2007-07-08: Minutes to 8:15: Darling Trina


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Summary: The conflicting "programs" in Elena's mind finally take their toll, throwing Jack right into the worst night of his life to date.

Date It Happened: July 8, 2007

Minutes to 8:15: Darling Trina

The Den of Iniquity, Brooklyn, New York

She promised that she would stop by Jack's the following day after their talk, and that she had intended to talk to Heidi to grovel profusely for what she did. So to kill two birds with one stone, she's called Heidi to meet her at the Den so she could apologize in person. The Den is reopened after the flooding, shiny and new, thanks to certain plumbing services Jack had contracted out. Because he's a responsible bar owner like that.

Yes. Plumbing.

Whenever Jack or Trina emerge from the back, or wherever they hole up in during the daytime hours, the two women are already there, in a booth inside the Den. Elena's looking a little awkward, a little pink on the cheeks. Surprisingly she looks better, and she's looking at Heidi like she didn't mean to kick her dogs off a cliff. "Heidi I'm so sorry I didn't know I swear," she begins, toying nervously with one of the little paper coasters on the table. She's so nervous she actually started ripping the thing to itty bitty shreds compulsively. It was one of her little habits, she needs to fiddle with something while she's thinking, and right now she's thinking of HOW TO PUT THIS without Heidi looking at her as more of a freak than she already is.

She's also hoping Trina won't take a bat to her like Big Papi Ortiz to a baseball bottom of the ninth, bases loaded.

Taking into consideration the fact that /this is Heidi,/ the chances that things are going to be completely awkward forever and ever are pretty slim. In fact, the more Heidi's thought about it, the more she thinks that one day, it'll even be funny. At the moment, she and Nathan are treating it like some crazy shared dream, even if they both know it wasn't.

Having arrived at the Den a few minutes earlier, and, having found the younger woman, Heidi still hasn't looked Elena directly in the eye. It's technically Elena's fault, except for the fact that Heidi feels she could have done something to just… not let it get as far as it did. Either the blue-eyed Petrelli has a sunburn across her nose, or she's a little embarrassed, too… Hands folded in front of her on the table, she finally looks up to meet Elena's eyes. "I know you didn't, because I didn't say anything to you. I wasn't sure… How I was supposed to… You know. Bring it up." Because telling someone you made them want to shut the door and throw your husband on the bed isn't exactly good in social circumstances. "I should have told you earlier. I'm sorry."

Hopefully /that's/ taken care of now, except it still looks like Elena has something to say. Heidi can't imagine this is even remotely easy. "What happened… It wasn't…" She pauses. "It…" In the end, she ends up shaking her head. "At least it's over. At least you know now."

Jack is all kinds of glowing when he pops out of his office with a dopey grin, tousled hair, fresh clothes, and his pretty girlfriend in tow. He just got done making up with Trina again. Twice. Between that and the talk he had with Elena yesterday, he's got little reason to be concerned about the incident at DnA's that has everyone else all a-flutter. His black t-shirt is tucked into sturdy, serviceable gray denims. As always, he's wearing his much-loved and scuffed black boots. "Man," he murmurs to Trina, lacing his fingers through hers and giving her hand a squeeze. "I really like it when we fight. Can you get pissed at me more often?"

"Yeah, I'm kinda glad you told me before….uh…." Elena looks up at the ceiling and falls silent. It draws out for a while. Granted Heidi was right. If she were in Heidi's position, she'd be embarassed as all hell too. There is another awkward pause, until finally, she laughs and rubs the back of her neck. "Ah well, I suppose it…could really be worse. I figured if I had to kiss a woman at one point it was a toss up between you and Cass," she jokes.

There is another awkward pause. And then, she groans. Elena drops her forehead on the table and stays there a while.

"I'm going to hell aren't I?" she asks, her voice muffled against the wood.

Even with one hand blissfully intertwined in Jack's, Trina can spare a light-hearted punch to his arm. "Careful, sugar," she teases as she walks beside him with a playful sway to her step. "I might have to start holdin' out on you if I'm teachin' you all the wrong things. And then we'll both cranky." And nobody wants to see a cranky Trina. Truly. There's one more peck on her beau's cheek, and then the young woman slips her hand out of his.

Heading back towards the main room at the sound of voices talking, the brunette motorhead calls quietly over her shoulder, even as she drags her hands through her hair. With no one to hear them, she can get by with a little mooshiness before some semblance of professionalism is needed. "Love ya', darlin'."

The problem— the REAL PROBLEM, is that at that point in time, Heidi found Elena incredibly attractive. Which isn't the case now, but the fact that it even happened kind of freaks her out. It's kind of like for those few minutes, her whole world was just upside-down. "It's not a very discerning ability, is it?" Heidi asks quietly. Seems to affect whomever is near, however it wants. Because, seriously, she had to tell Nathan that it was okay to kiss Cass, not too long after she told him that if he did something like that again, she'd leave him.

Special circumstances.

Then Elena's admission causes that slight band of red on Heidi's face to completely encompass it, which draws out the blue in her eyes like flares. Did— Did she just…!? This is one of those situations where Heidi is completely speechless, jaw dropping open as if she's about to say something, then snapping shut again. "You…" Pause. "N— no, no, not at all. I'm."


Yes. Only maybe not. With the babysitter watching the kids, Peter's stopping by Brooklyn with the intent to talk to Jack. Little does he know the bar is positively hopping with activity, at least of a certain kind. Activity with people he knows. And one person he doesn't. And other people he doesn't, but that's not the important bit. The important bit is that he's here to see Jack. With sunglasses covering his eyes from harsh light outside, he steps into the bar and pushes the glasses up onto the top of his head, where they stick. Black and white seem to be the colors of the day. White shirt with a black jacket of sorts, light and airy, and easy to remove. No carrier bag over his shoulder this time. Okay, Jack he expected to see. But there's one person here he didn't. "…Heidi?" What is Heidi doing in Jack's bar. And the person with her with her head down on the table? That causes him to pause mid-step. Um.. yeah. "Busy day.." And who's the girl Jack's with?

Jack blushes thoroughly and whispers the sentiment back the only way her knows how. In a mashed-together pile of words. "Iuhvutu," he replies, his head ducking slightly and his shoulders slumping with self-conscious pleasure. Peter's arrival is a pleasant distraction. "Peter!" he calls out welcomingly. "C'mon, man. Cozy up to the bar and we'll have a nip. I've suddenly realized that we're outnumbered." He pauses to glance meaningfully at the ladies, then flashes Pete an exaggeratedly secretive wink and grin. "We need to plan a strategy." His feet trace a route behind the bar so familiar that he could walk it blindfolded. Once he's in his comfort zone he beckons Peter closer.

She looks up, seeing Heidi's red face. She can't help it, despite EVERYTHING, Elena bursts out laughing, propping her chin on both hands and inclining her head to the bar to see Jack and Trina look like….oh. She turns her head away quickly, grumbling under her breath. WAY TO GO. GOD. RUB IT IN. "Ah, Heidi, I'm sorry. I just…every time I get nervous I have to crack -something- otherwise I'll explode. It's…this thing. Papa actually said I got it from Mama at one point." She doesn't pay attention to the door opening, but when a familiar voice drifts in her ears, she freezes. Thankfully Peter's turned away when she looks over her shoulder, before she turns back around quickly and starts….well. Hermit-crabbing herself against the booth. She slides lower, and lower, until the top of her head disappears from the top of the booth. Crap! "So…ah heh. Ah heh heh heh." Pay no attention. "Ah…yeah…I guess it's not really discerning," she says. Oh god. Oh god. OH GOD. WHERE THE HELL IS THE BACK DOOR?

With Jack taking care of Peter at the bar, Trina does her employee's duty and makes her way towards the booth with the two women occupying it. And then she recognizes one of the women sitting in it. Sashaying over, she's nothing but pleasant aires. "Laney! Hi, sugar." A polite nod is given to Heidi, even as the slender barwench crouches and crosses her forearms and rests them on the end of the table. Black capris, black Mary Jane heels, black tank top, bright red scarf tied about her waist, silver bangles, silver hoop earrings. That is what she is wearing. "What can I do for you lovely ladies, huh?" A finger points in Elena's direction, accompanied by a look of moderate seriousness. "And I'm on to that fake ID nonsense so don't try to pull nothin' on me and get me in trouble. It's soda or water for you." There's a decisive nod and then she's back to smiling!

/Revenge is Heidi's./

Though not someone who often holds grudges, this is an entirely different situation. The hilarity of it, the /weirdness,/ just… Everything put together. When Peter walks in, his very red-faced sister-in-law will attempt to catch his attention by waving him over, offering a "Hey, Peter!" just to make sure he hears it.

So, yeah. Leaning down closer to Elena now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, she says, she says quietly, "To be honest, I'm glad it was you, and not, say— " Pausing, she looks up briefly toward Jack. Or… Hell, what if /Peter/ had been there? Or, god. Anyone else. "Seriously, it could have been worse." And she'll stick to /that/ version of things, because it really could have gotten really out of hand, had Elena not realized that the entire thing was being caused by her ability.

"Look, I need to ask you about— Are you all right? Ever since your father did what he did, I've been worried." Heidi hasn't suffered any ill effects from it, but Elena's had a headache both times Heidi saw her afterward.

"Water's fine," Heidi says to Trina. And because any friend of Elena's has to be awesome, she holds out a hand. "Heidi Petrelli."

There's a long pause as Peter continues to look at Elena hermit crabbing in the booth, but he finally gives his head a shake and moves over to join Jack by the bar, where the men can bond together. "Hi, Heidi— Elena, I'll just be… right over here." Don't leave without talking to him, you two. But really, what is he supposed to do about talking to Elena when she's trying to disappear into her clothes like some kind of turtle? Once he's seated, he looks across the bar at the other man and— really tries to figure out what to say. "I— " How do you talk about what you want to talk about when the person you want to talk about is only a few meters away. "Who's the girl you're with?" Yeah, talk about the guy behind the bar.

She reaches over, dragging her bag and fishing around it for her cellphone, peeking at the time. It was just a little bit past eight, and Elena exhales a little bit, clapping the cherry-red jPhone shut. And then, Heidi greets her brother-in-law, which causes her to sink further on the booth. And then, Trina arrives and calls out her personal nickname for her. Cat's out of the bag NOW. She looks over at Trina sheepishly. "Ah….just soda, too, I have to get going in a few, I just…you know. Just us girls." SORT OF. She gestures between Trina and Heidi. "Trina, this is— yeah. Heidi. Heidi this is Trina, Jack's girlfriend. I hear she knows more about cars than all of NASCAR's pit crews put together."

The phone is set aside in her bag, folding her arms on the table. Though at what Trina says, she grins sheepishly and lifts her hands in mock surrender. "No risky business here," she reassures. When Peter finally greets her, she gives him a sheepish wave, and a smile - though she does look a little awkward.

Turning to Heidi once she talks about the headaches, she blinks at her. "Oh….I've been feeling a little better in the last day or so. I think I honestly just needed some bed rest. It— "

It's as if Heidi's remark just triggered it again, there's a pause, her brow furrows, her voice trailing off as she looks elsewhere.

Forty seconds to 8:15….


"…I'm…I'm sorry, what…?" she says, trying to focus on Heidi and her words.

Jack beams across the room at his girlfriend. Distracted, he forgets to ask Peter what he wants. Three fingers of scotch is his post-afternoon delight drink of choice, so he pours one for both of them. "That's my Trina. She's… Uh…" There's a distinctly vacant shimmer in his eyes that makes him look very much like a high school boy gazing at his sweetheart. Then he blinks and shakes his head to clear it. When he picks up one of the scotches and hands it to Peter, he meets the other man's eyes and says a single word. "Sunshine."

Holding out her hand to take Heidi's, seemingly unaware of what 'Petrelli' means in this town, Trina gives it a firm shake. "Pleasure's mine, ma'am." Then she takes her hand back and straightens up. "Water. Got it." When her attention shifts back to Elena, the Bearer of Things Liquid smiles. "And I don't know about all that." Then there's a glance and a shrug to Heidi. "But I know a thing or two 'bout engines. So if you ever wonder if you're gettin' dicked over by a mechanic, I'd be glad to give you a second opinion. Any friend of Laney's, you know?" Yeah. Either she doesn't know about propriety and the name Petrelli, she doesn't really care, or she doesn't know that she should care. Speaking of that fair creature all a-blush known as Elena, the potty-mouthed Trina turns her attention back there and offers an encouraging arch of her eyebrows. While it may or may not translate, it's intended to communicate a 'We're cool.'. "Soda. Sure thing. Want anythin' else?"

Heidi could have believed Elena. It's rainy now and then, the weather triggers headaches sometimes, right in the sinuses, so you can't work for HOURS AND HOURS. Very annoying. Still, the concern is real, and magnified when Elena seems to lose her train of thought. Despite their … encounter… at DnA's a couple nights ago, Heidi reaches for Elena's hand. "Elena."

Trina's sort of a welcome distraction. The choice of words draws a chuckle. dicked over? okay! "I'll keep it in mind," she says, though Nathan probably has his own people to look at the car. And the other car. And the other car, and— et cetera. Still, blue eyes wander back to Elena. She won't press it, but she will add, "Headaches. If they keep up, you need to see a doctor. I'll take you there myself if I have to."

Sunshine. That makes Peter smile lopsidedly, a inside thing between the two of them. "Looks like you're getting more sun than me," he adds on in a friendly tone, accepting the scotch and raising it a little. At least he can sound rather, um… well humored about this. Taking a sip from the scotch, he glances back towards the ladies, though he can't quite hear their conversations right now. There's a pause, though, at the way his friend looks. Did she still not talk to her father about that? Now he regrets chickening out on calling and stopping by yesterday. He takes a bit more of a drink, before turning back to Jack. "Heard about the big happening at the club. Glad I missed that one."

"Yeah, it was a crazy night," Jack agrees, nodding to Peter. He takes a long swig of his own scotch and continues. "I heard there was a break in the clouds for you afterward, though." The words are deadpanned, punctuated only by a quick glance toward Elena and back again. He smiles blandly and takes another drink, then raises his glass to the light and peers through the liquor. "Man. This is damn good scotch. I have excellent taste."


It was getting harder to focus. Like there was something she was forgetting. It was strange, downright weird. When Heidi reaches out for Elena's hand, she barely feels it. She looks up at Heidi, looking more confused by the second. "I know…I…everyone's been saying that but…it's odd. No matter how much I try to catch Papa, he's….I…" When Trina asks her a question, it's almost too much. She's looking a little more addled by the second, and she buries her head in one hand to clear her eyes. She draws away gently from Heidi at least, and she stands up abruptly from the booth. "S…I'm sorry I…think…I'm forgetting…" She gives her head another hard shake. "I'm just— "

There's a pause. Her tone is a little steadier now as she abruptly turns on her heel to walk away from the booth.

"There's something I must do."


She doesn't look back. Instead, she's heading into…whoops. Looks like she went into the wrong bathroom. What the hell? Did she not see the Man Sign outside?

At Jack's words, Peter nearly chokes on the really excellent scotch that he'd been handed. And choking on alcohol, especially a whiskey, isn't very good on the throat. He coughs a few times. "What? You— " Who told!? He hasn't told anyone about that yet. Sure, he might have been planning to subtly ask for advice on the situation at hand, but he hadn't told anyone. Of course when he glances towards Elena, to see what she's up to, she's walking towards the restrooms… and… she's headed towards the men's room? Too bad he's too busy coughing to really notice that. Since she's leaving, he dismisses it as 'maybe she's going to get some water for her forehead.' Or something. When he looks back at Jack, his voice is still hoarse, "I haven't— talked to her about that yet— still need to. Kind of… wanted some… advice."

"…Did—Did I say something wrong?" Trina looks towards Heidi, confused, after staring at Elena for a second. "Hey, you know what? My foul. I'll go see what I did." There's another brilliant, reassuring smile to Heidi, even as she pats on the table and pulls herself to her feet. "I'm sorry. I'll get that water in just a sec." As she turns to trot in the direction of the bathroom, there's a dark mutter. "Always putting my foot in my mouth, I swear." Then she calls out, making long strides towards the gentleman's room. Thank God the bar's mostly empty; else the embarrassment factor might be a little higher. "Hey. Laney! Sugar. Other door! OTHER…" Then the door closes behind the Gomez girl, but Trina's close behind. "Dammit. ELENA."

This is one of those situations where Heidi's kind of already half-reaching for her phone, because the fact that Elena's so damn confused is a giveaway that something's going on, and the only thing she can think of is… Well, the first thing that comes to mind is a stroke. It's just the look in her eyes, that broken speech, the— "Wait, no, I'm going to— "


"Elena?" This time, the name is asked as a question. Must do. As the younger girl heads into the men's bathroom, Heidi stands and goes to follow after. Whether or not it's the wrong bathroom - well, there's confusion running rampant here, and she doesn't want Elena to get hurt. Pass out. Crack her head against a sink or something. Trina gets there first, though, but Heidi's hand is on the door, she's leaning in the doorway, watching.

All the shouting and wrong-bathrooming gets another glance from Jack, but little more. He doesn't have any customers, so there are no men in the men's room. As far as he's concerned, whatever it is that's going on is probably best handled by the girls. "Probably some sorta vagina issue," he whispers. "Anyway, calm yourself down. Elena told me, sorta. And I exasperated. Intrapolated? Extrapolated. I figured it out, s'what I did. I think you're both worryin' two much. She told me that you guys didn't dork. Which surprises me, honestly." He smirks slyly at Peter.

When the door swings open and Trina and Heidi peek inside, the first thing they'll hear, rather than see, is something breaking. Elena's hand has turned over the ceramic top of a toilet tank, where the ball and chain mechanism could be seen to make sure the latrine was in working order. The shards of white ceramic skitter across the floor, stopping by Trina's feet, and little flecks of it sliding to the side. Whatever the young Gomez girl was doing, she's reaching inside, her hand sliding into the water. At least Jack keeps his bathrooms clean.

When she pulls it out, it seems to be some kind of Ziplock bag, the plastic torn away to reveal the thing resting in her hand, her back to the ladies that had followed her in.

The null black shape of an unmarked Glock .22 is unmistakable.

She doesn't look back at the girls she had just worried. Instead, she speaks up woodenly. "Clear the way." It was an order.

The muzzle lifts up…and presses securely into Elena's own temple. She slowly turns to the side, her head looking over her shoulder so one eye is visible, and the dark color of the visible iris slowly bleeding into gold.

"Or you're all going to regret it."

"What the fu-?!" Trina turns to Heidi, arm pointing fiercely back into the main room. Customers do *not* need to be seeing this, no matter who the heck they are. "Get the hell out of here, right now." Then over Heidi's shoulder, Trina bellows frantically. "JACK! GETCHER ASS OVER HERE NOW!" Then back to Elena. Oh, God. What the hell is going on? Her hands lift, palms raised towards Elena in an attempt to soothe and back curling timidly. Because, um. Firearm. Her voice is soothing as best she can manage, strained by nerves. "Laney. Sweetie. Sugar. Darlin'. Plum cake. Put the gun down. Ain't nothin' happened that people ain't forgiven you for. Swear. Just… c'mon." Slender hands turn so the palms face downward, trying to encourage some common sense back into the young'un with pleading blue eyes. "Gun. Down." Please?

She expected to see Elena leaning over the sink, perhaps washing her face, because a cold splash of water would certainly help matters. Maybe it's migraines, or…

"Ohmygod," Heidi says under her breath, the entire statement bleeding into a single word as a hand raises to— pause in the air, wide blue eyes focused on Elena. Her first thoughts aren't anywhere along the lines of wondering if she's really actually known the girl all this time, but they stray in that direction after a brief blank moment of utter confusion. Heidi doesn't want to get shot.

But she wants to know what the HELL prompted THIS. "She's— " She says helplessly as Trina tries to exile her back into the main room, but Heidi isn't going anywhere. Elena's one of her best friends, despite the difference in age, and… Maybe she doesn't need to be crowded, but maybe what she needs is someone to be there for her. To that end…

She does stay by the door, turning back around as Jack is summoned. Heidi isn't going to help as much as someone else she knows, and so she leaves the bathroom against her better judgment, making a beeline for Peter. She gestures to her head — this time, she wants him to read her mind, because she can't exactly tell him what's going on.

She has a gun.

Vagina thing. That actually makes Peter cover his eyes for a moment. The things that come out of this man's mouth. Sure, it COULD be, but that's rather crude, either way. "It shouldn't be. She's— not that kind of girl…" he does say, looking visibly embarrassed that the other man is surprised that the possible dorking didn't actually occur. …and really, he hasn't heard it called "dorking" since Monster Squad when he was a kid. It's the yelling from the bathroom that draws his eyes, and he puts the scotch down, mostly recovered from his choking as he stands up from the seat and moves to investigate, even if he wasn't summoned like Jack. Though he's intercepted by Heidi hurrying out and pointing at her head. What? At least it doesn't take him long to figure out what the gesture means, but what he hears— She has a gun? Who has a gun? Besides… "…Elena?" he asks almost breathlessly before he moves to get around Heidi and towards the bathroom. Though with this small segue, Jack will definitely beat him there.

By now it's clear that something's wrong. As he's done before in times of trouble, Jack uses one hand to prop himself as he hops smoothly over the bar and bolts for the bathroom. "WHAT THE BLEEDIN' GODDAMN BLOODY SONAOFABITCHIN' BADGERFUCK IS GOIN' ON?"

He skids to a halt on his heels in a very Flinstones-like fashion, his jaw dropping and his eyes going wide when he sees the gun. Elena has a gun. Elena has a gun pointed at herself. The only way this situation could be worse is if there were zombies.

"Scrappy…" he begins tentatively. "Honey, whatever you're thinking, don't do it. Trina! Get the fuck out of the way!" He grabs Trina by the waist of her pants and hauls her out of the doorway. He's not going to impede Elena's progress either, but he remains in her path, yielding a step for every one she takes forward. There's no move to provoke her. No attempt to disarm her. A faint lines appear around his mouth as he begins focusing his will for the complex manuever that will be relocating the gun without Elena accidentally or purposely setting it off.

"I meant to walk her out of here peacefully," Elena tells Trina hollowly, her golden eyes blank and focused on the foremost threat at the moment — and that was the dark haired motorhead blocking her way. And…her? Why's she talking in the third person? "But it seems that won't be the case today." The gun slides from her temple, tracing the contours of her cheek to press hard against the soft hollow of her throat angled upwards into her jaw. The movement is strange, as if it was someone else's arm that's pointing the gun at the young woman's head, whose eyes are staring forward and not recognizing anyone in front of her at all. "….you all think you're so clever," comes the expressionless murmur. "Barging into my house looking for answers led by the intrepid Ramon Gomez. How stupid must you all feel now, when I invaded his house while you were all invading mine."

She takes a step forward, and another. When Jack comes in bellowing, the golden, blank gaze falls on him.

"I've been doing this for years. None of you know what you're dealing with. None of you know who you're fucking with. Do you honestly think she…" The pistol digs harder into the hollow of her throat. "Would even exist without our help? She belongs to us. All of them belong to us."

The body angles sideways, trying to move past Jack and out the door.

"Don't try to be heroes. There's no room for it."

As Trina is tugged out of the way by means of her pants, she's screaming at Jack. "OH SURE. GET ME OUT OF THE WAY AND YOU GET GAWD DAMNED IN IT!" However, since she's there already, she doesn't seem to be moving back in front of him. Rather, she clings to his arm. But peaceful? That sounds… faintly promising. Let's just go with promising, then, and roll with it. Then… a thought. Trina's brow crinkles for a moment, and she peers inquisitively up at Jack with narrowed, artfully smoke-lined eyes. "Do you know any sane people? Really."


She might be able to get it if she was closer, if she could see what Elena was doing, but it sounds—despite the hollow tone—that Elena is talking about someone else. There's a spark of anger in Heidi—all the trust, letting Elena near her kids! Intuition, however, pushes the rage aside. No. In a world where people flying is possible, the answer to this question is that there's more to it than she's hearing.

"Elena!" She speaks, just for the sake of the girl knowing that she's still there, and… She heads back over toward the bathroom, eyes growing larger as she sees both the weapon against Elena's throat, and the golden color in her eyes.

There's really nothing quite like seeing someone holding a gun to their head. Especially someone important. At all the screaming in the bathroom, Peter gets to the door in time to see the young woman respond to Jack, specifically say the bit at the end. All of them belong to us. This isn't Elena speaking, he can tell that much, but that doesn't make this any easier to deal with. She's holding a gun to her neck. He missed some of the clues there near the beginning, but maybe someone else will tell him later. Right now he's kinda stuck staring at what's before him. "Elena…" This is one of those times he'd really like to be told what to do. A lot of the color is already draining from his face.

"Baby? Can we talk about my friends another time?" Jack's tone is purposely light and airy. No reason to make the situation any more tense than it already is by yelling. He pats his girlfriend's hand reassuringly, then gently pries her grip free and pushes her aside again. The shove is less gentle, and comes coupled with a brief, stern glare that screams 'PLZ STAY AWAY FROM THE BULLETS KTHX.' Jack's already got one of the two women he loves at risk. Keeping the other in the line of fire would be more than he could bear.

Despite instincts that scream at him to relocate the gun away or knock Elena out or do something, Jack is unwilling to risk he niece's life. He's not exactly sure what's going on here, but nothing scares him more than the idea of a dead Elena. "Everybody stay outta the way," he urges. "She wants to go, we let her go." Frustrated and helpless, he has little choice but to stand aside and let her pass. His expression is tortured and his eyes terrified as he glances at each of the others in turn, silently imploring them to follow his lead.

She IS telling them what to do. She's telling them to BACK OFF. Elena slides carefully around, much like a wary cat with the door open and freedom lingering outside. She takes another step back, and back, her golden gaze passing everyone. Jack. Trina. Peter. Heidi at the bar. And she doesn't seem to recognize any of them. Her steps are light, easy, and the golden tone to her eyes hold - her body's prepared for something. To fight or flee when necessary. Heidi has seen it before.

Her steps pause, right in the middle of the common room. Ramon's voice BOOMS right into her head, scrambling the programming. Her nose starts to bleed, she staggers backwards at the sudden pain, her eyes turning back to dark for just a few seconds. The gun is still against her throat however. Her other hand reaches out to grab her wrist, trying to pry the muzzle away from her face. "J….J…GET THIS THING OF ME!" she cries, her voice rising in a panic. It doesn't take long for her to realize what's going on. She's holding a GUN and it's against her NECK and for some reason she won't let go of it.

Standing back as Elena exits the bathroom, Heidi just watches, since there's nothing she can do at this point except hope that nothing happens. The outburst, though —

That's her. There's something else going on. Instead of standing around like an idiot, she pushes off the bar, toward Elena, hand reaching out in an attempt to take the weapon from her.

OH, we WILL talk about your friends later. For now, however, Trina actually shuts her trap. World beware. …Damn it. And then Elena acts as if positively possessed. Where's an exorcist when you need one? She opens her mouth to ask Jack if he knows any exorcists that she can call… and then shuts her mouth again. He probably wouldn't consider that to be a helpful suggestion. DAMN IT. Why can't she be a mastermind? Bet Batman never put up with this shit.

…Bet Batman never had a senator's wife launching herself at a gun, either. Not that Trina recognizes Heidi as such. No, she's just the woman who is Directly Disobeying Jack. Jack's bar, Jack's rules, and Jack said to stay out of the way! Maybe that's why Trina finally moves herself away from that beloved hellion's side (encouraged by the shove) and makes her way to try to block Heidi's path. "Hey. Hey! JACK SAID 'BACK UP'." That shut trap didn't last long, now did it?

Let her go? Honestly Peter doesn't look like he likes this idea, but he glances between Jack and the young woman with the gun a few times, feeling pretty helpless in the fact that— what really can he do here? So much power and he's not sure what to do. It's like the sudden shock has drained him of all of his thoughts. He's not as versed in telepathy as Ramon, he's not sure he could do anything… and using some of his other abilities… As she stumbles, with residue of the last ability he used still clinging to him he can actually hear some of the booming voice in her head— an echo only— the knowledge that it's her father. At her movement, he takes a few steps forward, but his sister-in-law is there first. "Heidi!" It's not just her he's worried about, of course, but she's the one who just jumped into it.


As ordered, the bouncer scurries to block off the exit.

Jack is ready for this. He's been watching and waiting for any lapse in concentration. Just a split second's distraction so he can safely get the gun out of Elena's reach. As ridiculously ill-conceived a notion as Heidi trying to disarm Elena is, it's far more of a distraction than he could've hoped for. There's a small nod of approval as Trina intercepts the other woman, then he snaps his fingers and relocates the firearm away from all three of them. "Shit! Heidi! I love your enthusiasm, but kindly get the fuck out of the way! And you…" He gesture toward Elena with the tip of the pistol. "What. The. Fuck?"

Several things happen at once:

Heidi moves to try and yank the gun away from Elena. Trina moves to intercept Heidi. Sensing the threat, the young woman's arm suddenly moves to try and point the gun towards the approaching, blue-eyed Petrelli….only for the hand-out gesture to jerk her wrist upwards. A bullet explodes harmlessly overhead, smashing into a hanging light and sending bulb glass showering over the three women. This is when Jack moves, the weapon suddenly in his hand.

Weaponless, Elena backs away, clutching at her head and groping for something to situate herself with. When Jack yells at her, she shakes her head. She keeps backing away though—but Jamal blocks the door, her only means of escape.

She stops struggling. Her head lifts up to stare at Jack for a moment. The golden color is back. Without any other words, perhaps the recording has spent itself, she spins around, moving faster than she normally would. And then? She'll throw herself into the nearest window. Glass shatters violently as she neatly rolls into a crouch outside.

Trina, with arms held out to hold Heidi back, turns as she hears glass breaking. Her entire face falls, and she turns, arms moving to indicate the window. "High holy fuck." Again, her back curls, but this time it's simply to give her hands a little more room to gesture emphatically at the shattered space. "Are you kiddin' me?" That was… kinda anti-climatic, really. No gun… Does that mean that now Elena can't get hurt? Isn't that how it works? That's good, right? Her gaze shifts to Jack, silently asking him a question. What do you want me to do, chief?

Dazed is about how she feels, with people shouting around her, and Elena struggling against whatever it is that's causing her to hold a firearm to her head. Letting out a shout when the gun goes off, she backs away, held by Trina, chastised by Jack, but she had to do something. Momentarily confused when the gun simply disappears, she's almost relieved a moment later when it seems there's nothing left to do except try to help the—

When she next sees Elena's eyes, they're yellow again.

That's the only thought she has, really, because in the next moment, the younger woman is jumping out the window.

"Elena!" Peter yells as she leaps through the window, looking as if he desperately wants to just follow after her. He probably could fly right through the window and be off, and he does start to move in that direction, looking as if he may attempt to chase after her. The gun is out of her hand, but who knows what can happen now. If only he didn't look so pale and panicked, he might be able to think of more to do. It's odd, he's actually older, and he looks towards Jack for guidance.

Jack is thinking the same thing that Peter's thinking. Specifically, Must Chase Girl. "SHIT! Hey Pete, keep an eye on Heidi?" He tosses the pistol to Trina. "Baby, you follow me out. This smells like trouble to me." He motions to Jamal, then launches himself through the broken-out window mere seconds after Elena. The bouncer follows him via the door and they both take off in pursuit. Unfortunately, Jamal is huge. He's got stamina on his side, but he's not the kind of man who can move fast, so he quickly falls behind.

When Jack hurls himself out the window, and Trina follows with a gun, Elena has managed to keep moving, shards of glass having bits of her blood scattered around the pavement as she vaults onto the hood of Julia, turning around to glower at Jack and Trina as they give chase. And then….they hear it. The roar of a bulky vehicle maneuvering around the corner in full speed, rubber tires squealing and bearing down on the street. Turning around, she leaps from the hood of Julia, lands in a crouch on the street, and races in a blatant interception course of the approaching vehicle.

Upon close inspection it looks to be a gray van, the side door wide open and slowing just enough for the young woman to hurl herself through the opening, rolling bodily and slamming into the other side of the vehicle. When she lifts her head, her gaze burns at Jack as whoever's driving the van carries her off.

"Got it, sugar." Cooly catching the pistol with remarkably delicate and soft hands that gently follow its downward path partway to the floor, Trina straightens only to shove it deep into the waistband of her pants, securely over her hip. To Heidi and Peter, the bar wench offers an apologetic smile as she races towards the exit. "I'm sorry. I—" Thumbing over her shoulder, Trina indicates the door. "I gotta go." Even as she's scurrying outside, she's trying to make amends. "Next time, I'll give you somethin' better than water on the house. Make sure no one steals nothin'?" She hopes she can trust them for that much. And then she's off, desperately trying to catch up to Jack and Elena… in heels. Her hair pounds rhythmically against her back in time. Oh, how this sucks. Imagine even how much more it sucks when Trina hears the squeal of tires and turns a corner to see the younger girl dive into a van, and the young woman is left to shuffle awkwardly to a stop with hands flying up to help balance her. She's never wearing heels to work again. Mark her words. "…What just happened?" Van. Squealing away. Trina's hands becomes that much more emphatic as she gestures towards the getaway car. "Jack, WHY IS SHE GETTING IN A VAN?" Trina is so confused, and all she's trying to do is what he tells her. Because at least he seems to have a clue and a plan.

Still too stunned to react, it's another moment before she's actually able to follow the others out of the bar, and by the time she's out the door, she's missed Elena voluntarily jumping into the grey van. She does, however, note that the van is driving off, heard the squealing of tires, and… She can put a few things together. She's also been carried off in a van before, though the circumstances were a lot different.

Standing in front of the bar, she looks to Jack, to Trina, and back in to Peter. There's not a whole lot she can do, short of standing there as the van carries her friend away to god-knows-where. One hand goes to thread through her hair, pushing it back out of her face. Thus, torn between crying and calling for help, she does the sensible thing. Pulls her cellphone out of her pocket and dials 9-1-1.

Jack stands and shakes bits of glass off of his shoulders. "Shit," he murmurs. "You've gotta admit, that was a nice move. OHFUCK! C'mon, lover. You can ride shotgun. I dunno where she's goin' but I plan to get my Scrappy back." He nods vigorously at the sight of Heidi with a cell phone. "Call the cops. Call Nate. Call everybody. We gotta go."

Luckily, Julia is parked right out front. He bolts to the driver's door, hops in, and starts the engine up. He revs it experimentally, his hands flicking toggle switches and pressing buttons mounted into the dash with the precision of an ace pilot prepping for launch. Fully refurbished after her last major boo-boo, the dials, toggles, and indicators mounted around the interior of the classic GTO make it look more like a helicopter's cockpit then the inside of a muscle car.

The moment the operator hears Heidi's voice, she patches a few squad cars towards the location as well as a firetruck for good measure. It helps being the senatorial candidate's wife, for it brings THE WORLD INTO HIGH GEAR when she calls. The moment she hangs up the phone, she could hear them. Sirens, and plenty of them, bearing for the location that she called them to.

The gray van speeds forward. It doesn't seem to care that it just made off with someone's niece. Deep inside, the young woman woodenly makes her way to the front, sitting down. The driver, whoever he is, reaches around her, grabbing the seatbelt and buckling her in. Because if a chase was on? It was on.

HOW the hell is he anticipating all this though?

How the hell does he know about Jack? Jack's place to begin with? Or to put the gun where it was? Or the car?

Questions to ponder for now, but he was right in one thing….he's been doing this for years. Ramon said he was always a few steps ahead. There is something that the crew is missing. Unfortunately things are going too fast to contemplate that. Either Jack gives chase or loses them entirely in the mean streets of New York.

"Comin', baby." Racing to the side of the car even as she continues prattling in her boyfriend's direction, it takes Trina a little time to get to full speed, but no time at all to stop as she careens into the side of the door with a loud slam. That door is quickly pulled open and slammed shut behind the woman who hurls herself into the passenger seat, no time to be had for the gentle reverence worthy of this beautiful machine. "We'll get her. It's gonna be okay. Promise." That is said every bit as much for her own benefit as for Jack's, her heart racing and pounding from adrenaline, exertion, and worry.

"You betcher ass we're gonna get her," Jack replies, also attempting to reassure himself. The first rush of adrenaline is wearing off, leaving him terrified to the point of sickness as he shifts into first and guns the engine. "I'm comin', Scrappy," he repeats over and over. It's like a mantra. If he keeps saying it, it's bound to come out true. Julia's engine squeals in protest as it's pushed to the redline. Upshift. The van is in sight. "When we we get close, I'ma hit it in the rear corner. Brace yourself good, then pop out an' see if you can't hit a tire." As he speaks, he fumbles under the dash for a pistol of his own that's attached with velcro tabs. It's already locked and loaded, so all he has to do to ready it is flick off the safety. He rolls down his window, preparing to take a few shots of his own when the time is right.

Her phone is still in her hand, though now she's just heading down the street at a half-jog. Not that she thinks she's going to catch up with the van or the car that's following it, but at least she feels like she's doing something. With the sirens blaring in the distance, though, all she can do is wait, and hope that Elena's okay in that van.

And just when a plan is formulated…

The van flies through an intersection. Dark and dead at night, with all that's going on, and adrenaline pumping in everyone's veins, the chase moves on through the streets of New York. However, before the vehicles get too far….

It's almost too late to see it, but the big rig transporting a good amount of chemicals for the local plant in Jersey FLIES out of nowhere the moment Julia follows through that intersection. It's almost too late to move, too late to jerk around or stop. But the big rig controlled by a blank-faced man who just GUNNED the gas pedal the moment he saw the gray van. And it careens to crash headlong…

Right towards Trina's side of the car.

And not only that….but the giant truck is NOT stopping. Should it impact, it will fly towards the cement divider in the middle of the street to crush Julia between its weight and the cement.

"Got it." Deep breath. Deep breath and hope that the cops don't see this. Do it for Jack, Trina orders herself. Do it for Elena, the insane girl who is acting so out of character. Do it and hope the cops don't come. Taking the pistol out of her waistband and resting it on her lap, she just sinks into the passenger seat. The window opens, and her dark hair whips about her face as she waits for the right moment. Please, no cops tonight. And then the distant wail of sirens can be heard over the roar of engine. Sinking lower into her seat and outwardly bracing her knees against the door and the console wall, hoping against hope that they don't actually catch up.

…And then there are bigger things to worry about. Much bigger things. Things like big rigs.

Do you wanna know what panic does to a girl? Panic on a squish level? Normally, nothing. Unfortunately for everybody involved, panic does bad things to the girl in the beautiful purple GTO. Panic tells Trina to cringe in the passenger seat, throw up her arm, shriek quietly, and brace. Her other hand crosses the gap to cling to Jack's leg as she desperately hopes to get just a little more space between themselves and truck. Which backfires. A wave pulses out, pushing windows as Trina's genetic flaws come to the surface in a devastating display.

Congrats, Jack. The truck spooked her. And now you get the six foot forcefield pushing out with concussive force against everything around you as a result. Least you ain't gettin' pushed away with it.

Several things happen simultaneously and none of them are awesome. Jack pushes both of nitrous injection buttons on his stereo panel, giving the vehicle extra forward momentum. The forcefield pushes against Julia's interior walls, shattering glass and blowing doors off of hinges. And in the split-second before the big rig strikes Trina's side of the car, Jack looks her in the eye and whispers, "I love y—"


What portions of Julia that weren't wrecked by the forcefield are demolished by the high-speed collision. With almost every seam already burst, the field surrounding them is more than strong enough to protect them both as they're launched from the vehicle and out into the street. Unaware of the field's properties, Jack clings to Trina and pulls her against his chest so he can cushion her fall when they both hit the pavement.

She's still watching when the truck hits the car.

It's impossible not to be taken back to a night where screeching tires and crunching metal filled her senses and deadened everything else around her. It's the only thing she remembers from that night… Even the circumstances leading up to it are haze, but the sound - thunder-like. A crash—

Crash, crash, CRASH

As Nathan's car hit the highway barrier. She can briefly recall the splash of water, and, shut out for months, the memory of the sharp pain she felt in that moment hits her like a speeding train.

Heidi's face pales, and she stares. In that moment, it's as if she's watching her own accident from somewhere above it. The sound of the truck crashing into the wall is something she can feel above the sirens; the instant, however, is gone, she's returned the the present, finding herself kneeling on the ground with no recollection of how she got there.

When she pushes herself to her feet, it's painful, though she staggers a few steps before taking off at a run toward the accident. She has to make sure they're okay; if she has to, she'll pull them away from the wreck. With so many things happening at once, she can't see that they've already been launched from it, though she probably will soon.

The car practically EXPLODES, with the field expanding inside, and the big rig crashing right next to the car in an effort to crush and destroy every person inside. To Heidi's eyes it would look deadly, there's no WAY anyone could've survived that. No how. As the metal twists around the field, folded unforgivingly by the crash… it's rather devastating. It didn't help that the driver of the big rig, once it's sparked and skidded to a stop, is slumped forward on the steering wheel as well, arm dangling out helplessly outside of the window. At first glance, it looks like the only persons conscious in the accident are Heidi and Peter, and Heidi's just managed to get an eyeful of the wreck.

Punched canisters of chemicals pour out from the back of the truck, and onto the ground. Thankfully, however, nothing's ignited, so chances of anything blowing up are slim, not without a spark or a fire, so for now it's safe to approach the crash site. The sirens that Heidi called, ambulances perhaps, are closing in. Some late night bystanders are staring at the accident. It was almost unbelievable. Are the people inside dead?!!

Trina's awake after the forcefield does its work, helping to destroy the beloved car but also help bounce them away from the worst of the collision. Go her! It's not long for this world, however. When Jack lands on the ground, most of the field she's generated has dissipated. He gets the glory of skidding across pavement with her curled against him, and she the disgrace of catching her leg and getting ripped away from him after he takes a large chunk of the initial force. Alas, the latter force is something to be reckoned with, too. Because… she's bouncing.

Her head hits pavement hard, and there's a sickening, low crack that resonates in her chest as bones break and a rib snaps and finds its way into the softer tissue inside. You know. Soft as in… lung soft. At least she isn't awake to feel it. That's actually a plus if you were to ask her. Which you can't. Because her world is mighty dark at present. Another big plus? She doesn't have to feel the very large piece of jagged metal that sinks itself into her side and twists in as she finally rolls to a stop, with bits of gnarled dark locks of hair sticking to her face. At least they're not pizza, though, right?

Jack skids and slides along on his back, shredding his t-shirt and skin like tissue against the pavement. He digs in his palms and heels to break his momentum, sending his body into a sideways roll that bruises elbows, knees, shins, and forearms and gashes exposed skin against bits of automobile. When he tucks and comes to his feet he's battered and bloody, but still able to stand. His eyes are wide with pain and shock as he surveys the wreckage. "Trina… ?" He can't see her. He can't find her. Where is she?

Panicking, Jack's eyes go wild and he spins in a circle. When he spots her, he screams unashamedly. "TRINA!" Mindless of his own wounds, he sprints to her side and falls to his knees. "Baby… No. No." He reaches out to touch her, but there are so many things wrong. So much blood. "Oh my God, baby. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have brought you. I shouldn't have." Still hovering over her but afraid to attend to her injuries, he screams again, "HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!"

God. God. Halfway there, she stops for a moment, staring in horror at the place Jack's car used to be. The truck driver, though…

Wearing flat-soled shoes was probably the best decision Heidi made this morning, because she can run fairly fast with them on. At least a truck can take the damage a little better than an old car, but there's still the matter of chemicals everywhere, the potential for fire…

She can't do this. She can't do this.

Even if the chances of something catching fire are almost none, the twisted metal around the wreck just hurts her to look at, and she realizes that as she approaches the truck, her eyes won't leave the spot where Jack's car is smashed up against the wall.

Too late? Is it too late?

Tearing her attention away, she instead focuses on the slumped driver, and the expression on his face seems … familiar, in a way. Maybe it felt as if everything was happening in a hurry before, but she picked some things up, like the look in Elena's eyes before she jumped out the window.

This was all a set up.

Still, she climbs up into the truck, wrenching the door open with some difficulty, before—

She unceremoniously shoves the driver out of the cab, catching him by his shirt collar just long enough so that he doesn't break any bones when he hits the road. She knows it was dangerous to move him - Heidi, of all people, should know that - but it was the only way she could get him out of the truck. She's not the strongest person in the whole world.

It's then that she notes the fact that Trina and Jack are somehow still alive, and on the pavement away from the wreck. Had she known that before, she would have gone for them first, and so, Heidi leaves the driver.

"Jack! Jack!" She hops out of the truck, feeling the stab of pain that's purely psychological. Wincing, she stumbles over to him and Trina, eyes on the woman on the ground who's obviously seriously injured. Still — "Jack, this was a set-up. It was all— " She doesn't know how much Jack knows about Carter. "Whoever did it, he can hypnotize people with his voice. Elena, the truck driver. It was like it was scripted."

God. Elena.

Heidi looks up, but of course, the van is long gone. Kneeling down again close to Trina, she can't think of a damn thing to do that would do a bit of good. So much blood. The sirens indicate that there are people who can help that are on their way, though! At least she knows some things — don't move her, don't pull anything out that's stuck in, don't— Pulse! Is there a pulse? Afraid to go anywhere near Trina's neck, she reaches for a wrist, instead.

"Baby…" Jack still can't bring himself to touch Trina. Especially the piece of metal stuck in her side. There is an oddness to the shape of her chest that horrifies him, also. Right now, he's only got eyes for his baby. "You can't die," he pleads. Very gently, he touches the only piece of her that doesn't seem injured. Her face. "I love you too much. You can't leave me." For the first time in his life he's able to say the words without mumbling, though grief makes them thick and throaty. "Please don't leave me, baby. I need you. SOMEBODY FUCKIN' HELP ME!" Despite his swearing, the scream is more pleading than anything else. He'll stay there with her. He'll stay there until help arrives. He'll stay forever if he has to.

When Heidi reaches out to touch Trina's wrist, her pulse is, while beating, somewhat weak. She's alive. But will she live?

An ambulance or two screech into view, thanks to the 9-1-1 call. With the young motorhead bleeding out as much as she does, the EMTs waste no time. They start shooing Heidi and Jack away from Trina, and a separate crew moves over to grab the guy that was slumped over his steering wheel with the blank stare. After some inquiries, who was who, whether they were family and the like, whoever wants to go will be admitted into the back of the ambulance. Besides, with the look on Jack's face, any thinking paramedic wouldn't dare deny him a ride now.

The police and firetrucks are left to clean up the chemical spill. To them, it's just an accident. A very bad accident. To the other people involved, they know better, but no one has time to talk.

Trina and company, whoever goes, are then ferried off to Beth Israel Hospital….

And as if yet another hand is pulling the strings, they'll find another couple in the emergency room, waiting for word on the fate of Manny Gomez.

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