2007-12-26: Dani and KeLyssa's First Date


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Summary: Dani takes KeLyssa out on their first date.

Date It Happened: December 26, 2007

Dani and KeLyssa's First Date

Streets of New Yorrk

Dani sits outside, leaning against the wall of the apartments, one hand stuffed into his pants pocket as the other holds a lit cigarette.

KeLyssa walks out the front door of the building, wearing a pink sweater and skirt. She looks to the side and spots Dani right there. "Hey hun." She says quietly to him.

Dani smiles as she walks out. "Hey." He says, pushing himself off the wall and flicks what's left of the cigarette to the street. He looks her over once as he looks at her. "You look good. Ready?"

KeLyssa smiles coyly at Dani. "Ya look real good too. Very handsome." She nods a little. "As ready as I'll ever be. Where're we goin'? Or are ya leavin' it as a surprise?"

Dani chuckles and smiles. "Thanks. Actually, I figured a bit of dinner first." He says looking up and down the street. "It's a place called Tabla. Ever been there?" He asks as he starts heading off in that direction with her.

KeLyssa shakes her head. "I ain't never been to that restaurant. Though…I ain't really been to many restaurants around. Not since I came here. Sounds nice. Lead the way."

Dani nods his head. "I hope you like it." He says as he leads the way to the resturant.


Dani continues to lead the way to the restaurant and opens the door, holding it open for her.

KeLyssa smiles a little bit. "Hmm…this is real nice place. I can tell I'm goin' to like mighty fine." She says as they arrive at the restaurant, aptly entering the restaurant as Dani opens the door for her. "Thank ya."

KeLyssa looks around. "Wow…" looks like she's really surprised at the fanciness of the place. "It's real lovely in here." She's never been in a place so nice before. She follows as they are lead to their seat.

Dani smiles and nods. "I'm glad you like it." He says as he follows to the table, pulling out her seat for her as they arrive.

KeLyssa takes the seat thankfully, tucking her skirt under her legs as she does so, bring her seat closer to the table. As the Maitre D drops places the menus on the table. "Thank ya sir." She says to him.

Dani takes his seat across from her and picks up the menu. "Order whatever you want. It's on me." He says as he looks over the menu a bit more.

KeLyssa looks seriously over her menu. "Sure are a lot of lamb on the menu. Might get lamb. Hmmm, lamb shank marinated in lemon sauce. Sounds good."

Dani smiles as he looks over the menu. "Lamb does sound good, but I'm thinking of a steak or lobster." He says, biting his lower lip slightly as he tries to decide.

KeLyssa smiles, gazing over her menu at Dani for a few moments. "Mmm, yeah. Steaks mighty good, ain't it? I haven't had a good steak in a nice long while." She thinks long and hard on it. "What do ya thinks better? Lamb or steak? Both sound delicious."

Dani chuckles and looks up at her. "I have no idea. I have never had lamb, so I don't know how good it is." He smiles and looks at the menu. "Oh. Maybe duck." He says, tilting his head slightly to the side.

KeLyssa furrows her brow in concentration. "Hmmm…I think I'm goin' for the lamb. It looks mighty good." She puts down her menu, and smiles coyly at Dani. "I hear the duck up here in New York's delicious."

Dani nods his head and smiles as he looks at her. "Alright. How about I get the duck and you get the lamb and we'll share it?" He asks, setting down his menu.

KeLyssa tilts her head slightly off to one side, her hair gently resting on her shoulder. "Yeah. That sounds good. Sounds like a plan." She says with the slightest of nods.

Dani nods his head and smiles. "Sounds great." He says, looking at her. "Now if we can just get the waiter to take our orders." He says with a smirk. "They have bad service, I'm asking for my money back."

KeLyssa giggles. "Nah, they'll just start gettin' cold feet if the service is bad." She pauses. Turn the slip into something that works…"They'd have to be worried 'bout us complainin'."

Dani grins and chuckles. "And there's always the dine and dash option too." And at that moment, the waiter decides to appear. "Evening. Are you two ready to decide?" He asks. Dani looks to KeLyssa and motions to her to order first.

KeLyssa giggles. "Oh, I don't know…just as long as it ain't a dine an' skid!" She smirks. As the waiter appears, she looks up at him. "Oh, yes. I'm going to get…the lamb with the the special lemon marinade."

The waiter nods as he writes down the order. "And how would you like the lamb cooked?" He asks her.

KeLyssa blinks before making a little 'oh' shape with her mouth. "Maybe…could…medium rare?"

The waiter nods. "Very well, anything else? Anything to drink?"

KeLyssa shakes her head. "No more for food. Just water for me for now, thank ya. I'll let ya know if I think of somethin' else."

The waiter nods. "Very good." He says, writing it down before turning to Dani. "And for you, sir?" He asks. Dani looks up at the waiter. "I'll have the roasted duck, with a side salad and the soup d'jour. With a glass of Merlot." He says, handing the waiter the menu.

The waiter nods and takes the menus before heading back to drop off the orders.

KeLyssa smiles at Dani. "Ooh, Merlot. That's the fancy stuff." She says, grinning a little. It's hard to tell if she's joking or not, really. She continues looking around the place, seemingly still not able to quite believe how fancy it is.

Dani smiles as he looks at her. "I don't know about fancy, but it's good. I like red wine more so than white. Dunno why that is." He shrugs slightly and sits back in his seat.

KeLyssa nods, taking a deep breath in. "Mmm, well, you know what the French say…a glass of red wine a day keeps the doctors away." She smiles at Dani. "This place is beautiful…"

Dani smiles and shakes his head slightly. "No, I didn't know that." He says with a chuckle. "I'm glad that you like it." He says with a smile. "Now you know why I said dress up."

KeLyssa nods a little bit, looking down at her clothing. "Now I'm startin' to wish I was wearin' somethin' a li'l more dressy though. What I got is nothin' compared to how you're dressed or anythin'."

Dani shrugs slightly. "It's alright. It's not often that I get dressed up, so it's a bit uncomfortable. You know?" He says before he looks at her. "I think you look good."

KeLyssa shrugs. "It's kinda nice to get all dressed up." She says with a little smile. She blushes a little at the comment. Not something she usually does. "Thank ya."

Dani smiles and nods. "You're welcome. I wasn't sure if you would change your mind or not about going out with me."

KeLyssa looks up at Dani. "I wouldn't change my mind none. Nah. There's somethin' 'bout you. Don't know what it is." She stares straight into his eyes.

Dani smiles as he looks at her, looking back into her eyes. "Oh? Must be the voodoo spell working." He says with a soft chuckle.

KeLyssa grins a little bit, chuckling quietly. "Between you and me…yeah, must be that voodoo spell. They work like a charm every time." She says quietly.

Dani laughs softly. "Now the question is, whose spell is working." He says with a grin. "I don't know voodoo, so it can't be mine."

KeLyssa chuckles a little, smiling. "Must be the voodoo doll I left at home. Learned from a master over in New Orleans." She shrugs. "Well, whatever you're doing, it's working."

Dani smiles and nods. "That must be it." He grins and looks up as the waiter arrives with the drinks before heading off again. Dani takes up his wine and raises it towards her. "To hopefully a good night."

KeLyssa giggles. "Must be, hmm?" She grins. Raising her glass in kind to Dani's. "To a very good night, for sure."

Dani smiles and clinks his glass with hers before taking a drink. He sets the glass down on the table and looks at her. "I'm glad that you accepted>"

KeLyssa takes a sip of her water, smiling. "Well, I hope I don't go and disappoint ya then." She says with a little wink. "So, after our luxurious dinner, what do you have planned for the evenin', hmm?"

Dani smiles and takes another sip from his wine as he looks at her. "Well, I was thinking of either a movie, a stroll in the park or anything else that you might want to do."

KeLyssa takes a deep breath in. "I'll to whatever it is you were hopin' to do, whether it's a move or a stroll in the park. I'm just happy as a can of peaches." Okay, maybe not the brightest thing to say in a fancy restaurant. It's said and she means it too.

Dani smiles and nods. "I'm glad to hear that. "Well, we can stroll through the park on our way to a movie if you want." He says with a slight shrug.

KeLyssa smiles. "Sure. I like the sound of that." She sips her water. "I don't think I've been in the park since I started workin' to be honest."

Dani chuckles and nods. "Would you believe that I've never been to the park?" He asks, taking a drink from his wine as the waiter arrives with the food. He hands the food out and disappears again.

KeLyssa tilts her head. "Ya ain't never been to the park? How do ya ever live? It's one of the first places I ever went to, ya know?" As the food arrives she grins. "Not a moment too soon."

Dani smiles and nods, taking a bite from his duck, nodding. "Not bad." He says after he swallows. "Yeah, never been to the park. Been meaning to, just never got around to it."

KeLyssa grins. "It's my favourite place to go and just play the fiddle. It helps me unwind."

Dani smiles and nods. "Well, we'll definately have to do that then."

KeLyssa smiles. "Alright then. It's settled." She chuckles, taking a bite from the lamb. "Mmmm, the food's real nice. Gotta hand it to 'em. They're pretty good!"

Dani laughs softly and nods. "Yeah. I agree. I'll have to come here more often." He says with a chuckle before he puts a piece of duck on a fork. "Want to try some?" he asks, offering her the fork.

KeLyssa smiles contentedly. "You can come here all you want. You live right near by, don't ya?" She grins. "Well, depends…you wanna try some lamb?"

Dani smiles and nods. "Yeah. I'll try some." He says with a smirk. "Actually, you live closer to here than I do."

KeLyssa smiles shyly. "That may be at that." She says with a little shrug. "All right, let's get eatin'!"

Dani smiles and nods. "Yes. Let's. I'm starving." He says, starting to eat his meal.

KeLyssa nods and starts on her food. "So, how long you said you been here in New York again?" She asks between bites.

Dani smiles and thinks for a moment as he chews. After he swallows, he looks at her. "I moved back in 2004." He says before he takes another sip from his wine. "What about you? How long you been here?"

KeLyssa tilts her head. "Four years, eh?" She takes a few more bites. "Oh, I've only been 'round since the end of November. Not very long at all."

Dani smiles and nods. "I'm surprised that we haven't run into each other before I burned my tongue." he says with a chuckle.

KeLyssa laughs a little. "Oh really? Well, I'm glad that I got to meet you then and there. It was better than not at all, hmm?" She smiles softly. "I am really glad I met ya."

Dani smiles and nods. "I'm glad I met you too. I think we hit it off well that first day." He says before he takes a bite of the duck.

KeLyssa nods a little, letting her eyes look towards his again. "Yeah, ain't never hit it off with no one that well on the first day before, if I'm bein' completely honest with ya."

Dani smiles and nods. "I'd hope that you would be honest with me." He syas, looking at her. "I really enjoyed that conversation we had."

KeLyssa nods slightly, only taking little pecks out of her food while they talk. "Yeah, I sorta have this bad habit of tellin' the truth." She says with a small grin. "Honestly though…I did too."

Dani smiles and looks at her for a moment, his head tilting slightly to the side. "I'm glad to hear it and hopefully we can do this again."

KeLyssa goes back to looking at her food and taking reasonable sized bites. "Ya know, I think you and my brother would get along. Maybe. He's more of the aggressive type than I am. Always been ruff and tumble, but he's a good guy. Yeah…if he ever decides to come up here, which might be a while, I'll introduce ya."

Dani smiles and nods. "I'd like that." He says as he takes another bite from his food. He smiles and chuckles. "Anything to be able to see you again."

KeLyssa smiles and shakes her head. "All with the flattery, Dani. Ya know ya've already got me for now. I ain't gunna lie…I'm not about to stop ya."

Dani smiles and chuckles. "Well, whatever works." He says as he looks at her. "I'm not going to lie. I like you."

KeLyssa grins, shaking her head. "You're somethin' else, you are." She smiles, taking another bite. "How'd I ever land here next to you?"

Dani smirks and grins. "I blame Starbucks and their hot coffee." He says with a chuckle.

KeLyssa tsks, shaking her head. "That Starbucks. They certainly gotta stop servin' that hot coffee!"

Dani chuckles and nods. "Yeah, though I don't know if I should sue 'em or send 'em a thank you card."

KeLyssa smiles a little bit. "Well, we'll see exactly what it is, I'm sure. Hmm? We'll know soon enough, hun."

Dani smiles and nods. "That we will." He says, taking a bite of his salad after finishing the duck. "Prolly will be the card."

KeLyssa smiles, sipping on her water and finishing up her lamb. "Well, I certainly ain't gunna complain about that none." She says with her eyes twinkling a little.

Dani smiles and nods as he looks at her for a moment. "Well, that's good to hear." He says with a smirk.

KeLyssa smiles softly at Dani, as she lowers her fork. "I'm glad that you're glad, so we're all glad."

Dani laughs softly. "That we are." He says, taking another drink from his wine and takes a bite from the salad.

KeLyssa grins a little. "Mmm." She tilts her head ever so slightly. She's quiet for now though.

Dani finishes up his meal and sits back, sipping his wine as he watches her with a smile.

KeLyssa smiles, chuckling softly, tucking her hair behind her ears. "So, how about that dinner, hmm? It must be wonderful workin' here."

Dani chuckles and nods. "Yeah. Discounted food here. If I didn't enjoy my job so much, I'd work here."

KeLyssa laughs a little, shaking her head. "I wouldn't let you work ya here anyway, not until I get my free earrings!"

Dani laughs and chuckles. "Yeah. I know. I haven't forgotten about those."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "I'm glad. If ya had, I'd be angry if ya had. And you don't wanna see me when I'm angry." She says with a shrug.

Dani raises an eyebrow. "Oh yeah? What do you do? Turn green and get all big and muscley?"

KeLyssa looks shocked. "Oh, goodness no! Nothing so obvious. I sneak up behind ya…and I tackle ya with kindness. And not the good kind. The sickly sweet kind of kindness."

Dani laughs. "Wow. I'll have to let my dentist know ahead of time then."

KeLyssa giggles a little. "I'll call 'im for ya." She says with a sly grin."

Dani smirks and nods. "Alright. That'll save me the hassle." He says draining his wine. "I hate dealing with the receptionist."

KeLyssa grins. "Well, leave the receptionist to me, hun. I've got ways of dealin' with 'im."

Dani laughs and nods. "Sweet. I'll leave it to you then." He says, looking up to the waiter as he drops off the check. Dani takes the check and looks it over before pulling a credit card out of his wallet and sets it on the check and sets it down next to him.

KeLyssa grins a little. "Really, sometimes I think it's the real reason ya'll like us southern gals, 'cause we know how to deal with them nasty receptionists." She grins.

Dani smirks. "I think it's really the accent that does it. The receptionist thing is just a bonus."

KeLyssa laughs. "So it's the accent, hmm? Well, I'll try to remember that." She raises an eyebrow. "Couldn't've imagined it."

Dani smirks and nods. "Yup. The accents on the southern girls do it for us. Must be something in the DNA."

KeLyssa laughs again. "Mmm, hun, well, I guess you're in for a treat then, if ya got me for the long run."

Dani smirks and nods. "Well, I can tell that it'll be an interesting ride." He says as he drains the last of his wine and sets the empty glass on the table.

KeLyssa grins a bit. "You got no idea how interestin' it'll be, I'm sure." She giggles.

Dani smirks and chuckles. "Oh? And I suppose you're not going to tell me either, are you?"

KeLyssa smiles softly, and in a quiet voice says, "Maybe it's not for me to tell, but for you to find out." She winks.

Dani smirks and nods. "Well, I'm certainly looking forward to it." He says as he leans in towards the table.

KeLyssa chuckles a little, tilting her head. "Well, we'll see. We'll see. In the mean time, I'm just goin' to be leavin' ya playin' the guessin' game."

Dani smirks and mocks pain. "Damn. Such a cruel and twisted game too." He says before he chuckles.

KeLyssa raises an eyebrow and mocks pouting sympathy. "Us ladies don't play cruel and twisted games. It's just not proper to tell everythin' on the first date, don't ya know."

Dani chuckles and nods. "I guess that's true. If it was, then there would be no use in a second or third date." He says as he looks at her.

KeLyssa smiles sweetly. "Or fourth or fifth. Ya never know how far it'll go until your there, hmm? But yeah, let's just start with the second date after this and go from there."

Dani smiles brightly and looks at her. "So, there's going to be a second date then?" He asks as he hands the check with the credit card to the waiter as he returns.

KeLyssa winks. "I ain't discountin' the possibility." She smiles. "Let's just get through this one first though, alright?"

Dani laughs and nods. "Sounds good." He says as he signs the receipt and returns the credit card to it's place in his wallet and looks at her. "Any idea what movie you wanna see?"

KeLyssa smiles and nods. "It's a deal then." She tilts her head. "Oh, I'll be happy to go to any movie with you, hun."

Dani chuckles and thinks. "Well, if you want, we can go to my place and we can watch Rocky Horror. If I remember, you haven't seen it before."

KeLyssa smiles slightly. "I do believe you have remembered correctly." She nods. "It's up to you, hun. I'm happy anywhere."

Dani smiles and nods. "Okay. It'll be quiet there and don't have to worry about any cell phones going off or babies crying." He says with a chuckle.

KeLyssa grins. "Well then, it sounds good to me." She says with a nod. "Lead the way."

Dani smiles and nods. "Very well." He says, standing from the table and offering a hand to her to help her up.

KeLyssa pushes her chair back, folding her napkin neatly and putting it on the table. She takes Dani's hand for help to stand up. "Thanks, hun."

Dani smiles and nods. "Welcome." He says as he helps her up, offering an arm before he heads to the exit.

KeLyssa smiles. "What a most kindly gentleman you are. I most certainly approve." She takes his arm.

Dani smirks and nods. "My mother taught me well." He says with a chuckle.

KeLyssa smiles sweetly. "Well, your momma must be a kindly sweetheart then."

Dani frowns slightly and nods. "Yeah. She was." He says softly before he heads out of the restaurant.

KeLyssa winces a little bit. "Right…oh, I'm sorry, Dani. I frumpled up." She sighs and follows his leads.

Dani shakes his head. "It's quiet alright."

KeLyssa rests her other hand on his shoulder, leaving it there but remaining silent and following.

Dani's Apartment

Dani unlocks the door and holds it open, letting her enter first before following and closing the door behind him. "Welcome. Make yourself at home."

KeLyssa smiles and enters into the apartment. "Wow…it's beautiful. You're certainly livin' the good life, ya are, Dani. I guess ya know why I'm with ya now." She says with a little grin, winking at him.

Dani shrugs and chuckles. "I knew it had to be something. Wasn't the looks." He says with a smirk. "Make yourself at home."

KeLyssa grins a bit. "I'll be sure to do just that, my dear Dani." She says, going about and looking at the various pictures of Dani.

Dani chuckles and heads to the kitchen. "Want anything to drink?" He asks as he takes off his coat, tossing it onto the back of the couch.

KeLyssa smiles. "I absolutely love these pictures of you." She looks back to Dani. "What've you got to drink?"

Dani chuckles. "Thanks. My mom sent those to me before…" He trails off. "I got water, milk, soda. Whatever you feel like, I prolly have it."

KeLyssa doesn't pursue the matter any. "Hmm. Water, milk, soda…hmmm. Tough decisions, eh?"

Dani nods. "I know. Regular cafe here. Could make it a Grande for an extra buck fifty."

KeLyssa pats down her pockets. "Hmm, doesn't seem I got enough to make it a grande. I'll just take a soda for now, thanks." She smiles.

Dani smirks and nods. "Sure thing." He says, heading into the kitchen, returning back a few moments later with two glasses of soda, handing one to her. "Here ya are."

KeLyssa smiles at Dani. "Thanks hun. Much appreciated. So. The Rocky Horror Picture Show?"

Dani nods. "Yup." He sets the drink on the coffee table and goes to put in the DVD into the player and presses play before moving back to the couch.

KeLyssa takes a seat on the couch as Dani sets up the DVD, holding her drink in both hands.

Dani smirks as he sits down and looks at her. "You break it, you buy it." He says, nodding towards the glass. He reaches up and presses play on the remote to start the movie.

KeLyssa giggles. "I'll try not to break it then." She says, moving in closer to Dani.

Dani smiles and sits back to watch the movie, taking a drink of his soda every so often. At certain parts of the movie, he starts to call out random phrases and lines. Audience participation.

KeLyssa giggles at certain parts, gasps at the appropriate parts that require a gasp. She especially laughs hard at the "Brad-Janet-Rocky" part.

Dani calls out, "Bull-winkle!" after each Rocky in the three "Brad-Janet-Rocky" parts. "God, I love this movie."

KeLyssa giggles. "Mmm, yeah, it's a great movie. I'm really enjoyin' it." She murmurs, leaning her head up against Dani.

Dani smiles and nods. "Yeah. A cult classic. They have midnight showings in some place. I'm sure there's some in New York."

KeLyssa looks slightly up at Dani. "Will ya take me to one of 'em?" She says, smiling a little.

Dani smiles and nods. "Sure. If I can find it. You'll have to wear a red V on your forehead though."

KeLyssa blinks a little bit. "A red V on my forehead? Why might be?"

Dani smirks. "Because you're a Rocky Horror live virgin."

KeLyssa giggles. "Well, I suppose I'd be fine with that some." She says.

Dani laughs. "And then you have to go on stage and get paddled."

KeLyssa blinks, coughing a little. "Paddled?"

Dani nods. "Yup. To bust the cherry."

KeLyssa chuckles a little nervously. "I…uh…I…I don't think I'd be much ready to do /that/ just yet."

Dani laughs. "It's optional. You don't have to, but it's just fun to do it."

KeLyssa frowns. "I don't know…I'm still just a small town gal, ya understand."

Dani laughs and nods. "I won't make ya do it. I did it when I first went."

KeLyssa smiles, leaning back on Dani. "Good. I'm glad."

Dani smiles and looks back at the movie. "I think Tim Curry is the only guy that can pull off a corset, stockings and high heels. Plus the make-up."

KeLyssa giggles at the description of Tim Curry being the only one guy able to pull off a corset. "I think he looks kinda good in all o' that. Would ya ever think of wearin' any of 'em?" She asks, a tiny coy grin on her face.

Dani smirks as he looks to her. "Only on Halloween." He grins.

KeLyssa rests a hand on his knee and pouts. "Ya mean ya won't put it all on for me for our next date, hmm?"

Dani laughs and shakes his head. "Nope. Maybe next Halloween." He says, with a chuckle.

KeLyssa mock pouts. "Aww shucks. That ain't fair, now is it?"

Dani grins. "Nope. That's for the guessing game."

KeLyssa snuggles in. "Oh, alright. Fine. But you'd better promise me." She says jokingly.

Dani laughs and nods. "Alright. I promise." He says, leaning against her. "Meatloaf is so funny in this."

KeLyssa sinks in. "Mmm, I love Meatloaf's music. He's hilarious." She grins happily, relaxing an arm around Dani.

Dani nods his head. "Yeah. That whole Bat Out of Hell album is great." He says as he looks at her. "And he's great in Fight Club."

KeLyssa nods ever so slightly. "Great singer. I wish I could play some of his music." She grins.

Dani looks at her. "I think you can if you tried. Just have to practice."

KeLyssa nods a little bit, watching the movie. "Mmm."

Dani nods and returns to watching the movie, laughing a lot and singing along with the songs.

KeLyssa smiles and giggles and laughs along with everything that's funny.

Dani sings as best he can with the songs, getting into it, but isn't actually able to hit the right notes.

KeLyssa actually tries her best to not wince at the singing. It's not horrible, but she's heard better. She can't help but smile though. He does seem to love the show.

Dani smirks as he looks at her. "I know. I can't sing for crap." He says with a chuckle.

KeLyssa pats Dani on the chest a couple times. "No. You're singin' just fine there, hun. Just fine."

Dani smirks and shakes his head. "You don't have to lie to kick it." He chuckles and sips his soda.

KeLyssa takes a few sips of her drink. "I know. But a li'l flattery never hurt no one."

Dani smirks and nods. "That's true. Thank you just the same."

KeLyssa takes yet another sip of her soda. "You're quite welcome, hun." She smiles and giggles at something that's just happened.

Dani laughs softly before he takes a drink from his soda. He does pout when Franknferter dies. "Bastards." He says under his breath.

KeLyssa finishes her drink and places the cup on the coffee table. "Poor Franknferter. He didn't mean no harm! He just wanted to be liked by people. That ain't no crime!"

Dani chuckles and nods. "Yeah, but what are you going to do. Can't change the movie. Bastards."

KeLyssa sighs and shakes her head. "Nah, we can't. It's still sad, though." She frowns deeply.

Dani nods and sighs. "Yeah. And Brad and Janet have a lot to talk about too."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "They're goin' to have lots of problems in their lives, they are." She affirms. "I sure am glad I ain't them."

Dani laughs and nods. "Okay, if we ever get stuck in a castle with a bunch of cross dressing aliens, we won't give in."

KeLyssa nods firmly, giggling. "It's a deal, hun." She sighs. "I liked it. I really did."

Dani grins and nods. "I do too. I have always loved that movie."

KeLyssa shakes her head, stretching. "Well, I should be gettin' home."

Dani smiles and nods, standing up. "Alright. Don't wanna keep you out too late. Your dad might get upset." He says with a smirk. "I had fun though."

KeLyssa smiles a little bit. "My daddy's a stickler for me bein' home by a certain time, ya understand." She grins. Standing up she says, "I had a good night too. Give me a call some time."

Dani grins and nods. "Yeah. I had a good time too." He says as he nods. "Yeah. I'll give you a call soon."

KeLyssa smiles, nodding, heading towards the door. At the door, she turned around. "Thank you…it was a very lovely evenin'."

Dani walks with her to the door. "I'm glad you liked it. Don't be a stranger. You know where to find me."

KeLyssa nods a little. Unlock and opening the door, she moves down the hall and out of sight.

Dani offers a wave as she heads down the hall before heading back inside.

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