2007-11-12: Dawson's Creep


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Summary: An Enchanted Princess gets a visit from her Knight in Platonic Armor.

Date It Happened: November 12, 2007

Dawson's Creep

Claire's Room

Is there a tree? Maybe there's a ladder? Maybe the ex-kid can just fly, but not in a lame Peter Pan of the West kind of way. Whatever the case may be, there is a Zach Moyer at the window of the Claire Bennet. Why is he there? Because this probably means that he's doing his random check up thing, while there is crazy pandemonium of schoolwork and crazy college kids running around the campus that he doesn't ever spend a lot of time on… even if he is a most excellent Residential Advisor type dude.

There's a light knocking that's happening on the window of the hot (but not to Zach! Cuz, y'know, BFF!) chick that's doing whatever she's doing in her room. If she's even in her room. More knocking, then there's leaning against the window to see if he can hear some lame Britney Spears or something. And then he's just splattering his face against the glass to make a funky face and…

Oh Zach.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Claire is chilling in a pair of sheep covered pajamas and a blue terry hoodie. She's been… lounging in 'em a lot. That's the joy of having your dad call you out sick for 'mono'. She's got two months where all she has to do is sit at home and lie low.

The sound of her loud indy music makes it hard to hear anything, save a whole lot of angsty lyrics and rock guitar. Eventually, however, she yawns and flops backwards onto the pile of pillows that decorates her bed. So BORED.

By mere coincidence, the blonde then turns her head to look out the dark window. Where she sees the distorted face of her best friend. Except that it doesn't immediately register as such. She just gasps, pushes herself up off of the bed and away towards her closet, and stares with wide eyes. A moment later, however, she's just leaning towards that window, peering at it with a hand over her racing heart. "…Zach?"

"My name is Zach Vader." And the very bad impression of James Earl Jones may or may not come through the window as the token white boy peels his face from the glass. And there's is much smiling that's going on, because he's always turning up the cheer when he's around the uh… cheerleader. Something that must be done, nowadays, since he's become In. Which he still needs to thank Noah for at some point in the near future. Maybe a fruit basket.

And within the next moment, he's playing the charades style game of 'Open The Window' by pointing and making weird motions that make no sense with his hands, but somehow manages to come out with something that might be considered the same thing as 'Open The Window'. Here's to hoping the Blonde Hotshell can figure out what he means. Because, well, it just may be cold out here.

Picking up the Discman that clattered to the floor, Claire makes her way to the window. She does, it seems, speak Zachese. Unlatching the window and pulling it open, she then steps back with her arms wrapping about herself against the chill. She is smiling now at least. It's a tiny, self-conscious thing, but there. "You can use the front door, you know. That's the awesome part of Dad being cool with all this."

Smiling is good. Because that only makes Zach smile more. And then he's sliding inside with the skills of a… well, window climber inner. That makes no sense, but just go with it. Anyway, he's closing the window behind him and reaching out to give the Claire of Bears a bit of a hug, since he's semi-gay and that's what GBFFs do. "I could. But then I'd have to deal with Lyle the Hellspawn." Rolling of his eyes happens and he's backpedaling quickly to see if he can't find somewhere good to flop down. Mmmmm. Softness. "Besides, I look cooler coming in the window. Makes the neighbors think my pimping isn't easy."

It's a girly room, and there are plenty of cushy places to sit. The bed. The chair. Claire takes the hug and returns it tightly before letting him go again. Then moving to her dresser, the blonde moves to set down the Discman on it. Her arms are crossed again, and she watches Zach move to sit down, amusement glittering in her eyes. "Just don't make 'em think that you're pimping too much. All I need is Dad getting the wrong idea."

"Front Door. Got it." Zach can take the hint. He doesn't need to come in the window. As much as it's So Dawson's Creek. Not that he enjoyed that show. At all. Honest. Moving right along, he's trying to get comfy in his seat, but he's doing a lot of squirming. "Gah! What is in my ass?!" He hops back up and turns around, lifting his shirt some to show off the… wrapped present that's sticking out of his back pocket. He peers over his shoulder with the fakest innocent look he can pretend to muster up. "Hey! How'd that get there?!"

At talk of things in her BFF's ass, Claire blanches. "OH, MY GOD," she cries, immediately protesting and lifting her arm, tossing it across her face to cover her blue eyes. She is really peeking, though, from underneath. "I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! I DON'T WANT TO—" Present? The blonde drops her arm, and tilts her head. A bemused smirk curls her mouth, pulling up one corner higher than the other, planting her hands on her hips. "Was that a cheap shot to get me to check out your butt?"

"Maybe." is the response from Zach that's going as he works on pulling the present out of his pocket and giving it quite the hearty toss in Claire's direction. If only to see if she has the reflexes of a cheerleader, like she's supposed to have. By then, he's spinning back around and flopping back down into the cushiony goodness of the girly room and cracking the holy heck up. "It's just a little somethin' I spent my entire paycheck on because you so desperately need it…" Yes, he's going to lay it on nice and thick to make sure she enjoys the heck out of it.

Claire gives Zach an odd, curious glance, but it only lasts a minute as he starts to cryptically explain. No question, her hands stretch out to easily catch the box flying at her. She doesn't, however, immediately move to unwrap it. Instead, she gives a baffled sort of smile to the guy who's already twirling around and plopping himself down with a grin like the cat who ate the canary. "You didn't have to do that, Zach," she politely protests, then pushing the present back out into the air at the end of an outstretched arm. "I'm really just happy you're around."

It might as well be garlic or something. Because Zach goes into full on vampiric mode as he raises his arms to protect his face from the glare of the evil return present. He even makes that really fake hissing sound that old Dracula movies are ever so famous for! "Back! Back! Open it or I shall have to bite your neck!" We're not even going to get into the very bad Count from Sesame Street accent that's coming from the confused college student's mouth. Just the peering over the top of his arm is enough to keep him in character.

The box in Claire's hands is flipped over a couple of times, trying to tempt her friend into taking back the box. When that fails, she draws it back, looks at it, and then lifts her eyebrows as she looks back to Zach. "Are you sure?"

"Will you just open it?! The suspense is killing me!" Zach is already back to his feet, waving his hands around with an all too wild mannerism that's clearly overdramatic for a reason. All of this 'sure' nonsense is getting on his nerves, for gosh darn reasons that have nothing to do with a non-existent crush that happens to be creeping up but not really because he is only her best friend in the whole wide world and nothing more. Ahem.

The typically very broody blonde can't help but to laugh now. "Alright!" Claire nods once. "Alright." Setting herself down on the bed, her slender fingers start ripping into the paper that's concealing the present. A corner, first, but then her slow and careful unwrapping pauses and her eyes open wide. "Oh, my God." Shredding into the pretty paper with a newfound frenzy, the grin impossible to hide as she starts squealing. "AN iPHONE?! Are you serious?!"

"Hell yeah, son!" Yeah, that's Zach trying on the slang again, but with no real results. Only because, well, he's whiter than white can be if it was scared white. Anyway, though, he's grinning with all the awesomeness that he can muster up because the Claire is so happy with the gift. The squealing causes him to cover his ears and try to figure out just why in the holy heck it's going on. "Guess I don't have to ask if you like it, then, huh?"

"Oh, MY GOD." Claire is, on no uncertain terms, ecstatic. Throwing the iPhone down on the bed, she races over to the place where Zach has camped out and throws herself at him, arms flung around his neck and clinging. "I LOVE IT. I can't believe you did this!!"

Annnnd… is this a Claire damn near in his lap or is he just happy to see her? Or something else close to that. Whatever the fact of the matter is, there's just some kind of wonderful and Zach's eyes may look like they're looking at her different in this moment, but he's quickly turning them into something more akin to friendship. Friends. Yes. Ahem. "Hey. I figured you were without a phone cuz of…" Trailing off, he's not wanting the trip down memory lane. "And you're like a hot girl. And hot girls can't be without cell phones. It is, by and large, an inconclusive fact of life."

"I can't wait to tell Dad to add it to our family plan," Claire plainly states, practically glowing. Planting a drawn out smooch on Zach's cheek. Totally platonic. …Really. Pulling back, the girl bounces deeply on her knees, hands planted on her thighs. "How do you do that?"

Platonicism is the wave of the future… of Claire and Zach. Seriously. He has to shake his head after a bit of staring in Claire's direction and just ends up shrugging off the craziness that's running through his mind and shouldn't be. Ahem. "Ugh. First of all? Cooties." And he makes a face at the fact that he's just been kissed by a cheerleader. It hides the blush, easily. "And second of all, contrary to pop culture belief, I'm a man of many talents. Knowing what makes you happy, just happens to be one of them." Wink.

A wide grin now seemingly a permanent fixture upon her features, Claire moves to plop herself on the bed and open the box to look at the thing at more depth. Because… NEW TOY. When she pulls out the phone, it's the big tell tale 'W' on the skin in gold, red, and blue that catch her attention first. She starts laughing right away. "Yeah, you're pretty much amazing," she agrees wholeheartedly, glancing up for a moment. Then back her attention goes to the ridiculously lavish gift in her hands. "We just need to find you someone just as awesome who realizes that. …And I'm not just saying that because this is the best present ever." Another pointed glance upward at that.

Zach's leaning up in his chair now, tossing a hand through his hair to make sure everything is as good as it possibly can be. He's never really been -that- presentable, but he's been trying to be a little more coordinatey since hanging out more and more with Claire. Even though he's the Older Man, as it were, he can't have her reputation being ruined by his lack of clothing gimmickry. He is, after all, semi-goth with artsy tendencies. Ahem. "What do I need someone awesome for when I've got my own, personal, Wonder Girl?" Honesty comes from Zach's mouth as he casts a (not to be confused with longing) gaze at Claire.

Now it's Claire's turn to blush and turn her gaze back down to the bit of quilt just beneath her, the exuberance that was rolling off of her in waves before dying down to something a little more introspective. "I'm not that terrific," she confesses quietly. "There are people out there who can do way cooler things than I can. Abilities that they can use to really help people. I'm just an cheerleader that's got a major case of the has beens at 17."

Zach slides off the chair and over to the bed, dropping down onto his knees on the floor next to it. He won't invade that bed space because he's not like, y'know, the bed type. However, he's pondering how sleeping arrangements will work when he's invited to the sleepover because of his apparent gayness. His face goes a little bit serious as he reaches up to plant a hand on Claire's leg, "I wasn't talking about your lizard syndrome." He cracks a little smile as he teases her about his ability. "You're so much more than just a cheerleader, Claire. You're amazing. How you can go through so much pain, emotionally and still get up every day. Granted, you probably should rotate your PJs more often, but these are cute anyway." Another wink from Mr. Not Quite Right. "You have so much more to offer the world than shooting laser beams from your eyes or shooting ice from your fingertips. Of all the bitchy cheerleaders, you were always the least bitchy. And that's why I've always admired you."

Somewhere in the middle of an inspiring speech, Claire looks up at Zach and just watches him. Some things are really messed up in this world. Really messed up. But here he is, making it seem better just by existing. By being irreppressably him. Maybe the whole world isn't out to get her. "You're just saying that," she teases, even though she knows he's not. To offset that, however, she reaches out again to wrap her arms about her best friend — her only real non-family friend — in another hug. "Thank you."

And here she is hugging him. Which means that while his head is on her shoulder and looking at the wall, he might as well close his eyes in a happy sigh. But he can't stay that way or feelings that he keeps trying to push down will bubble up and over and there will be bad things in regards to such actions. Ahem. So he's pulling back in a moment, after squeezing her back with a little more than any of his other hugs. "Hey, now. We better be careful. If your father catches us like this, there's a chance I'll be deported." More kiddingness.

Claire, if asked, would be forced to deny that she doesn't sigh contentedly a little, too. It feels good to be hugged and accepted. He doesn't need anything from her except that she be herself. It means more than he'll likely ever know. Pulling back, Claire offers another brilliant smile. "You wanna go downstairs and see if Mom's up for setting another plate at dinner? You're part of the clan now. That's totally gotta have some perks."

"As long as I don't have to sit by Lyle." Zach has to put that quip out there, if only because he wants to be the guy that continuously talks about the Little Brother without fail. Somebody has to keep that dude on his toes. He flashes a smile and is pushing up to his feet with a flourish and spin. For no reason other than being able to do it. He bows a little bit and offers his hand to the princess. "Shall we, my Enchanted Princess of Expensive Communication Devices?"

With the new title, Claire offers Zach a lopsided grin. Yeah. Everything just might be okay after all. With a pleased swagger, the blonde reaches out to take Zach's hand in her own, and then wraps her other arm about his. "We shall," she agrees with a decisive nod, leading out into the hall.

Sure, it may be late, but today may just be an awesome day after all.

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