2007-05-18: Deal


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Guest Starring:

Frank, Davis, other Royale Security

Summary: The situation in the casino starts to get more than a little hot for the thieves extraordinaire. How're they gonna get out of this one?

Date It Happened: May 18th, 2007


The Casino Royale Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada

When we last left our… villains?… oh, who cares about labels. The point is, they were on the brink of the biggest robbery this casino has ever seen, and the clock is ticking.


Frank tries to put Gwen upright with the help of Davis. "Yes, miss, it's regulation," the former tells her with thinning patience and crouches down to retrieve that gun while Davis shrugs at his cohort. The clock is ticking, however, and they can't waste anymore time on this tipsy little blonde. It's with a firmer grip that Frank tries to wrap an arm around Gwen, giving Davis a pointed look toward the door. "Just hurry along now, what was your name? Come on."

The vault is cleared as much as it needs to be - except for Jessica. Left eyeing the wall D.L. disappeared through, she hesitates for just a second before moving swiftly through the empty doorframe of the vault toward the exit. Locked, but not from inside-still, it's with caution that she eases it open. One look down the hall in each direction. Clear, clear. She opens the door she came through the first time-straight into the scene the two men and Gwen are making in the hallway.

"Wooow." Gwen tries to make herself sound /very impressed/ about the gun. It's really a variety she would never use, let alone issue out to guards, but then again, she's not running a casino. Glancing down at her watch, she gasps and nods. "Oooh. Wow. Yeah. I didn't realize how long ago my shift ended!" Airheaded giggle. She's pretending to be drunk, and she has no problems with that. She's starting to turn Davis around to lead her down the hallway when she notices the door opening in front of Frank. Oh. Oh, not good. Going for the tried and true last resort, she gives a shriek and points down in the opposite direction, trying to yank Frank down the hallway. "/There was something SKITTERING over there/! Kill it, oh God, I'm allergic to every bug that's in this horrible desert! Kill it kill it!" Hopefully, this is enough of a ruckus to make sure that Jessica's sudden appearance is the last thing on their mind.

Sliding down the side of the wall on the outside, D.L. lands and is by the pick up truck. He goes into his pocket and snatches out the keys. One hand yanks up a couple of bags that didn't land in the back of the truck and tosses them in. Some more moving happens and the flatbed is covered up by a tarp that's hooked to the ends of the damn thing. He moves to the front of the truck, climbs in and starts it up. In the next moment he's pulling off slowly.

Back inside, the two guards are discombobulated for a few seconds as Gwen shrieks and points and does her girly thing. "I, uh, I don't see--" There is no skittering creature in the hallway, and even if there /was/, it's doubtful that these two would go chasing after it for her. Well, maybe Davis. What there is/, however, is someone opening the door-both of them turn to look.

The greeting Frank gets is an elbow to the face, and he *thumps* against the wall, his gun dropping to the floor yet again. Davis is a bit luckier, just barely missing a punch to the gut from the woman dressed in the casino employee's outfit, but Jessica doesn't stop there. Lightning quick, her hand lashes out for the other man's throat; at no point does she acknowledge Gwen. She's on a time limit, here.

Okay, so that didn't really work as planned. But, at least Gwen gave enough of a distraction that Jessica managed to beat the ever loving crap out of them. Or at least Frank. Davis is still moving around. Thinking fast - or as fast as Gwen can think - she snatches the gun that was dropped by Frank and aims it right at Davis's legs. No murders. That'd be a bit more of an inquiry than if she just managed to cripple him as unable to follow. Plus, why let Jessica have all the violent fun? Flicking off the safety, she shows none of her ditzy early performance as she squeezes the trigger and fires a quick shot at the man who was so nice to her just minutes ago. They are on a schedule, after all.

After brushing with Jessica's hand of fate, Davis is still doomed, thanks to Gwen. Blood spatters from the guard's shin - BANG - and he falls to the ground inside of a second to join his colleague, screaming.

Jessica crouches long enough to rifle through their clothes while they're distracted with pain. The prize? Their radios, which she promptly stomps on when she stands up. "We have one minute to get downstairs," she tells Gwen in no uncertain terms, already on the move now that the guards are down. Hopefully they can make it without the rest of security being alerted, now that there's been a gunshot - and, you know, screaming - in addition to a delay at the vault. Long, fast, and very determined strides carry her down the hall, and she just assumes Gwen can keep pace. Destination: stairwell into the casino proper.


As soon as her shot connects, Gwen grins evilly. "Hot damn. Now this I could get used to." It's only a moment of triumph and she doesn't mind if Jessica's listening or not. "I totally just kneecapped that guy. Did you see that? Never used this caliber before. Thought I might shoot you in the ass for a second there." Not that she sounds too broken up from it. Already she's falling in line with Jessica and she's carefully wiping the gun off with her dress, flicking the safety on and then dropping it far out of arms reach of either of the guards. It'd be no good to be found with it on her. Off for that stairwell and the casino proper.

Tires are not screeching. In fact, the truck is pulling around to the front of the casino and beeping as it backs up. It looks like it belongs there, as there are a couple of other trucks nearby that are labeled the same. Construction must be going on at a casino nearby or something. Anyway, when D.L. hops out, he stashes the keys underneath the tire thingy and he shifts into his construction worker's vest. He even grabs a hardhat to make sure everything looks kosher. Why is he out of the car? Well, his hardhat should be the signal for the actual Getaway Car to show up. Right?

Appreciative though Jessica is for not being shot in the ass (thanks, Gwen, really), the other woman gains no compliments, only silence. The door to the stairwell is flung open and Jessica leads the way down, wasting not time on silence: her shoes thud-thud-thud on the many stairs in her hurry. The door bursts open before the pair, the dull behind-the-scenes dcor exploding into the flashy, dynamic casino in all its glory. To anyone they might pass, they're just a casino employee and some other blonde chick - who cares, right? Jessica's hasty pace slows, but only just; she cuts a determined line through the swathe of gamblers, heading for the front door, her eyes on the crowd ahead of her and the sight beyond the glass doors.

Once they're in the stairwell, Gwen doesn't make any other smart comments. Or, in her case, stupid comments. She's too busy trying to keep up and not give away what they've been involved in. Through the casino they go and she has a silly little smile plastered on her face. They're in a casino on vacation, be happy! Less people will look at them strangely. They are just /really/ excited to go find some gambling places, right? Her eyes wander a bit more than Jessica's do, but they always return to the glass doors to freedom.

Hardhat. Hardhat. Which means the getaway car needs to show up. It doesn't. D.L. looks around, trying to not look suspicious, but it kind of fails a little bit. He can't get on the phone, because that would be too obvious and there's probably security that may or may not know what just happened. He looks back at the truck and then frowns. "Monica…" is whispered to himself, before he disappears behind the line of construction trucks and comes back out with a different, Valet-style, jacket. Quick change for the win. Plan B is in full effect as he makes his way over to where the Valet Guys are. "Break time, dude." God, he hopes this works.

Problem one: there's no getaway car.

Problem two: Jessica doesn't like it when there has to be a Plan B when it's run by someone other than her. In this case, it's D.L. Her determined strides slow before she reaches those glass doors; as she grips the handle, she looks over her shoulder at Gwen. "Get ready to move fast." There's no illusions of actual concern for the other woman's safety there, don't be mistaken: she just doesn't want one more thing to go wrong. She steps out onto the walkway leading into the casino, down toward the pave, eyeing D.L. from a distance, gaging his plans. Don't mess this up.

Problem three: someone found Frank and Davis, and casino security starts to pour out of the woodworks following Gwen and Jessica's descriptions, winding through the crowd toward the front doors and emerging out of sidedoors. It's only a matter of time before someone is recognized and Problem Four kicks into full gear.

Never the brains of the operation, Gwen follows Jessica and picks up the pace. It should be hard to do in heels, but the blonde basically lives in them, so this is nothing. "I'm already moving fast," she tells the other woman and looks over to where D.L. is executing Plan B. A slow glance over her shoulder also reveals the security swarming over the casino like ants and that makes her pick up her pace. "I hate to rain on everyone's parade, here, but it looks like we're about to be fucked. And not in the way I'm sure both of us are used to."

Valet D.L. takes the keys from some rich guy and almost shoves him out of the way. He look at Jessica and then looks over towards where the truck is parked. There's a slight nod as he signals to her that that's where the money is. Of course, he has to keep moving, so when he walks around the car, he ends up bakc on the side near the door and moving up to Gwen. "Your car, ma'am." is said as he holds out the keys to her, so that she can hop into the Benz that they're about to steal. He even does that whole holding the door open for her thing. Jess? Go get the money truck. His eyes sneak a peek through the glass doors to check on security.

Jessica looks back at Gwen, and beyond her, to the inside of the casino through the doors - then glances once, twice, to either side. The second she sees the escalating /problem/ that is about to explode, Jessica wastes no time. Panic? No, but she sure as hell gets a lot more tense, her expression switching gears into 'severe'. "Too bad," she murmurs under her breath to Gwen before she follows D.L.'s gaze: the truck. Casino Employee Jessica - or Kimmy, as the case may be; for the record, she did not choose that name - jogs toward the vehicle and its obscene amount of money. Running parallel to a tanker that's pulling up and blocking just about every view of the hotel nearby, she ducks down behind the money truck to snag the keys from underneath.

Just then, no less than exactly three security guards, guns already poised, burst through the front doors of the Casino Royale Las Vegas. Two more pour out of seemingly nowhere - from around the side of the building - and another, from the far left. "Everybody freeze! STAY WHERE YOU ARE!" It takes most of them a few moments to figure out who the players are, but one man's gun arm is all too quickly swinging toward the pickup truck — and down — when he sees a flash of blonde underneath.

Gwen couldn't have worded it better.


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