2007-12-29: Dancing, Beer and Friends


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Summary: Dani, Celeste and Aly run into each other at the club and have a few drinks.

Date It Happened: December 29, 2007

Dancing, Beer and Friends

Club DnA

Dani stands out in the middle of the dance floor, pretending like he knows how to dance, but doesn't seem to care much about what everyone else thinks about his dancing, just is having a good time.

Celeste walks into the club, never having been there before, she looks around and heads to the dance floor, and starts dancing, not really with anyone, just moving along with the crowd scoping out all the guys.

See, the big thing when you get to be Aly's age… is that you realize, you don't know what you're doing here. It's etched on the author's face as she stands against a railing with a drink in hand. She looks and feels out of place. She was married when she left high school. She had no life outside her family, since she already had a child when she entered college. Now, being back on the singles scene? Well, it's weird to say the least. "Girl, why did you even step outside?" She asks herself softly.

Dani gets a bit tired from the dancing as the song changes, sweat dripping from his face from the exercise and the body heat that gets trapped in the building. He wipes his face off and makes his way to the bar. "Most exercise I've had in years." He says to no one in particular.

Celeste moves to the center of the dance floor having fun, dancing even harder than before. Continues to look around for a decent looking guy in this place, cause' it sure does suck dancing alone.

She's not going out there. No way in hell. As the young guy steps off the dance floor talking about exercise, Aly can't help but chuckle lightly. "Yeah, you have fun up there." She offers a half grin before looking back down at her drink.

Dani looks around the place for a moment as he tries to find the source of the voice. He looks around all confused, not being able to find who said it. Did he think it or is he just hearing things? He says before going to the bartender and placing his drink order before he searches the area again for the source of the voice. "Uhh..yeah. Isn't that the point of the place?" He says in return, still looking.

Celeste decides to take her jacket off because it is getting quite hot in there from all the dancing, she walks over to a table in the corner where it's dark and all by itself and lays her jacket down in the seats, she walks over to the bar orders a screwdriver, with her money in hand.

Aly shrugs slightly. "I suppose." She takes a sip and runs a hand through her hair. Nothing else to say, but she does watch the people silently for a few moments.

Dani smirks as he finally spots Aly. Mystery discovered. He's not crazy. He takes his drink from the bartender and spots Celeste. He offers her a wave and a nod of his head indicating to follow him as he makes his way towards Aly.

Celeste smiles, and waves back, takes her drink and pays the bartender telling him to keep the change, and walks over to Dani, "Hey there stranger, didn't expect to see you here." she says with a grin, "My band was gonna play tonight, but the bass player had some things to do tonight so we're gonna play another time, So having fun?"

If Dani reads much modern fantasy/sci-fi, he MIGHT recognize Aly from the back of her books, but she's not extremely well known. She takes another sip as Dani moves back towards her, and then Celeste comes towards Dani. She offers a polite smile. "Don't mind me. Trying to figure out the music. I'm so out of touch."

Dani doesn't read too much sci-fi or fantasy, but she does seem a bit familiar. If Aly keeps up with the tattoo culture, she may recognize Dani from a few magazines. He looks to Celeste and nods. "Hey. That sucks. Let me know if you play again, yeah?" He says before looking to Aly. "It's cool." He says, extending a hand to her. "I'm Dani." He says before nodding to Celeste. "This is Celeste."

Celeste smiles, "Okay, will do." turns to the woman, "Yeah, I'm Celeste, How are you doing?" she says with a grin, "This club is awesome, I love to come here, especially when we play here, it's soo much fun." she adds in.

"Aly." She offers. Even though she doesn't have any body art, she does occasionally read a magazine or two. It's just not clicking yet. She does take the hand gently, though, setting her drink down as she does so. "I haven't been to a club in… well… ever." She admits.

Dani chuckles as he shakes her hand before retracting his own. "Well, a club virgin then." He says with a smile. "This your 21st birthday then?" He asks as he looks to Celeste. "We might have to buy some rounds then."

Celeste grins, "Heck yes, that would be fun." she says to Dani, "You up for it?" she asks Aly with a smile on her face.

That causes a bright blush on Aly's face. "Twenty first? Add ten." She chuckles. "And no, not the birthday." She can't help but react like a typical woman at the compliment.

Dani raises an eyebrow as he looks at Aly. "Yeah right." He says with a chuckle and looks to Celeste. "Well alternate rounds. I'll buy first." He says with a chuckle. As he looks to Aly. "We'll make it a good 21st birthday."

Celeste smiles, "Okay sounds good to me, I'll buy the second round." she says a little louder because of the music, "What do you like to drink?" she asks Aly, with a grin.

"No, seriously. I have a fourteen year old son." Aly laughs. "I've been writing novels for six years." She continues to blush, but shrugs. They may be younger, but they do at least seem like fun. "Uhm… Coconut Rum with Orange and Cranberry." She says. Hey, she likes her fruity drinks.

Dani smirks and shakes his head. "No. It's cool. You don't have to lie to us. It's cool." He says, nodding at the drink orders, taking note of what Celeste is drinking. He heads off to the bar to get the drinks.

Celeste giggles, "So you write for a living?" she asks Aly, "I love to read, when I'm not working, or playing with my band, I have fun because when you're writing, it can be abou absolutely anything you want it to be, you don't have any restrictions, that is what I love most about books." she says with a smile.

As Dani leaves, Aly laughs. She shakes her head softly. "That was… interesting." But at Celeste's mention, she nods. "Yes. I have a series of modern fantasy." She says, listing off a few titles. "Not too well known, but hey. It pays the bills."

Dani fights with the crowd at the bar to get the drink orders, bobbing his head to the music as he tries to cram his way towards the bartender.

Celeste smiles, "That kool, I'll have to check them out sometime." she looks to Aly, "Yeah I work with Dani, that's the only way I know him, well besides the magazines, that is, I haven't been here too long, and he gave me a job which was really nice of him." looks around for Dani with the drinks.

"MAGAZINES! That's it. That's where I've seen his face." Aly says brightly as Celeste brings it up. "Tattoo mags. I KNEW he looked familiar, I just couldn't place it." She chuckles, glancing back in his direction. "That is one thing about writing. It's not a 'friends' job."

Dani finally gets the drinks and begins the long quest back to the table without spilling a drop. Easier said than done. Half his beer ends up on a poor girl's dress. "Sorry." Is all that is said before he moves on. Another casualty of war… or dancing. Whatever. He finally makes it with most of the drinks he started with, setting them down on the table. "Drinks have arrivededed."

Celeste grins, "Yeah, he's a pretty good guy, and a great artist." she tells Aly, "Yeah, that is true about writing." she says before she turns to Dani, "Wow! Have fun getting through there?" she asks sarcastically, "Did you get tired of waiting and drink our drinks before you got here?" she says while laughing.

"Oooh, drinks! Drinks are good. AS long as I don't have too much. Can't go home tipsy or Jamie will never let me live it down." Aly chuckles softly. "Son." She explains with a grin, despite the compliments. "So, yeah. Magazines. THAT'S why you look familiar." She says, this time, to Dani himself.

Dani smirks to Celeste and shakes his head. "No, but a girl down there is wearing half my beer." He says, pointing back down to where he bumped into her. "And don't be spreading lies about me." He says before he looks to Aly again. "Oh. I take it you've seen those." He shakes his head. "They didn't get my good side at all."

Celeste giggles, "Now that is funny." she tells Dani after hearing about half of his beer going on the girl, "I'm not telling lies either. You are a great artist." she says with a grin. "You still look good in those magazines, well at least I thought so anywayz." she says giving Dani a wink.

"Better than I looked on the cover of my first novel. That was pure crap." Aly chuckles, shaking her head. "And I don't think you could look bad. I mean… crap. I'm NOT hitting on you, just stating. God, I feel old again all of a sudden." She grins, accepting her drink and taking a deep sip.

Dani smirks at Celeste. "Thanks, but flatter will not get you a raise." He says with a chuckle before he looks to Aly. "That's where I know you from. You write those one stories with the characters." He says, pointing at her. "And why aren't you hitting on me? Am I not good looking enough?" He says, teasing her.

Celeste rolls her eyes, "I don't want a raise, I was just stating the obvious. You are Hot." she says bluntly, "You could get any girl you wanted, if you tried that is." she says with a grin and turns to Aly, "See you agree with me don't you? Dani is hot isn't he?" she says smiling and giggling.

"Whoah whoah. I have a teenage son. I'm just getting out of the house for a while. I'm not hitting on anyone regardless of how hot he may or may not be." Aly says, face red with embarassment. "I… yes. Author. Books. Characters. Uh-huh."

Dani laughs at Aly and nods. "It's alright. We're just picking on you. But I'm sure you could get someone our age too if you tried." He says with a smirk, taking a drink of the half beer.

Celeste laughs, "It doesn't matter how old your son is, You could still think Dani is hot." she says with a smile, and then takes a drink of her screwdriver, "So we should all go out on the Dance Floor, and have fun, the three of us." she says with a grin, "It would be hella fun." she states before taking another drink of her screwdriver.

"Well, I don't know how old you are, but I'm an eternal 29. Until age catches up to me." Aly nods firmly. As Celeste offers, "I don't even know how to dance. My husband and I never went anywhere. We were always homebodies." Were being the operative term, but it's not apparently affecting her that badly.

Dani nods his head as he looks at her. "Well, I'm 25, so it's not too far off." He says, catching the were, but doesn't say anything about it. He takes another drink of his beer. "It's cool. I don't know how to dance either and I guess you saw me out there."

Celeste grins, "I'm 23, and growing older." she states, "We don't even have to know how to dance, just as long as we have a good time, it doesn't matter." she says with a smile. "Soo what do you guys say dance? or just sit here and keep drinking?" she asks the both of them.

"I think I'll have to finish this and maybe start another before I can get out there." Aly laughs softly and nods. Though she is drinking it pretty fast. Apparently, enjoying herself and wanting to continue doing so.

Dani chuckles to Celeste. "Well, my inner dork says to dance, but my inner alcoholic says to drink, so I'm torn." Putting the back of his hand to his forehead in mock desperation. He looks to Aly and smiles. "So, what do you do when you're not writing or not hitting on guys like me?" He asks with a wink.

Celeste smiles, "That sounds good to me, When I've had a few in me, I really like to dance then, cause It doesn't matter how I dance as long as I am having fun, I don't care." she says with a grin, "So want me to go ahead and get another round?" she asks as she slams the rest of her screwdriver down and grabbing some money out of her wallet and standing up.

Aly can't help but chuckle. "I spend my time wishing I had an exciting life, or looking after my son, or going to PTA meetings. I'm practically a soccer mom." She wrinkles her nose but shrugs. "Really, I never did much before Mark died. But… it's been a year and my doctor says I need to be getting out and enjoying life." Hey, she's not ashamed to admit she seeks help. To Celeste, she thinks for a moment. "I'm… torn."

Dani nods his head as he downs the half beer and drains the entire bottle of his second beer in one go. "Yeah. I'm ready for a second one." He smirks and looks to Aly. "Well, you got us now to keep ya in touch with your inner.." He pauses for a moment to think. "Twenty… something." He nods once. "Yeah. That's it." He does frown. "I'm sorry to hear about your husband."

Celeste smiles, "Yeah, I'll go get another round for everyone." she walks to the bar, dancing her way through the crowd to get through it better, and it works, she orders the drinks and waits for the bartender to make them.

"I guess that'll work. And no worries. It's been over a year now. I've put it in my past. I just haven't gotten my ass in gear to start living again. Thanks anyway, though." Aly says, patting Dani's shoulder politely.

Dani smiles and nods. "Well, if you ever want to start living, give us a call and we'll be there or swing by the shop and we'll get you a nice piece done." He says with a smile, but tonight is for fun and drinking and new friends."

Dani smiles and nods. "Well, if you ever want to start living, give us a call and we'll be there or swing by the shop and we'll get you a nice piece done." He says with a smile. "But tonight is for fun and drinking and new friends."

Celeste pays the bartender, and carries the drinks to the table, dancing her way back through the crowd without spilling a drop luckily. She sets the drinks down on the table and takes a big drink of hers and sets the glass down on the table, "So a toast to new friends, and one helluva night we are going to have." she says with a wide grin and raising her glass.

"Hell, why not?" Aly says, lifting her glass to join in on it. "New friends are a good thing." Especially when you really didn't have any outside the PTA… and they're all idiots. No, really.

Dani has never been to a PTA in his life. Doesn't even know what it is, but raises his drink anyway and clinks it with the rest. "New friends are a very good thing. Here's to a PTA free night!"

Celeste giggles, "Yeah here is to a PTA free night, and new friends." she keeps her glass there and says first one to finish wins, last one to finish buys the next round she says with a sly smile, "Lets make this entertaining." she adds in before she says go.

Celeste giggles. "Yeah here is to a PTA free night, and new friends." she keeps her glass there and says, "First one to finish wins, last one to finish buys the next round." she says with a sly smile, "Lets make this entertaining." she adds in before she says go.

"Next one's mine anyway." Aly says with a shrug. "After all, you both bought rounds already." With two drinks in her, she's already loosening up. Of course, for someone like her who never did drink too much in the first place, it's definately showing in the redness under her eyes. But, that doesn't stop her from trying to chug her own down.

Dani nods and smirks. "I'll take that bet." He says, starts to chug his beer down, getting it down like a pro. He sets the empty bottle down and let's out a belch that actually is heard over the music. "Excuse me. Useless talents number 23 and 42." He says as he sits down, his face red and an obvious buzzed look on his face.

Celeste smiles, and downs her drink, she is definitely starting to feel the vodka inside her and working its way around. "Well this is going to definitely be on helluva night." she says sluring her words just a tiny bit, "I'm not much of a drinker, but when I do, it's quite a bit, and I usually don't remember some thing that tend to happen." she says with a grin, "So after the third round, we should go dancing, no matter how bad we get." she says giggling.

"I haven't had this much to drink in a while." Aly chuckles and shrugs. "Sure. I don't know what I'm doing, but I might as well." She grins, shaking her head. She rises from her own lean, "I got the third. And… I just… I forgot what I was gonna say." She shakes her head and moves barwards.

Dani laughs hard as Aly forgets what she was going to say. "That's great." He says sitting down. "No one is driving home. I live a block south if anyone needs to crash on the couch and I got an empty guest bedroom." He says, holding up a finger.

Celeste laughs, "It's okay, happens to the best of us." she says still laughing, "So this is great, didn't think I'd have this much fun tonight, I just came here to blow off some steam tonight, didn't expect to see you here." she says witha smile, "This is fun, we should definitely do this more often, you should bring your girlfriend next time so we can all meet her and have a good time," she says to him still smiling, "Of course I would be coming alone, haven't got a boyfriend quite yet, but still looking, If you have any single hot friends, you should hook us up." she says with a grin.

Despite looking a little younger than her age, and the fact that she's had a few… Aly takes a little longer to get to the bar than Celeste did. But, she's up there and ordering.

Dani laughs and nods. "Yeah, it could be fun. I got a keg in my office. Hence why I go back there from time to time and keep it locked." He says with a smirk.

Celeste laughs, "Well that would explain why you like to dissappear." she says with a grin, "So what is your girlfriend like?" she asks looking inside her empty glass. "I bet she's lovely, and nice." she says with a smirk, "You're girlfriend might get mad if we were to crash at your place so I'll prolly just walk the extra ways home tonight." she says as she looks up to Dani.

Finally, at the bar, Aly pays. But there's a crowd behind her, so she's not quite able to make it back just yet, though she is visible.

Dani glances back and watches Aly, applauding her efforts before he looks to Celeste. "She's cool, but we went on one date, so I don't know if that qualifies her as a girlfriend yet." He says as he looks at her. "Naw. It's not like she lives with me anyway, so it's cool if you guys crash at my place."

Celeste nods, "Well it makes her on the way to being your girlfriend." she says with a smile, "But still she might get jealous if we were there, so I'll prolly just head to my house after this, don't want to make her mad and get you into trouble." she says giggling and looks up to see if Aly has started to make her way back, hoping she makes it back okay, knowing it can be pretty hectic getting through the crowd.

The drinks are handed out as Aly makes her way back with a grin. "Sorry. I'm not that quick." She says with a shrug, though she does seem to be able to bend just right to avoid running into folks.

Dani shrugs. "It's up to you." He says to Celeste. "She'll be fine. I got a couch and a guest room. So, if you change your mind, it's cool." He says as he looks to Aly as the drink arrives. "Thanks." He says as he takes the drink. "That goes for you too. No drinking and driving on on my watch."

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Celeste smiles as Aly makes it back, "Thank god you didn't get lost in there, can be pretty insane." she says still smiling, and taking a gulp of her drink. Nods to Dani, "Alright, I'll just crash on the couch I guess, but I'll be gone early just to be safe." she says with a smile, "So after this anyone wanna go dance? I feel like blowing off some more steam." she says still smiling.

"I'll need to after this one. Unfortunately, I DO have to make it home. Otherwise, Jamie will get worried and probably call in a missing mom." Aly chuckles, sipping much more slowly at this one.

Dani laughs and nods. "Well, that's all well and chuckles. "Don't need to have a missing mom report out on you." He says with a chuckle as he takes a drink from his beer, not going to chug this one.

Celeste smiles, "Awesome, got one, you want to Dani?" she asks still smiling, "Or do you want to stay here all alone and keep drinking?" she says sarcastically, taking another gulp of her drink, still half of it left.

Aly simply laughs. "Come on. You gotta admit, dancing with a pair of women will look better than dancing on your own." She says, wrinklingher nose in a chuckle.

Dani grins and nods. "That is true. I suppose I could grace the dance floor with my presence." He says with a smirk. "Alright. Let's go." He says, taking a long drink from his beer, draining what's left of it before he stands.

Steiner strides through the door, looking simultaneously incredibly out of place and like he just bought the club's deed. With little regard for whatever members of the crowd might be in his way, he heads for the bar, mumbling the occasional "'scuse me." Purposeful disposition or no, he does hit a snag at the bar. For every second shaved by pushing through the crowd he seems to be losing several waiting for one of the bartenders to acknowledge his presence.

Celeste finishes off her drink, "Woo Hoo, this is going to be fun." she says with a smile, "Let's go." she stands up and starts walking towards the dance floor.

Leaning over to Celeste, Aly whispers something conspiratorially to her with a wink. She moves along willingly, just grinning slightly at Dani as she finishes her own drink. All that alcohol in such a short time, she's having fun.

Dani raises an eyebrow as he watches Celeste and Aly whisper, tilting his head slightly. "Oh bugger." He says. "Should I be afraid?" He asks with a chuckle as he waits for the others to lead the way.

Celeste grins, "Nope, you will be just fine." she says still grinning. She takes one of Dani's arms and waits for Aly before heady to the dance floor.

Aly grabs the other arm, moving along with Dani and Celeste with a happy little grin on her face. She hasn't really noted Steiner, but then, she's been drinking and isn't her usual self.

Steiner grumbles a bit-the sound likely lost between the crowd and throbbing music-and reaches into his wallet, producing a pair of bills and waving them just on the other side of the bar. That seems to do it. Whether he's hollering to be heard above the ambient noise or screaming at the bartender isn't clear, but soon after there's a fruity-looking pinkish-purple thing in a glass in front of the man… which he promptly looks at with mild consternation. With a shrug, the barkeep moves off.

Dani looks to Aly and Celeste on each arm. He smirks as she grins. "I can get use to this." He says as he follows the others to the dance floor, laughing softly to himself.

Celeste smiles, "Good." she says as she giggles, and makes her way to the dance floor and starts dancing with the others.

Aly chuckles, "Well, I dunno. I AM kinda old." She laughs, letting her body move a little bit. Good thing she's flexible, naturally, or she'd actually look stiff. Mentally, she thanks whoever for that one little gift.

Steiner slumps his shoulders as he admits defeat, the gesture almost comically out of sync with his appearance. After a quick sigh, he slugs down the drink without a thought, one eye actually twitching a bit for a moment afterward. Suddenly undaunted he moves out into the club, attempting to chase down a waitress willing to talk to strangers with candy… erm… money.

Dani looks to Aly and shakes his head. "You're not old. You're a MILF. Trust me." He says with a smirk. "If I was single, I'd go after you." He says to Aly as they near the dance floor.

Celeste giggles, "This is fun." she yells so they can hear her over the music, and looks at the bar and sees Steiner, "Hold on, I'm gonna go say Hi to a friend and see If I can get him to come and dance, It's getting a little mushy over here." she says with a wink to Aly, "I'll be right back." she walks to the bar, "Hey there stranger." she says with a smile.

Continuing to dance, Aly chuckles softly. "Well, that spoils it. We were gonna sandwich ya, just for the hell of it." She says to Dani with a grin.

Dani smiles as he looks to Aly, well, I think I can manage with just this right now." He says as he looks at her, starting to dance as Celeste goes off to find her friend.

Celeste smiles, "So how have you been?" she asks Steiner, "Would you like to come and dance with me?" she asks curiously.

"Hey," Steiner replies without noting who it is, intent on catching the elusive white tailed speckled tipsucker. After managing to corner one (or at least flag one down) he drops his empty glass and a twenty on her tray before growling "scotch and soda. Glenlivet. And I got another ten for ya when ya make it back, hun." Finally turning to see who's attempting to garner his attention, there's a brief lift of his brows, "Hey there, trekkie. What brings you here?"

Chuckling, Aly shakes her head. "It's not that bad. I just hope I don't end up hungover tomorrow. I DO have writing to do." She chuckles. About that time, her pocket begins to light and vibrate. She pulls it out. "And speaking of the son, there he is. I gotta go." She says with a sigh.

Celeste grins, "Well I came here just to blow off some steam, and my band and I were supposed to play here tonight, but our bass player had some things he had to do so we are gonna have to do it again some other time, So how is your night going?" she asks with a smile.

Dani smiles and nods. "Well, make sure you drink water before you go to sleep. It'll help keep away the hang over." He says before Aly starts to vibrate. Kinky. He nods. "Yeah. No problem. I'm sure I'll see you around." He says before he smiles. "Nice to meet you. Stop by the shop sometime."

"I will." Aly chuckles. "I promise." And with that, she begins to make her way towards the exit, offering a slight wave over to Celeste as soon as she looks in her direction.

"Aside from every bar in town apparently having a different definition of what a 'snakebite' is? I'm off the clock, so it's good enough," he replies with a shrug. "You seem to be dealing with the disappointment well enough."

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Celeste waves back at Aly, "Well it's alright I guess, I've had a few drinks, so I'm feeling it pretty good at the moment." she says with a small smile. "But other than that My night is pretty lonely, was a few of us but Aly had to go, so Dani is by himself, but I don't know where or what he's doing at the moment.

Dani smiles and watches Aly leave and goes to find Celeste. "I'm going to go outside for some air. I'll be back in a bit." He says to her before he heads outside for a bit.

"In that case, I'd say you're dealing with the disappointment spectacularly," Jake replies, craning his neck to peek out over the heads of the crowd. "Don't s'pose this place has a pool table somewhere? Even one of those teeny quarter-play ones will do…" He pauses long enough to offer a brief wave to the departing Dani. "If that's your Dani, i'm guessin' that'sa mystery solved."

Celeste says, "Okay, have fun." she says before turning back to Steiner, "Yeah, I guess so." she says with a small frown, "Dani is just someone I work with, So he's nothing special really, just a friend." shakes her head, "I don't believe they do, wish they did though, I love a good game of pool." she sasy with a smile.

"Me, I like a bad game of pool, so long as it's the other guy playing it," Jake retorts with a grin. "And nothin' special, huh? I don't dye in the grey hair, hun."

Celeste smiles, "He's not, just someone I work with, that's all he'll ever be." she says still smiling, "So how is your night going so far? she asks with a grin.

"Mmmm-hrm," he intones through closed lips before half-mumbling, "well at least now I know who's chasin' who." Just in time for a subject change, the waitress returns with Jake's drink. True to his word, he produces another bill, holding it just out of reach while his drink disappears past his lips. As he passes back the empty, he instructs, "one more, if you please… and to answer your question, my dear inkologist, it's going much better now."

Celeste nods, "Well I'm glad your night is going lotz better, " looks to the waitress, "Could I get a screwdriver also?" she asks handing her the money, "I'm not chasing him per say, just like him a little bit, but it's kiddy stuff really, I could do better anywayz." she says with a smile.

"Ah, who can't hun? Always something better over the horizon, just hiding behind a cloud," Steiner says with a bit of good humored snark, suddenly scanning the crowd once more. "So just music and booze here, then? What do they do to draw in the deaf teetotaller demographic?"

Celeste laughs, "True, well I don't really know I just come here to dance and blow off steam to get my mind on other things, usually helps." she says with a smile, "Yeah, Wish they had some other things here to do." she says with a grin.

"Well I can't claim to have done a full on bar crawl, but I'd kill for a smoky little honky-tonk with a pinball machine in the corner, maybe even a Mrs. Pac-man," he pines. "So long as there's some Skynyrd on the juke box, and the country fans are short on quarters," he quickly adds. "only so many times I can hear about cheating wives, cheating husbands and shot dogs."

Celeste nods, "Yeah, I prefer those the most, just felt like having a little fun tonight." she says with a smile, "So you feel like dancing?" she asks with a grin?

Jake quickly shakes his head with a wry grin. "Oh hell no. I'm not drunk enough to dance, and I don't think you have the cash to bankroll my bartab or the therapy the onlookers are gonna need afterwards."

Celeste laughs, "Okay, I tried." she says with a grin, "So what would you like to do?" she asks with a smile?

"Well hell, I'm trying to get a decent buzz," he begins, just as the waitress returns with both drinks, and an apology for the delay. Jake offers another bill and a smile that doesn't quite seem to fit his face. "That aside, I can't say as i'm all that picky."

Celeste nods, "I don't blame you, this is my fourth drink I think, or my fifth, can't remember,but yeah." she takes her drink and take a gulp of it, "That is good." she says with a smile, "

Steiner only downs half of his this time, the waitress looking mildly relieved that he's not about to ask for a third. "Well then, not that it's any of my business but you may wanna slow down… Not remembering which drink your on is a good start to not remembering the good time ya had in the morning."

Celeste smiles, "Yeah you are probably right, I should slow down." she says with a grin. "Don't want to forget anything that's happened tonight, made a new friend, and got to hang out with you, that is something I do want to remember." she says with a smile.

"There ya go, hun," he answers, raising his glass a bit and giving her a wink. "Something to brag about when I grow up to be all famous and snotty and forget all the little people who got me there."

Celeste says, "No, I don't think I could ever forget you, I wouldn't want to." she says with a smile and a little giggle, "You're cool, I like hanging out with you, and I have fun doing so." she says giving him a wink back.

"And such a pretty face," he replies, running a finger along his jawline, pausing at his goatee as if he almost hadn't expected it to be there. The snag is quickly forgotten, and his grin resumes, full force. "Anyhow, whattaya say to polishing these off, and looking for a place with a pinball machine, or at least a pool table?"

Celeste grins, "Yup, absolutely Gorgeous." she says still grinning, "Sounds good to me." she says smiling, and finishes off her screwdriver.

"You definitely need to slow down, hun," he says, a bit less humorous than a moment before. "Likin' this face is a case of beer goggles if ever there was one." With a slow shake of his head that seems to jar his smile loose again, he slugs down what's left in his glass before depositing it on a nearby table and pointing for the door. "Let's see what we can find, huh?"

Celeste nods, "Okay, I will." she says before standing, "Well that sounds like fun." she says with a smile, lets try to make our way to the door through this crowd, it's going to be fun." she says with a sarcastic grin.

Steiner plows ahead towards the door—some folks move, some folks don't, and none of it seems to really phase Jake, aside from his utterances of a rather half-hearted, "'scuse me."

Celeste follows behind him and leaves the club.

Streets of New York

Celeste looks up and down the street trying to find a good place to go, turns to Jake, "So what do you think?" she asks as she thinks of somewhere to go, "Well we could always go back to Oldcastle."

Steiner glances up and down the street himself as they emerge from Club DNA. His gaze comes to rest on the nearby arcade. "If that place can swing a liquor license, I've found a new love… Until then… hrm. Oldcastle isn't a bad idea, but there's gotta be some place with more than harps and darts."

Celeste nods, "Yeah that's true." looks around, "We could try the arcade." she says with a smile.

"Oh no… you may be slowing down hun, but I'm not even feeling mine—someone got a little head start, you might recall," he replies, waggling a calloused finger in her direction. "If this city never sleeps, i'm guessing there's at least one bar with a pool table or folks would be home in bed by ten."

Celeste giggles, "Okay, well I'm following you, well you might have to help me walk." she says as she starts feeling her last drink she just had, "You lead the way." she says with a smile.

"Well just drop a hand on my shoulder if you start feeling it too much," he replies before lifting his left. "Try that one, I think it's one of the originals." With no explaination for his last statement he turns in a circle, finally pointing south. "Close to home for you, and filled with those indie kids. Let's hope they have good taste in hooch, hrm?"

Celeste grins, and puts a hand on his shoulder, "Thank you, sorry for having to do that." she looks to the south, "Sounds good to me, I just hope they have some pool tables so we can play." she says with a smile.

Jake peers up and down every street as they pass, wrinkling his nose reflexively as they pass by coffee shops and jazz bars… "Okay… my faith in the folley of youth is slowly being shaken. I haven't seen a place yet likely to have both a pool table and a crowd that wouldn't lynch us for wanting to hear Teenage Wasteland."

Celeste giggles, "I know what you mean." she says with a smile, "And I'm not as young as you think I am, I'm 23, and still getting older." she says with a grin, "So where now?"

"Well… we are on an island, one would think the options would be limited," he muses, suddenly waxing poetic. "Yet for all the points of the compass, there is but one direction, and that with but one inevitable end…. South again, I think."

Celeste nods, "Okay, sounds good, so South again?"

Della Rosa

And so… after much galavanting about the streets, they finally settle on a suitably seedy location… And seedy it is. "Ahhhh… smoke. Actual smoke. I love it. We'll put the new sofa over here, and replace those drapes with somehing in a…. chartreuse, do you think," Jake asks, the clash of his gravelly voice and the words it's forming almost too much weirdness to bear.

Celeste giggles, "That would look nice." she says going along with Jake just for laughs, "Yes this place will do nicely." laughs, "So where to sit." she looks around the place.

Steiner points to a semi-scuzzy table near a worn pool table… as opposed to the definitely scuzzy table also nearby. "That'll do. Any preferences on a drink, bearing in mind where we are, of course."

Celeste nods, "That works for me." she says with a smile, "Think I'll just take a water, I don't think I need to drink anymore." heads back to the table Jake had pointed to and takes a seat.

Celeste smiles, "Thank you." she says as she opens it up and takes a drink, "This place really isn't that bad." she says looking at Jake.

"Well it is a monday, maybe it'll pick up," he quips as he pours out a drink, tipping his glass to avoid too much head as he glances towards the pool table and a rack of cues nearby. "Later in the week, perhaps."

Celeste see's the pool table, "Would you like to play a round?" she asks when she sees Jake looking at the pool table.

"Hows about Monopoly… but I get the race car," he replies with a grin before draining his glass as quickly as possible and refilling it.

Celeste grins, "That works." she says to him, "That is fine, I want the top hat, it's my favorite." she says with a smile.

"Oh… you're one of -those- people," he replies, narrowing his eyes suspiciously. "You top hats always cheat, dipping into the bank when no one's looking, switching out Baltic for Boardwalk like I won't notice… No, I don't think i want to play monopoly after all."

You say, "I won't cheat, Promise." she says with a giggle, "Only if it's necessary." she says sarcastically, "Just kidding. I won't cheat.""

"Uh huh," Jake replies, clearly not convinced. "You fancy-hatted folks always think your haberdashery excuses your behavior. I think we'll just hafta play some pool instead. So far as I know, it's near enough to impossible to cheat as long as I keep an eye on you."

Celeste laughs, "Okay Pool it is." she says standing and walking towards the pool table, "This should be fun." she gives steiner a wink, "Let's see if you can beat me." she says with a sly smile.

"Oh… well I am horribly out of practice," he begins with a smile. "But I figure if it's not like riding a bike, it's close enough."

Celeste grins, "I'm sure you'll beat me anywayz, especially given the state of me." she says with a wink, "You go first, I hate breaking the balls." she says with a smile.

"And the innuendo begins," he comments with a grin before selecting a cue and rolling it across the worn felt. It wobbles noticably, but he doesn't seem to mind too much, since he immediately fishes some change out of his pocket and feeding it into the slide. As he begins to rack up the balls, he replies, "just to warn ya, I ain't that kinda girl. No putting out on the first date, yer gonna hafta woo me. Flowers, candy, maybe some really bad poetry about my pretty blue eyes."

Celeste smiles, "No problem, I don't either, just in for a good time." she says still smiling, grabs a pool cue and waits her turn to hit them herself, "So who do you think will win?" she ask Jake with a grin.

"I reserve my judgement until game two, at least," he replies as he chalks up his cue and lines up his break. "Or three. Everybody needs a warm up game."

Celeste smiles, "That's true, it usually takes me a couple games before I win too, just have to get used to hitting the balls." she says with a grin, then chalks up her cue, and waits for her turn.

Steiner lets his shot fly, knocking the formation around a bit, but still leaving a tight group in the center and every ball on the green. "I have no appropriate excuse for that."

Celeste laughs, "Well guess it's my shot, I'm a little rusty, haven't played in a while, so hope this goes good." she looks around for a ball that is somewhat close to a hole and aims at it then shoots.

"Yeah, yeah, pool shark. I'm sure the moment I lay a twenty on that table all that rust is going to fall right on off," he says as he moves back to the table and start in on his beer again.

Celeste grins, "Doubt it, but if you want we could bet on the game." pulls out a 20 and lays it on the table, doesn't do too well, doesn't quite make the ball in the hole, but comes pretty close to it.

Steiner looks at the money on the table, and his mood seems to visibly sour. "Yeah… no." He looks to the door then examines the bottom of his mug. "Look, I'm not exactly in a sporting mood anymore, hun. Think I'm gonna head on to the house, matter of fact. You want me to call ya a cab, or somethin?"

Celeste shakes her head, "No it's alright, I'll talk to you later." she says with a small frown, "If you want we can do this another time, I had a really good time tonight, Thank you." she says before heading to the table to grab her bottle of water.

"Yeah," he says with a nod, before looking back to her. "Another time. Sorry, I'm just not exactly feeling it right now. It's… uh… It's not you."

Celeste nods, "That's what they all say." she tells him before she heads to the door, "It's no worries though, it's fine." she opens the door and walks out.

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