2007-04-22: Deception Over Coffee


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Summary: Claudine and Sean go for coffee and run into Mallory, who sets her eyes on Drake and immediately befriends him.

Date It Happened: April 22, 2007

Deception Over Coffee


She couldn't concentrate at all. So she started a fire in organic lab while trying to lithiate her compound, and then it all poofed when the fire consumed the plastic stoppers. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

That was just one of the many bad things that happened today as Claudine has not been able to concentrate since she witnessed her younger sister manifest some rather destructive powers. Her mind has been jumbled and she just got off the subway, not really looking where she's going while heading back to her dorm room. From there, she has to go check in on her younger sister. What will she tell her parents?!? Oye..

Sean is just getting off the subway as well, coming from a culinary school to pick up some information about "Mature Students". Sean laughed a bit at that name - it was rare for someone to call him "Mature".

He sees Claudine up ahead a bit, getting off at the same stop he is, and runs ahead to catch up to her, calling her name.

Her brows raise as it snaps her out of her emo thoughts and she turns around to see who it is. Oh! She hasn't seen Sean in a while, so she forces a smile to her lips while running her fingers through her hair. "Oh..hey.."

Sean smiles as he falls into step with his friend, whom he hasn't seen in a while. He's completely forgotten about their argument the last time they DID meet. "What's up? I haven't seen you in ages!"

Claudine shrugs her shoulders, not really in much of a mood to talk. She's in full emo-mode right now after all. "Not much, just got a few things on my mind and all.." she admits ruefully while running her fingers through her hair.

Sean tilts his head, furrowing his brow. "That doesn't sound like it's much fun. D'you wanna grab a coffee or something, takes some time to relax and catch up?" He smiles again, attempting to win her over.

GAME: Sean has rolled CHARISMA+INFLUENCE and got a result of GREAT.

GAME: Claudine has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of GREAT.

Any other time, it would work pretty easily, as she's rather amicable and a social person, but with what's happened the past few days, she's down in the dumps. However, she forces a smile on her lips once more and shrugs her shoulders, "Yeah, sure why not. I guess I can spare a few minutes.." Hopefully, her sister will be okay in the meantime and not destroying Primatech by accident.

"Awesome - I think this stop's got a decent coffee shop inside of it, actually…" Sean drifts off, looking around rather comically at his surroundings, oblivious to the fact that they are standing /directly/ in front of the coffee shop. Of course.

A coffee shop inside a subway station. Who woulda thunk? Claudine shrugs her shoulders and nods, deciding to take this time to just rest and relax, to not think about what happened and to not worry or stress about Marilou. "I usually just go to the Dunkin donuts.."

"Oh. Well, we could always go there, since I can't find the—" Sean stops mid-sentence as he realizes that they're standing in front of the store he was looking for. "Oye. I'm blind. D'you want to just go in here, or find a Dunkin' Donuts?"

"Nah, this place is fine.." Claudine says with another shrug of her shoulders, still in pseudo-emo mode while taking a deep breath. She looks into the little café in the subway, finding it an odd place to be, but oh well, might as well go in, right?

Sitting at a table with an large mocha with extra whipped cream is a girl known to Claudine as Mallory. She's sipping from her paper cup (coffee mugs just aren't practical) when she notices the Company girl. The blonde teenager smirks faintly and nods her head. Hi there.

After stepping out of the subway, Drake, who happens to be wearing a guitar over his shoulder, ambles out, and starts across the hallway past the shops. He's wearing a pair of loose fitting blue jeans, and a simple green top on, looking comfortable, and casual as he heads off for a long night at work. He just put his two weeks in at Starbucks, and they been giving him all closing shifts now.

Sean walks up the counter, jingling the change in his pocket. "Uhh… I'll have a medium coffee, please - two creams, one sugar." He smiles at the cashier, then turns to Claudine. "What d'you want? I'll buy."

Oh. There's not just one, but two extra people inside the little cafe in the subway. Wow, this place seems popular. Recognizing Mallory from when they did their little ruse against the Petrelli's, Claudine bows her head and smiles warmly in the older woman's direction while looking for a place to sit. As she looks for a place to sit, she keeps Drake in her peripheral vision while chewing on her bottom lip.

Her gaze then shifts back over to Mallory with quirked brows before looking over to Sean. "Um, just a house coffee too..same as you."

Fishing his hand into his pocket for some change, Drake angles himself towards the coffee shop, having decided to check out the competition's caramel mocha. Poking his way into the door, he gives a quick smile to the guy at the counter, then steps in line.

Mallory waves to Claudine and her companion. "'Dine! Come join me!" She smiles sweetly, "Who's your friend?" The question is innocent enough, but Claudine should know that Mallory doesn't make smalltalk.

Sean pays for both his drink and Claudine's, then hears Claudine be hailed. Hooray for a small world, eh? "Are we going to go join your friend, over there?"

Upon receiving her drink, Claudine turns back over to Mallory and smiles as she brings Sean on over. "Hey Mallory, this is Sean Cho.." a name that the other woman should recognize from reports. She eases on down over at the table. "Sean, this is Mallory.." making the introductions while still trying to keep Drake in peripheral vision. Yup, she's got her eye on you man. She probably thinks he's hot..

Sean extends his hand in welcome, not noticing any ass-staring being committed by Claudine. Tsk, tsk, tsk. "Nice to meet you," he says, as he sits down.

Mallory's eyes follow Claudine's glances and settle on Drake as well. She gives him a shy smile and wiggles her fingers in a wave. A blush creeps into her cheeks and she looks away quickly, then back again, suppressing a giggle. "It's nice to meet you, Sean." She takes his hand and shakes.

It's not really staring at his ass, it's making sure he isn't leaving her sights, cause well, she's got her reasons. A wry grin curls onto her lips as she watches Mallory look over towards Drake, which causes her to giggle impishly as well. Ahhh, young girls giggling..it's a contagious thing really. For now, she remains quiet.

Quirking a brow upwards as Mallory begins to giggle, and wave in his direction, Drake looks a bit caught off guard. Turning his attention back to the counter, he picks up his coffee, then blows gently across the top of it.

"He's /cute/," Mallory gossips to Claudine in a low voice. "I so want to go talk to him!" She bites her lower lip as she truly giggles this time, casting Sean an apologetic glance.

"His name is Drake..I've met him a few times and hung out with one of his friends. I can introduce you to him?" Claudine offers with another coy grin as she gives a toothy grin over to Sean. "Sorry bout this, but girl stuff kinda takes priority at the moment.."

Sean rolls his eyes and blows on his coffee a bit, smirking. "So what am I, chopped liver?" he says, pretending to be more annoyed than he is. Truth be told, though… they /are/ right.

It doesn't seem Drake is the flirting back type, as he starts heading for the door, taking a careful sip off the hot lip of the coffee. He shifts around someone as he goes, hoping that his guitar doesn't poke the young girl who slips by him.

"Omigosh, /could/ you?" Mallory grins widely at Claudine. "I /have/ to meet him." For a moment, she meets the other girl's eyes. This isn't a request. She glances at Sean again, "I can't mack on you, silly. You're with my friend!" She discretely tips her coffee cup in Drake's direction, "/He's/ by himself." And he's getting away! "I've got this one. Thanks for the offer, 'Dine." Mallory jumps up from the table, mocha in hand, and moves quickly toward the door to follow Drake.

…"I am not with him! He's taken by some slutho!" Claudine says as she looks over to Sean and gives him another apologetic toothy grin. She would introduce Mallory to Drake, but considering the other woman is intent on doing it herself, she's content to just let her go. "Mallory's kinda aggressive.." she explains to Sean. "And you are chopped liver, Sean. You're taken.."

Sean laughs. "Well, that doesn't make me chooped liver, exactly…" He grins back, though, ignoring the name that she called Riya for the sake of their friendship.

After Mallory leaves, he tilts his head. "So, what's new in the world of 'Dine?"

Once Drake opens up the door and steps outside, he takes a deep breath, then starts down the hallways again as he starts to aim for the staircase that leads upwards to the rest of New York. He glances over his shoulder for a moment, just in case he's being tailed.

Drake is indeed being tailed. Mallory comes up along side him quickly, flashing a brilliant smile. "Hi!" Oh God, now what? "I'm Mallory!" That's a start. "I think I've seen you… at school?"

"No, you haven't." Drake says as he turns to face Mallory, blowing some blonde bangs out of his face. "Do you work with -her-, and that is why you're following me?" He asks, his blue eyes narrowing a bit.

"Work with her? No way. She does boring office work." Or so she's been told. Mallory shakes her head quickly. "I'm following you because you're cute. Duh."

"No, she doesn't do boring office work. I know exactly what she does." Drake says as he sizes her up for a moment, before turning, and starting off once more. "And I got a girlfriend." There, nail in the coffin, right?

"Well that figures!" Mallory sounds dejected. "What, does Claudine write a gossip column or something? She'd better not, or I'll have to punch her in the mouth!" She's not giving up on Drake, it seems.

Hunching his shoulders, Drake continues to walk on, without waiting for her. He opens his mouth, as if to slip something witty in, but clicks his teeth shut instead. Maybe this girl doesn't know, and doesn't work with her. Loosen up, dude. "Nevermind. Just tell her to stop following me, OK?"

"She's following you? I'll tell her to back off." Mallory keeps up easily, draining the last of her coffee and dropping the cup in a rubbish bin on her way by. "Are you sure I haven't seen you at school? You look so awfully familiar. And if you're not 'Dine's friend, then I haven't seen you with her…"

"What school do I go to?" Drake throws out to her as he stops, turning to face her, slowly sliding his hands out of his pockets. There are so many high schools in New York, and it should be something Claudine doesn't know. That much, he at least hopes, and figures.

Mallory may not know for sure what school Drake attends, but she knows what school Claire Bennet is supposed to be attending, and so she's unhesitant to name it. "I go there, so is that where I've seen you?" Her inquisitive look is wide-eyed and innocent.

Drat. "Yeah, I suppose. I'm on the soccer team there for the varsity squad." Drake says as he glances around the subway for a moment, before smoothing down his shirt in a nervous manner. "You're going to home coming this weekend, right?"

"Is that this weekend?" Mallory frowns faintly. "I've been cramming for this stupid exam in Keener's science class. That man's out to get me, I swear." The trials and tribulations of high school.

"Oh." Drake says with a shrug of his shoulders. "That sucks. Gonna be a wild game, I'm hoping. We're playing Bronx for our season opener. Only team to sneak a loss out of us last season. We're planning on crushing 'em." He says with a smile on his face.

"Omigosh, I am /there/," Mallory declares with no small amount of enthusiasm. "You guys are gonna /destroy/ them! I won't miss that for anything. Keener can just bite me."

Chuckling, Drake loosens up a bit. "I hope so. That striker they had graduated last year…finally. Only took him two tries. So, he won't drop five on us this game, that's for sure. But.. who knows, maybe I'll stick 'em for ten." He says a bit confidently.

"I bet you will! Especially with an attitude like that. I bet they won't even know what hit 'em." Mallory flashes him a brilliant smile. "Are you a junior or a senior, then?"

"Sophomore, actually. One of the few on the varsity team." Drake says with a bit of pride creeping into his voice. "I worked real hard over the summer to prepare for it. Doubles for four days a week." He says.

"Oh, no wonder we're not in any of the same classes!" Mallory thumps Drake on the arm lightly. "You're crazy awesome if you're on varsity already! You're gonna be wasting Bronx for two more years yet!"

"I'm sure hoping so!" Drake says as he brushes a hand through his hair. "So what grade are you in then? Freshman or Junior?" She doesn't appear to be a a Senior. With the sound of the subway screeching through the tunnels once more, he turns his eyes over to the train, then back to her.

"Junior," Mallory tells him. Her head also turns so she can glance at the train. "Are you guys practicing this week? I'd love to come down and watch you in action."

"Ah, a bit older than me then." Drake says with a grin. "Well, we're practicing every day after school from three to five before I head to work. You can stop by, sure, I guess. I'm sure Brad wouldn't mind." He chuckles.

"Awesome! Oh, I will /be/ there, cheering you on." It would seem that Mallory is now Drake's personal cheerleader.

"Ah, um.. thanks." Drake says with a chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck for a moment. What would Claire think if this other girl just randomly showed up and started cheering for him? "There's.. a whole team out there though that could use it too." He says with a slight grin.

"Well, I'll be sure to share the enthusiasm. But we both know you're the coolest." Mallory actually winks. "I'm sure they're all awesome, but you /are/ the one who was good enough to be on varsity as a soph!"

"I'm not the only one." Drake says with a laugh as he blushes a bit. "There's Jeremy. He's a great Goalie." Amused, he shrugs his shoulders. "And I'm hardly the best player on the team. I'm only the second leading scorer. Christopher is crushing the field."

Mallory shrugs. "Yeah, but /they/ aren't talking to me right now, are they?" She pauses for a moment, a small, quirky sort of smile settling on her features. "I dunno. You seem like somethin' special to me." There's an emphasis on that word - special. Then again, maybe it's just imagined.

"Well, I'm just another kid at school." Drake says with a grin. "Sides, I'm sure the football team is far more impressive with their undefeated record so far this year. I bet some of them will make it to some good Universities at this rate." He sways a bit on his feet, before shifting his shoulders in a shrug. Does he come off as a costumed vigilante? Hardly.

"Footballers are losers," Mallory says matter-of-factly. "All muscle and no brain. See ball, tackle loser with ball, or run like hell from loser trying to tackle you when you've got ball. Hockey's only marginally better. They at least fight because they're all hardcore and junk."

"Yeah? It's what I've been telling Claire also, but she seems to think that football is the end of all sports. At least she doesn't make fun of my shorts anymore." Drake says, hopping a bit on his feet to loosen up his ankles.

"Claire? That your girl?" Mallory's nose wrinkles as she seems to be trying to put a face to a name. "Oh, is she one of those cheerleaders? I swear all the girls who like football are on the cheerleading squad. Claire clearly doesn't know what she's talking about. Soccer's way better."

"Nah, Claire isn't a cheer leader. She's my girlfriend, just a huge Cowboys fan, that's all." Drake says with a chuckle. "She's from Texas, so she's all about Tony Roma or something. I told her that it's gonna be the Giants this year, putting a hurting on 'em. I hope. Knowing the Pats though they'll just get another ring."

"I like the Panthers," Mallory admits. "At least, I like 'em on my Playstation." Because it's totally different if it's just on a TV screen.

"Yeah, they got cool helmets." Drake says, shifting his eyes back to the coffee shop. "So, how do you know Claudine?" That is her name, right? Candice mentioned it a few times.

"Met her at some party once. She seemed cool enough. Knows lots of people." Mallory shrugs. "We must have similar tastes, because we keep running into each other."

"Yeah. She'll do that to you. She'll pop up /everywhere/ you go." Drake says with a bit of a smirk on his face, before shrugging. "Anyways, I should get going. Got work, kinda on my way there." With a chuckle, he says, "Not that it matters, I only have three days left."

Mallory smirks, "What are they gonna do? Fire you?" She takes a step back all the time. "It was nice talking to you, Drake. I'll see you at practice tomorrow."

"See you later!" Drake says, then turns to head off, wetting his lips. Plucking his phone out of his pocket, he flips it open, dialing a number. "Hey, Brad? You know a girl named Mallory in your class? Junior?" He says, describing her as he goes up the stairs, to the main street.

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