2007-10-31: Definitely Treat


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Summary: Coming across his girlfriend sulking a little for missing out on Halloween festivities, Peter offers her a once-in-a-lifetime chance to dress him up as anything she wants…so long as she stays away from Heidi's clothes. Elena, true to her love for the classics, ends up dressing him as a 1930's Chicago gangster.

Date It Happened: October 31, 2007

Definitely Treat

Petrelli Mansion, Hyde Park, New York


It was like watching a puppy look out the window dejectedly watching other puppies play. Elena gazes outside wistfully, chin propped up with both hands and her eyes watching trick or treaters, young and old, scatter about the Hyde Park neighborhood in all of their scary or awesome glory. She didn't want to admit it, but Halloween was the day she actually would willingly dress up. Looting other houses of their sweets didn't hurt either. She couldn't even give out the candy to the other little kids, who rang the doorbell of the mansion, to no avail. This year was probably the first year in a while that the Petrellis didn't hand out sweets in some way. It was kind of sad to see the little ones walk out the driveway dejectedly when no one answers the door.

"Aw," she says softly. These were children. No matter how much she wanted to, she didn't want to risk infecting them.

This is how Peter finds her, all sulky and watching the window like it was a party she couldn't join. Being the sweetheart he was, he proposes an idea that…well. Gets her off the couch at least and follows him upstairs. She can't help the grin slowly forming on her mouth. She might not be able to go out…but she could, at the very least, still dress someone up, because the young Petrelli brother offered.

"This is going to take a bit of creativity," she tells him, pulling open the doors of the closet and starts rifling for something. "But you trust me, right?" she says, looking over her shoulder and winking at him. "I promise I won't dress you up as anything lame."

It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Peter doesn't make offers to people to dress him up very often at all. Mostly because it usually leads to being made fun of. However, as they are sick, and some children don't heed the 'the lights are out, no one's giving out candy here' sign, and she's looking outside so dejected— once in a lifetime opportunity. Once they're upstairs, he sheds the jacket that's been helping keep him warm despite the chill, and sets it down somewhere, and waits to watch and see what she goes for.

"I trust you," he says with the hint of a smile, but a moment later there's an even lighter tone of, "But if you go anywhere near Heidi's clothes, game's over." It's a joke, really. Even if she tried to dress him in Heidi's clothes, they wouldn't fit very well. He may not be tall exactly, but neither is she. It's fortunate for him that Cass doesn't have any of her clothes over here— they found out recently that they're about the same size.

She looks over at him and gives him a small smile. Well. Cass and Peter were the same height, but he was a little bigger than Cass…in terms of weight anyway. Or at least he was then. He's always been solidly built when she met him, not too muscular to the point of him being scary and squat for his height, but he was lean…more of a swimmer's or a runner's than someone who played football, and streamlined for speed. "I'm not going to go near Heidi's clothes," Elena tells him with a laugh. "Scout's honor. Besides, if I did that, and you ended up liking it, it's game over for me." She winks at him, in a considerably better mood now.

She does pull out a familiar suit - it's the one Jack bought him, setting the garment bag down on the bed. But she's not done. "I'll be back," she tells him, and trots out to retrieve one of Nathan's ties - one of the more conservative ones that Heidi had given him, and not the colorful tacky ones he favored. She manages to find a pair of suspenders as well.

Just what is she doing?

"I know I saw it around here somewhere…" she mutters, rooting through a few closets. When she finds it, she grins. She takes it with her, but hides it somewhere outside the room. That, would be the final piece.

She goes back in the closet again to retrieve a white, collared shirt. One of his. "You. Shirt. Off," she tells him, while she busies herself unbuttoning the shirt from the hanger.

"Not true, actually. A lot of transexuals are straight," Peter says, though that's neither here nor there. He watches as she goes to collect clothing, hoping that she leaves the pink ties out of this outfit, but a suit is nice. He'd wanted her to see him in one someday— since he doesn't tend to wear them often right now. Last opportunity she'd have had to see him in one, besides when Jack made him dress up, would have been at one of Nathan's benifits— which he skipped out on a lot of them. And now may never need to go again. Cause… the election is dangerously close, and his brother is in no shape to go out and party.

When she returns to the room, giving the order, he reaches up to do as instructed, lifting the heavy shirt over his head, leaving the plain white undershirt on underneath. It seems he thinks that's okay to leave on. It really makes his weightloss in the last month noticable. Lack of appetite being one of their main symptoms.

He was getting so thin. Elena couldn't help but feel the twinge in her gut. They were wasting away, but she pushes that out of her mind at the moment, stepping around him so she could help him in the white shirt. "Once we're all cured," she tells him simply. "I need to get my weight back on track." Odd to hear a young, teenaged college girl talk about gaining weight as opposed to losing it, but her circumstances aren't exactly normal. She rubs absently on his shoulderblades once the thing is on his shoulders, and steps around him so she can button him up. "Heidi told me about Nathan's re-proposal by the way," she tells him, keeping their conversation light. "I think it's really sweet. I actually didn't know your brother had it in him."

There's a pause. She looks up at him, her fingers sliding up to straighten up his collar. "It was your idea, wasn't it?" She hazards a guess, quirking a grin and smoothing down the shirt in front of him. Even the shirt was a little big on him now. He was losing muscle weight so quickly. She smoothes down his sleeves, and reaches up to brush the curling lock of hair away from his forehead. Not too long for the gesture to make any difference, but she couldn't help it.

"Yeah, you do," Peter says with the hint of a smile, looking down at her as she moves around to button him up the shirt she picked out for him. He's still not exactly sure what she's dressing him up as. Could be anything from a politican to a lawyer right now— which could be about the only outfits she had to choose from anyway. "Yeah, I walked in on that yesterday," he reminds him, giving a hint of a smile. He'd seen the ring getting flashed around at least. Was it his idea? There's a pause, as she smoothes down his sleeves and brushes aside his bangs, and then he nods a bit, almost shrugging. "It was a suggestion. A while ago, actually."

It takes a long moment as if he's trying to remember exactly how long ago. "Back when Nathan got the dogs, actually. The same trip. I suggested it as a way to reconnect, you know. I'm not sure how big the remarriage will be, but— people renew their vows all the time, and he definitely needs to do that."

"I didn't know how long you were standing there," Elena teases, leaning in to press a light kiss on his nose. And then, she moves away from him, unzipping the garment bag so she could withdraw the suit. She whistles appreciatively. "….Jack must've felt really bad for skipping town getting you something like this, it looks like it was made for you," she says, looking over at Peter. Suits need to be tailored after all. She was surprised Jack knew his size. But then she takes out the pants, and smoothes them out, before she walks over and hands him the pair. "Pants off. You know the drill." She would do it herself, but she'll……. get distracted. She also admires the jacket while he's doing his thing, absently fiddling with the buttons in front. "I never knew Jack had good taste in suits. I mostly pictured you as a darker colors sort of guy but…gray fits my concept more anyway."

But no pink ties. The white shirt was crucial, and so was the tie she picked. She moves to go grab a belt for him - and whenever he puts the pants on, she moves over, wrapping her arms around him so she could wind the leather around his hips through the hoops. Looking up at him she smiles faintly. "I think it was a good idea. I…when Heidi and I went on our impromptu ghost hunting trip, I asked her how things were between…her and Nathan. She told me it might be better than it was before, but…there was that tone, you know? That she was still a little doubtful about everything." She frowns a little bit. "I can't blame her really. It's painful to find something like that out. It's so hard to forgive."

As requested, the pants are unbuttoned and pulled down, but everything under them stays on. That shouldn't interfer with the costume unless she was going for Tom Cruise back in the day. Which since she pulled out the jacket, he doubts it. "I'm not surprised, really— he seems to have interesting tastes. Though I won't be surprised if he walks down the stairs with a rocket launcher one day either…" He says that as if he's had the experience, actually.

He'll help her dress him as much as she needs it, but he also lets her do as much as the work as she can— if only because it's nice to get dressed at times— there's an intimacy to it that can't really be had in a normal situation. And right now, with the way things may go, he needs that intimacy.

"Yeah, I can't blame her either. I'm not sure I'd be able to forgive that if I were in her place, honestly." But he's notoriously more jealous than Heidi is.

"….a rocket launcher? Can Jack even summon things that big?" Elena says, inclining her head at Peter as she stops admiring the gray jacket for a moment. "I thought he could only summon relatively light things to him?" she wonders, moving over to her boyfriend so she could fit him with the suspenders. They were a little big the way they were - Nathan was several inches taller than Peter after all, so she adjusts them for him, her fingers lightly tugging down until they were snug over the white shirt, and smoothing things under the straps. "I've only seen him call little things to him….then again if he practices enough…" She smiles. "His ability is so simple, but so useful. He could MacGyver his way out of anything with that. And so can you." She smoothes out his collar over the straps on his shoulders, straightening out his shirt and stepping back to eye him critically. But she nods, approving what she sees. It was hard not to.

"Really? You don't think so?" Elena says, tilting her head over her shoulder. "I never really thought of you as someone who could hold…something like that forever though. Then again, if you trust someone with your heart like that and they betray it… it could be an exception to the rule." She shakes out the jacket, admiring it again. It was a very nice suit, after all, and she walks over to hold it open for him so he could shrug it on with her help. She wasn't much shorter than him, even if she was much lighter than him. She slides the thing over his arms once they're slipped through the sleeves, and over his shoulders, moving around to stand in front of him again so she could button the jacket shut.

"I think I'm in the same boat though…only because it'd hurt too much to look at the person." She smoothes down the lapels for him, and she can't help the smile, looking up at him. "This outfit definitely needs a tie. Even if you could pull off the collared shirt-sports jacket look flawlessly."

In some ways it's as much his Italian blood and Capricorn nature that would cause a problem, but at the same time it has a lot to do with his self-esteem issues. Peter would blame himself as much as the other person, and that fact would make it harder to regain that kind of trust ever again. It's a difficult conversation to have with someone that you're dating, though, since he doesn't want to make it sound accusing in any way, and reassurances at this time might also come off as cheapened. So he focuses first on Jack.

"Besides Healing, it's the most useful ability I've picked up— though I learned more about yours in the future that made yours more useful too— and… Jack could call bigger things in the future, so he can probably learn. It'll just take him time. Just like you were a lot stronger in the future. You trained me to hold onto Boost for quite some time— and you had an ability to sense me even when I was invisible. I don't know if you've figured out how to do that yet."

Looking down at his clothes, he glances back up at her and smiles. "What is this, anyway?"

"…..I can sense you even when invisible? I…" Elena looks a little puzzled. "How? I'm not psychic…" She furrows her brows. She'll have to figure it out later. But she does focus on what he's saying. "Well, I heard some time ago that Jack was slowly starting to learn how to send objects back, but they were still small things. So….I was a lot better with my abilities in the future? No wonder you're better than me at them now. You still need to work on the remote transmitting though," she chides, looping the tie around his neck after popping his collar up gently, and starts getting to work on knotting it. There's a hint of a smile on her face as she does this. If she knew what Peter was thinking, she'd agree with him - there was something intimate about dressing someone else. It wasn't necessarily romantic, mind, though in this case it certainly was. It reflected just how comfortable two people are with each other.

"Well, once my powers stop sucking, maybe I'll look into it," she says. "I didn't even think of the possibility of…using what I have to do that." She looks over at him. "Right now I haven't really had the time to figure out what my range is, and what other things I can do with them." She laughs. "Everything else was always pulling my focus away. School, dance, friends, family, work…" Her smile turns a little impish. "This cute guy I met at a coffeeshop."

At his question, her smile turns into a grin. "You'll see after I'm done tying this thing."

"I think you were sensing my… body functions, I guess. One time when you sensed me coming up on you invisible, you told me I needed to eat something. Acid levels high in my stomach, that sort of thing," Peter explains, trying not to sound creepy. He doesn't make any protests as she does things he's perfectly capable of doing himself, though he does have to say, "I'm only better at some aspects because you forced me to train with them for almost a month. Well— didn't force. I wanted to get better at them. I didn't want to be a liability." Which is what he felt like anyway. Even if it sounds bad.

"When things settle down, I'll help you with that. We can learn more together— and you can help me with the remote— and other things, too." He's never used her ability to cause someone pain, for example. He's never wanted to, though. He has plenty of ways to hurt people.

Everything pulling her away from her training, including himself. "If we learn things together, I won't be pulling you away from it anymore." But they can't do everything together, he knows this. Even if he'd like to. "And I can't wait to see it."

"….that makes sense…" Elena murmurs. "Human beings have unique things that set them apart from the rest of the living world. Estrogen, testosterone…" She watches him for a moment, and she gives him a small smile. "The student becomes the master, huh?" she teases him softly, adjusting his tie and smoothing it down, tucking the shorter half into the little, sewn holder at the back to keep them together. Her hands reach up to smooth and brush off his shoulders, tugging down on the hems of the jacket to straighten it out further. She couldn't help but admire him a little - and immediately regrets she didn't go with the plan of him wearing a suit on that third date. He looked wonderful in a suit.

Her thoughts are cut off when he talks more, and she looks up, blinking a bit. "Huh? Oh….yeah, that'd be great," she tells him with a nod. "I didn't mean it was a bad thing. I mean, I got pulled into all this because I…because I was like you. What I can do let me fall into this in the first place, living a normal life with normal worries despite everything is more helpful to me than you would know. But training together would be interesting, or at least learning more. But I can help you improve remote control…"

But at the last, she grins. "Wait here." She turns around, and trots out of the room where she hid the Frank Sinatra hat. Pulling it out, she brushes off the brim and rubs her palm on it to get rid of the lint, blowing it out. It was black, but that was alright - it's why she picked out a black tie for him. The accentuating colors were perfect with the gray.

She walks back inside, and grins. She reaches up, to place the hat on his head carefully, and tilting it like so over his head. "Now all you need is a Tommy Gun," she says, sliding her fingers off the brim of his hat. Taking a step back, she watches him for a moment, and she can't help but let out a girly little sound. "You look so awesome! So classic." Knowing Elena, she probably listened to Sinatra too.

"I wouldn't say master— but time travel allowed for me to cheat a little," Peter admits, not looking down on her claim that he's become some kind of master over her. In some used of her ability he really is. But only because he cheated. Which he'd sure her future self would approve of. And this one too. It's her distraction that distracts him. His eyebrows raise, trying to figure out why she's pausing, and then realizing that she needs to respond. "Look that bad?" he asks, looking down at the suit. It fits just fine, but she'd made a comment one about how she liked how he looked normally. He's still sick. Let him think negatively.

But then she returns with— the hat. He can't help but smile faintly when she drops it on him, tilting it. "A mobster, huh? What a stereotype," he teases her gently, reaching up to touch the brim with his own hand, before moving closer and kissing her lightly— on the nose. "Trick or treat?" He had to ask. He got all dressed up for it.

"If it made you better at handling my own gifts than me? I'm not complaining," Elena says, digging out her jPhone and taking a picture. She blinks at what he says, and she shakes her head. "No, you look awesome," she tells him with a laugh. "You can definitely pull off the look. You're not as blood thirsty as Al Capone though, or any of the other mafia outfits around here or in Jersey." She reaches out to brush a piece of lint off his jacket. "You look amazing in a suit," she says honestly, though somewhat shyly. But she's trying to get used to telling him that sort of thing, even if he knows this, and even if it embarrasses him a little. Though when he touches the brim of his hat in the way Sinatra does in the old films she tended to love when she was feeling mopey about her lack of a love life (back then anyway), she couldn't help but fangirl a little on the inside. "I— ….do that again."

He'll probably comply, but he just looked so cute doing it that she couldn't help but feel a little giddy. Then again, it could be the fever, but she's grinning like a fool - all the more when he kisses her nose. "Stereotype for a reason, since you pull it off incredibly well." She drapes her arms around his shoulders, though she's careful not to dislodge the hat. Because the hat was important. She can't help but grin. "Definitely treat," she murmurs.

Oh, he looks good? Well then. Peter actually seems to stand a little straighter now that he has the compliment. "Helped that you dressed me," he says, to return the compliment and make it just as much about her as it was him. Her request is met with the same slow touch, though it's less natural now since she asked for it— that doesn't mean she won't get it. "Not much of a mobster— I'd be one of those in the other movies— the ones who get caught up in the mess because of a girl, or a relative— and really just want out, or want to help someone." They've made those movies a couple times— that's the stereotype he fit into. Though he should have said 'dame'. Or broad, or something like that. Girl works.

Treat. In that case… he leans forward again, shifting his hand to her neck to force her head to tilt up, so that he can kiss her fully on the lips without knocking his hat off. If it's a treat, he's going to make sure he gets the sweetest one, right?

After a few long moments, he pulls back to whisper against her lips, "Happy Halloween."

Duh, Petrelli. Peter could make a paper bag look good. But Elena is so focused on the brim-touching that she doesn't really detect the hint of surprise. "Well in this particular case, clothes don't make the man - it just fits the occasion," she ribs. Though when Peter references the old mobster movies she tended to like from the same time era, she couldn't help but laugh, nodding all the while. "I think there were movies like that…. The Untouchables is the one that stands out in my head. LA Confidential has the same look, but it's more about detectives solving a crime than the mobsters… have you seen any of those?" But he was so cute when he picks his own character type from those movies that she can't help but feel good about her choice of costume. Not like they had a lot to work with…plus she cheated a little. She wanted to see him in a full suit while she still could, in case the virus did take its toll.

But it wasn't going to come to that.

Her head is tilted up, his mouth covering hers. She shifts closer, carefully brushing her fingertips at the back of his neck and mindful of the hat. At his whisper, her eyes are still closed. "Happy Halloween to you too," she murmurs, opening her eyes partway. "…we should go see if Nate has any of those movies," she whispers, pressing a softer kiss on his mouth. "Chips, guacamole… we can grab some of the candy…." Everyone else seemed to be asleep anyway, if they can't go out on a date, they can stay in and make their own.

"Some of 'em, yeah," Peter admits, still smiling faintly despite the fever. Even with his abilities giving out, and the possible threat of death looming over them, she can still manage to make him at least faintly happy. More than faintly, honestly. Though the fatigue leaves something to be desired. "It's a date— Next time, though, we're going out somewhere— once this all settles down." An indoor date, but a date none-the-less. He shifts his hands down to take hers briefly, both of her hands, then just holds onto one as he makes his way to the door of the bedroom.

And touches the brim of his hat again.

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