2009-09-25: Denied



Date: September 25, 2009


Raquel tries to give Ivory a good morning, but Tracy decides she wants to work him over instead. Sigh.


Senator I. Wynn's Office

Yet another day, yet another series of meetings and tasks. And what's worse, the Senator has a fairly full slate of things over the weekend, which means Raquel is likely to be doing errand work to support it, all weekend. Still, it could be worse. The brunette makes her way into the office, and moves to sit down at her desk, little Starbucks' cup going down next to her. She boots up her PC, waiting for the chime and prompt, as she sips her elixir-of-wake-up.

"Relax. I'll have Raquel call you next week and we'll set something up. I know, I know. It's been months since we've teed off. I've just be busy trying to save the world." Ivory laughs as he pulls himself into the office. One hand has his briefcase and he's already winking at Raquel during his entrance. He slides past her desk, drops his briefcase onto it and snaps his fingers, pointing. He's definitely trying to tell her he's got things in there for her to look over, but he's moving right past her and to his own desk, where he can sit himself down and finish his conversation. "What?! Tiger! I /let/ you win!"

Raquel gives a smile as Ivory comes into the office, and as he puts his briefcase down, she's quickly over opening it to see what's in there. It's not that unusual, given her job, and his schmoozing skill. Honestly, him being on the phone is what keeps them both working. Or that's what she tells herself. She opens the case to see what's in there.

The Briefcase just has a bunch of things in there. Paperwork, Speech Rough Drafts/Notes, a Playboy Magazine. It's definitely Ivory's briefcase. He's too busy laughing at Tiger, before that conversation is ended and he pulls the phone away from his ear and drops it down on his desk. "Whew. I swear, that guy is clingy." His eyes roll slightly, before he's looking off in Raquel's direction. "Hey Beautiful. Glad to see you're up and at 'em, this morning. We got a big day today." He's already going through whatever messages and stuff are on his desk, while turning on his laptop. "Do I have coffee?"

Raquel starts looking through the paperwork, eyes scanning over it quickly, but then the conversation is over, which means there are Much More Important things to pay attention to. The smile she starts to turn on him quickly switches to embarassment and an urgent stand, almost a hop, up from her desk, as she hurries towards the coffee pot. "I just got in myself…" she says quickly and apologetically. "I'm sorry, it's not ready yet…you can have mine, while this brews!" Of course, Raquel moving quick is a recipe for disaster. She's good at her job, and has a good head for politics…but coordinated, the woman is not.

Ivory flashes a smile. "It's fine. Just hook me up when it's done. And slow down. We're still putting stitches in the wall from last month." Ivory grins up at his assistant, before he kicks back into his seat. His feet swing up onto his desk and he grabs his laptop, pulling it onto his legs. "So. How's everything? Life? Love? The Twins?" Ivory's such a relaxed individual to be a Senator, but the look he gives Raquel when he mentions The Twins quite possibly could mean they'll have to take a long lunch break around noon.

The brunette looks a little embarassed at that, but it doesn't slow down her motions, getting the coffee brewing before turning back. She blushes at the question, just a bit. Really, shouldn't she be upset? Maybe, but somehow that never is. "Life is good. Little tired this morning, but I'll be fine. And, perky as ever." she quips.

Ivory's grinning as he starts going through files on his computer. Definitely going to need some new security measures put on this thing. Now that he has Secret Files on it. But whatever Things are scrolled on and off the screen, as he pulls up his itinerary. "I need you to proof that speech rough draft. Tracy'll be by soon enough to put me through the wringer about it. And I don't need her yapping about I before E in my ear." Ivory gives a dismissive wave of his hand, since he's never really been the type of person to care too much about grammar.

That gets her to stiffen just a bit, standing up to her full height. "So she's working with you again?" Raquel doesn't exactly approve of Ms. Tracy Strauss. Either that, or she's jealous of her. Take your pick on the issue. But she turns to take the speech from the case, letting her eyes drift over it. "One "p" in imperative." She comments, as if that's the strongest chastizing she can make.

"She's good. And she has nice legs. Why /wouldn't/ she be working with me?" Ivory just keeps his smile on, before he turns to make sure that nothing is really going to tick off the ass-istant that he's hired for more than, well, just her qualifications. It keeps the office looking better than usual. "You two should hang out. I think you'd get along." Not to mention put her to shame in some regards, but he's not about to get a catfight started. No matter how much fun it would be to watch them claw at each other. In slow motion. With jello. "Just fix it. Can you get it retyped in an hour?"

Raquel doesn't seem like she can get really too upset about things with Ivory. As far as Tracy, she might have the better legs, but then, Raquel has her own advantages. "Is that when she's coming?" she asks, though she's already moving as she asks it. She pours a cup of coffee, bringing it to Ivory, just the way he likes it, of course.

Ivory's hand is already reaching out to take the coffee and he sips at it. "Should be. Unless she's late. Again." Ivory's got no qualms about taking potshots at the people that work underneath his powerfully amazing self. It comes with the territory of being so amazing and allowed to talk smack. "You know, I love you. Nobody makes me coffee the way you do. You're never getting fired."

With the coffee handed over, Raquel gives a winning smile back at the compliment. And the dissing of Ms. Strauss. "I'm glad that my coffee-making skills come in handy. But I'd better get going on that report to have it done in time." Because he asked her to! Plus, just because he's being flattering, she'll even lean over some as she says it. Scoopnecks are the order of the day at Senator Wynn's office, for the assistant.

Distracted as he may be, Ivory's not even looking at his computer screen anymore. He's more interested in the fact that there's scoopnecks in his vicinity. Which is, well, not a good thing. Because it's making him not want to work. "… You think you can do it in 30 minutes?" Ivory asks, eyes still trapped on cleavage, as the coffee and laptop are both set down on the desk. There's another signal of body language that results in the loosening of his tie.

She looks at it. "If it's just a draft copy for you, yes. I can correct it by hand. If we need it for other people, I've got to retype it. If you've got the original file still, I could…" She's not sure she could. But for him, she'd try.

Ivory is getting up from his seat at his desk and moving off to where Raquel is at her desk. Both desks are full of stuff, papers, etc. But Ivory is looking nowhere but at Raquel. "I'm sure I can get Tracy to retype it. We've got… business to take care of, don't we?" His grin is something a bit more smirky at this point. Especially, well, because he's doing everything in his power to get his damn tie off. "Here? Or…?" He wonders if there's still room in the closet.

The notion of making the blonde have to do secretarial work seems to appeal to Raquel. "Well, as long as we're making -her- do it…" She stands, turning to face Ivory, leaning back a bit against her desk. "My desk is faster to clean up when you knock everything off it." Because God knows, she's done that enough herself. And not even always in the naughty way!

"Good call." Ivory's tie is finally off and flung off towards the side, as he's already sliding in too close for comfort (or close enough!) within Raquel's personal space. Because his arms need to reach around her to start knocking things off the desk. He doesn't really care what gets broken. He makes enough money to pay for replacements. But there are more important things on his mind this morning.

Naturally, that's when someone breaks up the party.

Typically, Tracy would knock before waltzing in an office — at least when she's not getting in without her own key to put files away and appear out of nowhere — but a reception area? What's the point? Today, she's even busier than usual: she's focused, on a mission, and she doesn't have time to look both ways before crossing the street, as it were. Phone in one hand, folder in the other, she just has to get to Ivory. It's the crashing noises that bring her to a halt before the actual sight of the impropriety she walks in on. She freezes (though not literally) and stares, appalled. "Ex…cuse me, Senator."

Thankfully, all of Raquel's clothing is still on. Hell, except for the tie, all of Ivory's clothing is still on. Though most of her desk things are now around her desk. A bit flustered, she nonetheless goes for damage control. "I just lost my balance and knocked some things down. The Senator was trying to catch me." She -is- legendarily clumsy, though that sure ain't what it looks like.

Ivory's hands immediately go for Raquel, as if to keep up with her inability to come up with a good damage control lie. Because, well, it's the best thing he's got going for him right now. "Tracy!" He cracks a big ol' smile and takes a step back, moving slowly to make sure somebody else doesn't fall. "You're good?" is asked of Raquel, but he's already moving around her desk to get to where Ms. Strauss is standing. He's forgotten that he's not wearing his tie anymore. "You're looking exceptionally beautiful today, might I say."

Right. Colour Tracy skeptical, eyeing the Senator's distinct lack of a tie and giving Raquel a subtly unimpressed glance, not allowing enough time to develop a glare. She simply holds out the folder in her hand toward Ivory. "These are the parties that are going to be present at Monday's address." In other words, who he needs to charm. "And I still want to talk to you about Research and Development."

Raquel slides aside and begins to move to pick up her things from around her desk. Sometimes she'd try to stand her ground against the competition, but this isn't one of those times. Not when she's starting off at a disadvantage. "I'm fine, Senator."

Ivory ends up with a frown on his face, even as he turns to head over to the side and collect his tie. Which he yanks up from the floor as quickly as he possibly can. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's get to work." A glance is given to Raquel, as he starts to put the tie back on, before heading back towards his amazing desk is. He's just going to pretend like nothing was about to happen. Yup.

And that's exactly what Tracy is doing, too, besides the faintly annoyed demeanour that now follows her around. She more or less ignores Raquel. That helps. The advisor strides after Ivory, seeming quite ready to go into the actual office-space and do actual work.

Raquel finishes getting her desk put together. She looks back at the departing Senator and blonde. There's some jealousy there, yes, but you have to learn to pick your battles. This isn't the time.

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