2007-03-30: Desperately Seeking Molly


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Summary: After breaking away from Sylar, Mohinder heads straight for Matt to begin the search for Molly

Date It Happened: March 30, 2007

Desperately Seeking Molly


It's a good thing that the police station has a locker room and showers. At this rate, Matt won't be sleeping at home, but in his office chair. He hasn't moved much at all since he felt Molly and then felt her slip through his mental fingers, and he's determined not to. He felt her here. If he feels her again, it will be here. He's gone through several attempts to recreate how he was sitting down to the most minute detail he can think of, but after a few hours, his muscles cry out against his own desperation, and the detective gets up to move around. As he pours the last dregs of coffee into a ceramic coffee cup, Matt tilts his head to one side in an effort to work out a crick in his neck. It's going to be a long night, but he's not going to give up.

Matt's not wrong about this being a long night. There's a flurry of activity as Mohinder shows up at the police station. Having had his cellphone confiscated, it was the first place he ran to. Sorry Mr. Madson, Bob, his priority is finding Molly, and that he cannot do on his own. He doesn't know about the connection that took place earlier, but when Molly screamed out for Matt, well, Mohinder can only guess. Seeing as the geneticist and ward have been missing for a few days with their pictures passed around, it's no easy feat to just run into the station without being impeded. Which is just what happens, "I'll answer questions later, I need to talk to Matt Parkman first!"

That voice is a voice that Matt knows all to well. Mohinder? At first, Matt thinks it's in his head, but a quick glance around the corner and down the hall confirms that it's his roommate. Matt manages to set his coffee down without spilling it all over himself before he rushes out to meet Mohinder, babbling half-nonsense at the officers trying to detain the geneticist for questioning. His heart is in his throat and his eyes are wide when he grips Mohinder's shoulders in the closest thing to a hug he's ever given the other man. Matt stares for a moment, as if to confirm that yes, Mohinder is real. Flesh and blood. Once that's acknowledged, Matt speaks, but his voice is dry and ragged. "Where is she?"

Mohinder pays the other officers no mind at all. Matt's the only one he's going to talk to right now. He's out of breath and puts up no resistance against the physical contact. There's no relief shown that he's in what should be a safe place as he shakes his head. "I.. I don't know.. We got separated. Sylar and Kellie had us on the roof of the building we were held in. Sylar shoved me back to the apartment and Kellie took off with Molly." What goes unspoken is broadcasted for Matt to 'hear'. The showdown with Rainer, being held at gunpoint, forced to make and administer the cure. Surely things that will get him committed in mixed company if uttered aloud. "They could be anywhere. If I could have stopped it, I would have."

Matt's grip gets a little tighter, and the bigger man actually shakes slightly at the news. But she was alive last night, when Mohinder last saw her, and that's enough. He squeezes one of Mohinder's shoulders and turns away quickly. "Food. Food, and then we'll talk." Which translates to: stare at each other and swap-thoughts.

Mohinder does not want food right now. He wants to find his ward. "We need to find her. He's after her. I know he is. We've got to find Molly before he does. I don't know what Kellie has done with her.. I can only presume she's gotten what she wanted out of her." He does however follow after Matt. (Kellie was holding her over the edge of the roof. She wanted to use Molly to find my boss, and you and I both know what Sylar wants with her.)

When the words hit him, Matt pauses in the hall, gritting his teeth. He retrieves his jacket quickly, sweeping it on as he turns and heads right back toward the exit. (I have no idea where she is, Mohinder. And I have no idea how I heard…felt her last night. But I've been trying ever since, and I can't get anything.) "You look half dead," he mumbles, if only for the sake of appearances. "I'll drive. You navigate."

Mohinder leans against the wall, ignoring any ruckus left behind in the main room of the precinct. "I feel about half-dead. The building.. let me think.. we were.. Midtown I believe.. I honestly wasn't paying much attention. I took the opportunity to run and didn't look back." There's barely a nod given as he's told he can navigate. "Molly.. she fainted on the roof.." He looks ahead at Matt, expression weary. "Keep trying."

Matt looks back over his shoulder at Mohinder, then tosses him the keys. "If you want that, then you have to drive." As exhausted as he is from straining his brain, Matt can't trust himself to pilot a vehicle at the same time. "Just…retrace your steps." He whips out his phone as he exits the precinct, his eyes narrowed as he focuses on composing a text message to the Lieutenant, he pauses, then looks to Mohinder again. (Did you do it?)

Mohinder catches the keys as they're tossed his way. He can't really trust himself to drive either, but as long as he's fueled by wanting to find Molly, he'll stay awake. "I'll do that. I doubt Sylar chose to linger." Following after Matt, he's too tired to play dumb or 20 questions. (I had no choice. Kellie was threatening Molly and I had a gun to my head.)

(I'm not blaming you,) Matt is quick to mentally reassure his domestic partner. He finishes his text message as they reach the car, and once inside, Matt pockets the phone. "Midtown." Then, since the car is relatively safe. "We'll find her, Mohinder."

(I still blame myself.) Mohinder's expression is dark and grim as he gets into the driver's side and starts the car. He doesn't say it, he tries not to think it, but he hopes they find Molly alive and in one piece.

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