2007-05-31: Dancing In The Street


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Guest Starring:

Monty Petrelli

Summary: Things get wet 'n' wild with a welcoming of summer, but eventually the dancin' in the street ends in injury, as it often does.

Date It Happened: May 31st, 2007

Dancing in the Street

Brooklyn, New York

You know, there are good parts and bad parts of Brooklyn. The Den straddles one of those lines, mostly on the bad side, mind you, but.. hey. It's only /mostly/ there. As the clock rolls 7:30, though, a bunch of cones have been set out blocking a side street along a few older trees and close-set brownstones, right where the rents start to fall. There's not a beat cop in sight - chances are, this ain't the neighborhood association meeting.

In fact, there's a couple of college-age guys wearing NYU t-shirts tapping into the hydrants. There's also a pair of umbrellas set up over … is that a /sound system?/ Yeah - it is! Battered, but with speakers and a sound check in progress, a long orange cable run from an alley to power it. And.. there's about a dozen sprinklers tapped into this pile of hose… hrrrm.

There's also not a corporate logo in sight, though there /is/ an Ali playing with a battered old sound board under the umbrellas.

Why is Desiree in Brooklyn? Well, it started with some oranges, though at that point Brooklyn wasn't involved in the plan. Then a natural food store's flyer somehow wound up in her grasp and spurred plans to make something healthy for Ramon. So, naturally, now she's walking down the street holding a grocery bag, a giant, round vase of colourful flowers and a rubber duck. Just don't question it. With an awkward attempt with her elbow, she pushes her oversized, bronze-tinted sunglasses, nearly square in shape and taking up half her face. She's trying to get a better look at what's going on with the NYU kids and sprinklers as she approaches. *Clickclackclacklack* go her high-heels, ill-suited to gallivanting around the city, on the sidewalk. Her sunglasses fall back down onto her nose 1.6 seconds later.

Then comes a microphone squeeeeeel. Then? Joe Cocker starts in with "Summer in the City", the driving beat setting a glorious counterpoint to Ali's alto, distorted by the speakers but rolling out into the streets - "Hello 14th and Ocean! I don't know about /you/, but I'm burning up - nothin' like New York, but it's summer and we're in Brooklyn!"

Ali gives a grin and a wave over to the guys at the hydrants on either side of the main - and they spin heavy wrenches, laughing - the lines charge. "For the next two hours, it's time to shake the summer heat with a little summer heat! Bring the kids, bring the wife, and let's get down with a beer and a brat and summer streets the way they /should/ be!"

The lines run down to the tangle of sprinklers… and the street explodes. Well, in water. But most of that block is now under a fine mist of rain.

Desiree's head cocks to one side when the microphone shrieks. Is that McAlister, the radio girl from earlier today? Hey! It is. As the music plays, the woman is heading straight for the newly familiar face-when the air is suddenly filled with H2O around her. Dezi freezes on the spot … and squeaks a little bit in surprise, but that's the extent of her distress. So her dress will be kind of damp for awhile. At least she has a rubber duck. Best psychic ever. (Never mind that it was a totally unrelated purchase.) Breaking into a smile, she shifts out of her halted pose and saunters through the sprinklers over to Ali, waving to her with … a bright yellow duck. "Heeya! Fancy seein' you again."

There's doors opening up and down the block - mostly grins, though the 'old fogies' are definitely growling and looking sour. Ali plies the mic, "That's right, kiddos! Water and dancing, but bring your own beer! Family friendly and friends of the family - " Oh, she sees the duck, and it starts a chortle that comes through in the next words, "but right here and right now, for the next two hours? We've got music and we've got a reason to get /wet!/ So this is Joe Cocker, but coming up next is some Martha and the Vandellas .. let's see if brooklyn knows how to /dance!/"

She sets down the mic, cueing up a second CD - there's a box on the ground to her right, and she calls over.. without the benefit of electronic boost, "Desi! Nice duck!"

Desiree reaches McAlister, though she still has to raise her voice to be heard well over Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. "Oh, him?" She looks at the rubber duck as if forgetting she's been carrying it around Brooklyn and just now remembered it's on display. "Thanks! So, uh - is this part'a your job?" she gestures around (with the duck; it's the freest hand she has, the other is occupied by the tropical-looking mass of flowers which threaten to stab her in the face petals and an arrangement of spiky grass). "Nice tunes!"

There's an oddity afoot in brooklyn, tonight. A side street off of 14th an Ocean, right where the aging brownstones dip into bad neighborhood, has been blocked off with bright orange cones. And. Uh.

That's a /lot/ of sprinklers. Possibly two, three dozen, in fact - they've been linked to the two hydrants on the block with a series of lines, and half the street's being soaked in various dancing patterns of 'get wet'. The locals are just now coming out - eyes wide and kids bounding ahead; there's a sound system mid-block, protected by ratty patio umbrellas. Martha and the Vandellas are, at the moment, proudly proclaiming that there's "Nowhere to run to, baby -" … and the dancing's just getting underway.

And yes, Desi's going through the new rain on a hot summer day in the city streets bearing a large duck in Ali's direction. The DJ grins, "Yeah, wait 'till you see what /else/ we dragged up. And no - we got stupid and figured it'd be fun. I figure we have thirty minutes before we're going to have to convince the cops we have a permit." She waves her over to the shelter of the umbrellas. "We just figured it'd be fun."

The already dancing kids seem to think it is.

"This is the best kinda law-breakin', you ask me!" Desiree replies matter-of-factly, quirking a grin and laughing a bit as she watches people start to dance in the streets. Still standing in the 'rain' herself, she puts the vase of flowers down on the corner of a table beside a sound system and stretches out her long arm, which was starting to feel considerably cramped up. She keeps the duck and the groceries, though. "Who knew flowers were so heavy," she murmurs under her breath as she flexes and extends her elbow a few times. She swipes her extra-large and overly glamorous shades off of her face and slides them up onto her head. "Mm, but them sprinklers do feel good! I been walkin' all over the place since the coffee shop."

"Yeah?" Ali blinks - "Well, those shoes probably /hurt/. Kick 'em off and join in - I'm going to get wet after I figure out what else we're putting in the playlist." She riffles through Cds, grinning - "Stick your stuff under the table - it'll be mostly dry."

William lives in this part of town, so it's only natural that he's strolling along the street with a bag from the grocery store in hand. He blinks when he spots the sprinklers then heads on to the brownstone is apartment is part of. "Whoa. Must be time for a party." He says in the deadpan tone he often uses, just talking to himself.

"We-eell…" Desiree considers. She's /not/ considering how wise it is to go barefoot in Brooklyn, even if she ought to; rather, she's pondering if she wants to hang around. Answer: "Hell, why not!" The woman tosses bag under the table. The rubber duck is poised with more care on top. (He peers out with painted blue and black eyes from underneath, /always watching./) "Looks like the makin's of a street party goin' on here," she comments as she balances on one foot. First shoe removed, the other follows suit, which means she hops around for a moment - but she's practiced at this, clearly.

It isn't Heidi that appears in the sprinklers — not initially, anyway. Instead, it's a young child, possibly around the age of six or seven, who comes running, wearing what appears to be a brand new adorable little suit which happens to still have tags on the sleeves. See, Monty Petrelli was outgrowing his last one, as children often do, and now intends to completely destroy this one in favour of having a little fun in the water. Besides, suits are boring.

Despite the fact that mom is running across the currently-blocked street after him, Monty will not be held back, and without removing either suit or shoes, he plows into the artificial rain with no regard for the fact that the black-haired woman chasing after him is not going to be able to salvage his suit.

Heidi stops just short of the water, hand going to her forehead, and she sighs.

Ali stands up, heading for the first CD player - "We're kind of hoping." She stage-whispers, "We couldn't afford /beer/, so.."

Martha gives way to the Beatles, proudly declaring that "She Loves You", dangit. Out on the streets, the less conservative non-children (as if age matters!) are joining in, some having gone back in to change. Fear the teamster in a wifebeater grooving to the Beatles with a beer in-hand.

Ali just looks back out at the falling water, laughing. "Yeah - that's good to see. You live out this way?" That question's aimed at Desi, but the kid in the suit? Oh, yeah, that's the source of current amusement, the DJ positively chortling with glee.

Some nights it just does not pay to be out for an evening constitutional.
Dr. Cutler is quickly learning this as her long, long walk down the lovely streets of Brooklyn is cut short when water starts pouring down from the heavens upon her. It's not so much that she wasn't expecting the hoses and sprinklers to do something as that she wasn't expecting them to go off when they did. Octavia clenches her fists and growls her frustration and surprise at the water as she retreats from the icky wetness that is going to do /HORRIBLE/ things to her hair.

William laughs as well as he spots the boy running into the water in the suit. He disappears into a building then. He's got to put the groceries away, after all. And change into something more suitable for this.

"Nooope!" Desiree replies, seeing as she's currently staying in Queens. "I jus' - there was a store and a window and then I saw—" She waves a shoe (because that is what is currently in her hand, a gold high-heeled sandal). "Anyway, I got carried away," she tosses her footwear on top of the groceries. When McAlister starts chortling, Dezi's sights set on the boy in the suit and she can't help but smile widely with amusement. "His poor ma." Speaking of the mother-that looks like a certain lioness. An impish expression sneaks over her face and one brow quirks in a way which would be wicked if it weren't so silly. She jogs out onto the street, skipping — /almost/ literally, but not quite - toward Heidi. "If you can't beat 'em!" She tries to grab the poor woman's arm, smiling like a maniac. "Join 'em!"

To be fair, the suit is probably already ruined. Even if her son is usually well-behaved, sometimes he just can't escape the Allure of Things He Should Not Do, and is thusly standing right in one of the sprinklers, giggling about how cold the water is. Wonderful. The hand on Heidi's forehead moves down her face and around to the back of her neck, where it rests for a few moments. She can't go into the water /after/ Monty. Granted, /she/ isn't wearing a suit, but—

Hey, that woman looks famili—

"Ah, hey!" Heidi protests, but given the fact that Desiree is like 95.2 feet tall, it seems as if the surprise combined with the woman's strength, is going to equal Heidi staying dry today. And what's worse, as soon as she's tugged into the water, Monty appears, grabs her shirt, and /helps./

Atop the beatles comes Midnight McAlister's distinctive alto - "Two more casualties join the World of the Wet! Come on then, ladies - now that you're soaked, give in and /dance!/ Remember - nobody, but nobody, can resist the twisting tunes, and who would want to!"

The Beetles keep crooning, laying down the seductive sixties groove, man.

The DJ is horribly incorrect. Octavia can resist the twisting tunes. Yes she…
HEY! HEY! Damn it, legs and hips! Stop dancing. You're not supposed to be dancing! You should be busy assuming the position of a fuming, slightly soggy woman with cowboy boots on in the heart of New York City.
You win this round, Gadge- I mean McAlister- but Octavia will return and she will serve you your comeuppance!

William re-emerges from his building dressed like a California surfer in board shorts, a tank top, and flip flops. He's got a couple of towels slung over one arm and he finds a dry spot on the railing of the steps to leave them off before he heads towards the water, unafraid to soak himself. He won't even shiver at the cold. He's manly. Right. Instead he heads towards where he spots Heidi being drawn in. He gives the kid tugging at her a grin before the two women get a smile. "I brought a couple extra towels. You're welcome to use one before you go." Because it really doesn't look like the woman was prepared for this wetting.

"You're the lion, right?" The beaming Southerner shouts (the music is loud and there are kids shouting!). When Heidi resists, she doesn't try to tug the woman forcefully. Monty seems to take over that job well anyway. Instead, she hops around to her side and throws an arm over the other mom's shoulders, despite the fact that she met her for all of three minutes before today. Her own olive green dress is edging on toward 'soaked', and obviously, she doesn't mind - why would someone who is running around the street barefoot care about whether or not their dress is dry clean only, after all? She smiles at the man with the towels all the same. "Your boy wants you to go dance, Missus Lion!"

But— But it's a bad idea when Heidi dances. People get /hurt./ Given that she hasn't had anything to drink and /realises this,/ she stands helplessly right in the water as it pours on top of her. They need to get home for some reason or another! Heidi will come up with something given enough time. Something like the fact that Monty just ruined his suit and has to— sit in a corner and eat nothing but broccoli for dinner or something. Okay, not quite that extreme.

When those blue eyes turn toward the boy, well, he knows mom isn't happy. And so he runs off into the sprinklers again in an effort to escape Heidi's wrath. "Monroe Alan Petrelli, you /get back here!/" she calls, the volume of her voice tapering off as she realises that her voice isn't going to carry over the music anyway.

Really, though, when have any plans in the Petrelli household actually worked like they're supposed to. They're already soaked, it's not like they can get /moreso./ Besides, when did Heidi become such a joykill? …Well, possibly when the police broke up a party /she was at. Fine, she gives up, she surrenders! And a smile finally appears. "Heidi," she clarifies, because she doesn't want to be known as 'the lion' for the rest of her life. Also, she's going to kill Elena for related reasons. "You're Desiree, right?" Good memory, see? This is probably a bad idea, but Heidi takes off her shoes and throws them outside the water-hazard area. If you can't beat them, join them, indeed. But /no dancing./ "I bought that suit about five minutes ago," she laments.

The Beatles give way to Bill Kitchen and "Hot Rod Lincoln" and things get down to a 50's groove - "Let's see about getting the engines revved, folks!" Ali strips off that hoodie, revealing a yellow t-shirt ("HAVE A FROODY DAY!", it proclaims), watching the crowd with undisguised glee. Heck, that lady across the way in her cowboy boots? She gets a wink - a /knowing/ wink. You cannot resist!

You will rue the day - RUE THE DAY - McAlister, that you got Dr. Sandra Octavia Cutler /WET/. Octavia will make sure of that. Oh yes. Yes she will.
For now though, she /MUST DANCE/. Octavia sighs, semi-glumly, as she gives in to her dancing feet (and her name isn't even Cuban Pete!) and begins the dancing. At the abrupt shift from the Beatles, she tilts her head, looking toward McAlister with a look along the lines of 'This was old when I was young.'

William watches the boy run away and then gives Heidi a smile. "Got to love little boys, huh? I think I did something similar to my Sunday best when I was about his age. My mom would let me have dessert for a week. Pure torture." He's friendly, with a polite smile, amused at the antics. Will isn't dancing, yet, but he is out under the sprinklers, soaking himself happily.

"Yeah. I can see how having dessert for a straight week would torture anybody," remarks Octavia.
She is still dancing and still wet/soggy. The Doctor cannot stop dancing. Resistance is futile.

"Mm-hmm!" Desiree, that's her. She looks out into the street toward the boy in the increasingly wet suit, then to Heidi and William with a knowing look. "See, the secret is to get the spill-resistant ones, that way it takes twice as long for 'em to ruin 'em and buys you some time," she confides, winking. Promptly, she takes off into the sprinkler fun, whirling around once she's near the other not-children, such as Dr. Cutler, and holds her arms held out toward Heidi and William. She certainly can't resist the dancing, but she doesn't, for even a moment, try to. "C'mon then!" she shouts, "Yeeeeaahh!"

Heidi can only shake her head. "Well, I have two," she says to William. In other words, she better love them, and she does - a whole lot. It's just that sometimes she wants to throttle them, despite her almost limitless patience. Will she take dessert away? Nah. Possibly Monty's dinosaurs, though… He loves those things so very, very much.

"What's going on here, anyway?" she asks Desiree, nodding toward at least one of the sprinklers, which is easy, because there are so many of them. As the other woman runs off, Heidi rolls her eyes. "Fine, fine!" is offered. After all, she has to keep an eye on her kid, and so she follows after, socked feet splashing in an already growing puddle on the ground.

*WOOP!* One burst from a cop out at the far end. There's no flashing lights - hey, nobody's /dead/, it's just a public nuisance and misuse of emergency equipment or something. A couple of uniforms - beat cops - look severe.

Ali, though, was clearly /expecting that/. A couple of T-shirts go over her shoulder, and as "Hot Rod Lincoln" gives way to "The Locomotion", she's headed that way, grinning and still (mostly!) dry. "Hey guys!"

A conversation ensues.
William looks to Octavia and blinks. "Oh, I mean wouldn't." He corrects himself before he heads farther into the water with a laugh, even managing a little bit of dancing. But then he hears the cop siren. Will steps out of the water, moving a bit after Ali so that he can see what is going on, and how the cops will take it.

Ohshi- Bees!
No. Wait. That's wrong. Octavia glances up the block toward the cops. Wait. Cops? OHSHI- COPS! Wait, wait, wait. Cops! Yes. An end to the dancing.
For the moment, Octavia's hips continue to fail at prevarication and succeed at rhythmic gyration paced to the phat beatz coming from Ali's umbrella-protected sound system.

"Jus' what it looks like!" Desiree calls out in answer to Heidi. She wiggles where she stands in tune with the fast-paced music and jabs a thumb over her shoulder toward the umbrella-topped tables, near McAlister. "Some radio folks tryin' to stir up some fun." Without permits. She leaves that part out, but that's when the beat cops appear. She peers in that direction, pulling a face. "…'m sure it'll be fine."

What is it about Heidi lately that's attracting cops? "Wait, is this— " she starts, trailing off as the DJ heads over to speak with the police. This is getting old fast. In fact, she should get Monty and get out of here, though another part of her is asking /why./ After all, her son is having fun, and god knows someone needs to. Out of her two kids, it's Monty who seems to realise what's wrong in their family… It's just a feeeling Heidi has, and he needs a little relief. Children his age shouldn't be stressed out.

Monty briefly looks up at the police officers, before going back to playing with a couple other kids and their terrier in one of the sprinklers.

"Yeah, well, you know what happened at the party," she says, just loud enough to be heard as she catches up with Desiree. She kinda looks like a fish out of water. Where everyone else is dancing, Heidi's just standing around, looking very lost and very… wet.

"The Locomotion" continues to /move you/. And it transitions to something a /hair/ more modern - apparently reading the sentiment well, "Dancin' in the Street" replaces that awfully short song with something that shout-outs New York anyway.

The cops slowly relax as Ali jabbers on - maybe you're not supposed to accept bribes, New York's Finest, but T-shirts aren't bribes, right? Well, they take 'em anyway. A few questions get asked. A few answers get given. But hey, when cops smile, that's a good thing. Right? Right?

William relaxes as he sees the cops smile. That's a good sign. And he'll head back to soaking himself. He moves back to the two women giving Heidi another quick smile. "No dancing?" He asks before he gives Desiree as smile. "Must be a start of summer party, huh?"

The cops are smiling, which means they will likely be leaving soon… Or keeping their eye on the revelers proper, not those who are off to the sides of the party. People like Octavia who, now that eyes seem to be off of her, is dancing her way slowly and inexorably toward one of the lines feeding the sprinkler system.

The appearance of the police doesn't stop Desiree any. They're smiling. Good enough for her. "Looks like," she tells William. One of her hips juts out and she plants a hand on it; one finger pries away to point at Heidi with a hot pink fingernail. "You look like somethin' the cat dragged in," Furthermore, "At midnight on a rainy night." To that end, she skips, barefooted, over to William and tries to grab his hand and whirl him around. Leading by example? "C'mon Heidi! Dance in the street!"

Sigh /again./ "I can't dance," the woman says to William with a rather flat smile. Not that that stops her when she's had a bit of alcohol, but here? When she's completely sober? Conservative Missus Petrelli wouldn't— Ever—

Oh, hell.

The police are smiling, the entire thing is meant to be fun, and she, as Desiree so aptly put it, looks like something the cat dragged in. So, reaching down, Heidi removes her socks and is now barefoot on a street in New York, and she's probably going to get a disease, but /that's okay,/ because - god help everyone - she's dancing.

And… the cops .. leave? Well, sort of. They hover nearby to be official and waste time. But Ali, Ali heads back on the bounce, gleefully bounding through the sprinklers and giving a thumbs up to Desi.

… NYPD allowing a party, ostensibly without a permit? Celebrity's got to have some utility. If you can call what she has celebrity, anyway. Regardless, she hits the 'booth' as the song winds to a close: "Heyheyhey, folks! We're good and golden, and the boys in blue will be keeping an eye on things to make sure we don't break windows. So let's get wet, get a little wild, and in the end, get a little bit funky!" Dum bow da dum dum dum… that's right, folks, she's a Brick House, she is.

Or. Uh. The music is. Honest.

Octavia continues dancing, dancing, dancing her way toward the basis of the sprinkler system. She isn't half-bad at it either, surprisingly, but then again… What purpose could she have for dancing by the hoses? A way to avoid the water?

William grins at Heidi. "Do you hurt yourself or others doing it? If not, you can dance. Just maybe not prettily." He doesn't notice where he's going though, a rare distraction for him, and he trips over the sprinkler. He ends up on the ground laughing as he rolls over in the water. "Maybe I'm the one who shouldn't dance."

Desiree throws her hands up in the air and dances like she just don't care. Because she doesn't. She actually closes her eyes as she rocks out on the street, but they fly open when she hears the telltale sounds of someone falling flat. Seeing Towel Man (that's his name now in her head) rolling around in the water earns a laugh, but she leans down, offering a hand. "You okay, mister? I think you gotta swap out one of them left feet of yours for a right one."

Mostly she just gets laughed at. But when William trips over the sprinkler and falls, it's hard to tell everyone here that she can't dance, because that? Is classic. And she has to chuckle a little, because at least she's not the one falling over. She moves to help William up, but with Desiree having that taken care of, Heidi goes off to scoop up Monty, instead. "I'll be right back," she calls over her shoulder. At least if Monty's going to run around in the water, he ought to be comfortable doing it, and the suit probably isn't comfortable.

Up there at the booth? Ali proves that a DJ's got /moves/, man. She may not be a pro, but she's got the funk in her soul and a grin on her features. She's singing along, in the bargain ('she's mighty-mighty, jus' lettin' it all haing out..) - but even the MC can grove, given the chance.

Yeah, she's soaked through at this point /too/. Go figure.

William takes Desiree's hand, but he does most of the work of getting himself back up. Unfortunately for him, his skin tone is light enough that it definately shows the pink in his cheeks at this. "Wow. Now I think that bruised my ego more than anything else. I'm usually not the one falling flat on my face." And he feels the need to make sure they know that, apparently.

Octavia continues her dance-fest as she dances along the lines of hoses. Canvas hoses and garden hoses spliced together with hundreds of gallons of water flowing through them every minute. Someone she dances past, possibly a particularly handsome specimen of humanity, might well hear her utter the word 'Exquisite' in a particularly… Strange tone of voice.
Water pours over her as she moves herself further and further from the main line of the party, soaking her clothing and matting her hair down. Within a few minutes' time, she may well just blend into the rest of the crowd before she crouches down over one of the major canvas hoses, pretending to be tying her shoelaces whilst pressing both of her hands against the hose.

Desiree waves to Heidi when the other woman scampers after her kids. She grins good-naturedly at William. "Don't worry about it, everyone falls on their face now 'n' then!" she says and nudges the man with her elbow once he's upright again. "Weren't you it'd be me."

The funkeh beat continues, Ali grinding along with the track -

The crowd's grown to be a solid neighborhood bunch, moving in time. On the edges, at this point, are folks sharing beer and leftovers, a few newly-charred brats and conversation. Good thing about being in a neighborhood. Some of the kids have brought out water weaponry - it's a nice, domestic moment, all things considered.

It's not too long before Heidi returns, still fully clothed herself, but Monty follows behind, stripped down to what looks like a pair of bathing trunks or boxer shorts. Whichever it is, it's much more appropriate for running aroud in water than a suit, which is ruined anyway, /alas./ Thankfully, the family can afford more than one suit. It's not often that Heidi throws money around, but in this case, she's grateful she has that option.

Heidi returns to where Desiree and William are. "Or me," Heidi says. "I really wasn't lying. My husband makes fun of me." She's just getting back to referring to him as her husband instead of 'that man,' or 'the kids' father' as she has of late.

Meanwhile, Monty is thoroughly interested in what Octavia is doing, and the astute young kid wanders over in that direction to watch. People acting weird /interests him,/ and she's playing with the hose. This warrants a closer look, obviously.

William shakes his head. "I don't. I've been trained to not do stupid things like that. But I'm rusty." That'll be a good reason, sure. He shakes his head to Heidi. "Dancing is all about having fun, anyway. Especially in a place like this. And maybe tripping over sprinklers when they jump up in front of you and attack." He eyes the kids with their water guns. "Hmm… Maybe I should get mine." Will is in a quite relaxed mood for him tonight. Yay summer!

Octavia remains crouched down over the hose, using the crowd to her advantage. The police would be hard pressed to notice her now that she's disappeared into the cro-
A child?! A CHILD?! A child has found her clever in-plain-sight hiding place? The Doctor seethes with barely restrained fury as she looks from the hose to Monty and smiles as genial a smile as she can manage when she is channelling THE FULL FURY OF HER VINDICTIVE RAGE into canvas hose under her.
"Can I help you, little boy?" she hisses as the hose starts to softly crackle and creak. There is something distinctly… Different. About the hose. Octavia seems to be maintaining control for now, evening the effect out a bit beneath her body and forcing it away from her person. Possibly under Monty.

"You're trained not to fall on your face?" Desiree blurts out in her drawl, staring at William with wide eyes, obviously not comprehending what that could mean. He already implied he wasn't a /dancer/, what else does that entail? At any rate, she shrugs casually, smiling as she watches the children with the water guns.

Ah, evil scientists. What party would be complete without them? One must always have a certain group of people like a DJ, mothers, children, WEIRDOS BENT ON GLOBAL DOMINATION and the occasional dog or two. Absolutely necessary. In any case, Monty remains transfixed on what Octavia is doing, because this has never happened before, and it's cool and also a little scary. His eyes widen as she hisses at him. What! Grown-ups he doesn't know aren't supposed to do that! And like a deer frozen in headlights, he /stares./

Heidi isn't a bad mother, but given the fact that she can see her son out of the corner of her eye, she's not too terribly concerned. As long as she can keep track of him, everything is awesome… And she is quite good at that. She does happen to glance over in his direction, though, pale eyes narrowing just a little as she wonders what it is that her youngest is staring at.

"N-no, I just wann'ed t'know what you're doin' with— " Monty starts, pointing toward the hose.
Funk gives way to some serious 80's groovage - the Beastie Boys kick in with "No. Sleep. 'till BROOKLYN!" … and there's a definite ripple of appreciation among those old enough to enjoy the borough's unoffical clubbing anthem.

The two guys that have been helping her are up there gabbing on with her for a minute - the three are laughing, cutting up some, but they're no help in paying attention, at the moment. Good? Bad? Dunno. But it is what it is, ayup.
"Well, to pay attention to what's around me when I'm moving." Will states before he shakes his head. "Ah well, it's summer!" Or close enough to it. What Octavia is doing isn't enough to catch his attention from the distance he's at, so he's still having a good time in the water.

The Beastie Boys aren't exactly Dezi's cup of tea, but she's about unbothered by the sounds pumping through the sound system as she is by the fact that she's soaked and in her bare feet on a random Brooklyn street. She, too, is oblivious to any strange activity involving a hose, instead running in front of a sprinkler and holding her hands out to make it spray every which way, laughing. Summer fun turns everyone into a kid.

Octavia keeps herself from scowling at Monty, in spite of his stuttering. She keeps herself in check, forcing herself to avoid snapping at the child. Doing so might bring undue attention to her and her nefarious plots. Instead her smile grows ever more disturbingly genial as she stares right back at Monty. It's like a predator staring at its prey.
Unfortunately this distracts her from her purpose. Unfortunately it distracts her from MAINTAINING CONTROL. Behind Octavia, the canvas hose and several of the garden hoses start to bloat. They swell like balloons. Oblivious, Dr. Cutler instead focuses upon Monty. He might feel the ground beneath him start feeling… Strange. Like he was standing in quicksand.
"I'm just inspecting the line, little boy. This is a poorly put together set of hoses and I know a few things about engineering. I just want to make sure we're all safe and can enjoy this event."
About this point water starts to seep, invisibly, from the segment of hose in Octavia's grasp. The rush of water is small, hidden by the already damp pavement and Octavia's shadow, but it is there. Nature's little piece of foreshadowing aside from the ominous creaking and groaning protests of the canvas hose that have died away.

Well, love 'em or hate 'em, they're /dancible/. The Beasties keep yelling into microphones from the 80's while Ali moves back to the CD collection. She pages through, as the two guys with her move into the dance, having their own fun.

Nope. There's too many people between the booth and the far side of the street where the hydrant is to notice Impending Doom.
This is like those Saturday morning cartoons that mom and dad told him weren't real. Except he's pretty sure that what he's seeing really is real, and whatever's happening isn't really supposed to, and… and—

His eyes turn to the hoses that are straining under the pressure of /too much water/ in them.

Heidi continues at least trying to keep time with the music, but whatever rhythm she might have had is kind of failing, which means that the fact that she can't dance is becoming more and more apparent. As she's splashed with water, she doesn't seem to really notice, instead starting over in the direction her son is standing, noting the fact that something is happening to the water lines.

"Oh, okay," Monty says, turning back toward Octavia as she speaks. He scowls, though, looking down at his feet, which feel like they're starting to sink. Instead of running away like he should, though, he crouches down and presses his hand to the cement. "Hey…" he mutters.

"What's going on over there?" Heidi says quietly.
William has his attention drawn over to Octavia by Heidi's comment. "Is she messing with the hose?" He asks. After another look, William starts walking that way. Now that his attention is drawn there, he just needs to see what is going on, or the curiousity will eat at him. He heads over looking calm, hands tucked in the pockets of the board shorts he's wearing.

SNAPSHOT: William and Heidi turn toward Octavia and Monty.

SNAPSHOT: More and more hoses connected to the one Octavia is touching are starting to swell like water balloons, including part of the line under Monty himself.

SNAPSHOT: Octavia's face as she realizes she's long since lost control and cannot regain it.

SNAPSHOT: Monty's hands touching the pavement and joining his feet in starting to sink into the rapidly liquefying asphalt and cement.

SNAPSHOT: Wide frame angle of the party, blissfully oblivious to the swelling hoses, which aren't even visible in the shot due to crowd and water.

SNAPSHOT: Straining hoses starting to turn crystal clear, like water.

Octavia shrieks as the hoses all start to lose complete integrity at once. Gouts of water fountain out of the hoses as they split open in dozens of places within fifteen feet of the Scientist. And these aren't water fountain streams, these are partial pressure firehose blasts, capable of knocking a person backward or off their feet if they're not careful.
Take Octavia herself for instance. She's knocked off of her feet and away from the hose like so much debris as several hoses immediately around her lose their ability to contain the massive water pressure within them. Monty's liable to suffer the same fate… Or worse. He weighs far less than Octavia and is standing right over one tremendous water balloon-like bubble after all.
About three seconds later, the hoses turn almost completely to liquid, scraps and bits washing across the ground as pressurized water starts spraying in all directions from dozens of hoses.

Desiree's curiosity is piqued, but it's a belated event. It's not until William has started to wander away that she peers over, craning her neck around the crowd. The hoses…? She's just about to start following when she notices the hoses go /very/ wrong, and when water starts a-flyin' more than normal, she ducks down out of instinct. "Wh—?!"

Monty's eyes go wide as he sees that the cement under him really /is/ like quicksand. "Mom! MOM!" he shouts, and Heidi is off running almost immediately, water splashing in every direction as her feet contact the flooded pavement. Oh god, her /son./ She didn't want him to know /any/ of this until he was older!

She can't reach him in time. The hoses rupture, and she can /see/ him fall, though in the spray of water, she can't quite get a good visual on him. He's crying, though - that much she can hear. Knocked to the ground herself, water in her eyes, Heidi can nevertheless see as the hoses liquify, and she knows Monty must have seen all this, too. He must be terrified and all she can think about is getting to him, despite the spray of high-pressured water keeping her away.

William takes off towards Monty as well as the hoses burst. The woman can take care of herself compared to the boy. The walk is left for a full out run, his flipflops kicked off. He pushes through the pressure of the water to get to the boy. "It's okay, I'm going to get you out of this." His tone is calm, but it has to be loud enough to carry over the water. He scoops Monty in his arms whatever the child says and carries the kid out of it. SEAL training ought to still be good for something, after all, if not for dancing. He angles to be far enough from the water for a non-gushing place to set the boy down.

That would be what Octavia would be saying if she were in a position to gloat over her glorious victory. She is absolutely drenched and at least one of her ribs feels a bit too tender to be strictly healthy, not to mention the fact that her shirt and parts of her pants are shredded from the intense water pressure levied against them before she was washed away into the crowd. Instead, the Scientist staggers to her feet and soggily sloshes her way through the crowd with the crowd. Now would be an opportune time to escape after all.

Holding an arm up against the water that now has more pressure than happy-fun-sprinkler times in some areas, pushing her way through, Dezi jogs over in the direction William went, to Heidi and her son. The cry of the child is a beacon which she zones in on quickly. Octavia's sluggish escape is either missed or not deemed as relevant. Seeing William with Monty, she crouches down to try to help Heidi up. "What happened, is— is the lil' guy okay?"

By the time William gets to Monty, the boy is screaming, and it's pretty obvious why. There's a huge bruise on one arm just above the wrist, which is rapidly spreading; the arm itself looks /wrong./ Broken. Bits of cement still cling to his hands and feet, and in addition to the broken arm, he has a few cuts and scrapes. The fall was not kind to him.

Heidi is finally able to pull herself away from the water with Desiree's help. Bypassing William - who she will thank profusely later - she crouches down next to her screaming son, eyes wide as she looks behind her, toward the water. "Shh, shh, it's okay," she says gently, despite the music that's still playing. She takes the boy up in her arms, briefly giving her attention to the man who pulled him out of the water… And she nods to him.

"God, Monty," she says, taking his arm, which prompts louder screaming. She has to get him to the hospital, ASAP. "I think he broke his arm!"

William steps back once Heidi is there to take Monty. He does lean forward and nod though. "He should definitely go in to the ER. Want me to call an ambulance?" He asks Heidi, not sure if she'd rather just take the boy in herself. He looks off in the direction Octavia went, but his priority isn't chasing her at the moment, it's making sure Heidi and the boy are alright.

Octavia continues her soggy, sloshy escape with other members of the crowd that are attempting to get away from the sudden high pressure waterworks. Again she gets away from William scott-free. This is turning into a regular pattern.
The waterworks are still going. For about twenty seconds, the pressure actually increases by rather significant margins as people trying to turn off the water in the panic and hustle/bustle turn the hydrant's valve in the wrong direction. It starts to power down a few moments later as they feverishly twist in the opposite direction. Even so, increased pressure could be trouble.

"Oh! Police!" They were here a few minutes ago, right? Just over there? Surely they're on their way. "I bet they're callin' a ambulance right now," Desiree says encouragingly. The woman then fixes Heidi with a level stare. "I got paramedic training. Lemme take a look," she says, infusing her words with calm both to the mother and son. She touches Monty on the upper arm gently, far above the injured bone, and frowning faintly, she gives a little nod. "Shh, honey, don't touch it. Hold it up like this, okay? Your mom says you're gonna be alright, and y'are." More quietly, she adds to the grown-ups with a glance around, "Meantime I think we should get off to the sides."

Weighing William's suggestion against Desiree's, she shakes her head, because she can already see the police on the radio, and if there's no ambulance on the way, the police can take them. She knew this was a bad idea. Now she's going to have to try to figure out how to explain this to her boy. She was so mad at Nathan for lying to her… Can she do the same to her own son?

"Oh, good, good," she replies to Desiree, allowing her to take a look at Monty, who doesn't seem comforted at all by some stranger touching him. "It's okay, baby, just hold still for a little while."

Heidi will help Desiree however she can, which includes carrying Monty farther away from the water and over toward a grassy spot nearby, where she sets him down. It doesn't seem he's paying any attention at all, though, and who can blame him? He doesn't want to stop holding his arm, because it /hurts!/

William will get Octavia one of these days. But his current mission is to make sure Monty is fine, well, as fine as a kid with a broken arm can get. He heads back to his steps to grab the towel's he'd left, slipping just inside the door to grab his cell phone. He brings that all back. "Towels. In case he gets cold." Because, you know, shock can do that. Especially when you're soaking wet.

Desiree kneels on the grass, and when William returns with the towels, her hands move swiftly to fashion into a sling that stabilizes Monty's arm. She's very careful in her motions, her gentleness not sacrificed by her precision. "Won't be long before real paramedics get here but in the meantime this'll keep it from movin' around gettin' worse." She looks up at Heidi. "What's his name?"

"Thank you. Thank you so much," she mutters to William as she lightly wraps Monty in a towel. She also throws one around her shoulders, since she's also soaked and needs to dry off before they head to the emergency room. "Can I ask you one more favour? I'm so sorry. Can you call my husband? Tell him we're going to— " Peter's at Beth Israel. "Tell him we're going to Beth Israel with Monty. His name's Nathan, number 283-6969." Yes, she's asking you to call Nathan Petrelli! DO IT. Please?

Finally, though the screams don't stop entirely, the crying becomes quieter as Desiree stabilises the arm. "See, it's going to be okay," Heidi says gently, kissing her son's head while Desiree works. "His name is Monty. Monroe. We call him Monty." Looking up, she smiles, though the smile can't hide the worry.

As soon as she has the boy's name, Desiree offers a warm smile down to him. "Jus' hang tight, Monty. You know, if you're good once you get to the hospital in the cool truck with the flashin' lights, the doctor might be convinced to give you a lollipop. Would ya like that?"

Paramedics should, by now, be on their way; policemen hover about, asking concerned questions and saying things like 'it'll be soon now, miss, something went wrong with the hose, I told them they should have a permit but…' (But McAlister was cute and had t-shirts?)

Monty looks up to Heidi for confirmation, and Heidi nods. "Y—yeah?" Monty replies tearfully, huddling against Heidi, lip still quivering. He wants to be a big boy and not cry, but it hurts so much! Also, he's kind of scared of going in the big truck with the flashing lights, but Heidi and Strange Lady with an Accent seem to think it's okay, so he'll be brave like his big brother would.

"Mom, I saw her do somethin' to the hose," he says.

Heidi's eyes close, and she holds Monty close. At the moment, she doesn't confirm or deny this, because she's still not sure how she's going to handle it. "Thank you, Desiree. I wouldn't have had any idea what to do." Are those sirens she hears?

William looks over to where Desiree and Heidi are with the boy not far away as he waits for the phone to connect. When it does he speaks up, "Um, Nathan? Your wife asked me to call you." So he's not a completely strange random man on the phone. Right.

Oh no, William is a completely strange man on the phone still. There's a pause, then Nathan's voice occurs, uncertain. "This is Nathan. What happened." Way to assume the best, Petrelli!

Well, at least that save William having to tell Nathan something bad happened. Probably a good assumption on a random stranger call though. "There was an accident with water, and well, probably too weird of details. But she's going with your son, Monty, to the hospital. Beth Israel. His arm is broken." He adds that last fact after a short pause. Probably smart to let Nathan know that the kid isn't dead or something.

That there is the sound of a man attempting to ask five questions at once, and it mostly goes like this, "What— is Heidi— " and then silence, along with a sigh. "Alright. I'll get the full story from Heidi. Is she okay?"

William nods his head, because that is oh so helpful when talking to someone who can't see you. "She's soaked, but she's fine. The ambulance should be here any minute for the boy." Because Heidi must be the woman's name. That's the only way it makes sense. "She just wanted me to call you and, um, let you know what's going on with the boy."

Before the sirens get too close, she leans down close to Monty's ear and whispers something, and he nods, still frowning.

When the ambulance arrives, Heidi steps aside to allow the paramedics room to help her son, and the yelling starts over again. Monty wants her close, but she can't be in the way while the people who actually know how to /fix this/ are working. Granted, Desiree already did a good job with the sling, and the only thing to do now is to get him to the ER, where he can have his arm realigned and a cast put on. Right before summer, too… This is entirely unfair.

With another thank-you to Desiree, Heidi boards the ambulance after Monty. Hopefully they'll be meeting Nathan at the hospital.

"Fine." The answer is curt, the information received and acknowledged. Nor is Nathan particularly happy about it, sounding distinctly on edge, but, that's to be expected. "I'll meet her there." And… click! Nathan hangs up, assuming that's all there needs to be of that conversation.

William closes the phone when he's hung up on. He looks up and down the street then shrugs and heads back to his apartment. Heidi's gone so he can't pass on any info. No, he'll just go find clean clothes and maybe a beer. Nathan's impoliteness doesn't appear to faze him at all.

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