2010-05-01: Dancing Barefoot In The Park



Date: May 01, 2010


Emma meets Brittany when the girl is dancing in the park.

"Dancing Barefoot In The Park"

Central Park

Spring time in Central Park is a time when people start shedding all those layers and bring out the picnic baskets and Frisbee. Saturdays in the park are particularly busy, with families bringing their kids out to enjoy the fresh… well… mostly fresh air.

The sounds are typical for spring, kids screaming is joyful play, birds belting out their musical tunes of love trying to lure a mate, music floating on the breeze from various boomboxes. It is all there for those that can listen to it, however there is one person there that can't hear any of it. The world is silent.

That person is Emma Coolidge and she doesn't let people really know it, by wearing a pair of white ipod earbuds that are tucked into her ears. If she doesn't hear someone, it's obviously cuase her music must be turned up too long. What they don't know is that the end of the cord isn't attached to anything, just tucked into her pants pocket.

She sits perched on one of the many benches facing out into the grassy clearing, a canvas lunch bag tucked against her leg. It's warm enough for short sleeves, but she's wearing a pale blue long sleeves t-shirt, with a pair of dark blue jeans. White sneakers a kind of tucked under the seat of the bench as she leans forward to watch a pair of young kids run across the lawn. Her dark brows are furrowed slightly as she watches them.

Though she's the only one that sees the flowing trail of color that trails behind them. As she takes a bite of her ham and cheese, she ponders what could be wrong with her.

Another out enjoying the park is Brittany Chilson. Those into culture type stuff, dancing, Broadway, thespians and all that might know her from her mother's dance studio. She has her own ipod, with a pair of earbuds tucked into her ears, but her's is actually attached to an ipod, that's playing music of some sort. She is off to the side on a clear patch of grass working on a dance routine for some show she has coming up soon. Her face almost emotionless, as she concentrates and gets into whatever song that's playing in her ears. Her body, bending and moving, seeming not to care that she is wearing a rather short denim skirt… and some of her moves end up causing it to hike up a bit more. Her camo jacket is on the ground near her, as well as her sneakers and socks. She's dancing around barefooted, which might not be too smart, since who knows how much broken glass and crack pipes and needles are lying around. But her sneakers are a pain for dancing in, and doing splits in. One part of the routine makes her go into a split.

When Emma's head comes around from following the two children, her gaze falls on the girl dancing and a small smile touches her lips. Watching the girl, the file clerk continues to to eat her lunch watching the fluid movements in silent appreciation. When the girls goes into splits, Emma finds herself clapping before she can stop herself.


Picking up her mostly devoured sandwich, Emma tries to act like she never did such a thing, taking another bite.

Brittany is so into her music, and concentrating, she really doesn't even hear the applause. She gets up from the splits, in another fluid motion as part of the routine. To a backbend, then around to the splits again. Then back up once more. A mock, 'dramatic' movement with head and a hand to her forehead, like she might faint, but doesn't, it's part of the routine. Soon apparently though, the song ends. And she is sweating a bit. She heads over to her jacket, digging under it for her bottle of water and relax a bit. Turning the ipod off and just chilling out.

There is amusement for the little girl when she acts all dramatic. Emma tends to enjoy watching people for those little moments like that. As the girl settles to relax, the older woman considers her thoughtfully, as she chews that little bit of sandwich.

"Hey." Emma call out loud, her voice a touch odd without the ability to hear. She'll wait til Brittany is looking at her, before she adds. "That was good." The word good is accompanied by her hands moving, hand touching her lips before it moves to lay palm up in her other hand. Then that same hand moves with two fingers to sweep across the palm of the other as she continues. "How long have you been learning to dance?" The file clerk isn't even conscious of the gestures as it is a part of her normal life, much like breathing.

Brittany hears something and turns, spotting the woman, and also noticing the hands. Getting the picture, since a friend at school is deaf she gathers her things, and 'still barefoot' walks over to the woman's bench. She signs to the woman ~'Thank you, it's fun, I love it. I have a show coming up, and sometimes the studio, even though it's air conditioned gets a bit too hot'~. She doesn't sit, just stands there near the woman. Slipping her socs and shoes on once more. Rising she signs more ~'Well, more or less all my life. My mom owns the studio, and we live above it. So I had been in the studio all my life.'~

Dark brows lift and Emma seems surprised that the girl seems to know something about sign language. Her smile widens a touch as her own hands come up and move with the fluidity of someone who has been doing thing for some time. ~' It shows.'~ Her head nods a touch, and her hands add, ~'Do you plan to be a dancer when you grow up?'~ She just can't hide the amusement of having found someone who knows how to talk with their hands.

Brittany smiles and nods, ~'I am hoping that someone like Disney or Broadway might discover me. I don't sing, but even a back-up dacer, or an extra or something would be really good and fun. Though I prefer coming up with my own routines.'~ She indicates the bench, ~"May I?'~ Not assuming she can just sit. ~'Many of mom's former students have gone on to Hollywood or Broadway or something.'~ Though some have gone on to strip clubs too, when they were of age too. ~'She and her assistants teach children, but well that ranges from really young to near adulthood. Many styles, but I have my favorites.. ballet is too hard on my toes. I'd rather free style. Like I was doing.'~

Emma ahs softly, nodding again, before gesturing to the girl to go ahead and sit. "Go ahead." That's said out loud, before her hands continue to move in their own type of dance. ~'Your good, so I don't see why you would not have a career in it waiting for you.'~ Smiling gently, Emma shrugs slightly. "You seem motivated enough… I think the future is yours if you keep with it." And if her decisions are not changed for her, much like Emma.

Britt smiles at the woman, ~'I have no desires to stop right now anyway, and Disney they are almost always doing different things. There was several types of musicals out recently. A newer version of HairSpray. Without Delta Burke. It actually has Zac Efron on it, from Hight School Musical, I haven't seen it yet, but well, in time. There is plenty for me to do.~

~'You would be surprised what life will throw your way.'~ Emma says with a somewhat resigned look. ~'Look at me for example.'~ Her gestures sweeping, before touching a finger to her ear. "I wasn't always like this and my grandparents were music teachers." Her shoulder again and she gives the girl a smile. ~'It would probably be good to have a back up plan.'~

The girl does settle on the bench after a moment. A foot propped up in front of her. ~'Yeah, probably a good idea, though I never really thought about it before. My life has been centered around dancing.. and now my dog Zoe. I really don't know what else I could do. Not the best with things in regular school. I'm passing, but only just.'~

~'You are still young.'~ Emma says with a confident expression, her back easing back against the bench. ~'Something will occur to you. It did to me.'~ Head giving a small nod, Emma adds. ~'You will see. I thought my world ended when my hearing went away.'~ Gesturing herself, her chin tilts up a little in defiance. ~'And I am still here and doing very well.'~ It may not be doing what she always wanted, but for the most part she's accepted that.

~'Yeah, something will show up. Until then, I'll think of things, and not stop what I love.I haven't yet, not even for a boy. But they are a pain. The few who are being taught at the studio are alright, but most of them have been really bratty and annoying.'~ She shrugs, ~'And the ones at school, forget it. I don't have time for boys anyway.~ Her water is gone now, but there is one of those vending machines with some in it. She digs for some money, ~' Be right back'~ she says. Rising and heading over for some, pitching the empty in the trash that's near too. Once she has it, she returns and settles again, ~' Oh, I suppose if we are sharing a bench, introductions should be in order. I'm Brittany Chilson. '~

"Emma." The woman offers out loud, offering a hand for a quick shake, before she continues, non-verbally, ~'And dealing with boys is over rated.'~ She agrees with a firm nod of her head, ~'Better to wait til your older anyhow.'~ There is a grin when she signs that last, knowing that her mother would probably be thankful for that.

Brittany shakes the woman's hand. ~'Definitely, I'll make friends with a few, but I am just not ready nor have the time to go worrying about anything else with them. They try to change you, and make you stop the things you love. Daddy never did, but most guys seem to. There's boys in school that seem to be interested, at least that's what my friend Kathy said. But well, the ones that she said were interested in me aren't even worth a try. Fourteen and already have reputations. If you know what I mean?'~

~' I know what you mean.'~ Emma says with a soft chuckle, pausing to glance at her watch Emma hmms. There is regret on her face as she signs. ~'As much as I have enjoyed the conversation, my lunch hour is up.'~ Working on the weekend? Unheard of! ~'Overtime.'~ Emma explains with a grins, ~'Pays good, but eats up a warm day.'~

Brittany smiles and signs, ~'It was a pleasure to meet you. Perhapse we will run into each other again. Have a pleasent day Emma.'~ She looks to the woman's watch as well, since she left hers at home, ~'Actually I should too, I gotta get Zoe out and mom will expect me to help with dinner.'~ she gathers her things and rises from the bench. ~' Yeah I don't think I'd want to be cooped up on a day like this either too long. Though with finals coming up I probably should concider studying too.'~

~' Studying is always a good idea.'~ Emma states with confidence, before adding verbally, "It was a pleasure you meet you as well Brittany." Giving a little wiggle of her fingers in farewell, the woman sets about packing up her little lunch pail so that she can leave. She still has some work to do before she can relax for the rest of the day.

~"Indeed'~ Britt smiles and is heading off toward the exit at the Upper East side and on home. Window shopping of course along the way. Findin a fabric store on the way, with a huge sale on all the flashy stuff that would work wonderfully for costumes and immediately calls her grandmother to let her know. Since she designs and makes all the costumes.

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