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Summary: Renai gets a face full of introduction, Kasey follows the girls and Mitch rambles about ninjas.

Date It Happened: June 2nd, 2007

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Central Park, New York City

Renai walks slowly along a path, seeming very unwisely unaware of her surroundings. She pauses in the middle of the path, digging into her medium-sized, but over-packed purse, searching for something with a look of pure determination plastered on her face.

Let's get ready to ruuuuuumblllllllle! Kasey is with a few other young 'men', all dressed similarly in jeans he's able to move around in easily, and while some of his friends are…shirtless some how, he keeps his shirt on (it's Black) and his black baseball cap worn backwards. They are playing touch football off to the side on a grassy area.

"Oh my god. /Oh my fricking god./ I can't believe she'd just leave you there like that," says a twentysomething woman on a cell phone as she walks through the park at a fast clip. Mitch looks younger than she is with her hair pulled into pigtails, donned in a pale green collared shirt and a white, summery skirt, which ruffles wildly with every step. "Okay okay okay, this is what you're going to do," she keeps babbling into her phone, veering away from the little football match when she eyes it. "You're going to go home, put on a movie, and then you're gonna call me back. That's /right/! …There're shirtless guys all over the park, sheesh, there should be rules. Okay, look, I have to go, I'm meeting someone! It's very secretive, total film noir. Bye-bye!" *Beep*.

Renai remains oblivious to the world outside of her purse. This chick is clearly on a mission. Finally, after much rattling about and pushing things aside, she procures a battered pack of Marlboro Light 100s. To hell with the city's intolerance of her intolerance of others' health. After successfully discovering her cigarettes, she begins to frantically pat down her pockets, presumably in search of a lighter. She doesn't seem to care about how inconsiderate it is to stand there in the middle of a pathway.

Kasey jumps up to catch the football and it sails over his head and hurtles towards Renai. "Oh…shi-HEY CHICK! HEADS UP!" The voice is as gender neutral/valley surfer boy as he often looks. Flail flail. "Joe, seriously! How the /hell/ did you even get on the team when you can't throw worth a rusty nickel!"

Mitch is on her way to a park bench. It's a /specific/ park bench - or at least it should be. She stops some distance before she reaches it - behind Renai by a few feet - and eyes landmarks. Tree. Trashcan. …damnit, they all look the same. Aha! Big metal statues. And speaking of statues, the woman in front of her is doing a good impression of one. Instead of ranting, which she sometimes does to random strangers, she feels sympathetic (gasp!) and reaches into her own purse that's slung across her body to alleviate Renai's lighter-related distress. She rummages, strolling closer - that is, until the football sails toward Renae, and Mitch's her hands go flying up uselessly. "Holy crap!"

*Duck!* The unobeyed thought of Renai screams in her head as the sound of leather hitting skin reverberates briefly through the air. She is smacked hard on the forehead, given that her head snapped up in response to the frantic shout only milliseconds before. Hand immediately flying to the area of impact, Renai curses loudly, "The fu-?!" Sadly, only the first syllable is emitted as the girl starts to stumble.

Kasey is a hero - only not really as he jogs towards Renai with a sheepish expression on his face, those pale blue eyes looking the woman over to make sure she's not, ya know, dead or anything. "Dude, I'm so sorry, Joe learned how to throw from his blind Uncle's deaf Grandmother." He reaches out towards her head, hands pausing because it's rude to touch people. "Uh, how many fingers am I holding up?" He holds up two and glances towards Mitch. "Does she look okay? I'm not sure, I failed first aid." It's best not to ask how.

"Holy mother!" Mitch instinctively makes a grab for the other woman's arm in an attempt to help her not fall over. She eyes the football, then eyes the young… man?… that heads over. "That thing can really lay the smackdown." On Kasey's question, she plants herself directly in front of Renai and peers into her face. "Are you okay? Are you— are you like, concussed? Do I have to call 911? What day is it? Who's the president? Actually, don't answer that last one, I've been trying to induce amnesia on myself."

Renai ceases stumbling upon the sudden attention. "I'm fine, sheesh. Just wanted a goddamn cigarette…" she mutters seemingly grumpily. "I think I just need to sit down," she adds as she lifts her head to survey for a bench, wincing as another bolt of pain rockets through her head. The imprint of the stitching appears to be, at least temporarily, embedded in her swelling forehead.

Kasey lowers his hands and backs off some, shifting his weight from one foot and then to the other, unsure of what to do exactly. For starters, Renai isn't ugly. Second of all…Mitch is funny. He's torn between sneaking once overs, snickering and then being very very worried. He finally just blurts out. "Please don't sue, there's a bench right over here!" He points to a bench and offers an arm. "Do you need to be carried? I wouldn't mind, I'm used to heavy lifting, not that…you're heavy because heh, I mean you're not /fat/. Not at all, just the opposite really! Unless it's p.h.a.t. which is a word I've never understood but it apparently means good…which you are! Good and…not…" He facepalms and -sighs-.

"Oh, hey, I was being like, a good Samaritan a second ago—" Mitch reaches back into her fabric, colourfully patterned purse. This time, she finds a lighter and offers it to Renai triumphantly. It's yellow. She grins at Kasey. "Smooth," she says under her breath in what's meant to be a secretive comment. Then, for good measure, she whirls her head around with a lashing of pigtails to look over her shoulder toward the football players. "YOU'RE AN ASS, JOE!" She has no idea which one is Joe, but it doesn't really matter. She makes her way over the bench too, because… it's /her bench/. She had it claimed with her /mind/.

Renai's expression goes from a glare of pure hatred (or is that just extreme annoyance?) to a perplex look, complete with a raised eyebrow as she regards Kasey. She accepts the yellow lighter from Mitch with a muttered, "Thanks." Amazingly, she has appeared to keep a hold on her pack of cigarettes, from which she now removes one, placing the rest of the pack into her purse. After tucking her long hair behind her right ear, she lights her cancer stick and inhales deeply. The slow exhale only comes once she finally arrives at the bench and lowers herself carefully. Inhale. "And I'm fairly sure it stands for 'pretty hot and tempting.'" Exhale.

Joe just flips Mitch the bird from where he is slinking away with the other guys, calling out to see if Kasey is coming with. "I'll catch up later!" Is his reply and he's tailing after the two ladies like a puppy or something, wide eyes and that worried expression. "Oh." A pause. "Well I guess you're that too maybe." A pause. "Not that I'm creepy or…pervy or anything and - god, foot meet mouth, lala." He quickly turns to Mitch. "Thanks…for the…help with the making sure she's not dead."

Mitch flips Joe the bird right back without hesitation. Take that, Joe. "Well. Yeah!" she answers Kasey and flashes a slightly awkward smile to Renai, the subject, who is not dead. "You have, um… a football print on your head. Thought you should know." She hops off to the side and just sort of lingers awkwardly beside the bench, her arms folded, shifting from foot to foot in her flip-flops. She needs this bench for her /secret meeting/, but as it's a secret meeting… and public space, she can't kick them off. Not that she usually plays by the rules. Now, however, she just peers at random passerbys.

Renai looks bemused at Kasey's comments, watching him dig himself a deeper hole. Sure, it might be creepy to be hit on by a stranger, but it is flattering. Upon hearing Mitch's comments, however, her lips express an emotion closer to displeased as she gingerly touches her forehead. She winces before sighing and taking another long drag of her cigarette. "Damn, well, I don't think make-up is going to cover that lump up, anyhow. Might as well come up with a good story. You know, something not entirely lame. Something not the truth."

Kasey also falls silent, it's an awkward moment really. He removes his baseball cap and then puts it back on. He shoves his hands into his pockets and then slips them out again. He flashes a dazzling smile, nose wrinkling sheepishly as he ducks his head and offers in suggestion. Lamely. "You could say…she uh.." She being Mitch. "Asked you out and you were so shocked you walked into a lamp post?"

Mitch is very busy. She's people-watching. Any one of these random strangers could be her /contact/, but they'll never come over if they see these other people lingering around /the bench/, she thinks. As she peers into the distance, Kasey's attempt at a 'good story' clicks in her head rather belatedly, and though her dark eyes widen for a second, she's quickly smirking. "It'd be totally believable," she says self-assuredly. "I have that effect on people, you know. Alternately… ninjas," she suggests matter-of-factly. "You can always default to ninjas."

Renai chuckles quietly before addressing Kasey. "Nah, I've been asked out by chicks before. 'Specially up here. Apparently, I somehow activate gay-dar. Maybe bi-dar. Dunno. Anyway, wouldn't work. Not believable." She then regards Mitch. "Ninjas, however, I like. But how do I explain the mark? Or do you really think that just 'ninjas' is a good enough excuse?"

Kasey snaps and points to Mitch. "Ninjas are also good." Then he does a double take at Renai. "I can believe that…" Is blurted out before he slaps a hand over his mouth and blushes. "Err, just say Ninjas…and then uh smile, I have to go uh. Do something. Ya know, guy stuff. Like…peeing standing up ya'll have a nice day now bye!" And he turns and takes off running.

Mitch raises an eyebrow at Renai, but is swiftly derailed by the football player. "…O-kaaay." She's left staring, open-mouthed, at Kasey as he takes off. Like a flash. "It was nice meeting … you!" she calls out, then blinks and flops onto the bench. /Her bench./ "Anyway, ninjas stand on their own, man. They don't need explanation. It's more mysterious that way. Plus, element of danger. Implied, of course," she explains.

Renai peers after the escaping Kasey, cocking her head as she comments to no one in particular, "Something off about that lad…" After continuing her thoughts on ninjas, she asks the remaining person, "But, doesn't a ninja encounter imply death? Because, clearly, I would have to see the ninjas in order to know it was ninjas, and generally people don't see ninjas until right before they die from ninjas… if they're lucky, of course."

Mitch narrows her eyes at the disappearing form of Kasey, ever-so-thoughtful, but she, too, is distracted by ninjas. Theoretical ninjas. "Well /yeah!/" She points a wagging finger at Renai. "That's what makes your story impressive. You were the lucky one. Er… the even /luckier/ one. You survived and all you got was a bump and a strangely shaped impression on your forehead…" She tilts her head and peers at Renai. "…kinda looks like it could be from one of those ninja stars? Okay, that's a stretch. But it's better than a freakin' football."

Renai sighs, finishing her cigarette and carelessly flicking it away (litterbug!). "Bah, fuck it. I guess I just need to find a new hairstyle. I hear bangs are in again. I think." She begins to stand up, making sure she has all of her belongings. "It's not like I really planned on going out for the next week… two weeks… maybe three, I dunno."

"You could pull of bangs," Mitch assesses, squinting. "Yeah. Yeah, I can see you with bangs. You totally need those long and wispy ones though. You know? You'd be so glam. Look on the bright side," she says, stretching out her legs, crossed at the ankles. "You could turn this sports disaster into a fashion TRIUMPH. Could be the best thing to ever happen to your hair since-well, I don't have a history with your hair so I don't know, but hey. Maybe you'll be thankin' Joe tomorrow." …she talks a lot, okay?

Renai shakes her head as she smirks. "I somehow don't think I'd thank anyone for wounding me. At any rate, I should probably head back home and put some ice on this. Maybe it won't be so bad tomorrow." She shrugs. "I guess, uh, thanks?" she offers awkwardly.

Mitch just shrugs. "You're … welcome, I guess. Yeah. Um. You should… probably… ice… that." She offers a relatively friendly smile and gives a little finger-wave. "Try not to stand within a hundred foot radius of jocks next time!"

Renai chuckles briefly. "Heh, I've been doing that since high school as a matter of principle. At any rate, I need to find something cold. Maybe… see you around… or not. Whatever."

"Bye! Don't pass out on your way home!" Mitch, full of useful advice. Now to wait for her SECRET MEETING. (Her contact, for an article she's writing, never shows, and she pisses off exactly three homeless people while she monopolizes the bench for two hours.)

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