Daniel J. Taylor
Daniel J. Taylor
Portrayed By Ralph Fiennes
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 21st, 1967
Age 43
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Dan, Danny, dad
Place of Birth Palmer Lake, CO, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Security for Nathan Petrelli
Known Relatives Delton and Martha (parents), Marcus, Trey, Lisa (siblings), Anna and Charlie (children)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Kicking your a$$
First Appearance n/a

Retired Army and Blackwater employee, Daniel is now employed as part of Nathan Petrelli's security team.


Daniel was born to a fairly well off and stable family in Palmer Lake, Colorado. His father was an El Paso County Sheriff's deputy and his mother, a homemaker. Daniel and his younger siblings grew up in a small town but with the benefits of having two large cities nearby. (Colorado Springs to the South, Denver to the North.) There wasn't anything out of the ordinary to his childhood. Average family, average grades, a competitive streak with his brothers in sports. The family was relatively close, Daniel and his two brothers, Marcus and Trey were of course protective of their baby sister, Lisa.

Upon graduating from high school in 1985, Daniel enlisted in the Army. He wasn't content with simple law enforcement with the small town police department, county sheriff or even highway patrol. In a state that contains many military bases, the decision to enlist wasn't surprising in the least.

In between the years of graduating, boot camp and his deployment to the gulf region for Operation Desert Storm, he started an on again, off again romance with a local girl back home. Daniel and Laura had a somewhat serious relationship, more so on his part. Laura wasn't the type to easily handle having a boyfriend in the military, but she never voiced her concerns. Throughout his overseas deployments, she did stand by him. Mostly. In early 1992 during one of his leaves, Laura wound up pregnant. Before the birth of their daughter Anna, he did the right thing and married her.

Not wanting to be an absentee father, or haul his new family all over the world with him, he managed to finally get reassigned stateside to Fort Carson. This move did of course stall his career in the Army. He was climbing the ranks with ease, building up an expertise on the Middle East as well as linguistics in Arabic and Farsi. By the time his son Charlie was born in 1995, he got his reassignment to Fort Carson.

Oblivious to any growing dissatisfaction in the home, Daniel went about his new duties stateside, training up young soldiers and holding classes on Middle Eastern terrorism and the growing threat of Al Qaeda. Daniel was good to his family, loving and loyal, it's just that his duty to his country took precedence over everything else.

Fast forward to September 11th, 2001.. For a man as active and devoted to his life as a soldier as Daniel, sitting stateside just wasn't cutting it. Despite his wife not wanting him to be deployed, he did it anyway. He wanted to be among the first boots on the ground in Afghanistan. Owing to Middle Eastern studies as a speciality of his, he was sent. When his first deployment ended, he came home to a chilly reception from his wife and daughter. Unsure as to how to cope with that, he avoided confronting them and was deployed again.

In the middle of 2003, the humvee he was in fell under attack after driving over an IED. Daniel was one of the lucky ones in that convoy, he got to go home in more or less one piece. He took numerous wounds from the shrapnel and broken bones from the accident. The main injury sustained was his right leg mangled to the point of needing it amputated.

His road to recovery was long and hard at Walter Reed, but even harder when he was able to return home to Colorado. With the aid of the new C-leg technology, he was able to walk again just as well as before, heck, even run. Yet this did nothing to improve his relations with his wife and family. His son was too happy at having dad home again to be upset, and Anna too, to a point. Laura on the other hand, didn't know how to deal with the situation, particularly when Daniel took up drinking.

In 2005, the pair divorced, Laura getting custody of the kids. He would have wallowed and become a pitiful alcoholic if it weren't for some fellow buddies that had retired from the military. Daniel wasn't taking his discharge and disability status very well, hence a friend referring him to join Blackwater. He managed to sober up, but was still taking his situation hard, even as busy as his new job was keeping him. He was back in the Middle East as a part of the security force with Blackwater.

He was quite fine with this work for the next four years or so, but he had to face it, he was getting a bit on age-wise. That didn't affect his performance any, but it was a growing disadvantage, as well as the handicap. That, and terrorism was no longer something that was exclusively fought against while abroad. It was now a threat in his own backyard.

In December of 2009, he finished his short career with Blackwater and returned to the USA. New York City to be precise about, and joining up as a member of Nathan Petrelli's security team. He brings with him a military career and knowledge of terrorism, as well as security experience.


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