Daniel M. Price
Daniel Martin Price
Portrayed By Kyle E.
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 17, 1990
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases None
Place of Birth Chilton Memorial Hospital, Pompton Plains, NJ
Current Location New York City, NY
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Jonathan Price, Janice Price
Significant Other ???
First Appearance Brats Will Be Brats

If you’re looking for a sullen, surly, sometimes-angsty teenager, you can stop your search with Daniel. A stressful home life and as-yet-unmanifested powers often make him less than agreeable. He's an incurable band- and techno-geek, and he's wasting away his high school career with video games.


Daniel Price was born to an upper-middle class family in beautiful suburban northern New Jersey. His father, Jonathan Price, was an accomplished stock broker who was happy in his job and in his lifestyle. Daniel’s mother Janice was an international representative of a pharmaceutical company. Unlike Jonathan, she was *not* happy with her lifestyle. After a rocky first few years of marriage that ended up with Daniel’s existence, a compromising link meant to save the marriage itself, things settled down.

Things remained more or less normal. Daniel was a kid with an obviously above-average level of intelligence – ‘gifted’ was the term – but it quickly became clear, much to the dismay of his parents, that Daniel had little to no interest in scholastic success. He refused to pay attention in class, preferring to pursue his own reading projects (the school and public libraries was a constant victim of his raids from the age of ten and up), and was frequently referred to the guidance counselors in his schools to be tested for ADHD. He was eventually diagnosed with ADHD by a private psychiatrist, and was prescribed Ritalin – which he flatly refused to take, despite the insistence of his parents.

They tried to convince themselves that their son’s grades would improve once he got to the next rung up of school. It happened over and over, and the grades never budged: poor marks in absolutely everything but English, History, and music-oriented classes. His natural intelligence earned him passing grades – only barely – through most other courses, though he most often ended up with a C or below. When Daniel was in sixth grade, his world fell apart. His mother had been caught at home by her father with another man, a foreign pharmaceuticals representative who was visiting the country. It became clear that it was most certainly not the first time it had happened. Jon and Janice immediately separated, and divorced soon after with little fuss but incredible malice. Jon was granted custody of Daniel, since his ex-wife spent most of her time abroad.

Jon remained in Jersey to allow Daniel to stay in his school despite the long transit to New York City every day. Without two parents to watch him, Daniel’s behavior became more and more self-destructive. He stopped doing homework completely and spent the vast majority of his time playing video games, skateboarding, and honing his musical skills. “Band Geek” would be a serious understatement. He learned how to play just about everything that the school had in stock, but stayed mainly with his trombone and his trumpet, and after years of asking received one high quality instrument of both types for his thirteenth birthday the year after his mother left.

Things got progressively worse between Daniel and his school in the following year, and though Daniel had the honor of being selected for the North Jersey Area Band in his freshman year of high school, he was unable to follow through since his father suddenly decided to move them into the city, something for which Daniel has not forgiven him for. Waiting a year, according to Daniel, would’ve been the thing to do.

Adjusting to life in New York has been difficult for Daniel, who has begun acting out in a far more disruptive way than he previously had. Fights at school and numerous disciplinary problems erupted, stressing both him and his father and getting him kicked out of the private school (Columbia Prep) that his father got him into through careful exertion of financial influence. He now attends public school, and hates it. A lot. He visits his mother at her house in Jersey whenever she’s home for a weekend, and has grown accustomed to her less-than-wholesome visitors to the point of apathy and mild irritation.



Daniel is caustic and sarcastic most of the time to cover up a great deal of hurt and confusion caused by the divorce of his parents. His mother is a major target of his anger, as are all of her boyfriends, and he blames his father for not keeping the family together. Despite his level of intelligence, Daniel is academically lazy and is also given to fits of complete lack-of-common-sense like any boy his age would be. He has difficulty concentrating things he doesn’t find interesting for too long without the aid of medication, which he refuses to take. He reads constantly, and is very susceptible to taking incredible offense at the slightest perceived insult – especially where his parents and their divorce are concerned.

Though he has been described as having a complete lack of respect for authority, Daniel has refuted this by saying he ‘hasn’t found any authority worth respecting’. He’s what most people would call a socialist flag-burner in the making, and engages in public demonstrations and protests whenever he can find the time and the means, once going so far as to steal money from his father for a ticket to D.C. in order to protest a bill being debated by congress. Daniel seems to get a thrill from proving himself ‘smarter’ or ‘more cunning’ than those who should have authority over him, which will probably get him into a great deal of trouble if he doesn’t bring it under control.

Defiance is Daniel’s watchword. Enough so, in fact, that his mother once tried to convince him that he had Oppositional Defiance Disorder and should immediately be medicated with sedatives. Daniel’s response to this was to scream and then slam the door after storming out to call his father to pick him up in the middle of the night – which is another of his problems. He’s had everything handed to him, and generally expects the world to work that way. Whenever his needs aren’t put first, he grows surly and aggressive.



  • "Yeah, well. If Harvey Dent over here'd hide his face or something, maybe I wouldn't have been staring at it."
  • “This city is full of crazy shit. It's not gonna go away. All you can do is help out with what you can, Psycho Chick.”
  • "Yeah, and it's the rare superhero or supervillain that doesn't come from some sort of pathetic mild-mannered background. All you need is some deeply profound personal tragedy, and BAM - you've got your genesis story."
  • "Just you wait. Your underdeveloped Asian country will, like, explode or be attacked by killer bees or something."


  • Diagnosed with ADHD, but refuses to take medication.
  • Parents are divorced; lives with his father.
  • Favorite band is The Offspring.
  • Incredibly picky eater. Basically subsists on Spaghettio’s.
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