Daniel Lewis

"Man is not one, but two; he is evil and good. And he walks the fine line." - Facade

Casting: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Date of Birth: ♍ September 2nd
Age: 29
Place of Birth: Sharon, Massachusetts
Occupation: Forensic Psychologist for the ACRU
Registration Status: ☒ UN ☐ REG
Theme Song: "Papercut" by Linkin Park

Dr. Daniel Lewis is a practicing forensic psychologist currently working on a thesis involving repeat offender behavior and serial killers. He can come off as cold, distracted, or bland — this latter mostly because he dresses in all grey tones.

Medical History




08-00 # Dr. Lewis is key in one of the first ability-related jury trials; with his testimony[1] he helps the defense lessen the charge from murder 1 to man-slaughter.


8-28 # As one of those locked inside Patton State Hospital during its blackout, Daniel experiences a horrific nightmare[2] — until he, too, blacks out.1As a result, Daniel is drafted into the ACRU.2

Doctor's Orders

"Miss Taylor— calm down. I'm the Doctor."[2]

"That's right, I'm— him. And my companion…"[2]


  • Trivia 1: Subject allergic to certain foods > details unknown
  • Trivia 2: undiagnosed
  • Trivia 3: undiagnosed
  • Trivia 4: undiagnosed

The Symptom


Daniel cannot use his ability at this time.

1. 2011-08 : It's A New World, montage
2. 2011-08-28: The Shining, with companions Harry and Jude
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