2008-01-10: Della Rosa Discreetness


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Cass and Adam meet in Della Rosa to discuss a proposition. Cass needs Adam's blood. Adam arranges.

Date It Happened:

January 10th, 2008

Della Rosa Discreetness

Della Rosa

Things have been a little off-color for Cass lately, finding out one too many things that have shaken her viewpoint on where people stand. So, instead of facing everything head on, she's decided to work on something else that she promised to help someone else with. Which is why she went digging through her desk for that card that Elena gave her with that had Stan Gifford's name and number on it. Of course, through Peter she knows that the man's name is really Adam and she's supposed to be careful around him for one reason or another, but she's here on a mission and she's going to do her best to talk this man into doing what she wants from him.

Della Rosa is not a place that Cass would normally find herself. There's not many people who come here in the late afternoon, which is why she's asked the man to meet her here and kept all the details slim, not even telling him that she knows his actual name yet. She's hoping to be out of here before it gets too late and the actual regulars show up. She doesn't want to be here when that happens.

Receiving the call definitely caught Adam off guard. It's been a short while since he played 'doctor', so having someone contact him out of the blue definitely sets him on alert. As such, walking into the place, he glances over the few that happen to be there, taking in the details. In doing so, he spots the table he was told to meet at and heads that way.

Sitting with her hands folded on the table, Cass looks up at everyone who enters the dive bar. There's a New York Times spread out in front of her to the New York region section, but she's not paying much attention to it. How can she? Luckily for her, it's not that many people who come here and their only business is drinking, so when she notices Adam coming in her direction, she straightens a bit and gives him an unsure smile. "Dr. Gifford?" she hazards as he comes closer.

"Indeed." Adam replies plainly, as he comes to a stop at the table. Not waiting for an offer to sit, he swings the chair around and staddling it….props his arms on the back edge. "Interesting place for a meeting." he adds, glancing at the decor with his green eyes. "Not exactly where I would have picked…" Of course it's not. If it were his choice he would have met in Central Park. Ample wide open space to escape. Decent amount of witnesses.

"Great." Folding up the newspaper, Cass slides it to the side and just studies the man for a moment. "I know. Sorry. I just know someone who bartends here at night. And what I'd like to talk to you about is something I figured would be better discussed away from the, uh, crush of people." There are still some witnesses, but they seem a lot more interested in their drinks than in the other people. She waits until he's seated before she continues. "I'm Cass. Cass Aldric. I'm sorry about the vagueness and the decor, but I was hoping there was something you could help me with. I know you're not Stan Gifford. I'm pretty sure you're not even a doctor, but the card that I got from a friend is how I found you." Taking the card out of her pocket, she puts it on the table between them. "Your name's Adam, right?"

Adam listens intently, nodding as the situation is explained. As the card is produced and placed on the table, he reaches out to pick it up. Flipping it between his fingers, he grins. "I remember when I came up with that name. And the idea that followed it." he says, a nostalgic look falling briefly over his face. "Peter gave you the card. He was the only one I gave one." And then, she brings out his real name which immediately causes him to glance around, worried. "Let's keep that on the quiet, please." he ask, turning his gaze back to Cass. "Stan works just fine." Yes, he's uncomfortable with his real name being used. Never know who is watching.

At least she doesn't know his full name. Does anyone, for that matter? Cass nods quickly in acknowledgment to call him Stan as well as the card. She smiles back at him with a slight tilt of her head. "It came up in a discussion about, well, miracle cures. Peter mentioned that you might be able to…help in that department." Looking around the room, she doesn't see anyone paying attention to them, but she imagines that the people looking for him are good at remaining hidden. "Another friend actually told a story about RGN-400, I think it was called."

"Leave it to Peter to go volunteering me for things." Adam grins. Peter has been about his only friend so far since his escape from the Company. Well, except for the new girl. Celeste. Mental note to self, remember to call her, doofus. "Did he mention anything about RGN-400? What it was? What it could do?"

"He didn't so much volunteer you for something as mention that you may be able to, well, be talked to." And help. So, well, he did kind of volunteer Adam. Whups. Cass gives a rueful smile at that. "But that was for a different problem. Peter doesn't know that I've taken it upon myself to talk to you. He didn't mention it. However, someone else I know…he's the one who it was actually used on. I was told that it healed him from what should have been a near fatal gunshot wound almost instantly. He didn't mention what exactly it was though."

Adam can't help but not look unsurprised. Peter used to be a nurse. He's the kind that likes to help others when he can. Though, it's been a little while since they've actually sat down and talked. So that might have changed. "Eric. I remember him." he says, nodding. "It's not something I should mention in public. Let's just say it was purely organic in nature."

"I think I know what it is." Cass tilts her head a little and folds her hands on the table. This is, really, the meat of the matter. Why she called him here. She's not about to say what exactly it is, since he doesn't want to, either, but she's trying to get to the point. Or as much of a point as she can make in the situation. "I've seen something like it before." There's a pause. "And, well, I was hoping that you could help me."

Oh this is good. "Is it for yourself, or for the public?" he asks, frowning slightly. His eyes try to search Cass for any clues. "I only ask because the last time I tried to do something for an individual in the hopes of helping the public….they completely discarded it." Yes, he's bitter about that still.
"Neither, really." Cass shrugs her shoulders a little and shifts in her uncomfortable seat. Who knows what has not been cleaned of of it. "It's for a friend." There's nothing in her expression other than perhaps worry. "I'm not about to discard any help you give me. Not unless you ask me to." The last time she got samples such as these from someone, she destroyed them by request after she was done.

Adam wouldn't request destruction of the samples. Even though he's an endless supply of them. He can detect the worry, and his face softens a bit. "I understand what it's like to have a friend in need." Heck, Adam's been there himself in the past. The distant past. "You have my help. But all I ask is that nothing gets released to the public."

Everyone has a different reaction to powers as well as how people use them. Cass gives a sigh of relief at Adam's agreement to help her. "No no, I would never release anything you didn't want released. My friend doesn't even have to know where it came from." Giving him a smile, she pushes her hair back away from her forehead. "Thank you so much. I owe you a big favor."

"I would greatly appreciate the discreetness." Adam says, nodding quietly. At least the man still has some shred of compassion left in him. Even if the rest of the world thinks he's completely insane. "I'll add the IOU to the stack I already have." he grins. "You've got my phone number. Give me a few hours and call me. I'll tell you where to meet me."

"You can ask Peter. I'm very serious about keeping people's secrets secret." Cass doesn't really smile at that, but she definitely seems more relieved than when she started this meeting out as. "I can understand. Someone with your inclinations are sure to gather up a couple of those. I'm sure
deservedly." The woman nods again, putting a hand on her pocket where she placed Adam's card. Even if it does say Stan Gifford on it. "I will. Thank you again."

Adam grins and nods. "Speaking of Peter, would you mind passing along a message to him?" Adam asks, pulling out a pen and scribbling something on a napkin. "It's not urgent, so whenever you see him." he adds, sliding off the chair and standing up.

"Not at all." Cass takes the napkin, folds it and puts it in her pocket along with Adam's card. It should be noted that she doesn't read it. Not in front of Adam, anyway. "I'm not sure when that will be, though. He hasn't been around much lately." While he gets up, she remains in her seat. She'll stay here for another few moments. Since he seems to be a little paranoid about what to say in public and probably who he's seen with, too. "I'll talk to you soon."

"Whenever is fine." Adam says, spinning the chair back around and tucking it under the table. "It's not urgent. Just haven't been able to reach him myself, and with you knowing him…it helps if I see if you can contact him too. But, like I said, give me a few hours and call. Until then." With that, he starts for the door of the establishment.

"I'm sure he'll be glad to hear from you," Cass reassures. Though she's gathering up her paper and other belongings, she doesn't stand up yet. Tilting her head up, she smiles at him. "I will." She'll wait a few minutes before following him out.

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