2008-01-05: Delivering A Message

Starring:Hiro and KeLyssa

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Summary: KeLyssa had a message for Hiro…who just happened by the Secret Lair while she was working

Date It Happened: January 5th, 2008

Delivering a Message

The Secret Lair

It's been an unusually slow night at The Secret Lair. Perhaps this is due to the fact that university and schools of all types have started up again after the winter break. KeLyssa is puttering about the store, making sure everything is stocked up and that it looks neat and tidy. She is stopped a few times by a few people who are around to help find one comic or another, or a DVD or a manga book. She is always more than willing to help. Finally, she makes it back to the front and behind the counter where she starts to make a list of various items they need to restock.

Hiro pushes open the door to the Secret Lair and makes his way inside, taking a look this way and that. Sure, he's been here on Hero Business in the past but tonight is just Hiro Business. Time to acquire some reading material and perhaps get caught up on some of his favorite comics, most of which went off and left him behind after he vanished into the past.

KeLyssa looks up as the chime notifies her that the door has opened. She smiles at Hiro. "Hey there, welcome to the Secret Lair. If ya need help findin' anythin', ya just let me know, alright?" She says with a little coy smile, a southern accent obvious in her voice. She then looks back to the list she's making and double checks it. She's sure there must be something she missed, she's just unsure of what that might be.

"Thank you," Hiro says, smiling in return to KeLyssa as he begins to walk along the shelves nearest to the counter. He flicks through a couple issues but he doesn't pause to read them in-depth, knowing the 'this is not a library' rule shared by most comic stores throughout the known universe.

GAME: KeLyssa has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

KeLyssa looks up at Hiro once more, remembering Kory mentioning that if a Japanese fellow came in named Hiro, to give him a quick little message. She looks at Hiro for a good long while. She thinks it might be the same person that Kory described, but she's not certain. She just can't be sure. She considers going up to just ask him his name, but she hesitates.

Hiro, unfortunately, does not notice that he's being closely watched. He lifts up a backissue of X-Men to look at it curiously in the light, shaking his head at some development within that he obviously didn't expect or doesn't approve of.

KeLyssa slowly steps around the counter and makes her way throughout the Lair, watching Hiro as she does so. She can't resist it. Curiosity is getting the better of her. Perhaps for the best. Walking down the aisle that Hiro is in, she glances at the comic he's looking at. "Oh, I head some've the others talkin' 'bout that one a li'l bit earlier." She says with a smile at him. "Seems there's somethin' strange going on in it."

"Yes," Hiro says, looking very concerned for his spandex-clad idols on the page, "They're behaving very strangely." He shakes his head, looking up at KeLyssa. He blinks for a moment, reaching up to push his glasses back into place as they slide down his nose. He's silent for a moment or two before he remembers where his head is and says, "I am Hiro."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "Ya mean…they're actin' more strangely than usual?" She giggles lightly. She glances over the page that he's on before nodding. "I hope they ain't acting too strangely though. Or that they'll get back to normal soon enough." She smiles. Realization hits her face. She THOUGHT it might be him! She just wasn't sure. "So you're Hiro! It's nice to meetcha. M'name is KeLyssa. I work here, Kory hired me." She frowns. "Kory wanted me to mention somethin' to ya if ya ever dropped by an' I was here but she wasn't and ya hadn't found out yet." She clears her throat. "Would you mind joinin' me in the office for a minute or two?"

Hiro blinks a moment or two, putting names to faces in his memory. But then he's being instructed to go to the office all of a sudden. He just nods his head a little dumbly and follows.

KeLyssa leads Hiro to the office and holds the door open, letting Hiro go in first before closing it behind them. When the door is shut, she turns to Hiro and asks, "Do ya know a gal by the name of Niki? Or a guy by the name of Mohinder Suresh?"

Hiro nods his head yet again, mouth still slightly agape - at a loss for words? Maybe. But he does appear to be listening, and he does seem to know the names.

KeLyssa looks at Hiro with searching eyes, curious. "Well, Kory wanted me to mention to ya for some reason that, well, apparently this Niki went to see Dr. Suresh and she ain't never been seen again. She's been missin' for a couple days and they're wonderin' what happened to 'er. Now…I mean, I've been tryin' to find Dr. Suresh myself. Wanna, you know, see if he can help me some. But I suppose for now what's important, leastways to Kory an' 'em, is findin' Niki, and Suresh as a side note. I suppose she thinks ya know how to find 'em or somethin'."

Hiro seems to be staring rather at KeLyssa for the moment as she speaks, but when the suggestion that he can help is made he nods and begins to finally say something.

"I do not know where they are, but I will try to find them. I hope they are okay, though. I should go and visit Niki's family."

There is a pause and he furrows his brow, looking to KeLyssa, "What did you need Doctor Suresh to help you with?"

KeLyssa smiles a little bit, nodding. "I'm sure they'll like that." She says in reference to Niki's family. "I…well…Dr. Suresh might be able to help with somethin' that's been goin' on in my life, ya see. I'm…different." She doesn't know how to explain it without just coming out with it.

Hiro has heard that explanation many times. Many, many times. I'm different. I'm strange. Sometimes they even call themselves 'freak' or 'mutant'. But when it all comes down to it, Hiro knows what KeLyssa means - or at least he believes he does.

"You're special?!"

He sounds more excited and happy about the revelation than he does shocked.

KeLyssa nods at Hiro's explanation. "Yeah…that's right. I'm special." She says shrugging. "I suppose that's another word for it…" She finds Hiro's happiness and enthusiasm interesting. "Are you…'special' too?"

Hiro nods his head for a moment, opening his mouth to say something when … no, he's got a better idea. He squeezes his eyes shut and concentrates, cheeks wobbling.

Time frozen around him, Hiro gets up and rushes out into the shop proper to carefully collect a selection of comic books. He brings them back into the office and arrays them carefully on the desk in order of publication date. And, for icing on the cake, he finds a few scrap pieces of paper lying around and folds them into cranes to sit in various places around the office. Now, to someone not privy to being able to move when time is frozen, it looks like all of this stuff suddenly appeared.

Sitting in the middle of his display, Hiro says, "I bend space and time."

GAME: KeLyssa has rolled ICE CREATION and got a result of GOOD.

KeLyssa blinks as cranes appear and comics books pop up on the desk. "Bu…but…" she seems totally amazed and in awe. "Well…ain't that just somethin', now?" She shakes her head. "You've certainly got somethin' special there. Bendin' space an' time…who would've thought?" She smiles. Opening up her palm and facing it upwards, she looks at it, concentrating. Upwards, out of her palm, grows a small pyramid shaped ice block.

Hiro practically beams at the ice block when it forms, doing all he can not to openly applaud the display - although everything about his face says that he would like to.

"You're special! Very special!"

KeLyssa grins, giggling. "I ain't no more special than ya are, there. I bet yours is very interestin'! Ya can go anywhere or to any time ya want to! To be honest, there're a few places I'd like to go to myself, and times." She smiles widely. "But ya see…this is why I wanna see Suresh. I was thinkin' he might help me understand this more."

Hiro nods his head, remaining silent while KeLyssa speaks. However, once she's done he looks around for a moment and attempts to look casual when he asks, " … what places do you want to go to?"

KeLyssa thinks over the question for a moment before saying, "Well…I've always wanted to go to Paris. I hear it's a beautiful place. And, really, anywhere in Japan, ya know. Though I'm sure it's jus' borin' ol' Japan to ya." She furrows her brow in thought. "Oh, there're plenty of places I'd like to go to. I just can't make up my mind on one place in particular!"

"I could take you to them one day?" Hiro suggests, again attempting to sound casual about the whole thing. But then he shakes his head, looking serious again, "Once we find out what happened to Niki and Doctor Suresh and get them back, though."

KeLyssa lights up brightly. "Oh, could ya? Could ya really? That'd be just wonderful!" She says excitedly. She immediately frowns, though, nodding. "O' course. Gotta find Niki and Suresh first." She sighs. "That poor Cam. Seems he came to Kory to tell her. I can't imagine how it is for him." She doesn't seem to know about Niki's son. Or if he was mentioned to her, it seems to have slipped her mind. "I do hope ya find 'em."

Hiro nods his head, the serious look still evident on his face, "I hope so too. I promise I will do everything I can."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "I got no doubt you'll find 'em, Hiro. "Noticing she is stilling hold the little ice pyramid that she made, she finds the garbage to throw it in. "Thank ya, Hiro. I'm sure it's much appreciated. I know it's much appreciated."

"Thats alright," Hiro answers, offering a short bow, "I want to do everything I can to help. Then we can visit Paris … and Japan!"

KeLyssa nods her head a little before giggling. "I look forward to it, hun." She smiles, opening the door of the office for Hiro, not sure if he wants to actually use his powers to leave or if he's going to walk like everyone else.

GAME: Hiro has rolled HOW WE ROLL and got a result of GOOD.

Hiro chooses to walk like everyone else. After all, using the full gamut of his tricks can be quite disconcerting sometimes. As he goes, he suddenly remembers something and squeezes his eyes shut - using paused time to move all the comics back where he found them to save KeLyssa the trouble. He does still hold one, though.

"Can I buy this before I go?"

KeLyssa blinks as she looks down in his hand to find a comic that wasn't there a second ago. She finds the power a bit disconcerting as yet. "Um…yeah. Yeah. Sure. O' course. Let me jus' ring it through for ya." She says with a little smile, leading up towards the front counter and till. She heads behind the till and says, "Now, lets see, what's the comic?"

The comic is actually an earlier issue of 9th Wonders! with Hiro on the cover, which he hands across the counter along with some money equating to the price on the label.

KeLyssa looks down at the copy of 9th Wonders and the back up at Hiro. "You're on the cover!" She says, stating the obvious. "Wow…ya know, you're the second person I've met who has been a part of a copy of this. It's strange." She says, shaking her head, taking the money and ringing it through. "Well…it was nice meetin' ya, Hiro. I just wish it was under nicer circumstances is all."

"How about," Hiro says, simply beaming at the mention of him being on the cover, "Once we find and rescue Niki and Doctor Suresh, we can meet again under better circumstances? Do you like waffles?"

KeLyssa smiles a little. "I like the sound o' that, Hiro. And in fact…I do like waffles. Very much." She says with a wide smiles. "Yeah…I really like the sound o' that. I know this lovely diner near where I live…assumin' ya don't already got a favourite place for waffles."

"The lovely diner sounds like a good place," Hiro says, offering another bow and a broad smile of his own, "I look forward to it."

KeLyssa bows her head. "Well, it's a date, then." She smiles. "I look forward to it very much." She says happily. "Good luck, Hiro."

Hiro lifts his eyebrows noticably when he hears the D Word but he tries his best to play it cool nonetheless, nodding his head, "Thank you!" And then he turns to bustle out of the shop.

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