2007-03-01: Dead Baristas Will Haunt You


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Summary: Claudine flees from the scene of a crime and bumps into Daniel, who attempts to encourage her to return and accept responsibility as a murder witness. Surprise: he doesn't succeed.

Date It Happened: March 1st, 2007

Dead Baristas Will Haunt You

Downtown, NYC - East Village

Gunshots were fired in the Javahouse and as such, way too many things were going on. She's still not completely there as the sounds of gunshots still ring in her head and the sight of her poor waitress' going cold go in her mind. Once Ianto has dashed back inside to try to be a hero, Claudine makes a break for it. As she runs, small tremors to about twenty feet away from her can be felt as she shakes anything nearby. Right now, Claudine's covered in blood and she's just running through east village frantically trying to get back to Columbia campus, and she probably wont leave for a while.

As such, she's not really watching where she's going and is knocking some bystanders by. This is definitely one girl who just experienced a lot of trauma within the past couple of days. Every now and then though,she looks back towards the direction of the Java House to seeif anyone's following her…

Daniel is skateboarding casually along the edge of the sidewalk with his backpack slung over one shoulder, heading for the edge of the curb so he can await a Walk sign. The teenager's perfectly innocent plan is sent awry, however, because of the sudden rumbling beneath his feet and the wheels of his skateboard. It jostles and flips - fortunately for Daniel, he's swift enough on his feet to stumble off of the skateboard, avoiding a tumble into the moving traffic. He staggers sideways instead, directly into the running girl's path. Oh. Oh. Oh, /shit/, is that /blood/? Rather than move out of the way, he just stands and stares, slackjawed.

And she's running, looking back when she oomphs a little as he's in her way. She's a little thing, and doesnt really stand a chance of pushing him down to the ground, even if she's running at full speed. After getting a bit of the blood stains onto his clothing, she just falls back and lands on her bottom and winces a little, though since she's still on her 'fight or flight' response, she doesnt feel a thing. Claudine curses under her breath and starts to scramble on up, definitely with a panicked look on her face as she's trying to hold her best from causing earthquakes. However, since he's close, he'll definitely feel the ground shaking,and she's the epicenter.

The boy doesn't make much reaction as he's slammed into besides a few unsteady steps backwards, during which he continues to stare. "Holy shit," he comments, intelligent as always. "-is that /blood/?" It's obviously blood. It's also now on his hoodie. Daniel reaches out in an attempt to snatch at the older girl's shoulders, since something seems to be very much unusual about this entire situation. The ground's rumbling, for one. A loud *CRACK* attracts his attention for just a moment, and the boy looks towards the street… where a large truck has just run over and snapped his wayward skateboard. Great.

"No, it's ketchup,and I'm only running cause I freak out over spilled tomato puree.." Claudine snaps before shaking her head, "Of course it's blood.." she says while wrinkling her nose as she looks back towards the direction of the Java House once more. Good,there's no one coming after her, and there's been no more bullet whizzing past,so she relaxes..just a little, but her guard is still up. It's then that she lets out a little yelp at the sound of the crack, tensing up for a few moments until she realizes that it was his skateboard that just broke, and not something else. "Look, I dont recommend going in that direction. I'm getting out here and I suggest you do the same.."

Fortunately, there arent too many people around right now, so it's not like people are staring at a girl with a blood stained clothing.

"Uh huh. What exactly is it that's so bad about that direction? More blood-covered chinks?" Subtle and polite are things that Daniel is not. "You look like you're gonna piss yourself. Or fall over dead. Or have a heart attack. Are you hurt? Is this blood yours, or are you some kind of mass-murdering freak?" Presumably those are questions that should be asked in an emergency, and the boy is doing his best to keep himself focused on the craziness of the current situation. He straightens up and sends another glance into the street. Poor, poor skateboard.

"No! People were shooting each other, the barista got killed and this is her blood and I'm just trying to get the hell away from there!" Claudine says, slightly offended at the derogatory term, especially since she's not Chinese, but she'll argue with him over semantics another time. She looks back towards the directions of the Java House once more and sighs, closing her eyes for a few moments to try to calm herself down..and with that, the tremors suddenly stop.

"Well, shit. You have to go back, then, and wait for the cops. You're a material witness or something." The relief felt at the lack of shaking beneath Daniel's feet comes in no small amount, but that doesn't stop him from noticing the immediate predecessors of the change. When Crazy Chink Chick is spazzing, the ground freaks out. When Crazy Chink Chick is calm, the ground is chill. Coincidence? Probably not. Nothing is said on the matter, though, and he just gives her shoulders a shake. Maybe shaking people gives them sense.

"The bullet ricocheted off the bar I was leaning against. That means someone was trying to shoot at me. I've already had two bullets go for me, and I'm not going back for a fourth or fifth.." Claudine says as well, she's sort of irrational right now, but being shot at three times in two days will frazzle anyone out. Right now though, all her attention is focusing on not making tremorsthough..so yeah..

At that, the teenager just rolls his eyes and snorts. "Well, that's fucking genius. Someone's trying to kill you, but it's a totally awesome idea for you to run away and hide when you might be telling the police how to find whoever's attacking you? Yeah, that's a /great/ plan." Daniel glances past Claudine and squints in the direction she came from, theatrically biting his lower lip. "Huh. I don't see any crazed shooters."

And that's when it hits her. Yeah, she is a bit frazzled and not at all in the right mind and then listens to his words. They're biting, but they're the truth. The bullet could'vejust been a coincidence this time, and no one is running after her. With that Claudine takes a deep breath and sighs, "Look..I just want to go home..I dont need any of this and I dont need some random guy judging me.." With that, she'll try to take his hands off her shoulder so she can head back to campus. No cabbie is going to take a blood covered girl afterall..

Daniel smirks. "I became a little more than 'some random guy' when you fucked up my ride." To illustrate his point, the boy points towards the street. The remains of his skateboard are still out there, and a single wheel spins forlornly on a twisted axle. "You /owe/ me." Still, he lets his other hand be brushed off, and then snorts again. "You just watched someone /die/ and you're gonna run off like a little sissy? God, at least leave the cops with your name and number before you crawl into a corner."

"I didnt screw it up.." Claudine grumbles a little as she chews on her bottom lip and runs her fingers through her hair, feeling crappier by the minute as he tears into her. "I'll call them..I just want all this crazy shit to be done with.." she says trying to keep calm as she looks over towards him. "And fine,you're not some random guy. You're the jackass who's skateboard I broke..or sumthin.." Well, there was a bit of fire in that last retort, until she remembers the barista once more..

"My name's Daniel, though it's not like you bothered to ask me." Someone's in a bitchy, bratty mood today. However, the look on Claudine's face sparks at least a bit of pity. "This city is full of crazy shit. It's not gonna go away. All you can do is help out with what you can, Psycho Chick. Take a fucking shower and give 'em a call. Don't toss your clothes into the wash, though. Blood spatters are important or something. Physical evidence."

"Claudine.." is all she says as she closes her eyes once more, taking a deep breath over and over again. It'sthe only way she knows how to make things not rumble and shake afterall. "And I'm not psycho..at least not yet, but I think I am losing my mind. This past week..way too wierd.." she admits ruefully..

"This city's always fucked up as far as I'm concerned." Daniel scratches at his scraggly goatee and then frowns. "You gonna be alright? Not hurt or anything - just spooked?" Spooked is vastly preferable to shot or otherwise injured. "…you /also/ owe me for a cleaning bill, by the way. This sweatshirt isn't gonna clean itself."

"I..I'll be all right.." she says, hoping to not see this guy again so she doesnt have to owe him. "And yeah, I'll owe you..jerk.." she whispers in the end as she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath once more, still focused on other things. "I..I just wanna go home.."

"Don't forget to call the cops. Dead baristas will haunt you otherwise, Claudine." Oh, he could do so many things with alliteration and this chick. For now, at least, he won't. It'd be mean. The skateboarder-minus-a-skateboard steps off to the side and takes stock of his clothing, frowning at the spots of blood now peppering it. "Run off, then. Or catch a damn cab so you don't freak people out."

"Whatever jackass.." she snipes back at him rolling her eyes as she starts to head off, not really wanting to deal with this much longer. With that she just heads off, towards campus, so yeah…

Daniel snorts as the bloodied girl goes on her way, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his hoodie. His skateboard is a lost cause, so he doesn't even bother to attempt fetching it from the street. It'll be another shouting match with his dad tonight.

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