2007-06-10: Dealing With Demands


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Summary: Lyndsay returns. Demands are dealt with.

Date It Happened: June 10th, 2007

Dealing With Demands

Forrest-Bishop Apartment, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

It's approaching five p. m., and here she comes. On the way out of the apartment building, having decided to cross the city and visit Madison Square Garden. Jane Forrest is On A Mission. Her quest: to make her way backstage, meet with whomever might be playing there that night, and engage in a duel of musicians. She's clothed, but not much. A half-shirt and a short skirt, with those ankle height two inch heeled boots she likes. The guitar and backpack are slung across her shoulders, a jPhone is clipped to her right hip.

And thankfully, Lyndsay is approaching at just about this point. Peter let her know that her work had, well, worked, and now she's here to see the result. She comes around the corner as Jane is exiting the building, and she can't hide the sound, somewhere between a snicker and a giggle, that she makes.

The building's front door closes behind her and she sets out along the street, not noticing Lyndsay approaching from the other direction. The one she isn't walking in. Heels tap along the pavement as she moves, focused on her objective and how it'll go when she gets there. Her head is held high as she walks, carrying herself almost as if she owns the city itself.

Lyndsay calls out as she starts that way. "Hey, Jane! Wait up!"

For whatever reason, the woman stops at the voice coming from behind her, and waits. "Lyndsay," she greets, quietly, her expression neutral as she turns to face the semi-goth. "It's a great day." Jane's eyes scan the street in front of her, possibly looking for a cab, having perhaps in this time of enforced waiting decided she'd rather not walk all the way to MSG.

Lyndsay grins. "Wow, now -that's- an outfit! Damn, where're you going to?"

"I'm going to Destiny," Jane replies as she continues searching for a taxi. She doesn't much seem to register the remark about her clothing, because she cares little about such things now. It's just something the law says she has to have in public, and nothing more. "Busy today, Lyndsay?"

Lyndsay shakes her head. "Nah, I was really thinking more about coming by and seeing how you were doing. That can wait…we should go back to your place."

"I'll go there tomorrow," Jane replies in agreement, as she turns and starts walking back home. Wariness is in her mind of this one, who gives only one name and asked what was starting to seem like too many questions about her finances, and Pete's. Not to mention the nagging effect other's suspicions are having on her. "What's on your mind? I'm great. Why wouldn't I be?"

Lyndsay smiles. "I dunno. Pete said he was worried about you. So I figured I'd drop by for a lesson and see how you were doing, you know?" She walks back towards Jane's apartment with her.

"That's interesting," she replies with a chuckle. "Why did he say he was worried?" Jane tilts her head to one side, watching the semi-goth, as she opens the building door and steps inside, pulling out keys. "When did you see him, anyway?"

Lyndsay answers "Last night, at the bar. I was getting a drink at this bar and he happened in. Said you might have taken my advice a little too much to heart." She follows the musician along.

No reply for a short time as she covers the rest of the way to her door, opens it, ans lets the semi-goth in before entering behind her. Jane intends to close the door behind her before speaking. To break the silence with a question. "What advice was that?" And it's into the main room she goes, there setting down the guitar case and backpack, then starting to remove the half-shirt she has on.

Lyndsay doesn't say anything, certainly. She's bi; she's not going to object to a free show. "When you were teaching the other night, and I said you shouldn't be so modest." She moves to sit down, watching Jane as she moves.

"Oh, that." She drops the half-shirt and works on her bra, moving back toward a seat, not acting in any way such as to entice, but out of simply not being self-conscious about her body and not feeling the need to wear clothing at home. "My friends think you did something to me. They say I've been acting differently since the lesson." She's becoming pensive, by her expression, as if she doesn't want to believe it's true, but is on some level entertaining the possibility.

Lyndsay thinks about it. This is really the moment of truth, isn't it? She could fix Jane here, or she can leave it in place. Unfortunately, half-naked women are influencing her thought pattern here. And when it comes down to it…Lynds really isn't that good. "Oh, pfft. You know I'd never do anything bad to you. I'm a good friend. You'd never believe anything bad about me." She pauses a moment, then helps offer an explanation, with a chuckle. "I think you just hate wearing clothes." Cause naked teachers > clothed teachers.

Nothing is said in reply, she just leaves it all alone, as she begins to remove what clothing she has left on her as if they were infested by skin-eating bacteria or laced with burning acids. Soon enough Jane is naked from head to toe, and kicking the offending garments aside before taking her seat again.

Lyndsay looks concerned, since that was a lot to try. But the rapid stripping seems to imply working. "So what did they say I did?" she asks, sounding a little concerned too, as she looks at Jane.

"Let's not talk about that," Jane replies, as she grabs the remote, turns on the set, and crosses to pick out a movie. One finger moves back and forth in front of the collection slowly before settling on a disc and pulling it out. Die Hard With A Vengeance. She puts it in the payer, up come the standard preliminaries, and soon there's the opening scene. A bomb going off in an upscale New York department store.

Lyndsay frowns just a bit. "No, come on…" She needs to know what's going on. "Tell me what you're thinking."

"I'm thinking so many things," she answers quietly, "and it's all confusing. I think they wouldn't lie to me. I also don't think you'd do anything bad. I think I don't want to think about any of this and just watch this movie." Jane trails off for a moment. "If you did something, you don't even know you did it, and you'd set it right as soon as you could. If you have that kind of power, you might not even realize it. And if you began to think you did, you'd tell me to take back my free will."

The gothling does look to hesitate at that. After all, here she is using someone else as a toy…someone who's been nothing but nice, so far, and that's not really right…but her conscience doesn't have a very loud voice. She bites her lip a moment, and then tries to concentrate harder. "You're sure your other friends are lying to you about me. You're sure there's nothing wrong with you. You'll get angry at people if they try to say that I've done something to you or that something is wrong with you." She puts as much of her will into it as she can.

Looking at Lyndsay, hearing those words, Jane is again put in the scope of being commanded. But this time things are different. This time her backbone wins the battle. For the first time in dealing with Lyndsay, Doctor Forrest has a spine. The wording of this latest attempt, also confirms for her that something is going on. That she's being messed with. And the result is a proactive one. She quickly realizes that to spend one more minute here in this apartment with her, or anywhere, leaves her at risk of being affected again. Defensive measures. Defensive measures. Yes. That's it! Hopefully.

On her face, as the words are spoken, is a blank look which shifts into angry eyes and a suddenly snarling mouth. One finger settles on the volume button of the remote she still holds and presses down to crank the sound wide open as a defense against hearing anything else Lyndsay tells her. At the same time she's up and moving, heading for one of her guitars with the intent of brandishing it as a weapon to chase this person from her apartment.

Lyndsay sees Jane suddenly looking angry, and moving. Oh, HELL. That didn't work. See, Lynds, that's what you get when you listen to the nagging picture. She takes a deep breath and yells as loudly as she can "FREEZE!" as she gets up to her feet.

It's loud in here, so very loud, by Jane's design. And she's still moving, it seems the defense is working, for now at least. There's a guitar in her hand, she's starting to advance toward Lyndsay, shaking the thing in a manner indicating she's going to use it as a weapon with one hand and pointing toward the door with a finger on the other. Anger radiates from her eyes, her face. All the things she's been through raise to the surface. The feeling she had when made unable to speak not so long ago, her knowledge memories were taken from her… This to her qualifies as the same vein of sin. Tampering with the mind, impinging on her free will.

And so it is, a stark naked lawyer/guitarist seeks to purge her apartment of the source of that transgression.

Lyndsay backs away a step, but she'll try again. "STOP!" she shouts, trying to make herself heard over the television set. Hopefully as Jane gets closer, she'll hear her better.

Still coming. Step by step, getting closer, about two steps now from being able to swing that stringed instrument and possibly make contact. She's still pointing at the door with the finger of one hand, and her mouth is open as if about to scream. Jane does consider screaming, at this stage, but she's not yet at the level where she knows she can impact humans with it, and her scream would likely shatter the tv to give the Suggester the upper hand again.

Lyndsay looks torn…and she opts to try another plan. She lunges, but not for the door…for the TV, to pull out the cord from the wall.

That's when the guitar swings free, aimed for the top of Lyndsay's head. Advantage Jane, being in the seating area with the tv electrical cord being about ten feet away at the closest point. She fully intends to knock the woman out. Leaving would've been good, yes, but unconscious? Just as good. People can't mess with minds when they're out cold.

*WHAM* Well, the guitar may not be in the best state of repair…but then, neither is Lyndsay. Physical fighting, not her forte. Thud. Down she goes.

First order of business, when the woman drops, is to drop the guitar. Second order of business: get to her room and pull out several white socks. These she intends to stuff in Lyndsay's mouth. Third item: Go to kitchen, get duct tape for use in securing her limbs so she can't get up and walk away, then stuff the socks into mouth and seal them in place with tape. She moves quickly, not knowing how long the gothling will be down. It won't work if she wakes up too soon.

Lyndsay is not out -too- long. She starts to regain consciousness about the time that Jane finishes getting the duct tape around her mouth. Oh, OW. Head hurts, what the he…hey…wait a second…her eyes open, and she looks around blearily.

Holding the roll of tape in hand as she straightens and looks down at the bound and silenced woman on her floor, Jane takes a step back and keeps careful watch. She's not one for taking chances here and now. She backs over to the discarded clothing where her phone rests and picks it up with one hand, then opens it with the other, her eyes not leaving the woman until neccessary, and only then just long enough to send a text message. The tape is around her ankles and wrists, with a strip uniting both ankle and wrist restraints. The wrists are behind her back, in the style of handcuffs.

The text message, to Pete, says Lyndsay subdued, in my apt. Need help. Jane.

Lyndsay ughs! Not only tied up, but she's got -something- in her mouth. Yick. Not to mention, breathing. Thankfully she can still breathe through her nose. She starts twisting her wrists against the tape, trying to get out.

Jane approaches again after sending the text message, and studies the writhing woman with her head tilting. She looks angry, so very angry, as if she's tempted to take out everything of her experiences on Lyndsay. The roll of tape is held where she can see it, and the start of a new strip pulled away, as if to ask without words 'will you be good and just lie quietly, or do I have to add more?'

Lyndsay looks up at Jane. She's got a nasty lump on her head. Of course, she'd love to say something, either to use her power or for basic conversation, but can't. "MMPPPH!" She keeps working at the tape, just not so obviously. God, just her luck. The musician turns out to be a psycho…

She's watching, carefully, not trusting the captive to just lie there. Hopefully Pete will get here soon. But, with the woman bound on her apartment floor, Jane decides she can crank the volume back soon, to guard against the possibility of cops being called about noise. She goes for the remote and eases the sound back to a level she expects is enough to overpower any coherent word Lyndsay might manage while not going past the walls to disturb neighbors. The tape she's used to secure the woman is duct tape, pinning wrists behind her back, securing ankles together, and with a strip linking ankles to wrists. Not to mention the white socks stuffed into her mouth, and the duct tape holding them in place.

This isn't the first time that Jane's called him out of the blue for assistance. At least this time he knows who he's going to assist her /with/. Peter shows up a short time after the text was made, knocking on the door rather urgently and waiting for her to answer. If he needs to, he can get inside without her answering, but it would probably make some noise. Ripping doors off usually does.

Lyndsay is still trying to get her hands free of the stupid duct tape. Oh, jeez, that's all she needs, as she hears the door. Psycho musician has called someone, and now they're…oh, this is bad, Lynds.

Maybe Jane hears the door, maybe she doesn't, given her precautions against hearing that which she wants not to hear, she's heading that way soon after the knock comes. She did, after all, send for assistance and so hopes he's coming, opening the door will be a good idea. It's only then that the angry guitaring lawyer turns her back on the captive Suggester. The door opens, to admit Pete. Greeting his ears is the sound of Die Hard With A Vengeance from the tv set. One hand motions for him to come in.

Stepping inside, Peter catches the angry look on Jane's face and looks a little confused, "Are you okay?" Just to make sure she's physically alright before he steps further inside. He glances towards the television briefly, before his eyes settle look around to find the reason for the distress call. Bound and ducttaped. He actually flinches a bit, before he glances back towards Jane, "What happened?"

And oh, yeah, there's one thing about Jane Pete was definitely not expecting. She's stark naked.

With Jane looking -away-, Lyndsay will put more effort into trying to get her hands free of the tape. If she can get her hands free, she can get herself ungagged, and then she MIGHT be able to get out of this. And…wait a second, it's HIM again?!

Peter does a double take, and then sheds off his jacket he's suddenly /very glad/ he was wearing and holds it out to her, politely diverting his eyes. And from there, he waits for his question to be answered.

Leading Pete back into the main room, immodestly not having thought at all about her not being clothed because she was busy watching her captive and it just didn't occur to her to put something on with a man coming here, Jane is still as naked as she's been since soon after Lyndsay came in. When the jacket is offered and he stands there looking away from her, trying not so see anything, she grumbles. "I just hate wearing clothes." One hand takes the thing as if it were a poisonous snake and she stares at the thing, then relents, because he's apparently not coming one step further in if he doesn't. Soon it's on her body, covering the most important bits. "She found me outside as I was heading to go challenge whoever's playing at MSG tonight to a musical duel I can totally win. We talked, then she tried to make me think you and others aren't my friends. Tried to make me believe you're all liars. I finally resisted."

Lyndsay breathes out exasperatedly. Well, it's not as if she -didn't-. But still! She looks over to Pete, hoping -he'll- be more reasonable. "MMMMPH!"

"She made you hate clothes?" Peter comments with a bothered expression, because— yes, he's not going to be standing in an apartment with a naked woman, especially not when his girlfriend happens to live here too. "I'd hoped you weren't doing it on purpose," he says, shaking his head as he looks at the young woman sadly, moving closer and sitting down. "We'll find a way to fix what she did to you… Can you fix what you did to her?" he turns his attention to the gagged girl— more of his attention than normal.

"Maybe she did, maybe she didn't. All I know is I hate clothes." And Jane looks uncomfortable, having the coat on, in addition to the still seething anger. She glances down at Lyndsay, and resumes her tale. "After I resisted, I cranked the tv full blast so I wouldn't hear anything she said, pointed at the door for her to leave, and grabbed a guitar. And, well, when she didn't leave…" A gesture of her head goes toward the bound Suggester and a hand toward the damaged instrument. "I'm not certain she can be trusted to have her voice back." Drawing the coat tight around her, so as not to show anything given his reaction to her unclothedness, she leans in to whisper "Did you pick it up?"

Lyndsay nods in reply to Peter. THAT much at least she can answer, because you can do it when you can only mumble. "MMM-HMMM!" Thankfully her head isn't restrained, since she can nod.

"I don't know, it doesn't work like that," Peter whispers, rubbing his forehead a bit as there's no sign of any thoughts from the young woman. Doesn't always work. Silence answers more often than not. "Lyndsay— What you're doing is dangerous. You can't just tell people to do things that will harm them. If I let you go…" Which he knows Jane doesn't really want, but what other options do they have? Unfortunately he doesn't have the Haitian pills that his girlfriend gave him, and he can't just call them to his hand either. "…will you reverse what you did?" Now would be a good time for telepathy to work.

Lyndsay nods emphatically again. "MMM-HMM!!" Her thoughts are, well, a little scared. *…people are involved with. Just fix her and get the hell out of here. I don't need any of these psychos deciding I'd be a good target for torture-fun. Come on, -untie- me!…*

A nod, and Jane whispers again, keeping communication this way so as not to give away his ability to Lyndsay. "You could try commanding me to reclaim my free will and see if it works." She steps back when he addresses the bound person, glaring at her.

After listening to what the young woman has to think for herself, Peter nods slowly and stands up a bit. He may notice what she's doing with the whispering, but it doesn't mean he cares all that much. At least one of his abilities is about to get revealed, "She just wants to get out of here— but she'll fix you before she goes. Do we have any other options? Perhaps…" There's a pause. He might as well give it a try. The young woman is /right here/. "Jane, go put some clothes on." This is one command he'll know if she follows.

Having just asked Pete to give her a command, Jane isn't in fact resisting. She's opened herself to such a thing from him, and so when he demands she clothe herself, the target walks over to the clothes she shed earlier, still lying on the main room floor, and begins getting into them. And she isn't wasting time about it. Panties first, then the short skirt. Next the bra, which causes her to drop his coat while facing away, then her half-shirt.

Lyndsay looks confused. Wait…he's got the same power she does? Then why do they need her to fix it? It shows in her thoughts and on her face. She's still trying to get her hands free, though…

"…you really just told her to get naked, didn't you?" Peter says, shaking his head as he politely looks back towards Lyndsay and stays looking at her while Jane clothes herself. Since that worked so well, he nods, but— this is a test. Yes, he could fix this on his own. He knows that now, but… "Lyndsay, I guess you can figure out now that what you're doing is pretty dangerous. We're not going to torture you, or steal your voice, or lock you up… That's not what we do. But there are people out there who will. And there's nothing you can say that will stop them."

Pete's coat rests on the floor. She's wearing her own clothes again, and as Pete speaks Jane stands with her back to Lyndsay. One hand gathers her hair up and lifts it away from her neck to expose the twin marks she bears as proof of that statement. "I got these from them, Lyndsay. And some memory holes. I crossed them, and they punished me for it. And that's not all the dangers out there." She glances over to Pete. "Tell her about Sylar?"

Lyndsay looks back. She can't answer, not with her voice; she's still gagged. Her thoughts are still an open book *—-didn't even know there were other people who could do stuff like this. Fuck, steal my voice? People can DO that? Shit, shit, shit…just let me out of here! Jeez, I gotta get out of here…*

The open book thoughts are heard, and Peter listens to them, finally moving around towards her, stepping behind her where she's struggled with the binds. "There's a man out there— if you keep displaying your ability to people— even if most of them don't notice— he'll find out about it, just like I did. And he steals the abilities of others— by killing them. Slicing their heads open. He's still out there— and yours is a ability he would want." Oh, would he ever. "I'm going to remove your gag. Undo everything you've done to Jane, and then I'll remove the binds and you can leave— as long as you remember that the next people who catch you may not be as kind." With that, he unties the gag first.

Jane seems about to speak, but she holds her tongue, and waits to hear whatever Lyndsay says when she regains the ability to use her voice. The socks in her mouth certainly weren't pleasant, but Jane wasn't totally cruel. They were at least clean. She won't have dirty laundry taste in addition to the lingering cotton sock mouth.

Lyndsay spits out the socks. "Blech…" Yuck. "People cutting people's -heads- off? What kind of freaky Highlander shit are you people involved in?!" Never mind, she just wants to get OUT of here. She tries to think of the easiest (and fastest) way to fix Jane. Okay, let's do this. She looks to Jane, concentrates, and says "Treat everything I've said to you as if I never said it." There. That should reverse everything in one go.

Her free will returns with those words, and Jane begins to look around. Her eyes take in her clothing, then land on Pete's fallen coat. Shame starts to enter her features, they color with embarrassment. "Oh. Oh, my god. Pete, was I… when you got here?" Modesty, yes. "Ohmygod!" Turning away, she sinks into a sitting position and rests her head in her hands.

"Thank you, Lyndsay," Peter says, and then he keeps his promise by untying the binds on her hands, fully expecting her to bolt towards the door. At the poor woman's outburst, he looks sheepish, but moderately understanding, "It's not your fault, Jane. And I am a nurse. I've seen it before."

This, of course, assuming Jane even knows who the girl tied up in her room is. Or remembers her other than as a mute, since Jane-brain would recognize Lynds as not having said anything to her, ever. Ain't mind control fun? Lyndsay doesn't immediately bolt, largely cause her ankles are still bound. She does start tearing at the duct tape there, though.

Her back is to the once bound woman as she finishes freeing herself by tearing at that ankle tape, Jane just huddles up and sits there, staring at a wall. "Yeah, you're a nurse, you've seen it, but not my its. Oh, God," she groans. "What the hell made me do that?" And the unspoken thing. How fried am I gonna get when Elle finds out?

"…Why doesn't she remember what you did to her?" Peter asks the young woman who's still trying to get the rest of herself free. He's not going to help her, but he can definitely move to get into her way before she goes. Oh hell. "Jane, remember what Lyndsay did to you." He hopes this doesn't make her take her clothes off again.

Lyndsay gets her ankles free, and stands. "How the hell do I know?!" She doesn't bother to think these things through ahead of time. "You people are certifyable!" And she's rattled. She's not used to having the upper hand, and she heads for the door.

She suddenly stiffens, and scrambles to her feet. Jane's features return to coldness. As Lyndsay remarks about people being certifiable, her hands start to close up and shake. The mouth is parting, she's drawing in a deep breath. It looks like she might be about to scream and give the gothling a taste of her own ability, by hailing her departure with a cloud of shattering glass, but just before the ultrasonic tones would be unleashed, she gets a grip on herself and the mouth closes, leaving her breathing heavily and working to calm from the rage. There's a strong temptation to make a parting remark, or to attack physically, but instead she just lets the Suggester go.

With what she's capable of, Peter could have easily told her to never use her ability again except to defend herself— and he actually was tempted. But at the same time… "We're better than the Company, Jane," he says to the young woman who shakes in rage, walking over to put and hand on her arm, as he watches the young woman leave. "I just have to hope she stops flaunting what she can do."

Lyndsay runs out. It's been a wakeup call, when you find out you're not the biggest bully on the block.

"The Company already knows about her anyway, Pete," Jane replies. "Eventually, they'll find her. Hope Sylar never does. If she messes with me, or anyone I know again, all bets are off. Because right now I could strangle her. It's the same to me as stealing memories. The invasion, the violation of a mind, denial of free will." Despite the calming hand, she's still shaking. "Oh, god. For days, I've been… walking around only in panties, trying to write new constitutions, a new UN charter, setting both up as rock operas too. Not to mention all the arrogant musical duels I've been in." And the elephant in the room, as far as she's concerned. Exhibiting herself to the roommate's lover. The shame from that is epic. She can't even look him in the eye right now.

"I know, but I'd rather give her a chance than…" Peter sighs, stepping over to his discarded coat and picking it up off the floor, pulling it back on. He sees that she's having a difficult time looking at him, and he can't quite blame her on that. "You really don't need to feel bad about this, Jane. Do you need anything?" At least she has her sense of self, and her free will back— even if now she has shame to go with it.

"You're Elle's lover, and I told her I wouldn't show myself when you were around, only to do it anyway. You can't know how dirty that makes me feel. That so easily as hearing a handful of words I break mine. She told me I hated wearing clothes, and suddenly it was true. There I am, naked, and even after getting control of the situation I didn't have enough self-consciousness to think about covering up before I opened the door. It didn't… even occur to me. I… I'm going to tell her, Pete, and beg forgiveness. I'll say the good news, I beat Lyndsay, we got her to undo it all so she'll know the circumstances first, then share the rest."

"Elle understands what it's like to have your mind messed with. I think she'll understand this," Peter says, though he understands why she's upset about it. "Just make sure you explain what she did to you beforehand. I'll… go ahead and head out. Maybe you'll feel more comfortable around me after you know Elle forgives you." Cause right now— he really doesn't want her to feel dirty, or ashamed.

"You don't have to go, Pete. What I feel, it's mine to deal with. Not yours. It isn't just that causing the dirty feeling. It's being violated, again. Not knowing if or when I might meet someone else who can do things like this, things I can't defend myself against. Never even see it coming. Still… somehow I did get control of things. Maybe it's just that she decided to keep messing around, and eventually my backbone kicked in." A pause to think is taken. "I'll tell her something else about me being naked before you, Pete," Jane adds softly.

"It's almost like it became a game to her, yeah," Peter admits softly, frowning towards the door. Since he was told he didn't have to leave, he goes and makes sure it's closed firm and locked, before he returns to nod to the rest. "You did overpower her in the end. She got sloppy, and she's fortunate that it was us she got sloppy with." Instead of the Company, or Sylar, or someone more vengeful. Sure, Jane will not give her a second chance later, but… "What about it?" he asks, catching the addition, but not quite understanding.

"You didn't look, at all. Soon as you realized what was up, you turned away and handed me your coat. Thank you, Pete." Jane still doesn't make eye contact, speaking those words.

Scratching at the back of his neck, Peter looks away, mildly embarassed. Oh, he'd /seen/ what she had, because his first thought was to check her for injuries after the last time she apprehended someone… but yes, he did do that. "It wasn't appropriate. Besides, it sounds like /your/ boyfriend could gang up on me, like in the second Matrix movie."

"He could," Jane replies wistfully. "There'd be a lot of him in the blink of an eye, the way he describes it. And, crap," the shamed woman adds softly. "When do you want to meet him, Pete? Before or after I confess what happened to him?" Her head hangs a bit further. "I don't know how he'll take it. If he tells me get lost, I can't blame him, but I have to be honest. Hiding things like this isn't right, and it always blows up anyway."

"Whenever you think he's ready— you should probably prepare him for what I can do too," Peter adds, hoping that the other man takes it better than she's fearing. If Jaden Cain is who he thinks he is, though… with his famous mother and various other things he's heard from Elena— there's a good chance he'll take it in stride. Considering there's no fear at all that anything would come of it. "I think it'll be fine."

"He knows of others with abilities. I'm not sure which ones, but Elena is one of them. He told me, and I told him, but I wasn't certain about how to verify that. It's the one time I've had to go against the standard of consent. She and I agreed I should tell you, so you know what could happen, especially with the double date issue. If I tried to play things down, dodge the issue, that gives things away just as much as outing him. The wondering why, and knowing me, that'd be a top reason." She moves to stand, headed for the guitars. Being who she is, at stressful times, when the crisis is past and the aftermath looms, Jane wants to play. "Thanks for coming out."

"It's understandable," Peter says with a nod, hoping that the other man understands as well. There's a lot that could happen, and at least it's fair to tell him what could happen when they meet. "And it's no problem. Luckily I was in the area. Though… I do need to go again. You can call me if anything else happens." It isn't the awkwardness over the naked, or SO talk that makes him leave, but something else all together. He has a few obligations. Heading towards the door, he unlocks it again and adds, "I'm glad you're back to being yourself, Jane."

As he leaves, the sound of Jane playing guitar, an angst-filled and edgy style, is heard inside the apartment. It mixes with the sound from Die Hard With A Vengeance, still playing.

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