Desirée Gomez
Desirée Gomez
Portrayed By Minnie Driver
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 9th, 1970
Age 39
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Dezi, Fairy Godmother
Place of Birth Biloxi, Mississippi, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Paramedic
Known Relatives Yolanda and Johnny Russo (parents), Joseph Russo, Dwayne Russo (brother; deceased) and Leonard (brother), Parker Maddox (son), Portia Maddox (daughter), Elena (stepdaughter), Manuel (stepson), Luis (stepson), and Juanita Gomez (stepdaughter)
Significant Other Ramon Gomez (husband); divorced from Lance Maddox
Known Abilities Precognition
First Appearance Everyone Is Crackers Here

"She's like Isaac Mendez, but with cereal." - Cass

Desirée: jack-of-all-trades, master-of-few. Out of place in NYC, the big city nevertheless has something to offer this visiting good-natured Southern import. Or is it that she has something to offer the city?


The sole girl to follow after three boys, Desirée Ginger Russo was born in Biloxi, Mississippi. She as given the middle name of Ginger after her "beloved great aunt". She would later come to suspect it was after her mother's dog, but she never held a grudge.

Her entire life, Desirée found herself starting and stopping. She always had the best of intentions, big dreams and hopeful plans. She sincerely strived, doing hard and honest work for what she thought she wanted. Her two oldest brothers went on to be accomplished professionals, while the one closest to her age died of a drug overdose in his early twenties. To her family, it seemed like Desirée was caught in-between her siblings, never quite living up to her eldest brothers. She was used to being underestimated.

Her education went through numerous ups and downs, one dream crushed after the other, particularly when she was diagnosed with a tremor that put an end to her desire to be a surgeon one day. She worked as a paramedic in Laurel, Mississippi until she met one Lance Maddox, a bigshot at an advertising firm.

It wasn't exactly love at first sight. To make a long story short, they got married earlier than they should have. They soon had twins together; taking care of them was a fulltime job in and of itself for Desirée. She went through a handfull of jobs during the time that she was married: she made quirky homemade candy and cupcakes to order (it wasn't particularly popular), experimented with music, became a midwife. As usual, she was barely commended for any of it.

It was a long time coming, but eventually the marriage fell apart for uncountable reasons - the umbrella to these causes was that neither of them could find it in them to care enough to keep it together. They got joint custody of the children.

Cut to a year later: the kids were away on a foreign exchange program in France, and one of Dezi's friends, an expecting mother, was about to travel to New York City to be with her family. Alone and grateful for something to devote herself to, Desirée agreed to accompany her as her midwife. She was thankful for the opportunity to go some place else, having felt a little bit like she was going insane at home; seeing images in ordinary objects, connecting dots that weren't there. She's just stressed, she told herself; the trip would do her some good.



Desiree has the ability to see the future. This power of precognition is by no means straightforward and is often difficult to interpret. Desiree sees the future in her environment: looking at certain objects, or a particular pattern, triggers her. Often, the objects that trigger her will be related to the "vision" she sees (ie. seeing a building explode by looking at pieces of broken bricks), but not always.

To give an example: say there was a pile of marbles on the floor. Everyone else may see a simple mess of marbles, but Desiree may see a pattern or picture, perhaps made more clear by rearranging the marbles. Her rearranging may make a vague picture more clear to others, not unlike making primitive art - but to Desiree it's much more vivid. It may be cryptic and hard to interpret, or conversely, detailed and vision-like. If it's particularly intense, she may go into a trance-like state.

Desiree always "sees the future" by seeing a specific pattern - a future possibility (or is it set in stone?) - in apparent randomness. With practice, she'll be able to willfully pluck patterns out of things, but this will take intense focus, and even then, will be hit or miss. If there's no pattern to find, it can't be made, after all. Although her ability often manifests in a somewhat artistic way, straightforward art in the form of drawing, painting, or even writing, does not seem to trigger her precognition because its power lies in the ability to visualize rather than create.


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  • "No one can do everythin', you know? I just gotta wonder, is there one thing someone's good at? One big thing they're meant to do in their life? Then what happens if you don't go through with it?" - Life, the Universe, and Coffee
  • "Everyone's got problems. I got problems. That lady who almost got hit with a street lamp got problems. That fella over by the bustop with that really… silly reindeer hat got problems, prob'ly more'n both of us. I bet yours ain't so terrible. Just gotta figure 'em out first." - Shattered!
  • "But I'm from Mississippi and New York City may's well be the Amazonian Jungle!" - Mad World (Part One)
  • "You're plannin' on doin' somethin' stupid. Ain't ya? Well, I'm here to make sure you don't do it. 'Cause you ain't never gonna be the same if you do. Ain't worth it, whatever it is. So." *Thwap* "Hey, snap to! I'm like. Psychic. Mm-hmm. Yeah, so you can't deny anythin', and I'm tellin' ya, don't do it. You gonna come with me before the man you wanna kill comes along or what, Mr. Gomez?" - Mad World (Part One)
  • Biker: How about you wait your turn, missy? Get the hell out of my face!" Desiree: "Oh, how 'bout shut your face, Snake-Eyes. I jus' need a minute!" - Someone's Watching Over You
  • "… 'Hi, Mister Puppet Man, if you could… hi, mister, I'd really appreciate it if you could not stab my frien's IV with… no… hi, you goddamn—hey, if you'd just put down that hypodermic needle 'cause I'm trouble too I'd be real thankful… hi, mister…'" - practicing what she's going to say to the man about to kill Ramon, Someone's Watching Over You
  • "So, these two pirates kidnapped me, see, and took me up on their ship to see the Cap'n and then I was forced to walk the plank and before I know it, I was in Davey Jones' locker… which… looked a awful lot like a bunch of foam and a dressing room… any rate, obviously, I died, and was made to be in league with Mr. Davey Jones hisself for somethin' in the realm of all eternity, then a buncha his pirate minions broke out dancin' and I found that sneakin'-around underage son of mine and dragged his ravin' ass home. How was your night?" - Terribly Beautiful and Beautifully Terrible
  • "Is' my belief no one's meant to be wicked. But, along the way, some people, they learn it. Somethin' happens to 'em makes 'em think they're bad. Just 'cause you got skills in dark places don't make you wicked, means you've had a interesting life and learned things you can use for good." - Lost But Now Am Found



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