2007-02-12: Dazed And Confused Part 1


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Summary: After that late afternoon's events in the coffee shop, Elena runs into Eric and Drake in the subway…and things get extremely confusing.

Date It Happened: February 12th, 2007

Dazed and Confused (Part One)

Subway, Underneath NYC

The subway was full of suspicious people and even more suspicious contraband, but Elena usually takes the train so it'll let her off to the more difficult-to-get-to areas of the city….like Chinatown, where she intends to buy something fresh for dinner. She checks her watch, waiting for the next train to come on the right line. She's wearing her hair loose today, with a little ski cap on considering it's winter, and a black coat with the collar turned up. Her breath comes out in white puffs…..stupid cold! She wondered what it was like living in California where she didn't have to deal with this nonsense.

Booted feet stomp lightly on the ground to keep warm, and she's got her mp3 player on, kicking up AC/DC's Back in Black on her ears. Dark eyes are fixed on the book she has cradled on one hand, a highlighter with one hand. Even while waiting for the TRAIN, she's studying. But it's a distraction, trying to forget the weirdness. First Drake quits, and then the attorney almost got into a fight with the big black dude…and COPS at her coffee shop. Had the world gone nuts??

Dark blue cloak, jeans, gloves. No hat though. Eric looks common enough as he decides to take the Subway from his normal apartment too his work and then back again. On his back is his typical backpack, and his foot is tapping along to a song that he is listening too on his own mp3 player, Sting if anyone actually bothers to wonder, as his thoughts flutter around like lost little birds. I mean he's had an awful lot to think about he has. However as his eyes idly look around he spots a familiar face and he blinks, feeling his way though the crowd. "Elena!" He calls out, to try to get his classmate's attention.

The brunette lifts her head, glancing over at the sound of her name. When she sees who it is, Elena smiles over at him. "Eric!" she says, waving a hand over to him. And when he stops near her, she grins, tucking her book under her arm. "New York gets smaller every day. God I had the weirdest dream about you last night." She rubs her cheek. "….well, not like that, but seriously. I dreamt you were in my apartment, which is ridiculous because I've -never- invited you over, but there you were. I don't know where Papa and the kids were, but you…..did something weird with shadow puppets. Isn't that strange? I'm never eating pizza -that- late ever again."

Eric just blinks, blinkblinksblinks. "What…are you talking about Elena?" Now he looks /really/ flippin confused. "..you don't remember?" He just stares at her, confusion resting clear in his eyes as he tilts his head ever so slightly to regard her. "…but…I /was/ over at your apartment yesterday. Remember? I told you that your dad was my new boss?" And other things, but that’s not for open channel discussion now is it. Though at the mention of the shadow puppets he glances left and right and then back towards her. "…you really don't remember anything?"

"…..what? ….no, you have to be confused," Elena says, furrowing her brows. "Since when did Papa become your boss? And no, I don't think so…..I would've remembered walking you up. Did you walk me home? But you've never walked me home, we usually just parted ways after Calculus study group." Molten, dark eyes stare back at him, just as confused. She'd ask him if he toked up, but Eric was pretty clean-cut and straight-arrow, he probably didn't even drink even if she heard his frat-boy friends did on occasion. "…what were you doing at my apartment last night?" she asks slowly. She doesn't remember any of that, she'd remember something like that if it happened.

"You live on…" And then Eric rattles off the address perfectly before he frowns, the frown reflected in his eyes. "And he really is my boss…I started working for RTS two days ago." Then he looks somewhere between worried and confused for a moment. "You don't remember…nothing? Not anything?" He pauses a moment again, looking down a moment before glancing back towards her. "Call bo— er…your dad then, he can explain I bet."

"….n…ooooooo?" Elena draws out the word, the confusion melting away and looking at Eric as if he's lost a couple of his marbles. "And why? Papa's probably busy. Why, what did I miss?" She still doesn't look completely convinced. For all she knows, the TA was probably just pulling her leg. But it looks like she really does have no recollection of the events the night before. In fact, it's as if in her little world, nothing out of the ordinary happened, that cheerful expression on her face a complete 180 from the concerned and contemplative expression she was wearing all night yesterday.

"…yeah…they did hold him at the office for something today," Eric says while scratching the back of his head and watching her. He hikes the backpack a bit higher on his shoulder, his face a study in confusion and…disbelief would be a good way to put it. He shakes his head though as she asks the question. "…its kinda hard to explain…" He smirks slightly. "…and you would think I'm crazy if I told you anyway. That’s why I wanted you to call your dad about it. You would believe him quicker than you would believe me…that’s all…" The cheerful smile on her face though is a bit heartening…even as its worrying as well.

"Yeah, that's the rub isn't it?" Elena sighs. "You won't believe the day I had today. A lawyer came looking for me at the coffee shop to talk about my mom's case file. We didn't get to finish our interview because he got into a fight with this big black guy with this really cool necklace…..I don't really know what happened. All I know was that I was at the break room and I conked out a bit because I was so tired, and when I stepped out the lawyer and the black guy were having this….weird confrontation. And cops were outside! And then my coworker suddenly -quit- and left me to handle the shift by myself." She rubs her face and closes her eyes a little bit. "That and I've had this killer headache all day…'

"…that’s just…weird," Eric agrees with a slight nod. Though now its not a smile on his face, or confusion, its worry. Quite a bit of worry. "…look…where are you off too?" He asks with a frown coloring his face as he turns too look once again at the slightly younger girl. "…This has already been a weird day for you, and this is starting too turn out to be a /really/ weird day for me as well." He says with a slight sheepish grin on his face. "You on your way home then?"

"Well I was gonna hop on over to Chinatown and get some foodstuffs for dinner. Since Papa sent the kids off to Grandma's house, it's just me and him so I thought I'd cook something new today," Elena says, closing her eyes and massaging her eyelids. The headache does look like it's bothering her. She grins back at him. "I was thinking of making seafood paella. Have you ever had that bef—-?" She blinks, something strange catching the corner of her eye. She turns around quickly, looking around, trying to catch sight of what could've made that movement.

Stumbling, Drake catches his footing as he leans down to plant a hand against the ground, then straightens himself up. Giving himself a bit of a shake off, he lets out a deep breath, then glances to his wrist watch, before shoving himself upwards again. Reaching up to tug his knit cap off his head, he gives his blonde hair a good toss, then stares over to the subway tracks, glancing upwards to the LED sign which displays which route is in, and outbound. It has been a weird day for him, and after a great deal of thinking, it looks like he's about to bounce town. A backpack is at his side, and another around his shoulders.

"…yeah, I actually usually like seafood pasta I'll help you carr—" Eric pauses a moment with a surprised look. "…something wrong?" He asks as he turns his head and cranes his neck to look in the direction she was just looking at. He turns slightly to eye her though with a raised eyebrow. "…and doesn’t that strike you as a bit odd that he sent the kids off like that?" He asks curiously. "He did that last night." He adds after a moment before he shrugs. He'll just let dad explain later.

"Not really. Papa usually does that when he feels that he can't handle Manny's crap for a bit and lets Grandma straighten him out." That explains Manny but what about Luis and Juanita. Elena smiles ruefully over at him with a slight shrug. "He can get pretty rebellious." When the cap is whipped off, she blinks, catching sight of a familiar figure on the side and near them. A huffy look enters her face, walking over those few steps to Drake and punching him lightly on the shoulder. "What the -hell-, Drake?" she asks huffily. "I mean if you wanted to quit, couldn't you have quit until -after- our shift was over? The cops left eventually!"

Jerking his head up at the punch to his shoulder, Drake looks over at Elena, then widens his eyes. ".. Sorry. I just.." He swallows tightly in his throat. He rubs the bridge of his nose, then says, "You .. what happened in that room, with that black guy?" He asks in a low voice. "You said people may be after you, and your father.. an they show up.. and then.. you don't remember a thing. Do you remember yesterday, with the rock?" He pulls her close as he whispers against her ear.

Eric just watches this exchange between the pair of them. Following after Elena he works his way though the crowd to stare at the two of them. He catches only little snippets of exactly what might be said, but as he does his brows furrow a bit at it all. "…wait…your saying something totally different happened to her than she did?" He asks of Drake before his good manners kicks in and he blinks once. "Oh…sorry, names Eric. I work with her dad."

"After me and my father?" the brunette wonders out loud, looking between Drake and Eric. Why were they BOTH bringing up her father all of a sudden? Nothing was making sense. "Why would anyone want to be after me and my father? And I remember the rock….but I don't remember when you showed that to me. Was that today? And….what black guy? The only black guy in the shop was the one Mr. Marx was fighting with when I left the break room," Elena says, that confused look growing on her face. "What's -with- you two? Look, all I remember was getting up to go to the back after leaving Mr. Marx….and accidentally taking a nap. I woke up with this." She pulls out the slip of paper and holds it up. "It's an ISDN number for a library book. I was going to go check it out tomorrow, but it's probably something a librarian wrote down for me so I wouldn't forget. Realization that she SEEMS to be missing gaps of time that people remember but she doesn't is starting to worry her a bit by the growing look of concern on her face. But at Eric introducing himself, she nods. "Eric's my classmate. Eric Walker, Drake Maxwell. He works with me at Starbucks."

"Yeah, Hi Eric… excuse us for a moment." Drake says, snagging Elena by the hand, attempting to pull her away a few feet. His hand is shaking, cold to the touch as he whispers to her. "You remember what I told you… what they did… why I can't remember…?" He asks, his voice hurried. "He did it to you." His eyes move into hers for a moment, before letting her go, then starts for the trains as he snags up his bag once more. "Just be safe." He calls over his shoulder to her.

"…oh wait, your /that/ Drake," Eric says as the other young man pulls Elena away from him. Wait, hold on, he pauses a moment in somewhat shock, so yeah they do indeed get far enough away that he has no clue what’s being said between them as they head towards the train. "…what’s with /you/ Elena, you don’t remember half of last night." He mutters softly before raising his voice. "…why don't we go look the book up then." He adds after a moment before he notes…there getting away. "Hey wait up!"

She blinks as she's snagged, and dragged away several feet. "Well….you mean after your best friend died?" Elena says under her breath. "Of course I remember! I'm not -completely- out of it." Sure. Just the details of the kidnapping and what the hell Eric was doing in her apartment and that entire weird encounter in the coffeehouse seems to be missing from her collective unconscious. "…and what do you mea—?" She stares when Drake grabs his backpack and heads for the trains. "Drake! Wait a minute! Auughh!" Has EVERYONE gone nuts??? She watches her ex-coworker leave, before squeezing her eyes shut and digging her palm on the side of her head. God her head was killing her! But then she stares at Eric. "….wait, you know about Drake? But you guys've never met!"

Ramon (Ram) pages: Your cell phone is ringing.
Long distance to Ramon: Elena picks up, sounding a little breathless. "Papa?"

From afar, Ramon (Ram) sounds frantic as he growls, "What happened? What the hell happened? Where are you? What did they do to you?" (All in Spanish). "I'll /murder the bastards/."

Long distance to Ramon: Elena blinks. "….who did what to me? Papa listen, I'm at the subway station. I ran into Eric…and my coworker Drake, and…I'm so confused. Eric says I don't remember -anything- when I told him I dreamt about him last night and he swears he was actually at our apartment….and then there were cops at the coffee shop and I met attorney Marx and things are just -so weird-…" She sounds a little scatterbrained.

"You mentioned calling him last night," Eric says as he catches up with the pair of them. He shifts his own bag before glancing between the pair of them. "Look man," He finally addresses Drake before he smirks slightly. "I don't know you, you don't know me, but were both deep in whatever the hell is happening, so lets /all/ get out of here alright?" He asks before glancing towards Elena and frowning slightly. "Think you could manage to try to bother my boss /now/?" He asks with a lopsided kind of grin on his face.

Ramon (Ram) pages: There's this long pause and silence on the phone. "Put Eric on," he growls.

"Er—" Elena is about to protest when her bright red phone with the cartoon ninja on the LCD display lights up and vibrates in her back pocket. She pulls it out and peers at the caller ID. "…it's Papa," she says, flipping it open and answering. "Papa?" And then….there's a blare of sudden, frantic Spanish. She answers back in Spanish, shaking her head and turning away from both boys for just a moment as Eric speaks to Drake. After a few more words, she turns back to the boys, and then she looks at Eric. "….Papa wants to talk to you," she says, offering him the phone. It is clear on her face that the father is about ready to chew someone's head off.

Long distance to Ramon: Elena can be heard telling Eric that Papa wants to speak to him.

"You have -no- clue how deep this gets." Drake says, firing off to Eric and revealing a great deal of tenseness in his voice, and posture. Giving his fingers a bit of a flex, he shifts some in agitation as he watches the pair of them. As Elena answers her phone, he shifts impatiently for a bit, waiting, glancing again to the train as it pulls away along the tracks, disappearing into one of the tunnels.

Ramon (Ram) pages: His voice suddenly changes in quality and goes /very/ flat. "Tell him to hurry up."

"No I don't, but I'm bound to find out. Especially now," Eric says back reasonably as he shrugs his shoulder towards Drake. The tenseness is noted yes, but Eric doesn’t seem to react much too it, at least not physically. If Ramon was here the young mans thoughts would be some kind of mad jumble of things. However he blinks as the phone is suddenly thrust into his face. He blinks at it a moment with wide eyes before he reaches out to take it. "…and he sounds so happy…" He mutters under his breath before he puts it to his ear, and does the bravest thing he's done in his short life. "…hello?" He answers.

"…." Elena doesn't say anything, she's just consistently rubbing the side of her head. She sinks onto her heels, squeezing her eyes shut and rubbing her temples. The noise in the subway was almost too much. She had taken -four- Excedrin today already just to get through her shift, but the headache isn't going away. "I apparently told him I was calling you last night," she mutters to Drake. "But I don't remember even picking up the phone and talking to you."

".. then.. then you don't remember.. yesterday at all… you don't remember our secret." Drake says softly as he swallows tightly in his throat. He looks torn, unsure in which direction to go here, but, with Eric near by, it makes it all the harder. "You did call me. You told me to meet you, so we can talk about… our conversation… about… about what.. I can do." He says as he whispers against her ear, keeping this conversation just between the two of them.

Drake whispers: You told me your father can read minds.

That’s easy to do, as Eric is just staring at the phone right now, and will be fore the next sixty seconds or so.

"I remember what you told me," Elena points out. "About the rock. I -saw- it. I just…don't remember calling you. I—" And then she pauses at his whisper, and her eyes widen as she looks at him. "….I told you that…?" she says. "But…." She pauses, getting sudden and painful flashbacks of Enlightenment Books when Ramon tells her she wasn't being nice to Cass for what she was thinking, when she didn't -say- anything at all and Cass didn't hear anything from her. She furrows her brows. "….I…." She seems at a loss. CAN her father read minds like she apparently told Drake he could? There was only one way to check. One way to make sure she -isn't- crazy.

She stands up abruptly. "Eric," she hisses softly. "Can my father read minds?" If Eric WAS there that night, and she told Drake the next morning, then she found out -last- night. And if she found out -last- night, then Eric would've been there when he said it.

o O (Oh my god I sound like a CRAZY person what the hell my father can't be PSYCHIC…)

Click goes the phone as Eric closes it and just wordlessly hands it back to Elena. The young man takes a deep sigh before he shakes his head slightly. "You dad…" Eric says slowly. "…never asks much now does he." He rubs the bridge of his nose before looking up, then towards the pair of them. "…I'm supposed to get you somewhere safe. That’s all he said. Your welcome to come with Drake…" Then at her question towards him, the young tech blinks once before leaning forwards, almost forehead to forehead with Elena and mutters oh so softly. "Yes," And he would kill me if he knew what I was thinking right now. Then he stands again and shakes his head. "…look, I don't know whets safe and what isn't right now. But I think we should get out of here, go either somewhere public, or somewhere secluded."

…okay. So apparently everyone else in her life EXCEPT FOR HER knows for sure that her father is psychic. Great. Wonderful. Fabulous. The young woman just stares at Eric, and then at Drake, and then at Eric. She finally shakes her head to stop the staring-fest and gets up. "….what do you mean someplace safe? Where IS he? What did he tell you?" Elena growls, stepping forward. She looks about ready to SHAKE ERIC by the collar when she snatches her phone back. She speed-dials her father, and lifts the earpiece against her earring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Voicemail. She stares at the phone. Finally, she spins on her heel. "That does it. I'm going to RTS." Not knowing that right now, at this very moment, her father is being -chased- by Company folks across the city from where she is.

"How much does -he- know?" Drake asks Elena, shooting a look to Eric. Obviously if he's going to be involved, his life will be at risk as well. "I don't even know where is it that I'm being led to. I don't even know if I'm gonna be safe from here out." A bit paranoid? Well, walk a year in his shoes. The young ex-barista clears his throat, then shifts up his stance a bit straighter. "What the hell is RTS? Elena…"

"Apparently he knows more than I do!" Elena says, she can't help it, frustrated at the gap in her head, things she can't remember that OTHER PEOPLE remember. This was nuts. Insane. CRAZY. "And RTS is the company where Papa works."

"I know you can do something, I know I can do something, I know her dad can do something, and now I know that people might be after her so I'm assuming that she can do something," Eric snaps finally, dark eyes fixing on Drake for a moment before turning back towards Elena. "And no your not, I'll call work and see if he's there…he sounded tired and hung up pretty quick so something might be wrong. If he's NOT there then we can't wonder around New York to find him." He adds as he glares at Elena. "We can go to my place, and then figure out where he is."

".. What can -you- do?" Drake asks, waving a hand in the air, suspicious as he narrows his eyes, shifting from foot to foot on edge. "I want some answers first." With a look to Elena, he says, "And she doesn't go either until we're all on the same page. Consider me her personal guardian for a little bit." Him? A soccer playing coffee server? He drops his bag down at his feet, and crosses his arms.

What the hell? Something could be terribly wrong and they're both ARGUING? "I just called him, he's NOT answering!" Elena says, she looks about panicking now. "He was JUST on the phone a few minutes ago, why isn't he answering?!" Ramon was the only parent she had left, and visions of him dying a violent death just like her mother are dancing in front of her eyes. Her pupils are getting wider and wider. Her breathing is getting a little more rapid. She's about to go into hysterics, driven out of her mind in worry. Finally, the urge to act can't be denied. She turns on her heel, and starts to make a break for it. It's just as well, it's not like they could talk about Eric's abilities in a crowded subway tunnel.

"You," Eric eyes Drake a moment, opening his mouth to say something else before off Elena starts to go. "…ah…we don't have /time/ for this!" He says slightly as he narrows his eyes. "And apparently she isn't listening too you." He adds before he turns around to follow Elena, leaning forwards to try to grab her arm and pull her close enough to whisper.

Eric pages: Look, I know your worried. I'll call /work/ not him, they’ll know where he is if he's there. He's not going to be hurt though, you weren’t, we'll find him alright. I promise. Trust me.

Giving Eric a warning look, Drake snags up his bag and follows after them, moving quickly as he lets out a hard breath. "I so don't need this right now." He mutters, trying to carry two bags at once over his shoulders as he troops after them. For the moment, he keeps quiet, trying to keep his annoyances tucked away, despite his panicky racing mind that is burning with a million questions.

Her arm is snagged, and Elena jerks her arm away from Eric, staring him down and the golden flecks in her predominantly dark eyes spitting a crazed sort of fire at him, her cheeks flushed and her body's frame tight with the suppressed desire to just barrel through the crowd and damn everything else. But at his whisper, the heated glare cools, until she's just watching him from where she stands. Finally, she looks away, and nods. "Fine," she mutters. "But we have to get out of here. If you're right, and if this has happened to Drake before we can't stay out in the open like this."

Eric just nods once towards Elena before he sighs and reaches into his jacket to pull out his cell phone to call in to work. "Fine, fine…lets get out of here then," He says before he seems to relax and let her arm go. He glances back towards Drake for a moment before he shakes his head slightly and goes to dial up work. "…like I said, we can go to my place for the time being." Then he's all distracted by his call into work, his voice so perfectly modulated on the phone that for the person he's talking too it sounds like nothing is wrong.

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