2007-11-09: Darth Genius


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Summary: To get help with the camera instillation crisis at Enlightenment Books, Peter calls upon one of the computer geniuses that he knows of. And he still needed to give the man a message from the future anyway.

Date It Happened: November 9, 2007

Darth Genius

On the Phone

From the safety of his own apartment, Peter sits in front of his computer quietly and then picks up his phone and dials a number he rarely calls. Gene Kensington has always been more of a friend-of-a-friend than a friend of his, but if something is fishy— there's few people he trusts more.

Glancing at the sheet of paper, the young man tries for the hundredth time to get meaning out of it. Sadly while intelligent, Gene Kensington has little in the way of medical expertise. In disgust, Gene throws the sheet of paper down, revealing itself to be a copy of the scan that was said show his potentially fatal brain tumor. As if on cue, his cell phone rings. In the mostly dark lab, Gene reaches for his cell phone. Glancing once toward caller ID with a twitch of a frown, the young man picks up. "Hey, Peter… What's up?"

"A lot, unfortunately," Peter responds, looking down at his computer screen. "I need your help with something, if you have the time. It's cool if you don't, but— there's this Company I want to look into. And a guy too." There's a pause. "I think the Company might be legit. It's supposed to be a computer repair company of some kind, but there's something about one of the guys working for them that bothered me."

Kensington leans back in his chair somewhat, a small hint of a smirk forming. Figures that he called for help. Man can travel time yet he can't investigate worth beans, Gene thinks. "Go on with the details. I'll see what I can do." With his free hand, Gene moves toward the edge of his keyboard, just wiggling the mouse a bit to get the screen saver to stop working and his computer monitor to light back on.

"The name of the company is Compusure," Peter explains, lifting up a small notepaper with a few words written on it in someone else's handwriting. Luckily it's readable. "He said it was a computer repair company— and I think it probably is. I did something that would make it hard to lie, but he could have been working for someone else as well. His name, though, is Danny Ferrera. I don't have the name of the person he was working with, but the two of them were setting up a camera in the back of Enlightenment— near the back door. Suspiciously. And I'm pretty sure that no one asked them to do that— especially not after hours in the middle of the night."

"They were setting it up INSIDE the store? If so, that was pretty damn brazen. Well, I'll see about checking out some resources either way, see what I can dig up." Does he tell Pete about the small camera he installed to help out Cass? Of course not. If Cass didn't talk about it or Pete didn't know, he doesn't see why he should bring it up. "If the camera was in the back outside of the store, not sure why they'd want to have it there… Not like you guys are very clandestine in your meetings there."

"No, it was outside, in the alley way. I didn't hear what they were saying about it, but they seemed to make everyone else suspicious," Peter explains, looking at the screen with a frown. There are ways he could do all this on his own, but… he's not sure he wants to try it out anyway— what if he gets into something secure and doesn't know how to get back out? "I'm not sure what they were after either, but one of them— the other one— I read his mind. He was… thinking about the freaks. And how they should be killed one by one." Part of him assumes he means evolved, like them. But at the same time… "The store does cater to some unpopular groups of people, so it could have been completely mundane. That's why I want you to look into it."

"If you want to think it's something mundane, go for it," Gene replies, sounding rather unamused from his side of the phone. "If they are putting up a camera and thinking stuff like that, I'll assume the worst. When you read his mind, you get anything else?"

There's a pause, Peter tries to think back on everything. "There were more than those two around— a lot of thoughts at once, and I lost control of it after a minute. Too much going on." He'd had a headache afterward. "But I'm pretty sure he was frustrated— thinking about how he was tired of waiting. I tried to keep them from leaving, take their bag away— I assume it had the camera in it, unless the actually did finish installing it, but it didn't work."

"Huh." That is all Gene says on the matter. There is a couple of seconds of silence as the Inventor seems to be doing something on his side of the phone. There is the sound of keys clacking here and there. "Well, unless you have anything else to offer, I'll get to work. Should be a few days, but I'll see what I can dig up and see if it's anything decent. Should be pretty easy to see if his cover is sound or not."

"Let me know what you get when you have it," Peter says, pausing for a moment to see if there's anything else. "I think I briefly mentioned this before, but— in the future— the future you… He suggested that I tell you some things and maybe you could build things that would help us fight Sylar more efficiently. This was after we found out Sylar was still alive— but before we found out that Sylar was— me. Future me." He pauses for a long moment. "But I don't want to burden you with too much, especially if you're not feeling well."

There is a looooong silence. Maybe enough to make Peter think that Gene's connection cut out. But as soon as Peter begins to say something, Gene is swift to interrupt. "Alright, I'll do it. I'll need a list of your powers. A list of his powers. That way I can figure out how best to maximize YOUR powers and to minimize his. While I am sure you both have powers we don't know about, we can do the best with what we know."

"I can email them all to you. I've been working on writing up things on my abilities— to help Cass with my training," Peter explains, moving to do something on his own computer, specifically opening up a file folder and typing in a password. It's simple, but it gives him some sense of security. "And I can give you the ones I saw him use, both here and in the future— the future powers are probably not all accurate, but could give an idea. I'll need your email, though."

"Send it to moc.liamg|siuneGhtraD#moc.liamg|siuneGhtraD," Gene replies with a faint smirk, clearly amused for some unknown reason. "While he might not have the powers of the future yet, we can at least see what sort of powers he'd go for if left to his own devices. The more information I have, the better I can tailor some sort of system to make this work."

"Darth Genius?" Peter says, there's a hint of amusement in his own voice. At least it's easy to remember. Still, he opens up a notepad file and types in a darthgenius before he forgets. "I'll give you details on the fights I've had with him too… Both in the past and the future." More details the better, right? "Thank you, Gene."

"No prob… If there is anything else that I can do to help you out, please, just let me know," Gene says, the dim light revealing a weak smile. Reaching over to get a Dr. Pepper, Gene doesn't drink from it quite yet. "Sure we'll figure out a way to take out Sylar in no time… Well, I've got to get some work done if you want me to do this research. I should have something for you in a couple of days on this person. As for the Sylar stuff, I'll need some time to think and tinker."

"No problem, take your time— There's a lot going on," Peter says, knowing that everything is going to end up happening all at once no matter what he tries to do anyway. "I'll let you get to work. I need to try to call Cass again. I'm pretty sure they weren't legit, but I'd like to know from my boss, too. I'll drop you an email if they weren't. Talk to you later, Gene?"

"Sounds good, Peter. Talk to you later." With that, Gene hangs up his phone. He looks to the phone for awhile before glancing to his machine. He stares at the monitor, glancing at his paler than usual reflection. "It's time to kill or be killed, it would seem," Gene offers quietly, glancing toward a few machines in the background. As usual, the genius doesn't go into details on who or what he's talking about, but that's the perk of being alone… There's no one to answer to.

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