Dark Future Felix
Felix Ivanov
Portrayed By Guy Pearce
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 30, 1972
Age 37
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases none
Place of Birth Moscow, USSR
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation FBI Agent
Known Relatives Irina (mother), Nikolai (father)
Significant Other none
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance

Felix is busily trying to balance his cover in the Bureau with the demands of being a mole for the Alliance. He's remained with the Bureau, for all that he's quietly furious at being one set of boots on the stairs at midnight, but what information he can funnel from where he is is useful enough that he doesn't dare bail entirely. Not yet.

Or didn't. Now he's gone.

The war wasn't kind. He began by keeping faith with the Bureau in real earnest….but as it was transformed into what's more less the Gestapo, and increasingly under the sway of Homeland Security, he grew more and more bitter. But rather than bolt entirely for the nascent resistance, he determined to find a way to funnel some of the sensitive information he acquired into the hands of insurgents.

Lee's his contact in the Alliance - Felix convinced him of his genuine sympathy with the Alliance's cause, after taking him in during one of Homeland Security's attempts at rounding up suspected insurgents. He hasn't cleared Lee's name, but has managed to get himself assigned as the Agent in charge of that particular case. He's doing his level best to convince his superiors that he's exerting all his efforts to catch him, while actually using it as a way of keeping in contact. His apparent obsession with one particular rebel has made him the butt of more than a few jokes from the rest of the Bureau.

Thus far, he's balanced the amount of info he's dared leak versus the number of raids he has to participate in, the number of people he's detained - it's just enough to salve his conscience. He's dreading the reckoning that will come after the war - what are the chances that his collaboration with the resistance will be excuse enough for what he's done in the name of the government?

Aware that a series of mistakes and some minor bad luck had turned government scrutiny his way, he prepared to defect in earnest. One last attempted insertion of falsified files in the network went awry, and he was forced to bolt on foot. Happily, luck was there in the form of some impromptu allies.


Notable IC events.


Vasili They're still at daggers drawn, though it's gotten even bloodier, with Vasili hunting the Evolved. The score is currently in Vasili's favor.

Giselle Someone else on that hit list.

Jane She was one of the ones who helped him get away from Homeland Security when the chase went bad. He owes her for that. But still wants his gun back.

McAlister Her voice was a lifeline - it remains to be seen, however, if they'll get along when he's not at death's door.

Portia He damn near killed her when she startled him at a dead drop in Central Park. But it's since been made clear that it was a misunderstanding on both sides, so perhaps some measure of amity is possible.

Samantha Still a trusted friend, though he's afraid to contact her too much, for when it all goes bad. She pulled his fat out of the fire again after HomeSec shot him.

Bekah Yet another doc, and a lifesaver - she pulled him through blood loss and a gunshot wound

Namir Another old friend, and one of his insurgent contacts.

Claudine The terrakinetic's an unlikely ally, but they get along well enough when they can meet out of the public eye.

Aileen He's known her for some years, but her current project has made her an object of interest to his Alliance contacts. He's trying to keep the balance, and not succeeding very well.

George Despite his public face, and occasional acquaintance through their respective jobs, George is a worryingly unknown quantity, at this point.

Lee Another unlikely ally, but Felix's main link to the insurgents.

Kitty He doesn't know her well, but likes what he sees, after having heard of her as matron of that strange impromptu orphanage. They've had some contact, after he brought in the child of parents he detained.


"The question is always how far one is willing to go. You can end up where you want, but you may have to jettison a great deal to arrive there."


Due both to his own comic geekery, and Lee's former employment, the particular recognition signal he uses for dead drop notifications is the circled V from 'V For Vendetta'

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