2009-10-11: Decompressing

Starring: Gene and Sydney


Date: October 11, 2009


Sydney invites Gene over to discuss recent events.


Sydney's Apartment

It's mid-day on a Saturday and Sydney is at home, enjoying some quiet. Well, sort of. Enjoyment might be a stretch. She hasn't left the house much for the last week or so. Once to go to the police station, and twice to go to the school (which is only blocks away). The apartment is what anyone can expect, ridiculously small. The kitchen, living room, and dining area (to call it a room would be a stretch) are all in one sort of space. Presumably a single bedroom is down the hall. It's all very condensed. Where most people would have a television, Sydney has a desk loaded with papers--the one disorganized thing in the room. Otherwise the room is immaculate—everything in its set place.

Sydney sits cross-legged (pow wow style) on her couch, reading glasses perched on her nose and a highlighter in her hand. She's reading Activating Evolution. Who thought thesis material would come in such a package…

A couple knocks on the apartment door announces that Gene is here. Currently, he has a small school black bookbag, looking around the hallway as he waits. Currently, he is wearing a maroon dress shirt (sans tie and with the first button undone) and some black slacks, finishing off with some nice square-toe leather shoes.

When the door opens the door opens up, Gene will just give a small smile. "Hey… Here as requested," he announces cheerfully as he walks into the apartment unless he's stopped. "So, how you doing?"

With the knock at her door, Sydney stands to her feet. Unlike Gene, she's dress super casually in a pair of faded blue jeans, a grey t-shirt, and a black sweater. Her hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail. Before opening the door, she peers through the peep hole and promptly unlocks each of the bolts on the door. "Hey," she offers a weak smile. "I'm… I'm okay, I think." She bites her bottom lip, and motions for Gene to come in. "I mean… considering … everything. You know?"

"Yeah, I do I. I'm sorry that you had to go through it. Some people love the rush of their life in danger. Most… don't." Gene states as he stands by the door, only moving inside until the door is closet and one of the bolts is put on it. If Sydney doesn't do it, he will himself. As usual, Gene has be given more reasons to be careful, old threats replaced by new dangers lurking in the shadows. Whether it be in person or on the airwaves, Gene works hard to keep himself and his friends save. Sometimes a little TOO hard. "I know I cut you off when we were talking on the phone, but if you want to talk about it here and now, we can."

Walking towards the couch, Sydney motions for Gene to take a seat. "Please. Sit." And then she adds as a kind of afterthought, "If you want to, I mean." And then she clears her throat as she sits down. "No, it's okay. The whole thing was very… surreal. And I have to say I've never been mugged before, even for having lived the last seven years here…" She shrugs. "And then the random Darkwing Duck wannabe and the ground moving… and talking to the police about it… I'll be lucky if I ever get my credibility back." She's talking in fragments, thinking out loud more than actually talking to Gene. "But Gene, what puzzles me more is… me." She frowns. "I wasn't scared." She frowns. "I'm scared now. But I wasn't scared."

Taking his seat, the young genius goes wide-eyed for a moment at the mention of Darkwing Duck. He didn't know that SHE was the blonde his friend was talking about. The ground moving, that too causes him to frown slightly in concern. Thankfully his 'training' has taught him that this is a BAD time to start questioning. "Well, sometimes, when it's the heat of the moment, your brain freezes all your emotions and you put them away for a time."

"But it wasn't like they were gone. I just… I was exhilerated," Sydney shrugs again. "And now. NOW I'm terrified. I haven't even gone near central park. And the girl I met in the park … she made the ground move." She sighs and realizes she literally making no sense. She has the ramblings of a crazy person. "I guess you could be right though. Maybe it was just adrenaline." And then she frowns, "They were very strange muggers too. One of them ran away the instant … Darkwing (?) came onto the scene." And then she adds, "And I could swear there was more than one Darkwing…"

Gene's hand moves to try and rest on Sydney's back, rubbing it slightly. "Dealing with Evolved like that can be… Scary. As you likely read in the book…" Gene nods toward the 'If You Want to Understand Evolveds' thesis. "…Adrenaline is what usually triggers this powers, a self defense thing." While he tries to consider the feelings of exhilaration, Gene doesn't say anything on it for the moment. "As for the Darkwing guy, maybe he was part of some bizarre gang that fights crime? It's New York, tons of wackos around."

Sydney relaxes as Gene rubs her back. "I guess you're right. There's lots of wackos around. I guess it would make sense that some guy could have equally strange friends ready and willing to fight… crime as cartoon superheroes." And then she adds with a slight chuckle, "I counsel some of them wackos." She smirks. And looks at Gene. "Does any of this make sense to you? The first officer that took my statement was positive I had some sort of psychotic episode. The second… well, he believed me. I wouldn't have believed my own eyes if I hadn't known about—about the Evolved."

"It does… I suppose the girl would have the ability to control Earth. I knew a young women that could control the air, so it isn't unheard of for another to control another element," Gene states, pulling back the hand as Sydney relaxes. Leaning back to his side of the couch, he smirks as he thinks about his friend being called a wacko. He says nothing on it. "Considering I was the one that told you about the Evolved, it better make sense to me or I fail at my job at knowing everything that's important to know." He gives a chuckle at that before he hrms. "You wouldn't happen to have the information on that woman would you? While I doubt you have anything on that Darkwing person, it sounds like you were talking with the other girl or something."

"To control the Earth? People can do that?" Sydney quirks raising a single eyebrow. "Well… I only caught her name when the police took her statement, but I can't remember what it was… " she frowns. "If it comes to me I'll pass the info along." She presses her lips together and considers the name. "Sorry." She shrugs again and chuckles a bit as she leans back against the couch again. "I suppose you're right. Thanks for coming over, by the way. I really do appreciate it. Processing these things. It's, it's really unbelievable, you know?" Her smile broadens. "Quite honestly, even with this book I can't make two cents of any of it." She pauses and then adds, "I've never been shot at and I'm happy to stay I still haven't been shot either…"

"You always read stories, myths, legends, watch 'Truth is Stranger Than Fiction' but until it happens to you, it's a little hard to take it in. After awhile though… It becomes a question as standard as 'What's your sign'. Until you adjust fully, more than willing to come down when I can." Gene pauses as he reconsiders it. "Well, maybe not nearly that bad, but you get what I mean. As for the woman, as long as she wasn't like that other woman you told me about, should be fine."

"No, she was friendly," Sydney remembers. "And she had really excellent shoes." Her eyes light up ever so slightly at the thought of the shoes. "I really liked her shoes. I even commented on them." She side-glances Gene, "Is this how it's going to be? Am I going to run into Evolveds everywhere now that I know? And was I running into them all of the time before I knew and I just didn't know I was?" She tilts her head, "I think there are more of them than I'd ever imagined." She crosses her arms over her chest, "I know I have a lot of questions. I'm sorry. I've done my research," she says pointing towards Activating Evolution, "experienced it for myself, and am still searching for answers." She sighs with a shrug, "Maybe there are just more questions than answers." She pauses and then asks, "Do a lot of people know about the evolved?" She narrows her eyes at Gene, "I lied to the police. The other woman—she seemed nice. I didn't want to rat her out… I said it was either the Muggers or Darkwing that moved the ground…" She winces. "I almost feel guilty about it too."

There is a pause. She accused Jaden of being the Earth mover? Gene frowns faintly. "Shoulda pinned it on the muggers. After all, the guy was just trying to help." After letting the accidental clue slip, Gene continues on. "Enough know. The government seems to know and is doing stuff about them, which is part of the reason why I didn't want us talking about it on the phones. Government always monitors those first." He raises a hand up as if expecting an question or comment. "Don't even ask about what I know when it comes to the government. Because I've learned, sometimes it's ignorance that keeps you safe. If you notice anything fishy though, call me as quick as you can." After sharing a bit of his paranoia to his friend, Gene continues on. "As for the lying… Well, hard to say. I usually don't lie, but I know sometimes it's the only way to do things safely."

Sydney hrms. "I wasn't trying to draw any more attention to the Darkwing character—" she objects defensively. "I was trying to cover tracks for the lady with the beautiful shoes. Besides they didn't catch him. But they did question us." She furrows her eyebrows at the idea of the government watching them, "Seriously?" Paranoia creeps into her own emotions and she shudders slightly. "That's just… creepy." She frowns a bit, and lowers her voice, "What do you mean doing stuff about them?" She nods a bit at the hand held up and decides not to press any further.

"It'll get worse for some, but hopefully it will be a conflict that most of the US won't even know is happening. If I think you'll be in any danger, I'll fill you in. I promise you on that. Just keep me informed on anything odd and I'll give the best advice I can," Gene offers with a small grin. He rubs his head as he realizes what he's just done. "So, now that I like a moron relieved your fears only to give you NEW ones, anything else I can do to help?" he offers with an awkward smile.

Stifling a giggle, Sydney nods ever so slightly. "I think I'm okay for now. Honestly, I'm still just in shock about it all." She grins at Gene and winks, "You seem to be my crisis go-to guy these days, Gene." She arches an eyebrow, "I hope you're not like this for everyone. That would just be draining. I'm training to be a therapist, and listening/managing other people's problems is pure exhaustion."

Chuckling, Gene gives a shrug, exposing a slightly tired "Sorta. I like to think of myself as a problem solver. They don't usually come to me everyday, but more often than not, when people come to see me, they need me for something. Some days, it gets a little old, but it just reminds you of why you do what you do." He appears ready to say something else, but he finds himself stopped by the beeping of a watch. He leans forward with a groan, preparing to get up. He's seemingly a little tired, so he doesn't get up quite yet. "…Well, looks like I need to heading out in ten minutes. I've got something I need to do. Keeping tabs on that girl you told me about. Gotta make sure she's still playing by the rules I established."

Eyes are narrowed at the mention of the blonde. Her lips quirk into a slight frown, and Sydney's tone becomes moderately stern, "Gene, be careful. She's… well, you know. But beyond her abilities, I can tell you she's definitely dangerous based on her actions." Sydney shrugs her shoulders slightly. "You gave her rules? I don't imagine someone like that would actually follow rules of any kind—" She frowns. "To possess a police officer's body like that and smile while gunning down that many people… it's… it's sociopathic." She shudders.

"I have Evolved friends. I'll be going with two of them to watch my back and no matter what she can do, I have it covered. Trust me, I'm a genius, master plans are what I do best," Gene announces proudly, giving a confident smirk. "As for her, well, I gave her a threat and a promise. Help people with her gift, and she'll be rewarded. Hurt people without just cause and I'd make sure she wouldn't do it again. It's not the best thing to do, but out of all the choices, it's the only one that I figured could make sense. I did it under an alias, so she won't know it's me."

Still concerned, Sydney just nods and sits back against the couch. "Just stay safe." She runs her fingers through her hair and closes her eyes. Forcing a smile she makes a pathetic joke, "If something happens to you, who would be there to explain the madness to me?" She winks and then adds for good measure, "Believe it or not, I don't have tonnes of friends." She tacks on, "Don't let me regret leaving that file alone at the Oldcastle—"
The interruption is swift, but with a gentle tone. "It'll be fine. She's one Evolved by herself. Got numbers, a plan, trust me… Unless she has made some friends with some dangerous people, it's a done deal. And if it gets too much, I have a kick ass escape plan too."

That said, Gene takes out a pin and a business card for EvoSoft. He takes out a cellphone too, using it to pull up two numbers. Once he gets the numbers, he writes them down on the nearest flat service as he speaks. "Putting down two numbers of friends that I really trust. Jaden Cain, a guy that is a little odd like me… But he's taken care of me when no one else would. Underneath his odd, he's a great person. And there is Elena Gomez. She's…" Gene pauses to consider for a moment before just smiling faintly. "…She's a good person too." The card is handed toward Sydney. "There. If you have a problem and I'm not around, two people that can help explain the madness or help keep you safe. Just tell them Gene sent you and explain the stuff I explained to you… They should be willing to help."

"Thanks," Sydney smiles weakly as she accepts the card. She doesn't intend to use it, but then life is unpredictable. "Thanks for coming by," she utters as she stands to her feet. She offers Gene a hand to help him up. She's feels concerned. And considering her own, yet to be discovered ability, is enhanced through touch, if Gene accepts the hand up, he could receive that emotion. Maybe. If he's so inclined.

Maybe it's the ability… Maybe it's the fact that Gene's been more social as of late. What ever the case is, Gene offers a soft smile. "It's gunna be okay, Sydney… You don't know me well enough yet, but in time, you'll know I'm as careful as they come. The chances of something happening are about as high as people getting into lethal car accidents. I mean, it happens but not enough that you should worry about it." The Not-As-Socially-Inept-As-He-Used-To-Be-But-Still-Kinda-Bad inventor sighs as he lowers his head. "I shoulda stopped talking, but you get what I mean."

The blonde just nods a bit before observing, "I'm sorry, it's just been a trying week or so." Sydney mirrors Gene with a soft smile of her own, "I imagine you guys do this sort of thing all of the time too, right?" The tone is hopeful. And then a request, "This may seem… silly, but I'd appreciate it if you'd give me a call when it's all over. I'd like to know about her, and the tales of your…" a pause "… success."

"It's okay, I know this stuff is hard to get over at first. Hopefully, you won't HAVE to get used to it. If you want a quiet life, you have the right to have that," Gene states with a small smile. The request comes and Gene nods. "I'll shoot you a call or a text tomorrow or something to let you know it went off alright. I might need to take a nap right after if it ends up being more of a chore." Clearly, Gene considers the coming mission to be annoying at its worst.

"A quiet life?" she smirks. "My life was far too quiet for too long, aside from some very strange personal drama. Besides, some knowledge should change a person. Like a person ought to be changed by knowing it." And then about the nap she observes, "Makes sense," Sydney shrugs. "Is there anything I can do to help? I know I'm not one of you, but I'm not totally skill-less." She's already doubtful. "I'm still working the case, well not this week, but I'll be back at it next. Although I'm pretty sure even the folks in the behavioral analysis unit won't be able to piece this one back together." She purses her lips together.

"Strange drama?" Gene asks, getting ready to ask more about it, but the watch beeps again. "That's the seven minute warning… I have to cut this talk short. But no worries, if I need your help, I will when the time comes. I try and do what I can on my own, but I've learned the hard way, some things you can't do alone. I'll see you around, alright?" Giving a simple way, Gene turns and prepares to make his way toward the door. He's got people waiting for him.

"Yeah … no worries," Sydney walks him to the door, her arms folded across her chest. "Good luck," she waves with a weak smile.

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