2007-10-31: Darn Holidays



Summary: It's Halloween. Frank prepares.

Date It Happened: October 31st, 2007

Darn Holidays

HardWare ETC.

There was no wind howling through the cold night. The streets were free of owls, but there were still strange figures lurking about under the dimly-lit lamp posts. Trash cans and black bags also sat silently in alleys and other pathways, a few leaking unknown liquids down into the storm drains.

In between old brick buildings, the old store sat. Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes took up the porch railings, the stairs, the covered tables dragged out in front, and on the ground surrounding its concrete foundations. Each were carved with different patterns and faces. No two were exactly alike. Although there were many rough and jagged cuts made, they passed off as decent. It showed that hard work took place, with or without the blood and sweat needed. Thankfully, nobody would notice it during this time.

The gas lighter clicked twice, the red-orange flame flickering in the darkness as it was set to light each and every candle. There were twenty-five empty shells in all, but it didn't matter how long it took to get them lit. As long as they glowed, things were all right.

What seemed like an hour and a half was maybe twenty to thirty minutes in reality. The lighter clicked off, the flame sputtering out within seconds. He never thought he would feel his body ache after making his rounds. It should be just like last year: a week of picking out the right pumpkins, another week and a half to get them all prepped and carved, a day or three to set them all up just as he pictured it in his head. Two weeks was enough to get use to the whole lighting routine, wasn't it?

…Well, he was old.

Shaking his head, the man stepped back from his glorious display of glowing jack-o-lanterns. His eyes shined as he let out a gruff sigh. It was always during the holidays that Frank went all out. He never understood why exactly, but it felt…good. Like he accomplished something for another holiday run. The feeling never really lasted that long anyway. He'll go back to complaining about it until next year.

A wry smirk appeared as he shuffled slowly back down the walkway to go inside, taking what he needed before heading back out onto the porch. It was still early, but it never hurt to be ready. A generous bowl of candy was set out on a stand near the entrance as Frank nodded to himself. Perfect. He then walked over to the rocking chair, taking the time to sit down and get comfortable. Fixing the sleeves of his plaid flannel shirt, he leaned back and put on a bright yellow mask, its iconic happy face standing out and overlooking the rows of pumpkins. And he rocked.


And forth.

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