2007-04-01: Debut Of Omega Man


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Alpha and Beta, Unlucky Robbers.


Two thieves threaten Cass in her apartment and she is saved by The Omega Man (TM).

April 1st, 2007:

Debut of Omega Man

Cass' Apartment, Brooklyn

Cass' small one bedroom apartment is silent. That is normally the case in the late night hours on a weekday. It's a little messier than normal, clothes on the floor, clunky laptop still out on the table, but that's because Cass has been preoccupied with all the different things that have been happening around her. Who has time to clean when you're trying to make lists of everything a research clinic may need? Exhausted, Cass barely had the presence of mind to change into some sweat pants and a comfy shirt before collapsing onto her bed and passing out.

New York is quiet for this time of night, save the rush of traffic outside, and the honking of horns beneath the star littered heavens. A pair of burglars has made their way up to Cass's window after tailing her home earlier in the day from the book store. They figured if she owned the place, perhaps she has some cash floating around, maybe something else if lucky. The two are dressed in black, with red bandana's tied tightly across their face as they work carefully, and quietly at the window, before finally popping the latch, and sliding it upwards.

"Alright, you find the cash, I'll get some DVD's, and whatever else may look sellable." One of them whispers to the other as he crawls his way into the living room, and flicks on a flash light, letting the dull light bounce around the room for a few moments, before heading into the kitchen. Girls tend to keep cash jars in the freezer for some reason in New York, and he won't question it. Long as it's easy money.

The other robber, who isn't as graceful as his companion, makes his way towards the TV and starts to scoop up whatever DVD's, or collector's items he may find, that is, until he stumbles over a snag in the carpet and hits the wall face first, causing a loud 'crash' to be heard as he knocks over a lamp on the table. The two of them freeze as a silent curse is passed between the two of them.

Not quite a normal girl, Cass' money is not in jars in the fridge. It's all invested in the bank. A small amount needed for daily business is in her purse and there's an emergency stash kept between the pages of a copy of 'The Inheritance of Loss'. Her DVDs, however, are a more lucrative enterprise for stealing. The break in and the intruders are completely unnoticed as they stealthily try to take her for all her worth. However, the crash startles her awake. Her eyes snap open and she sits up in bed, trying to figure out what exactly it was that just woke her up. There was a crash, right? Did that come from her apartment? Is Lachlan drunk and trying to sleep on her couch again? "Lachlan?" She calls out tentatively. Though, honestly, if he's that drunk again, it's possible he won't answer her. Someone breaking in is really the last thing on her mind, unfortunately. She stays right in bed for the time being as she doesn't really want to deal with getting up and dragging him out.

Motioning to each other, one of the burglars puts a finger to his lips as he starts for the bedroom door, slowly. Trying to wave off the other guy, his companion obviously is not on the same page as his friend. "… Heeey.. Hey!" He hisses in a whisper. "What are you doing? Let's just go man."

"No way, we haven't found the cash yet. We'll make her tell us where it's at. You just keep quiet." Slowly, the man who gets to the door reaches beneath his shirt, producing a small hand gun, and puts his free hand on the door, giving it a light push open. His form hugs the frame of the door as he swivels his hand up, revealing a hard stare from above his bandana.

"Fuck man, fuck.. fuck.. fuck…" His friend can be heard whispering from behind, starting to get the jitters. They never had to pull a gun before. When did he even get a gun!? This ain't right. Not at all.

"Psst. Not Lachlan. Now, be a good girl and keep your yap shut. Where's the money at?"

Okay, see, this is normally the point where Cass would be calling the cops. And in fact, when she hears two people talking out in her living room, neither of whom sound Scottish, that's what she attempts to do. Rolling quickly out of bed, she crouches onto the floor to find her pants, which should still have her cellphone in them, so that she can dial the New York Finest. Before she can even find her phone, though, the door opens and Cass gets a good look at the man in her doorway. No. Definitely not Lachlan. Oh crap. Why does she keep finding herself in these situations? This is not good. Jack's not here, Lachlan's not here…no one's here to help her. "M-money?" Her mind totally blanks in the face of guns and invaders into her home. "I…um…purse. My purse." Which she can't remember where it is.

"Your purse huh? Where's the purse at? Get up, back to your feet and show me your hands." The man says as he reaches to the wall, slapping the light on so to see her more clearly. Under his left eye, is a pair of tear drops, and he has darker, brown skin. Possibly hispanic? Maybe it's a good tan? He has dark eyes though, and a good deal of swagger as he moves. He looks around the room for a moment, then snarls to her. "You got any jewelry also?"

"C'mon man, let's just get the purse and go." His friend calls out from the room, his voice almost apologetic. Even thieves has souls sometimes. He didn't sign up for a hit and run type of situation.

"I swear dude, if you don't shut up, I'm gonna cap you also." Also? He's planning on putting a bullet in someone tonight it seems. He motions with the gun, beckoning Cass to step out into the living room, despite how she may be dressed. "And pick up those DVD's. Get the box set ones, those cost more." He growls out, assuming the alpha position once more as he steps out into the bigger room, waiting for Cass to come out.

Oh God. Also. That's…that's never a good sign. Is her fate already set, then? Okay. Keep calm. Keep calm. What can she do in this situation. Cooperate. Yes. Cooperating can get her pretty far, right. Maybe talking her way out of it? On shaky legs, she stands up. "Jewelry?" Her mind is racing in a million different directions now. "Look, take the money. And the jewelry. Just…don't hurt me." Holding her hands up, she takes slow, deliberate steps toward the main room. Her eyes flicker to the door and then back to the man who seems to be in charge. Maybe…maybe she can think of a plan if she can't talk him out of this.

"Tie her up." The Alpha commands his Beta as he gives Cass a bit of a push towards his companion, then rustles out a belt from her closet, tossing it over. "Tie her to one of the chairs or something. Just make sure she doesn't move. If she starts screaming, you silence her." With that, he goes into her room and starts to rummage.

Despite being unsure, the other robber steps forward with the belt, saying in a slow voice. "Just.. sit down and let's get this over with." He sounds so remorse for his actions, that this is both embarrassing, and frustrating for him at the same time. When he sits her down, and starts to tie her wrists together, he makes sure that he doesn't hurt her arms, saying in a soft voice. ".. I'm sorry.. I.. I'm sorry." He glances towards the bedroom door, then starts to collect the DVD's once more, shoving it into a backpack he finds in the living room.

"Found the purse, finally. Fuck, she only got fifty bucks in here. This is bullshit." The other man roars out as he stalks into the living room, waving the pair of twenties, and the ten. "Got her credit cards though."

The push that Alpha gives Cass does more than just nudge in Beta's direction. Already shaking and terrified, she goes sprawling in his direction. Unfortunately for her, there's not going to be much time to enact her plan of slamming doors in faces and running like hell because she's being sat down in a chair and tied up. This is the man she wants to talk to, to try and get through to. "Just let me go. Please," she whispers pleadingly to Beta. "I won't make a fuss. You two can leave and no one has to get hurt. Please. Don't do this." Her hands are getting tied behind her back and she takes deep breaths to steady herself.
"You know it never works out that way. I.. " The Beta finds himself cut off as the Alpha starts shouting once more, then stands up a bit straighter, motioning to the window. "So, we got the money and movies. Let's get out of here, OK?"

The Alpha seems undecided for the moment, before finally leveling his gun at the girl, cocking back the hammer. "Alright, let's get out of here. Go out first. I'll be right behind you. Gotta make sure that we won't have the cops tailing us." With his free hand, he shows off her cell phone that she discarded, then drops it to the floor, slamming on it with a heavy boot to make it crack.

With a resigned sign, the Beta starts for the window through the dark living room, only his visage outlined by the glow of the light coming from the bedroom. He doesn't get more than a foot from the window, before he stops in his tracks, eyes widened.

"… what the fu—.."

The man doesn't get a chance to finish the sentence as he is suddenly shaken, with the sound of electricity rippling through a pair of wires that sticks into his neck. "Gggguuuuuh!" As the man falls to the ground, someone, something, dressed completely in black flies through the window at a dive, and somersaults to his feet.

Standing at a fairly average height, with a ski mask on his head, cut at the top to allow a mop of blonde hair to sprawl out across his head, the man bobs back, and forth on the balls of his feet as the Alpha swings around with the gun pointed, caught off guard, and in shock. Over the ski mask, on the center of his forehead, is a bright, white Omega sign, with what appears to be red film over the eye slit.

"Who the fuck are you? You know what? Fuck it. You're dead." The gun man says, firing off one round after the other as bullets zip through the air.

"Please," Cass tries one more time. All she has left is pleading. Her phone getting stomped on elicits a wince. And then the one person she was starting to get through to is going out the window. Oh God. Oh God. And then, things are happening so fast. She doesn't scream….she would have to know what's going on for her to do that. However, the gunshots do make her yelp and she turns her face away from the scene as best she can in her tied up predicament. Did another robber just jump through the window? Is her place robber central? What in the world is /happening/.

As the bullets fly quickly towards Omega, the man in black calmly steps to one side, then drops himself practically backwards at the knees to allow the last to sail over his face. Moving once more, he blurs in a quick zig zag, covering the expanse of the room in less than a second. What follows next is a round house kick to the gut, followed by the satisfying crunch of rib beneath a heavy heel, and the loud, surprised scream of the man.

"Fucking hell! What aaaaaaaah!" The loud scream is full of pain as he finds his shoulder dislocated with a quick snap of his arm backwards, and the gun dropping to the ground. In the next instant, the weapon is seen flying along the room from a well placed kick, and the man drops to the ground as another kick slams into the back of a knee cap, followed by a hammered fist into the side of his skull.

The Beta, who finally has shaken off the effects of the taser, wobbles to his feet for a moment, before being met with a chair, hard, coming at him by a speed quicker than the naked eye. As he crashes to the wall, then slumps to the ground, the room grows ghostly quiet as only the vigilante stands in the room now, breathing slowly as he curls his fingers slightly, causing them to crack. With a tilt of his head towards Cass, he starts to make his way towards her, the light shining off the red visor across his eyes.

Oh God. Violence. Lots of violence happening in her apartment. What the hell. And then there's a man in a costume coming toward her. No. No no no, that won't do. he's violent and will hurt her too. Though tied to a chair, she can still try and move it. "Don't don't don't don't." Using her feet, she tries to make the chair slide backward. It does for the most part, then reaches a part where it will not slide any further. Desperately, the woman kicks as hard as she can, making the chair tip over and fall over on its side, taking her with it. That did not work out very well. This man, at least, doesn't seem to have any weapons - not that he needed them - so she will act tough. Or try. Her voice cracks when she tries to sound fierce, ruining the effect. "Come closer and I'll scream. I swear. The police are already on their way." A total lie, but that's okay.

With a soft sigh, Omega kneels down behind her and unties the belt that holds her to the chair. Rising up silently, he steps away from her, then heads towards the pair of men, reaching into knee pocket to take out what appears to be heavy duty zip ties. With that, he starts to hog tie first the Alpha, then the Beta, ensuring that they won't be going anywhere for awhile. Picking up the gun, he drops the magazine from the weapon, then pops the bullet out of the chamber. With a toss of the weapon towards her, he says in a soft voice. "You should probably call the police from a neighbor's room, and stay there with them. Have a good night." With that, he starts for the window once more.

Remaining on the floor, Cass fixes Omega with a look. But he unties her and then steps away and moves for the door. Wait. What. What is this. When the gun is tossed toward her, she fumbles it, but manages to keep a hold on it. Then, realizing what she's holding, drops it to the ground. The last thing she wants to be holding is a gun. "You're…are you seriously just saving me and leaping out my window? How in the world did you know what was happening here in the first place?" Pause. "And I told you, the police are already on their way." Might as well stick to her story.

"I can't use the front door." Omega says as he turns towards her, showing off a bit of humor, before stepping out onto the fire escape. "Just know that this is /my/ neighborhood, and I won't allow anyone to be hurt, or robbed in it. Let these guys know that once they wake up. This is Omega's turf." Instead of answering anymore of her questions, the vigilante starts to climb the fire escape, his feet making barely any sound. Outside in the hallway, is the banging of the door. "Cass! Cassy, you OK in there?!" It's her neighbor down the hall, who obviously was waken by gun shots, and called the police herself.

"Oh, you're kidding me," Cass groans. This is the very thing she was telling Jaden she /did not/ want. Vigilantes. Then, as he's climbing out the window. "Uh…thanks, by the way. For the whole saving me thing." Even if she doesn't agree with people taking the law into their own hands, she can definitely be grateful for being saved by someone. Then, there's pounding on her door and she misses the rest of his exit. "I'm…I'm fine Prudence!" Stumbling to the door, she goes to assure her neighbor that she's still alive.

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