Desmond Gregoire Cusick
Desmond Gregoire Cusick
Portrayed By Julian McMahon
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 4th, 1976
Age 30
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Janus Trevelyan
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Broadway actor
Known Relatives Brice Ivanson (father); Elizabeth Ivanson (mother)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities N/A
First Appearance Vegas Heat

Desmond is a prominent Broadway actor best known for his portrayal of Sweeney Todd in the musical of the same name (for which he won a Tony award). He is also known for the following roles: Raoul (Phantom of the Opera); Phantom (Phantom of the Opera); Joseph (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat); Orin (Little Shop of Horrors); Gaston (Beauty and the Beast). He recently purchased a theater (Le Petit Théâtre, formerly known as The House) and is slowly working to open it to the general public sometime within the next year.


Desmond Gregoire Cusick was born Desmond Ivanson on August 4th, 1976. From the very start of his life, he was groomed to be a cut above the rest. His family was well-off enough to send him to private schools, and he was smart enough to hold his own there. For the most part, his parents were distant figures in his life, and his upbringing fostered a very independent nature in Desmond. Unfortunately, his upbringing and excellent academic achievements also instilled in him a sense of entitlement; no matter where he went, he perceived himself as better than those around him.

This arrogance carried Desmond through his school years, and his ego was never more stroked than when he was involved in theatre. Good looks, charm, and a natural flair for the dramatic made him an instant favorite with audience members, and directors and co-stars respected his talent (even if his personality put them off). Desmond went from prep school to a prestigious art college and, naturally, he majored in theatre — musical theatre specifically. This pursuit almost came to an abrupt halt when, at the age of 23, Desmond was involved in a car accident. The taxi in which he rode was T-boned in an intersection by a woman who ran the red light. Desmond hit his head hard against the window, causing him to lose consciousness. It also traumatized his left ear, permanently damaging his hearing. Desmond can still hear, however the left side is severely impaired (and he refuses to wear a hearing aid). Even still, he learned to compensate for this loss and, in spite of it, continued his studies.

While still in college, Desmond was courted by casting directors from Broadway, however he did not waver from his schooling and graduated at the age of 25 with a BA. Only then did he give in to the call of Broadway. He at first tread the boards in secondary roles, however he made his true breakthrough in a revival of Sweeney Todd, in which he played the lead role. He was an astonishing success and was soon getting offers for many prominent musicals.

Desmond continued to live the Broadway dream until the very end of 2006, when he announced his plans to start his own theatre. He bought out a floundering venue known as the House and renamed it Le Petit Théâtre. It has not yet had its debut or even really reopened for business, however Desmond is slowly working toward this goal.


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  • "Studies show that the success of rubbing off is directly related to proximity." — to Pamela during an encounter in Las Vegas.


  • Bi-Lingual: Desmond reads, speaks, and writes fluent French. He finds it charming.
  • Half-Deaf: After a taxi cab in which he rode was T-boned at an intersection, Desmond has lost most of the hearing in his left ear. He compensates for this by using the right a great deal, however he is often incapable of picking up whispers and quiet noises on his left side. This is a known fact among his fans.
  • Secretly Bisexual: There are some rumors that Desmond is gay, however the fact that he is a known flirt and ladies' man lends a great deal of credence to his denial of this fact. In truth, Desmond is bisexual, but he keeps the homosexual aspect of his life very secret.
  • Home-Wrecker: Desmond caused the breakup of Alex and then-girlfriend Jean when he had an affair with said woman. This is not the first relationship he's broken up, though he tends to keep affairs with married or otherwise attached women private (unless he has something to gain from exposure).
  • Tony-Award Winner: Desmond was awarded a Tony for his portrayal of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street in the musical Sweeney Todd.
  • Favorite Color: Is green, dark greens especially.
  • Vocal Range: Desmond is a very talented baritone.

Notches in the Bedpost

A list of all the women — PC and important NPC — that Desmond has slept with:

  • Brenda Sikes: Before she was a fantastic leading lady on Broadway, she was studying at art college and shtupping Desmond. It was a very messy breakup. Their animosity in the business is well-known.
  • Candy Cain: Who cares if she's eleven years older than he is? She's sexy, dumb, and rich.
  • Gwen Louis: They met at Fly By Night. It was fantastic. Too bad neither of them really remember it now.
  • Jean: Girlfriend of Alex. It led to an end in that relationship.
  • Mara Damaris: Also met at Fly By Night. A piano was involved.
  • Madeline Van Buren: An understudy for Elphaba in the production of Wicked currently playing at Le Petit Théâtre. She thinks sleeping with Desmond will get her on stage. She's sadly mistaken.
  • Pamela Hall: A quick and dirty rendezvous in Las Vegas. What happens there, stays there.

(If, for some reason, you'd like a character included on this list as a past encounter, do feel free to get into contact with Desmond.)

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