Daphne M.
Daphne Millbrook
Portrayed By Brea Grant
Gender Female
Date of Birth None of your nevermind.
Age 29
Zodiac Sign It's all nonsense anyway.
Aliases Speedster, Speedy, Speed Racer, Flash, Road Runner, Nemesis (show)
Place of Birth Lawrence, Kansas
Current Location Anywhere she wants!
Occupation Thiefy-Thief, former Pinehearst Recruiter
Known Relatives Father, Mother (deceased), Grandmother Daniella
Significant Other Peter Petrelli
Known Abilities Superspeed
First Appearance The People People

Daphne is a speedster. Beep beep! Born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas, she lives in Paris and works in and around New York. All in a day's run.



Revealed to have been captured by the Alpha Protocol during her disappearance, Daphne's life looks like it's heading straight to a dead-end. Infected wounds, heartless interrogators, and disturbing nightmares plague the speedster while she contemplates if life is worth living having now tasted freedom with her ability. She's interrupted by a timely intervention by Janet, the spastic AP doctor who finally removed the bullet from the speedster's leg, and then by a switch of lifestyle to all the prisoners stuck together in a barracks.

Daphne isn't exactly social during this time, preferring to stare at the TV and not think about it as much as possible; she has no drive to keep her going, feeling like this is just punishment for the things she's done in the past. It just caught up to her finally.

But a transfer to another facility becomes a surprise rescue by the man she believed to not even know her name anymore. At first in denial of her own rescue, and then ready to flee for her lack of faith, Daphne's convinced into staying around to support Peter by his own brother, Nathan. Things are as normal as life in a safehouse can be, but Daphne adjusts until she's comfortable again, with her legs and in a relationship. Secrets and mothers crop up to put dents in her confidence, but a stint on Ward's Island being a true hero and a confession of love from her man put Daphne squarely in the right path.

"I run errands…" - Daphne on her own job.


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Need For Speed: …

People Who Should Scene With Daphne: Peter, Tracy, Lee, Gene, Matt, Quinn, Kevin, Charlotte, Eric, Jaden, Charity, Mohinder Whom Someone Should App Again, Gabriel, Alexandra, Matt, Elle, KeLyssa, Jack, Trina, ALL Y'ALLS


Adam relationships Daphne.
Niki relationships Daphne.
Niki …
Adam …

  • "You pay me, I'll recruit for you. I'll recruit you a new girlfriend. It'll be great." to Linderman
  • "You throw up on me or anything and I'm dumping you right there." to Mohinder, while he's sedated.
  • "And, just so you know, you're a little awkward, too." - to Gene
  • "Oh, that's been done," - to Future!Peter, on speeding faster than bullets
  • "Busted with Chinese. Come to see if I've got diamonds in my kung pao?" - to Peter
  • "You know, I've seen this movie before. Only it was about a funeral and everybody was British." - to Cam, about the wedding
  • "Don't do that… you're using me because I'm a bad person. It works out a lot simpler if we just - leave it at that." - to Peter
  • "Maybe if you were, like, Sean Connery." - to Kevin
  • "I'm not the kinda girl that… that it's not business with." - to Peter
  • "I'm sorry— I'm sorry, too. I was scared. I ran away from you, but I was just really scared. And I don't want to - run - not from you." - to Peter
  • "They've got 'em with subtitles too, dummy, but you're right. Doesn't count if it's not pure authentic." - to Peter, they are always talking!
  • "And you're a little short to be a stormtrooper." - to Eric
  • "Alright, sweet, sure. How brainwashy is the brainwashed. This doesn't suck at all." - to Cass about Peter's situation.

  • Daphne's ability doesn't just make her superfast—it also shields her body from the otherwise crippling effects of her cerebral palsy.
  • This is the present she received from Gene:

In Daphne's official mailbox slot, there will be a large basket of fresh fruit delivered to Daphne with chocolate dipping sauce. Included in the message is a note from Gene. (There was also a gift-card for Lady's Footlocker at the bottom)

  • Daphne enjoys foreign films, in their native language with subtitles.
  • Daphne could take Catherine Zeta-Jones.
  • Daphne's favorite book genre is Noir.
  • Daphne's OTP is Niki Sanders.

Things Daphne Has Stolen

Adam's phone, the formula, money from bad men (given to charities), Governor Malden's safe cash, this chick's name, Large Oval Dish with scenes from "Amadis of Gaul", her own chance at happiness, a win over the government, Kevin's friend's X-Box 360, jewelry and bonds from the Lancaster safe, Brett Lancaster's secret financials, a guard's taser rifle, soldier's sniper rifle, Jamie (then deposited elsewhere), Eric's +waffle, THE ENTIRE MUSH, Lena's life (Phantasm), some restored art, an armsful of iPods, Nathan's dignity by describing some truly outrageous socks, Hallis family historical art heirlooms (5), gauze, medical tape, painkillers, someone's medical history, Chinese golden horses, Kensei Scrolls, a lot of people's stuff back, Peter's heart <3, a pair of men's aviators, and dozens of important 8-Ball answers.


The Flight or Flight Instinct Game

(2) scenes where she was told to take off / and did
(4) scenes where she ran to escape pursuers
(31) of 66 scenes where she took off at superspeed before the other person just cause
(1) scene where she walked out at a totally normal speed
(1) scene where the other person left before her / it was Peter
(4) scenes where she left with the other person / … it was also Peter / and Peter, right?
(1) scene where she and the other person ended up cuddling / … yeah, still Peter
(1) scene where the other person wasn't there, but, she probably got moving before him anyway!
(7) scenes were she's not showed leaving, but she probably did it at superspeed…
(1) scene where she did not leave, but was left in a cliffhanger!
(1) scene where she was killed! / (Phantasm)

Daphne has entered all but (14) scenes at superspeed.
There are (2) scenes where she is brought in not by her own power.

How AP Ruined All The Fun

(3) scenes where she could not leave but remained strapped to a bed

Daphne has entered (0) of these scenes, with (1) scene where she is brought in not by own power, off-screen, and (4) where she is already trapped.

There are (5) scenes where Daphne's speed is not used at all


Daphne's Closet

The black catsuit: (2) suggestions
The Princess Leia Bikini: (1) suggestion
The pink lingerie: (1) suggestion, in OOC
The green tights: (1) suggestion, in OOC commentary on a scene

Song Artist Theme
Run Around Jason Radford General
Check Yes Juliet We The Kings General
Slow Me Down Emmy Rossum General / Scene: Precious
This Is Your Life Switchfoot General
Again Flyleaf Peter/Daphne
Missing Evanescence Scene: The Last Nightmare

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