2007-09-08: Defense Lessons


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Lachlan attempts to teach Cass how to defend herself. It goes a little too well. The +rolls are left in only because this is the only time you will ever see Cass roll this well in brawl. (Sorry Lach)

September 8th, 2007:

Defense Lessons

Lachlan's Apartment, Brooklyn

Once upon a time, Cass said that she wanted fighting training from Lachlan, though the man is not professionally schooled in anything. Everything he knows, he learned the old-fashioned way: by getting the shit kicked out of him until he learned how to kick back. Still, better than nothing, right? So this fine day, a playful wrestling match turned into "I need to learn how to fight" which turned into what it is now: Lachlan standing in his living room encouraging his fiancee to hit him in the sensitive bits. "S'the best way ta make sure some guy's no' gonna be comin' after ye, but ye have ta hit 'im hard 'r s'just gonna piss 'im off more."

Never having expected Lachlan to actually agree to something like this, Cass is a little antsy about the whole thing. She's pulled her hair back and is bouncing from foot to foot as she's seen Rocky do in the movies. This is her 'I am ready to fight' position. It looks like she has to go to the bathroom. "But, I don't want to hurt you," she says, frowning vaguely as Lachlan gives instructions. "Maybe I should try and hit something that wouldn't hurt you. Like, for your shins or something." Because Lachlan isn't someone actually attacking her and she doesn't really want to injure him.

Shins hurt too. "Hit wherever ye wanna," the Scot grunts, then looks just vaguely amused. "Stop bouncin' 'round. Ye look like yer gonna mess yerself 'r somethin'. S'just gonna tire ye out." And then? Then he moves in to try to grab her. Hey, this is how he learned. Granted, he's not planning to split Cass' lip or give her a concussion or break a rib like he got when he was doing trial-and-error, but hey.

GAME: Cass has rolled DEXTERITY+KLUTZ and got a result of POOR.
GAME: Cass has rolled BRAWL and got a result of POOR.

GAME: Lachlan has rolled BRAWL+FIGHTING FINESSE and got a result of GREAT.

Cass has never been in a fight before. Sure, she's been in a fire fight and explosions and the like, but she's never actually fought hand to hand with someone. This lesson is something completely new for her. So, she stops bouncing around just in time for Lachlan to move in to grab her. She gives a squeal and tries to get out of the way. However, her foot gets caught on the carpet and she goes flying backwards. The only redeeming factor to this is that as she goes down she attempts to sort of girly-slap him. It's hard to say if it's her trying to get a hold of him to steady herself or to try and hit him back. Either way, she's way off.

Well, that … that failed spectacularly. Lachlan's grab swiftly changes from RAWRBRAWL to AUGHCATCH, but all he really manages to do is sorta break Cass' fall. Down she goes and he stands there staring. Then, he grins and starts laughing. "Christ, baby. Yer no' gonna need anyone ta take ye out. Ye do good enough b'yerself." But her klutziness is one of her endearing qualities! He holds out a hand to help her back up.

Pouting, Cass allows Lachlan to help her back to her feet. She gives him a distinct frown and then squishes her lips to the right side of her face in thought. "I'll get this. I will." She's determined now. Rubbing her back slightly where she fell, she crouches a little and then holds her hands out. "Okay. I can do this. Let's go." The frown has been replaced with a determined face. This is the same face she wears when tackling tough medical problems or a particularly unorganized section of the store.

Lachlan's still grinning. It's cute! He can't help it. So he once again moves in for a grab. Well … bearhug, really. Hopefully she won't let him get that close. He's bigger, stronger. Getting in close enough to wrap her up would be bad.

GAME: Cass has rolled DEXTERITY+KLUTZ and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
GAME: Cass has rolled BRAWL and got a result of POOR.

This time Cass is ready for the attack. She should be able to get away no problem, right? Oh, if only it were that simple. Though she doesn't fail quite so spectacularly this time, she doesn't manage to get out of Lachlan's grasp in time. He gets her in that bear hug and her attempt to push him away does very little to dissuade the action.

And Lachlan doesn't let go either. Nope, he's got Cass, she's not going anywhere until she breaks out. "C'mon, get away," he urges, easily keeping hold despite her efforts this far. "S'tha' all ye got?" Yes, taunt, get her angry. Anger makes people stronger!

GAME: Cass has rolled BRAWL and got a result of GOOD.

When Lachlan doesn't let go, Cass struggles as much as she can. It's not that he's actually making her mad, she's just frustrated by the fact that she can't seem to defend herself against even her fiancee, who she knows isn't about to hurt her. So, she does what she does best, flail. And while she pushes against Lachlan with her arms, she also goes for a good kick forward, not even really looking as to where her foot is going.

GAME: Lachlan has rolled STAMINA+TOUGH COOKIE and got a result of GOOD.

Funnily enough, it's that kicking that saves Cass from being … who knows, hugged to death. She probably didn't mean it to, but it does. That foot hits solidly right where no man ever wants to be hit solidly. Things squish, nerves fire off agony signals, and Lachlan suddenly doesn't feel so strong. He lets out a sound somewhere between a strangled shriek and a huff, freezes, and drops to the floor clutching his happy place with both hands. He looks very, very pale and rolls over onto his side, where he curls up into a fetal position.

It's true, Cass really didn't mean to kick Lachlan right in the family jewels. As soon as she's dropped rather quickly, the store owner wobbles slightly, but manages to keep her balance. That doesn't mean much, anyway, though, because as soon as she's steadied, she immediately drops back down to the floor. "Oh geez! Lach! I am so sorry!" He doesn't look like he's doing to well, but she puts a hand on his shoulder. "I didn't mean to! Let me get you some ice!" Scrambling up, she goes dashing for the kitchen to put an entire tray of ice into a ziploc bag and then bring it back to him.

She didn't mean to, and Lachlan really doesn't blame her. Right now, he's just focused on keeping himself from hurling all over the floor and trying to coax his testicles back down from where they ended up near his left lung. All he manages in response to Cass' panic is a gurgle-groan, and when the ice arrives, he manages to pry his hands away from the assaulted spot to settle the bag over … other bag. Still pale, he focuses most of his attention on breathing.

Breathing! Breathing is good! Cass gives Lachlan a worried and fretting sort of glance. She's not sure what to do here. She's never actually injured someone to the point of them being prone on the floor. "I'm so sorry. Do…do you want to lay on the couch? I can help you up? Or you can just lay on the floor. I'll get you a pillow." Hurriedly, she grabs one of the throw pillows and gently tucks it underneath his head. This is not exactly how she planned this going. She's just not cut out for fighting. It hurts people!

The nausea passes and Lachlan starts to regain color. Little bit. He relaxes a little more, but remains curled up on the floor. After a little more time to recover himself, he mutters weakly, "Tha' was good. Ye did good." There's the understatement of the year.

"I didn't want to do that good," Cass sighs. Snatching a pillow for herself, she drops it down right by Lachlan's head and then curls up on the floor next to him. It's only fair, she dropped him so she should lie next to him. "I'm sorry. Do you want anything? More ice?"

Nothing that some recovery time won't fix. Really. Lachlan shakes his head, then pulls the ice pack away for just a bit. "'M fine. Just … need ta take a minute s'all." A minute or sixty. He grins. "Tha's how yer s'posed ta do it. Just like tha'." Next time, though? He'll do training with padding. Lots of it. The Scot replaces the ice on his crotch and reaches out an arm to drape over Cass' waist.

Sliding over just a bit, Cass makes it easier for Lachlan to drape an arm around her. "Alright. Just like that, then. We'll try it again….next week." After he's had some time to recover. But, at least she's learning. Somewhat. "Thanks." For taking a shot to the sensitive area to try and teach her how to defend herself. Next time there will be a lot more padding.

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