit. Come with electronic stabilizer system or no? Hitting corners in this thing has to be a bitch…"

Eric…holds the Chicken head. He has a mildly shocked look on his face. "…what…what was that?" Eric replies as he just blinks towards her for a moment before he just shakes his head slightly. He'll ask later. He'll find out though. A pause then as Gene gives an overview of his…well…his toy, and Eric just goes a little bit slackjawed. "…what…what…how many of thease do you HAVE?" He says with some kind of shock written on his face warring with a smile thats /almost/ an echo of Jadens.

Then he pauses. He glances at his friend and stares for a moment.

Then he just shakes his head. "…you've been reading alot of Batman lately haven't you?" He asks casually as Jadens spits out all that info.

"The high speed comes from using nitrous in a wet direct port. It puts a lot of pressure on the engine, but I've been able to strength the supports due to changes I've made to the piston system. This wasn't meant for the desert, but the overdrive which allows it to go its swift speeds are meant for the roads that go from town to town. As I said, logistically, it wasn't feasible… That's why I didn't finish it past the initial design," Gene points out to those gathered, not really impressed with the work. After all, the military deemed it a failure and only a 'father's love' keeps it in the lab since it would have to be destroyed if it was taken out. After all, the tech is too high to have out on the streets in civilian hands, right. Glancing back toward Jaden, Gene shakes his head. "The armor? It's enough for small weapons fire. It's not really meant for straight fighting, rather a 'strike first, strike last' to give time for the person to leave the vehicle during a confrontation. If you excuse me, I have to handle something really quick."

Letting Elena and Jaden do whatever they want to do, Gene walks toward Eric, patting him on the shoulder. While it is harder than a pat, it isn't quite a slap, likely due to Gene's lack of strength rather than effort. He is still smiling, though a closer look would notice it is obviously fake. "I am only going to say this once because you're a friend and I care about your safety. Break the plan we discuss to hot dog in a dangerous situation again and I'll be very upset. VERY upset. Thank you!" And with that, Gene goes back to his machine, ready to field more questions.

"Nathan Petrelli sent it over as a joke. This isn't the first time he's sent me anything in this building," Elena tells Eric, she sounds a little exasperated. But she HAS TO GET HIM BACK NOW. Curse you, Petrelli. Vengeance will be swift. Watching the others get a little slackjawed at the vehicle causes her to grin faintly, and she crouches down a little bit so she could peer at the wheels. "God. Manny would flip if he ever saw this. I think his first word would be 'yoink' or something similar." Her brother was a serious motorhead after all. She straightens up again, but then…there's Jaden, showing them a different side of him that they've never seen before.

Like Eric, and in unison, she stares. She's more slackjawed at SeriousJaden than she is about the SWIFT!

"Jaden you…you…" And when Eric says what he does she almost falls over. She gives him a LOOK. DON'T RUIN THIS FOR HER.

And when Gene approaches Eric….and gives him the Gene Lecture in a Nutshell over something that happened months ago, she gives him a small smile from where she is. "You got off light. His entire lecture about not heading into a building full of armed men lasted longer than yours did."

For the first time in his life, Jaden Cain ignores an Eric Walker snide remark. Mark the calendar.

Jaden nods along with what Gene's said and ducks down to look at the vehicle from the side. "So it's an in and out sort of thing. Strictly transport. Light armaments. Enough to make a hole in some bad dudes if you have to, but other than that…" Jaden shrugs and pushes back up to his feet. He moves over to Gene and reaches out to place a hand on his shoulder. Cautiously. He doesn't want the dude to flip out. "The Marines don't know what they just lost out on." He shakes his head at the foolish military. "Soup this thing up to the highest possible potential that big brain of yours can handle. I want The Works on it. And then some." And such is the life of the Boss of the Company. "E? Give this dude anything he needs to make this happen. I want this thing done by Friday." He looks back at Gene. "What say, midnight? That good for you?"

"…well…I /did/ go in after you," Eric murmurs back towards Elena with a smirk on his face towards Elena before he shakes his head slightly. "Alright though Gene, alright, no more hot dogging like that." Unless Elena is in trouble again. Then all bets are off. He blinks slightly though. "Nathan sent you…alright…theres a story there and you'll have to tell me it later." A pause though and he turns towards Jaden. "…and what do I get out of it?" Then the smile grows. "Oh I know. You promise to actually, this week, have that meeting that we all have been wanting with your board of directors eh?" He says as he crosses his arms and stares towards him.

…also there was that photoshoot, but…man…he would have to loose a /bet/ to get Jaden do to that. Besides, if Jaden never gets his hands on the request (The one that just fell out of the folder he had) then Jaden can't win the bet!

…the photoshoot op? Its in Spain.

"I don't need to make a long speech. Because the next time he does it, I'll make him regret it. But since he promised more hot doggie, it isn't going to be an issue," Gene offers with a large and very fake smile. What will he do? Clearly people will have to tune in next time to time out.

As he tells Eric how's it going to be, Jaden does the same for him. Snap. "I don't really do weapons, Jaden. I haven't had a chance to really study the systems. If you wanted me to make anything more than a taser system or some darts, it'll have take me a few days, maybe a week tops. But that would be small arms too. I don't have access to military weaponry." At least he doesn't right now. "But I can at the least get the electronics you wanted installed."

Glancing over at Elena and looking to the chicken suit, Gene just shakes his head. That's all he needs to say on Mr. Petrelli.

"You want the usual budget set aside for it or the premium?" Elena asks, taking out the jPhone so she could whip out the little memo function. She's been in Evosoft for several months as Jaden's PR gopher - and while she usually answers to the media relations department of the company, working closely with Jaden has given her a good knowledge of some of the more non-basic aspects of the company. Like the fact that it has an annual budget set aside for 'experimental' projects that beefed up the R&D funding of the corporation every year. Ever since Jaden got the phone for her since her first day on the job, she's become pretty adept at using it, slowly phasing out her signature, cherry-red cellphone…..especially since she used some of her latest paycheck to have cherry red faceplates on her jPhone installed. The same, cartoon ninja is on the LCD display. Being part of the wired generation has its advantages, especially for one who worked for a giant technological firm like the Lancaster/Evosoft alliance. Whenever Jaden gives her the answer, she types out a quick memo with her fingers, and then she'll fire it off to someone who has access to said fund.

She blinks when she sees a piece of paper slide out of Eric's folder. She reaches down to pick it up, and peer at it. She STARES at it, and STARES at Eric. "….what are you planning?" she asks. She knows about the meeting, she and Eric had talked about it, and about perhaps FINDING someone who would watch Jaden's back in Evosoft that wasn't the young Lancaster who was still going to college. Someone older. Loyal to the company. Whatever she read on the piece of paper, was it connected? She didn't really know what the dark-haired young man was up to. ERIC. WHAT DID YOU DO?!

"You get to not be fired, Old Friend." Jaden flashes a smile at Eric, before looking back at Gene. "I don't want weapons. Tranq darts and smokescreens would do just fine. I'm not in the business of killing. That'd be Tony Stark. I'm more of a Wayne Foundation kind of guy. If you know what I'm saying." Yes, Gene. Pick up on the vibe. He's trying to tell you to make it into a Batman-esque vehicle of awesome.

Spinning around from Gene, he moves over towards Elena. "Highest premium we can give him? Give it to him. If this thing's as cool as it sounds, then I'm going to really clean up out there." Talking about money? Or racing through the streets of New York to fight off evil fools that need to be beat down with the quickness? Probably the latter, but it doesn't really matter too much. He's just a billionaire brat, right? What could he possibly know about being a hero?

"…wait…no! Give that back! I'm not planning anything!" Eric tries for a moment to yank the pic right back. He didn't want Elena or Jaden to see this. He might just protest too much there, drawing more attention to the piece of paper.

Thats a offer for a photoshoot.

In Spain.

Dressed as kings.

For him and Jaden.

He shakes his head a moment before he smirks back towards Gene, and then towards Jaden and he laughs. "I work for my dad man, you can't fire me. Your board of directors though? Thats something else entirely."

"Fine… fine," Gene states with a sigh before he merely turns and moves toward his computers. Will the company be run into the ground with choices like 'sink this money into something the military refused to build'? Gene has no idea, he's not one for marketing and isn't told the budget. Instead, he just begins to pull up information and works quietly.

The paper is snatched up from Elena, but it's too late - Jaden and perhaps Gene can probably see it. And when Jaden approaches her for serious business, she nods and she amends the memo so she could send it over to the person in charge of the fund. "It's done," she tells the CEO. "Also….have you….figured out who you want as a secretary yet? Your third one in a month just quit today," she says, furrowing her brows at Jaden. But the sheet of paper that Eric managed to pry away from her makes her give him a curious look. "Eric what IS THAT? That looks like the mockup of the Tudors DVD covers," she says, BLOWING ERIC'S COVER WIDE OPEN. This is what happens when you don't tell her what you're planning, Eric. She tends to let things slip. Things that should be a surprise.

"Wait. My secretary quit?" Jaden's forgot about Gene for the moment. Since, well, Gene's doing that thing where he's working and all of that. "When did this happen? Where was I?" He pauses to sniff at his clothes. "Was I high?" All the smart and interested talk has gone out of the window in favor of Jaden returning to his regularly stupid seelf. "I dunno. I need some DDs this time. Gives me something to look at while she's answering the phones." Jaden says with a shrug, heading over to look at this mess that Eric's dealing with. Photoshoots and what not. "Call up Hawaiian Tropics and have 'em send some models over." he tells Elena.

"What about the Board of Assholes?" is asked of Eric. "Can't we just like, I dunno, hostile takeover their assets or something? I heard it on a Charlie Sheen movie…"

"…Models? Jaden…don't you think you should hire someone…I don't know…competent?" Eric asks with a shake of his head. "Besides someone thats just nice to look at?" He sighs a moment before he smirks slightly and gives Elena a look. He can't do anything with him! Its just how he is! However he finally sighs and shakes his head, giving Elena a look for a moment before he rallies. "Well it was suposed to be a suprise…we have a photoshoot in Spain offered to you and me. It should include most of the cost of a trip to Spain, and give you great publicity for this new merger…and…" He finally shows Jaden the flyer. "…you would get to dress as a King."

Gene merely continues to work, typing away quietly. From time to time, he pauses from his work to write something down on a pad of paper located on the desk. He glances toward the three again for a moment, perhaps listening in before going back toward his work. The computer whine to life, running a few taxing programs which seems to be related to the S.W.I.F.T. project. Seems like he doesn't have much to say on the photoshoot or the hiring process. Number of people surprised? Didn't think so.

"……….I'll call Hollister," is all the young Gomez says with a shake of her head and a rueful smile. Though at the rest of what Eric says, she can't help but blink a little bit. "….you're kidding," Elena says, stepping closer to Jaden and peering at the paper. "Spain? Do I get to go?" she wonders. She can't help it, she's never worked for a big company before, and now that her headache seems to be getting a little better perhaps she could have some sort of working vacation.

When she sees the mock-up she can't help but grin a little bit. "That's actually really cool," she says, glancing over at Jaden. "You should do it, J," she tells him simply. "Besides, I think you'd look awesome with a crown on your head and pose like Jonathan Rhys Myers." And then she gets a sort of dreamy look on her face. Mmmmm. Jonathan Rhys Myers.


"So I take it the merger's been cleared by the SEC already?" she asks, looking over at Eric. "I mean, is that why we're having a photoshoot and giving the current Bee-oh-dee the boot?" She pauses……..and realization dawns on her. She stares at Eric. "Wait. THEY DON'T KNOW, do they?!" she blurts out.

Eric? Just smiiiiiiiiiles.

"Jonathan Rhys Myers? Wasn't the kid from Home Improvement?" Curling his lip up, he shrugs and just takes a step back. "Eh. Whatever. We can go. I've never been to Spain." Another shrug, because he's the type to always shrug. "I wanna' ride one of those stupid canoe things anyway." He pauses and looks at Elena. "I'll need a girl for this trip. Find me somebody hot. In the C range. Exotic looking. So it looks like I travel all the time." He uses his Public Relations person to get himself dates. That's pretty pimp.

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