2007-03-03: Damage Control


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Jane returns to the site of her capture to try damage control.

Date It Happened: March 3rd, 2007

Damage Control

East Village, NYC

Guitar? Check. Backpack? Check. Hooded sweatshirt, coat, jeans? All check. Jane's walking in the East Village, her face pensive, the expression bewildered. Confused, even. As she nears a club, where a group of musicians mills around out front, the woman's steps quicken. "Guys," she begins, calling out. "I'm so, so sorry. I… I swear I didn't blow you off last night." The others are a male keyboardist, a female bassist, and a male drummer. They look at her and turn their backs slowly, as if not being interested in whatever she has to say.

Being a Company agent means 'field assignments'. Something Mohinder doesn't /quite/ care for. He cares even less for the methods of the current person he's partnered with for the afternoon. "Try.. to not accost and frighten people this time? You make too much of a scene," he utters to Anders. "Such as yesterday with Miss Salonga. You and Miss Bishop were far too rough and careless with her." Nothing worse than the new kid on the block telling you how to do your job, eh Anders?

Coming out of the Secret Lair (apparently with mohinder in tow), Anders is dressed in a very black ensemble, black combats, naval greatcoat with the collar up, black military jumper and sunglasses, incognito, if somewhat resembling a sailor. "Its bad enough you insisted on following me around, Dr. Suresh, but please, don't talk to me about field work," he has a polythene bag at one wrist, "And, Dr. Suresh, do you think it is advisable to be talking about this in a busy street?"

An angular shamble of greys and blacks in his shabby overcoat and shabbier suit, Hector blends into the city here as well as he does anywhere else; one more homeless old goat loitering like a broken window in the colorful face of the East Village. Not far from Jane's predicament, he fishes a mostly unread and unsoiled copy of the Times out of a garbage bin. It's like recycling, really.

The club she's approaching, and the trio of musicians Jane addressed, isn't far from the path Mohinder and Anders take as they emerge from the Secret Lair. Her face falls as the others turn away, and she stops. "Guys, please," she pleads. "I…" But there's a halt to her words, a fault in her attempt to explain, because she was here to meet them as scheduled, even early and waiting, but after that, it's a blank. Her mind works rapidly, trying to come up with something, anything, to explain it without sounding like a fall-down drunk or druggie with blackout issues. But she's got nothing. The end result of her attempt: Failure. The drummer, being the most caustic and ill-tempered of the bunch, suddenly turns and faces her, scowling. "Hey! You blew it, girl, get over it. We're moving on, we already fired one flake this month, and aren't gonna take on another." That said, all three walk away, leaving Jane to sink heavily into a sitting position on the pavement and rest her head in her hands.

Mohinder flashes a very dark look at Anders for /his/ chastisement. "You are a delightfully detestable person aren't you?" Of course the question is rhetorical. As Anders is 'incognito', the geneticist looks no different from anyone else in the crowd.. other than his leather jacket looks a little out of date. Beyond that, he blends with the colorful crowds of NYC. Swallowing his annoyances with Anders, he turns his attention in Jane's direction. Watching her as surreptitiously as possible. He nudges Anders, making sure the man's attention is on the target.

"So everyone tells me, Dr. Suresh," is Anders reply as he fishes a comic book, some violent thing with more blood and breasts than you can shake a stick at, from the bag and reads as he walks in Jane's direction, "everyone.." He does do a damn fine impression of a comic geek obviously too engrossed in said, to pay any real attention to the girl, that is, until she sits on the pavement, "Oh, Mohinder, look /at/ that poor girl," the big bear says, letting his scandanavian accent loose, "Whats wrong, dear? Man trouble?"

"Young men," says Hector to Jane (and to the trash can) as he half-unfolds the main section of his paper to squint at the state of the damp print inside of it, "are heartless pigs. They should all be shot." At Anders' contribution, Hector turns enough to peer over his shoulder at him. Then at Mohinder.

She looks up, first at the Scandinavian voice which addresses her, then toward the nearby Hector with his paper. Her eyes sweep across Mohinder briefly in their movement but don't stay, he being the only one who didn't seem to say anything directed toward her. Nothing is said at first, Jane takes some time in trying to compose herself, find some cover to explain what she herself can't understand. Confusion and despair show plainly on her face. "It was the best chance I had at getting into a band since halfway through college, and it's gone. They want nothing to do with me now." And back she goes to resting head in hands, trying to figure it out in her own mind, make sense of what happened.

Mohinder gives the comic book a glance of distaste. Not because it's a comic book, but because it's /that/ kind. He suppresses the urge to roll his eyes at Anders and instead, focuses on Jane. Crouching down, he rocks back on his heels to put himself on a better level with the young woman. He opens his mouth to say something to her, but is caught off guard by what Hector has to say. "That's.. a healthy attitude," is uttered before he turns to face Jane. "I'm sure there will be other chances. New York is a large town and there's always a need for talent," he says gently and probably far too nicely for Anders's tastes. Too bad for the Scandinavian though.

Smiling at the tramp, Anders adds to his partner's input, "For sure, there are many more bands in the sea," Anders says, apparently sincerely, "If you're good, I am sure someone will want you to play for them." He looks after the men, smiles at Mohinder, then asks the girl, "If you would like, I could have some words with your friends?"

"Shot," Hector repeats in the face of Mohinder's opinion of his opinion, "burned, and then shot again." Anders' smile is met with skepticism, as is Mohinder's friendly crouch, and Hector turns his head back to his paper, though he makes no effort to remove himself from their personal space.

She looks up again, studying the face of Mohinder before her, and seems about to say something. Only she doesn't. Her lips move, stop, and move again with nothing being said. Hector's comment draws a slow glance in his direction, before she trains her attention on Dr. Suresh again, with a brief glance to the partner nearby. "I hope, I have to hope," she murmurs. "But I just can't explain it, this doesn't make any sense. I don't drink, I don't do drugs. How could I come here last night, even be early to meet them like we all agreed, and not remember anything between then and waking up in bed this morning?" The words are hushed, as if she were speaking only to herself as frustration mounts on her face, and in her eyes. Her mouth opens again, as if she might scream from it, only no sound emerges. Her eyes settle on some distant point and close, Jane seems to try wrestling back the urge to let it loose.

Mohinder puts Hector out of his mind for the moment, choosing to focus on Jane instead. Even Anders is ignored for now. "I'm sure there's a very good reason behind the memory lapse." Gee, he wonders, just what could that be. "Everything will work out alright I'm sure. Just keep trying. I know this matter is disappointing, but you'll need to pick yourself back up and try again if you're to succeed."

As far as Anders is concerned, trashy comic is much more interesting than either the hobo or the girl now (since Mohinder seems to be the talky sort). moves to the side of the pavement, leaning against a wall, and returns to reading.

Not really reading so much as he is eavesdropping and occasionally rustling the pages around enough to turn to the next one, Hector falls silent as well. If he continues to look somewhat skeptical, he manages to keep it to himself for the moment.

And it just keeps getting worse. Jane's mouth closes with no scream having emerged, at least not one the three people near her could hear. But there's also no shattering of nearby glass, so anyone with knowledge of her ability might well surmise she won the battle to contain that release. As Mohinder speaks, her face shifts again. Embarrassment settles in, Jane realizing she spoke louder than intended and he heard her. "I… I've never had missing time before."

Mohinder smiles kindly at Jane, then produces a business card for her. It's got his name on it, the address to the lab on Reed Street and a phone number. "Everyone has a time where they black out at least once in their life." Maybe it's a stretch, but he's trying to comfort her. "I'm a doctor, if this continues to bother you, please come see me."

"Smooth, Suresh," Anders utters under his breath, before grinning, "She seems to be fine, Mohinder, and we have those tickets." he says more audibly as he puts the comic book back in the bag. He is stood near Mohinder, who is kneeling beside the visibly distraught Jane, who is in turn, near the standing Hector, a small group of ne'erdowells, all!

"I black out all the time," Hector contributes helpfully at a mutter, shoulders and back straight under his ratty overcoat while he fake-flips through his second-hand paper. This has everything to do with Mohinder's proposal of random blackouts and nothing at all to do with alcoholism, obviously.

A black jacket pulled over her school uniform, Sakura makes her way through the streets. At first, she tries to just belnd in with the crowd, but spotting a group of people off to the side, Sakura ends up stopping and watching curiously, her head slightly tilted.

She takes the offered card and scans it briefly, then looks back up at the man crouched in front of her. "I'm a doctor too," Jane quietly remarks. "M. Jane Forrest, Juris Doctor, Yale '06. But my real passion is music, put it aside for years to please the parents. And now…" She doesn't say it, she's certain he knows how powerfully the setback caused by unexplained blackout has struck her. Lapsing back to silence, she examines the card more closely, and fully registers the name on it. It's one she's seen before. Her eyes quickly lift to study the man's face, one can almost see the wheels turning in her mind. The mouth opens, she starts to say something, but thinks better of it. It might just be a coincidence, after all, and there's no need to make the association out loud. She's already given away too much.

Mohinder rises to his feet and glances at Hector. He gives the man a dubious glance, but isn't going to cast judgement on just what could be causing those blackouts. Looking back at Jane, he gives her a kind look and says, "Continue to pursue that what makes you happy." A distracted glance is made at Anders, what? "Oh yes, tickets. We should be off then." He's at least quick enough to not throw anything specific about the tickets into the ruse.

"Christ," Anders says, nodding, "We'd "best be off", Mohinder, can't miss that ballet you're dragging me to.." and of course, he starts walking in the direction of this imaginary show, "We could /go/ dancing, but no, we have to watch other people." he adds, getting into the swing of the ruse.

Less shy, Hector meets that glance with a harder look and informs Mohinder that he sounds, "more like a half-assed fortune cookie than a doctor." Brows lifted, he drops the main section of the paper back into the trash to exchange it for one with a business heading.

Sakura wraps herself up tighter in her jacket, seeing the group starting to disperse toward some kind of show. She shivers on a street corner, looking around curiously as though she were acclimating herself to the area. She stays quiet for now, but her attention can't help but get drawn back to the small group of folks that aren't just moving through the city.

Still confused and far from being her normal self, Jane sits there studying the card again. "See you, Doctor Suresh," she offers. Again she's just that close to asking if he might somehow have a link to Chandra Suresh, but doesn't. "Enjoy the show." Her attention turns to Hector nearby for a moment, then the uniformed girl while still sitting on the pavement outside a club, with guitar and backpack over her shoulders and still looking disquieted as Mohinder and Anders begin to move away.

If Anders meant to embarrass Mohinder with the ballet comment, well, it sort of backfires. The doctor gives no outward show that he has anything against the theater. "The same to you, Dr. Forrest." He then turns to follow along with Anders and says, "I thought you might enjoy 'Sleeping Beauty', it's why I suggested it."

That manages to bring Anders to a halt, "Sleeping Beauty? The Disney Movie? I thought we were going to see a ballet," when he is far enough away from the group, he turns to face Mohinder and in a much quieter tone, continues, "Well, seems to be under control, are we done here?"

Bicycling isn't the preferred mode of transportation among New York's pedestrians, but Eliana finds it so much faster than walking, even if it does have side effects. She's taking advantage of the slightly warmer weather by wearing only a thin jacket over a t-shirt with her jeans and sneakers. That jacket flaps in the slight wind she makes as she peddles along, coming at a steady pace toward the group gathered on the sidewalk. Her destination is Enlightenment Books, and due to the distance she's covered, Eliana's gotten her heart worked up. As she pumps the peddles, her vibrant heartbeat pumps out the mind-altering gas that is more her curse than a blessing. Her motion makes it trail behind her for about six feet before it tapers off and dissolves into the rest of the evening air.

It's a small group of people anyone arriving would see. A female guitarist seated on the pavement who seems in some sort of disquiet, Hector nearby with his paper standing over a trash barrel, Sakura in school uniform, with Mohinder and Suresh walking away from the guitarist.

Unshivering and endlessly irritable, Hector looks back at Jane one last time before he gives up on finding anything at all helpful or interesting in his scavanged paper. The entire thing is dumped off in a floppy heap, and he tucks his hands into his pockets to start across the street.

Mohinder rolls his eyes at Anders, "It /is/ a ballet." Then in an equally quieter tone he says, "Yes, we're done, and thank you for behaving yourself. This time." He's then off, quickening his stride. He has research to get back to.

Sakura glances back again, blinking at a…strange feeling as Eliana peddles by. She shakes her head a little bit, still shivering and rubbing her arms even under the somewhat thick jacket she wears. Opting to remain on her corner for now, she finds herself pushed aside by some of the people that ARE just making their way through the city; a thing which, despite the fact that they aren't looking back, causes Sakura to stick her tongue out at the last one, who ends up pushing the Japanese girl into the street a little bit.

Anders follows on after Mohinder, sniggering.

The seated and dispirited guitarist, with Eliana and her chemical trail passing by, suddenly becomes less solemn. A smile forms, although touched with melancholy and introspection, as Jane begins to chuckle. She pulls the guitar around and takes it from the case, sparing a glance toward the departing Hector, and places the instrument's empty container next to her. As her mood elevates a bit further, she starts to tune the instrument and graduates from chuckles to laughter.

Eliana slows her pace as she nears the bookshop, dropping one foot to prop herself up as she peers inside. But when Eliana doesn't see Cass immediately inside the shop, she adopts a disappointed frown. But even in her short pause, her heart continues its quick pace and its expulsion of the airborne drug.

Sakura eventually gives up trying to stay on the corner with all the times she's being pushed. Without totally realizing she does it, Sakura starts to be pushed again—only to grab hold of the person's wrist, torquing until the man that was pushing her is on his back. Sakura frowns as she realizes what just happened, and turns to leave before anything else happens. She gets a bit lightheaded as she walks further down the street, her expression changing from that frown to a rather warm little smile.

Tuning her guitar, and now alone where she's seated, Jane murmurs under her breath. "First ever blackout, drove off the players who were about to let me in, and now I'm laughing. Why am I laughing, how'd I go from the dumps to feeling good so fast? What the hell is wrong with me?" For all her introspection, she still seems giddy now. Laughter continues.

That laughter finally reaches Eliana's ears, and the pink-haired girl whips her head around to pinpoint it. She widens her eyes, then narrows them. The only way to make it stop is to remove the source. Any other day, Eliana might have stayed to document the gas' effects on Jane, but with Lachlan's words still ringing in her ears, she doesn't want to take any chances, especially out in the open. Eliana adjusts her position on her bike, wheels it around, and peddles away.

Sakura blinks and watches as one girl starts going into laughing fits almost, the other seeming to be startled—at the very least, she goes from still to peddling away pretty quick. Sakura decides to make her way further down the street, the lightheaded feeling the girl had starting to relieve itself.

Her fingers start to move over the strings and frets, producing a tune of her own making while still under the effects of the gas which lingers in Eliana's wake. Her mood gradually descends to where it had been upon Dr. Suresh's departure over the next several minutes, and the laughter ceases with it. For some several minutes beyond that, her head gone back to resting in her hands, Jane remains seated and quiet before packing up and going home to try regrouping and comfort herself with a glass of wine and reading a few chapters of Activating Evolution.

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