2007-02-12: Dark Tidings


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Summary: Given the urgency of the voicemail Elena left him, Drake calls Elena back to meet at the back of the Starbucks they work at. They meet in between Elena's classes, and she gives him the lowdown on what happened to her father the night before.

Date It Happened: February 12th, 2007

Dark Tidings

Starbucks, Downtown NYC — Lower Manhattan

After getting the call, Drake took a few hours to try and work out some things in his head, before finally leaving a message back, and taking a cab to the Starbucks. He won't hop on a bus again, not for a long time. As he rests against the side of the building on the sidewalk, he sips away at a hot chocolate he picked up inside, allowing it to warm his hands as he holds it close to his chest. He looks tired, and uneasy as he watches the traffic pile up, and lurch slowly along the busy intersection.

It wasn't her shift, but the Starbucks was a good place to meet - no one would think they were out of place if they hung out at the back as they actually did work there. So whenever Drake looks up, Elena can be seen rollerblading down the sidewalk gesturing for him to go around the building before she ducks around the corner herself. The alley is narrow, with a dead-end, and an empty dumpster resting against that part of the wall. When she stops, the young woman pulls down her hood and looks over at Drake.

"Drake….yesterday when you were telling me all that stuff, you weren't just pulling my leg, right?" she asks slowly. "I don't mean to sound like I don't believe you or anything, but I need you to look me in the eye and tell me, because I think -I'm- going crazy and I need to make sure one of us is sane."

Heading off behind the building, Drake lets out a soft breath, watching it cloud, and puff against the air. "I wasn't pulling your leg." He says, though his voice is a bit suspicious as he glances over at her. "Why, what happened with you? Saw a pig fly?" He says, his lips tugging upwards a bit in a moment of amusement, before leaning against the back of the building, kicking a soda can down the alley with a well placed whack of his foot. He sends it soaring, bouncing off a wall, then into the large dumpster near by.

A hand lifts up so she could rub her face, though Elena stuffs it back in her pocket - it was cold, and in her haste to leave the NYU campus, she forgot her gloves at the library. She takes a step closer, and lowers her voice. "My dad," she says slowly. "He witnessed a kidnapping in front of my apartment yesterday. He knew things…things -about- it that he shouldn't know. But there was this big guy who grabbed his accountant, and this chick who….POISONED him just by touching him. And then dad says….Drake, you have to swear you won't tell anyone."

Drake turns to face her a bit easier, lifting his chin up as he listens. His eyes squint a bit as he wets his lips. ".. I won't." He says, though one can see him swallow. "Though if someone is getting kidnaped, you should go to the cops…" Poisoned while just being touched? Of course, the first thing he thinks is Anthrax. Go media hystrics!

"My dad can read -minds-, Drake," Elena hisses. "My classmate and me….we saw him poisoned on the sidewalk and he told me some chick did it…some woman named 'Angie'. And then he thought he was going crazy but then he was able to read the mind of the big guy who kidnapped his accountant - something about taking the poor man to a 'freak hospital'. And then my classmate, who helped me with Papa….he was able to -do- things too. Stuff we were talking about yesterday." She pulls her backpack around her shoulder and jerks the zipper open, pulling out the blue book she showed him at Noodle House and showing it to him. "Mind reading, being able to generate toxins by touch….some of that stuff is covered in HERE. And if what you were telling me yesterday was true….then something IS going on and now Papa thinks people like you, and him, and my classmate are potential targets for these people who kidnap others to put in this freak hospital the big man was thinking about. That's why I called you, to warn you, in case he's right. This…this is NUTS. I sound like a crazy person but I believe my dad. He would never joke about something like this!"

Swallowing tightly in his throat, Drake reaches over to pick up a rock from the ground, then reaches out to take her by the hand with his other. ".. Ok… OK watch.." He says, biting on his bottom lip for a moment, then lobs the rock upwards in the air. As he concentrates, he feels the warm tug at the pit of his stomach as the world around his eyes to start to slow down, as if he was coming out of warp speed. Pulling Elena into the field of vision, the rock which he tossed upwards, is slowly dragging through the air, where ripples seem to be following it it's wake of trajectory. With a soft gasp of breath, and feeling his head begin to ring, he breaks the train of thought, and the rock falls back to the ground with a loud thud. ".. Did… did you see it?" He asks.

"…eh?" Elena says, blinking when her coworker grabs her hand, and tugs her into his field of vision - and then it's as if everything stops….or at least moves very slowly, her dark eyes lifting to watch the rock slooooooooooowly drop to the ground, as if Gravity decided to take a breather. But when Drake drops his concentration, and when he starts looking sick, her other arm comes up to support him. "Here, sit down," she says. After YESTERDAY it was sick that she isn't surprised anymore, but it could be a defense mechanism. There's only so much shock her brain could take. "And yeah….I saw it. Drake…what -was- that? So you're like….I don't know. Keanu Reeves in those Matrix movies?"

Shifting himself down to a sitting position, Drake reaches up to wipe a trickle of blood away from his nose. "I don't know what I am." He says, his voice weak, and tired. "I'm not going to try dodging bullets though. It looks painful to bend yourself backwards like that." At least he hasn't lost his sense of humor, despite being subdued. "I don't know how it works.. I've been playing around with it last night.. forcing it up.. trying to remember what it felt like. So far, I just.. make things go slow… sorta.. I guess." He shrugs his shoulders upwards.

He was bleeding. Elena crouches in front of him - she'd offer him a tissue but he wipes his nose before she could. Instead, her hands reach over to cup both sides of his face, adjusting the angle of it just so she could get enough light in the dim, cloudy afternoon and so she could look at his pupils. She can't help it - she had been volunteering at clinics since she was a sophomore in high school. Since he looks like he's able to focus, she nods. "Alright, well, in case you get chased that's gonna come in handy, if Papa is right and people are going around kidnapping people with…with…" She pulls her hands away to rake them through her hair. "Aggggh. I don't know what the hell this is. How is this even -possible-?"

".. Elena…" Drake begins softly, before swallowing in his throat. "I think they already got me, a long time ago." He says, suddenly starting to feel a bit more focused, and the fatigue quickly leaving his head. ".. Um…" He pauses for a moment. "That was weird.. you got a magical touch there. My headache is gone." Reaching up to rub the back of his neck, he works his fingers over the mark along his neck. "When my best friend was killed, and I ran.. this.. really… um.. hot blonde kinda ran into me. I can't remember much, but she grabbed me, had this big smile on her face and next thing I knew.. um… I was like.. electrocuted.. and then I woke up in my bed. I found the mark on my neck later.." He says, giving it another itch. "It doesn't hurt or anything. It's just weird. I keep thinking I dreamed it all up. It just doesn't make sense at all."

"They always tell me that. Papa says something about me always makes people feel better," Elena says, having heard that so many times she doesn't pay much attention to it. She watches him when he tells her, and her eyes….well, she stares at him for a few moments. "You mean the tattoo thing on your neck?" she says. Her brain wracks for what her father told her yesterday - no mention of a blonde. Then again she didn't ask what Angie looked like. She'll have to ask her Dad later. "So…you don't remember anything between from when you were grabbed and when you appeared again in bed?" she asks.

Drake shakes his head. "I honestly don't remember a thing. I just remember the blonde. Barely remember her. She just had a killer smile. I mean.. she coulda been a model. She was like.. that hot. At least I thought she was for all of the two seconds it took for me to stop, catch my breath, and then wake up later." He says with a frustrated breath. "I really don't know anything else. I just kept thinking I dreamt it up, but after the bus accident, I'm started to wonder if maybe I wasn't crazy."

"Alright. Maybe she's that Angie woman that Papa saw yesterday," Elena murmurs, rubbing her face. Were these incidents connected somehow? She had absolutely no idea. After a pause, she looks up. "Well…it's not like we can do anything about that now, at least they returned you to their house. I don't know if this is connected with Papa's accountant getting kidnapped, but if he shows up again….then we'll know I guess. Papa's hoping to find him before that. It's why he didn't call the police, he didn't think the police could….you know. Handle the sorts of people that kidnapped his tax man."

"Yeah, well, the police would most likely lock us up if we told 'em that Batman's villains were kidnapping people and doing who knows what with 'em. Maybe we're like.. aliens, like.. what those scientologist guys are always saying, and we're waiting for some kinda command to over ride our programming, so we can go about taking over the world." Drake says with a snort as he pushes himself back up to his feet, then picks up the rock he lobbed earlier. He gives it a good hurl, launching it down the alley. "So, what now? We pretend like this never happened?

"Ugh, I don't know. What do you DO with something like this?" Elena says, exasperated, throwin up her hands in frustration and standing up. She takes a deep breath, and she rubs her face, again, a little bit. Finally she looks at Drake. "Well, we can't tell anyone, for one. And….I don't know what else. Though I think….if you ever feel like you're being watched….the last thing I want to do is get your paranoia up. At this point I'd suggest you go for a full on physical. Bloodwork and everything, in case they did something to you while you were out. For all you know you could be missing a kidney. Stranger things have happened."

"Then they find out what is wrong with me, and decide to cut me up like a guinea pig, and stick my organs in people to create super soldiers or something. No thanks. I'd rather not go through that. I'd rather pretend I don't have this thing, and just go to school, and make coffee. Mom will freak out, I'm sure. She hasn't been the same since dad died." He licks his lips in thought. "I should get going though. I work tomorrow. You gonna be around?"

"I don't know," Elena says, pausing. "I mean, you were brought to the hospital after the accident, right? And the doctor tending to you didn't say anything? I mean if something -was- wrong with you, something WOULD show up by now, right?" She ponders that for a few moments, and then she shakes her head. More to think about. At the last, she nods. "Yeah, I work every day this week after class."

"Well, the doctors didn't do anything but make sure I didn't have broken bones. It's not like they did tests. You know?" Drake says with a forced smile on his face, before brushing a hand along his eyes. "I'll see you at five then. Call me later tonight if you want.. if you need to talk." He says, then heads out of the alley, glancing along the street for a moment, before darting down the sidewalk to catch a cab that speeds by.

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