2008-01-12: Dangling The Carrot


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Summary: Charlotte is meek and patient, Mohinder has questions and is impatient. Linderman looks like a goat.

Date It Happened: January 12th, 2008

Log Title Dangling The Carrot


Century Drive. Fort Lee, New Jersey. Specifically, Pinehearst Research. The sky is bright, although grey; it's not the sort of day anyone truly wants to linger around outside, and the employees of this bold building seem to be no different in that regard. Through the frozen garden, a few people in professional attire come and go, quietly chatting; or otherwise alone, with briefcases, or labcoats peeking out from underneath their outerwear. The day reflects in the many windows of the building, offering no hint at what lies beyond — but the doors, beside the double helix statue, seem to welcome walk-ins.

Mohinder arrives empty handed, and without the backup he's supposed to have with him. The geneticist walks up to the building, bedecked in his scarf that would annoy the color-blind and a heavy jacket. The card Daphne left with him is in hand, to which he glances down at then up at the complex. He turns to regard the statue, and just for a moment, he considers going back to his own facilities and getting his partner. Yet the man's jaw is set, he can be stubborn, and reckless. So in through the doors he goes.

Spooky shadows accost Mohinder as soon as he opens the doors. Imposing figures of a secret organization loom down on him and shout that he doesn't belong here, and secret monsters leap out of the dark.

Just kidding. None of that happens.

An industrious atmosphere greets the geneticist in the lobby. A modern realm of science and design. Spacious, neat. Colourful videos play here and there with the charming voice of a narrator describing Pinehearst Research's goals for the future through biotechnology advances. Employees walk about here and there — both on the main floor and the railed-off hallway above. None of them seem to notice the visitor yet, or if they do, they're unconcerned by his presence.

Upon entering the lobby, Mohinder's sidetracked by the literature and the videos on display. Jaded some by the Company, he's eying everything with a certain air of skepticism. Although, some of the research announcements in the videos make it a little hard for him to remember why he's here. Folding his arms across his chest, he approaches one of the screens, watching it with his eyes slightly narrowed.

"What makes the sky blue? How do plants grow? Which came first…" the video asks of Mohinder.

A thin man, more or less the visitor's age, but African American in descent, with an altogether neat and put-together look about him, slows down on his trek inside and hesitates behind Mohinder. He's dressed in business attire, a dark blue pinstripe suit. "Excuse me, sir…?"

Mohinder starts slightly as he's approached and addressed. "I believe I've been expected. I was given this card by a young woman. I'm Doctor Mohinder Suresh." As he introduces himself, he holds up the Pinehearst card he was given. Since he's not sure who this person is or what their status is here, he doesn't go into further detail than that.

Good thing, because the man in the blue suit has nothing for Mohinder but an apologetically blank stare - but he tries to be helpful, all the same. "Do you have an appointment…? I could call in for you, what team are you meeting with?"

"No, I don't have an appointment, nor is there a team that I'm supposed to meet with." Mohinder pockets the card and looks apologetic as well. "I might have made a mistake, but this card was left with me for a reason. It was left by a young woman, with short blonde hair.. I'm sorry that it's not a very helpful description." Like he's going to explain to a complete stranger the circumstances under which he met Daphne. "Perhaps there's someone else that I might speak with?"

There are a few people wandering about, working. There is one brunette in particular, wearing khaki slacks and a white blouse with a wooden-beaded african necklace with an elephant-carving charm. She has a stack of files in her hands, and an ID badge hanging from a lanyard around her neck. It sways as she walks. "Frank, I have a question about this Peruvian thing, who should I talk to about hhhhhhhhhhhhello." The drawn-out h is the reaction that happens when she looks up, stopped beside Frank, and sees Mohinder Suresh. Her cheeks flush a little in surprise. Oh dear. "Hello, Doctor Suresh." Composure returns. File closes.

The man trying to guide Mohinder looks over to Charlotte — and seeing recognition, seems to figure everything is under control. "I'm clocking in, you'll make sure Doctor … Suresh, was it? … gets to where he's going?" He gives the geneticist a congenial nod and the Charlotte a more congenial nod before heading away, down the wide corridor that leads into the remainder of the facilities.

Mohinder can't say that he is or isn't surprised to see Charlotte in the lobby. It actually makes a lot of sense. "Charlotte? We meet again. Thank you again for the food that you brought to me in the hospital. I only got to have one of the crepes before my ward got to them." He smiles pleasantly at Charlotte rather than giving an 'Aha! I knew it!'. "Thank you," he says to the retreating.. secretary? "So you work here, with this firm?"

Charlotte looks after Frank and calls out, "Leave me a note about who to contact about the Peruvian…thing. Please." And she turns back to Mohinder, over the shock of seeing him here now, she gives him a polite, even friendly dimpled smile. "Well I hope you and your ward enjoyed them, and I'm happy to see you up and about, Dr. Suresh. I hope you're feeling well." She's perfectly sincere in her words, if perhaps a little shy in the situation. "Yes, I'm a P.R. rep, among other things."

"I'm quite well now, thank you for the concern." Mohinder is in fact looking better. No tranquilizer in his system, the bruising on his face is fading away. "Interesting," he utters more to himself as he looks around the lobby. "Do you might know who I could speak with on a delicate matter of who and why a Pinehearst business card was left with me? You knew I was in the hospital and why. Perhaps you could give me a little more information."

Charlotte looks over her shoulder, one hand coming up to ruffle her short hair. "I'm sure I could." She really could, to. But…"Will you follow me please? There should be an open conference room and, you know." She drops her voice several levels. "More private that way."

Mohinder nods his head to Charlotte and prepares to follow after her. "Indeed. I would appreciate that." He also can't disguise the open curiousity on his face as he looks around the lobby again, ready to see more of this place.

Charlotte leads Mohinder into an empty conference room with glass windows, covered by shades. The lights flicker on, and it's average: a long table with several chairs, windows facing the parking lot and a large flat screen controlled with a remote. She gestures for him to sit. "Would you like something, coffee or soda perhaps?" She asks, still holding on to her files. She can't help but offer food to people, it's what comes of spending 9 years as a waitress.

Mohinder settles himself into a chair and shakes his head, "No thank you. I'm fine. I would just like some answers and information." He glances around the room, but finding little of interest in here. "I know this is a biotechnical firm. I'm just amazed they've kept such a low profile. It's as if they did not exist a year ago, when I was seeking funding for my research."

Charlotte sets the files down and sits in a chair across from Suresh. "Well…" She idly plays with her lanyard, a smiling picture of herself looking up from the plastic card. "Pinehearst had very specific research goals, it's only in the last year that they have begun an aggressive expansion." She explains. She can do this. She will not get fired. She looks up at Mohinder, meeting his eyes as polite for the conversation. Bubbly and somewhat absentminded she may be, but she's very intelligent underneath it and she can be somber.

"That's the same information I was able to find as well," Mohinder says then taps his fingers against the table's surface. "People with abilities, those are the specific goals, am I correct?" Let's no longer beat about the bush here. "I presume the young woman who rescued me works for this firm. She's the one who left the card with me. She had an ability. I am only curious as to how she and others knew where to find myself and my friends."

Charlotte doesn't know specifically how, but she knows how SHE found them. And yet some things she doesn't want to release. "Some part of that was my doing, Dr. Suresh." She looks down at the files, folds her hands over them, then turns her brown eyes back to him. "I'm a P.R. rep for this company, among other things. One of the other things that I do is that I find people who are missing." Just call her Private Eye. Ish. "You and your friends were taken and were being horribly mistreated." She's 150% sincere here, and it shows in her face and eyes. "We couldn't let that happen, to anyone."

Mohinder isn't getting the answers he wants, and there's a flash of impatience in his gaze. "That much I know as well. I can't imagine Niki and Nathan were taken so that they could have a tea party." Unable to sit still, he rises from his seat and paces a little. "Then you probably know the woman who rescued me.." It's not a question. "Why leave me with this card, if it were not meant for me to come here, and have my questions answered?"

Charlotte is not going to be a head below the man. She's answering questions here, after all. "What do you want to know, Dr. Suresh?" she asks, no impatience in her own voice. She's trying to be as helpful as she can. "I'm here to answer your questions. Senator Petrelli is still healing, and neither Niki Sanders or the Senator are being held anywhere against their will." She crosses her arms and leans her tush back on the table, still looking at Mohinder. "I'm perfectly happy to explain to you what you want to know /because/ you were left the card."

"Then I want to see them," Mohinder says. "Why hold them here? I was dropped off at a hospital. Obviously it's because of their abilities that they're being held here." For now, he leaves his own employers out of the mix. "Was the card left simply so that I knew who my rescuer was? I don't mean to take out my frustrations on you Charlotte, as you've been gracious towards me. But you can understand my position. I have more questions than answers, and if I'm to begin unraveling the why's.. I want to get to the bottom of who kidnapped us. I think the why of it is fairly obvious. But /how/ did you know of our kidnapping? Do you have an ability?"

Charlotte blushes softly, looking down at the elephant around her neck for a moment. When she lifts her head to look at him, she's shy again. "Please don't make me answer that question, Doctor Suresh. No one's ever asked and…I've never said it out loud." And it'll sound so silly if she says it out loud: I can teleport. "I'll show you, if you'd like, but I've never said it before." She looks down again with a sigh and pushes herself off the table. "I'll take you to them, but first let's get the rest of this cleared up, because I have some questions as well when you've exhausted yours. We don't know who kidnapped you. Why, as you said, was rather obvious. We brought them here….to my knowledge because they had been mistreated worse than you had, we didn't know for sure what had been done to them. But they're not being held here, not at all." She's even tried to offer Niki a place to go.

"They have friends and family who are frantically looking for them." Mohinder knows they have to be hidden, otherwise the Company would have found them by now. Or… why haven't they gone home? The geneticist then looks taken aback by Charlotte's reluctance to vocalize what her ability is. "There's no shame in what you are capable of doing. It's a gift. If you know anything at all about me, then you already know that I share my father's devotion." He leans forward, gripping the back of a chair as he looks at Charlotte, "I'm grateful that we were rescued, and they are being tended to.. but why leave me with the card? Did someone hear want to speak with me?"

Charlotte nods. "I know, about their friends and family, Dr. Suresh. And your devotion. That was why I came to you." She nods a little bit, as if to nudge him into remembering. "in the hospital. I trusted you'd be the easiest to understand my position, and to tell everyone that they were safe. I know…you had no reason to trust me. But it was the best I could do. As to the card, Dr. Suresh…you're a geneticist with a focus on abilities. This is a biotechnical firm with a focus on abilities." She gives him a playful smile. "I daresay it's not that hard to surmise. But you were able to be treated at the hospital, and besides: we had to let everyone know that you'd been rescued." About her abilities, she says nothing, she simply blushes again and glances away for a moment before returning to business mode.

"… I see… your firm should already be aware that I am currently employed as it is. It might be considered a conflict of interest for me to work in any capacity here." Mohinder feels a bit foolish and not putting two and two together. He's underestimating his value again. "I apologize if I've been impatient and terse with you," he says as he slumps into the seat he's been standing behind. Now what does he do? These people found him, Niki and Nathan before the Company could. What's the agenda here? What does he do next? "If I were interested in leaving my current employer and coming here.. who would I speak to?"

Charlotte shrugs her narrow shoulders a bit, turning to sit at the head of the table beside Mohinder. "Me?" Another playfully dimpled smile is given towards him. "Like I said, I'm a P.R. rep, among other things. I won't pretend to know all of your duties at your current employment, but from what I know, I believe Pinehearst would be right up your alley. I know we're quite curious about abilities; where they come from, who gets them, why and how." ANd she's not a doctor, but a lot of that equipment down there is SHINY. "You wouldn't work under me, obviously, but if you are interested I can pass the word along." Whenever Mr. Goat-head decides to show his goat-head again.

"Public relations, not human resources," Mohinder counters, but seems to accept that Charlotte will be his point of contact. He smiles at Charlotte in a cordial manner, "Now even those questions I cannot answer. It may be some time before we know what precisely causes abilities, how they're genetically passed.. although I have my theories." He then rises from his seat, "I know where to contact you, let me go home, I shall think about it.. then perhaps schedule an appointment with you to possibly tour the facilities? At least, what I will be allowed to see that is."

Charlotte rises with him, pulling out another buisness card from the pocket of her khakis. She bends, scribbling something on the back of it. A phone number. "Here, this might be a little bit easier." She can contact him whenever she pleases, he's sure to know. "And yes, I can offer that, and perhaps arrange a meeting with the head of Biodiversity and Research." She glances down a moment, putting a hand on that stack o' files. "Dr. Suresh? Would you mind terribly if I stopped in sometime in the next few days? Like I said, I had some questions for you…rather important ones that I'd like answers to as soon as you are able." THere is an underlying worry in her tone.

Mohinder takes the card, and pockets it after looking over it. "I would appreciate that greatly, and of course. You're more than welcome to see me. I can easily be found at my labs on Reed Street." He produces a card of his own, it already has a number he can be reached at. "Here, you probably don't need it, but just in case." The card is offered out for Charlotte to take. "I'll answer your questions to the best of my ability."

Charlotte takes the card between her hands, looking down at it with a nod. When he says 'questions' and 'ability' she starts to blanch a little bit, but then she's sure she misheard him. She smiles up at him again with a nod. "It's much appreciated. I'm sorry about all this confusion and secrecy, I hope you accept my apologies on all of that. I really did all that I could with that…" Of course her own suspicions are rising now…but she says nothing of that.

"It's frustrating yes, but understandable. I know what it's like to have to work under secrecy." Mohinder smiles just a little, but there's a bitterness to it. "My father and I have been ridiculous for our belief in 'theoretical' genetics. When I work with anyone who has an ability, there is always an air of secrecy involved." He gives Charlotte a kindly expression, "You have nothing to apologize for. I know you did and said what you could. I'll let you get back to work. I have research to attend to myself.

Charlotte gives him a look of sympathy. "It must have been very difficult for you, Dr. Suresh. I'm rather afraid of that sort of reaction myself." Hence why she refuses to say it. She's absolutely terrified. "I'll stop by in the next few days, thank you so much for your patience and understanding. It's…quite refreshing."

"If I wanted to be liked and respected by everyone, I wouldn't have concentrated in this direction." Mohinder's had his share of rejections, and it was to be expected. People evolving with abilities? It's a laughable concept to the majority of the population. "I look forward to your visit. I'll see myself out." With that, he exits the conference room and leaves the building without detouring or being sidetracked.

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