2007-03-11: Detailed Observations


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Summary: Having decided to go out to Club DNAs for a night of fun, Sean and Sakura are observed by Claudine and Orion, who are pretend a couple. Richard, Identity and Chuck make brief cameos, before wierdness ensues when two women who can detect other people's powers (Heather and Lissa) have a crazy feed back. And Angel doesnt seem like a fatass.

Date It Happened: March 11, 2007

Detailed Observations

Club DNAs

Cellphones are amazing things, aren't they?

For instance, with just a handful of calls and text messages, Orion Granger, Agent of the Company, has acquired all of the pertinent information he needs on his targets for the evening from Claudine Salonga. For instance, he is looking for Claudine and two other people at Club DnA's at night on a Tuesday. Further, orders from upon high indicate that he is to observe thoroughly before bagging and tagging the subjects.

As such, Granger has come prepared. He steps into the club, arrayed in proper clubbing gear, and sends Claudine a text message alerting her to his presence in the club… And that he will need a pretext under which to observe her duo more closely.

Oh great. Of course, she gets the text message at her dorm as she's changing into something more slutty, but alas, she's ran out of skanktastic clothes! Sadness.

Now Claudine feels bad about bringing them there, but at least all she knows is the observation part. Not the bagging part anyway. She's now dressed in a pair of tight fitting applebottom jeans that accenuates her figure, and a blank sleeveless blouse that crosses over her chest to leave just a bit of her cleavage showing. Not enough to scream, "DO ME BOYS, I'M EASY", but enough to say, "HEY, HOW -YOU- DOIN'"

She'll let Sakura borrow whatever she wants, should she wants to change, and after a bit of flirting with the bouncer, there was no even need for ID checks. She checks her cellphone once more upon entering and looking around as she tries to find Orion as she scans the crowd.

Right now, "Dont Stop the Music" by Rihanna is jamming…

Sean walks in the door, seeing Claudine and Sakura enter just before him, but even so, as he gets past the bouncer easily, he's lost them in the crowd. He's looking quite a bit better-dressed now, with an open dress shirt over nicer pants - and much more fitting for a club, with the shirt being bright purple. "Crap, I've gotta find them…" he mumbles.

Oh, cellphones certainly are amazing things. At the moment, Richard is settled in up on the balcony level, perched upon a green chair's arm with both forearms leaning on the curved rail, letting him watch the stir and movement of the crowd below on the dance floor. One of the aforementioned miracles of technology is in his hand, and he's currently thumbing through his contact list absently, pausing now and then as if checking something.

Chuck has been in the club for a while now. He's an active fellow, in his prime, and single. The current song isn't really the kind that he likes to get up and groove to, so he grabs a pair of beers from the bar and takes a chance at a table where a young woman is sitting on her own. He smiles and gives her the tried and true pick up line of this lonely beer needing a good home and would she be interested? Another man walks up to the table a moment later, and Chuck is shooed away by the woman's date. Oh well. New York's a big city. Other women to choose from. He goes back to the bar and starts to survey the club.

Claudine's text reply causes Orion to choke on his soda. The tall man arches one eyebrow at the cellphone's display and considers it for a few moments before he quickly types out a positive reply. He squints at the screen, just to make sure he read that right, and then moves toward the railing above the dance floor; more or less directly across from where Richard is seated. He looks down at the dance/main floor and surveys it, looking for Claudine.

The song presently flips to some sort of sample track from a newbie dub/rap artist from the Caribbean. It sounds pretty cool and danceable.

Sakura doesn't borrow much—she changes shirts from the white tee she had on to a simple, black, spaghetti-strapped shirt, ending just a bit short of the girl's waist. She zips her jacket half-way up again, hands back in her pockets and following Claudine to the club. Let in without so much as an ID check, Sakura looks to the other woman, "That's all it took…to get in?" She shrugs a little bit, clicking her tongue and looking around the club curiously.

With the music switching to something a bit more mellow, Claudine starts bobbing her head up and down. A wry grin curls onto her lips as well, she knew what sent Orion, and she really cant wait to see his face. It's just too hilarious afterall.

As she walks alongside Sakura, she grabs the other girl's hand to lead her towards the dance floor, "Hey..we're hot and I just had to flirt with the bouncers. It's so easy here in New York City.." she says with an impish grin. There has to be a clear spot there that people can find them at, right?

Sean spots Sakura and Claudine just ahead of him, and, with a few well-placed elbows, he manages to get behind Sakura and put a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, I found you!"

The phone's clicked shut, and Richard slides it into his pocket and out of view; forearms resting on the rail again, he continues to casually people-watch, expression thoughtful as he gazes down towards the ever-shifting dance floor below.

Up above, Orion finally spots Claudine headed for the dance floor. He scratches his chin for a moment or two before he shrugs. The tall man glances around for obvious signs of bouncers, then looks down below him to double check something; what exactly he's checking remains obscure for the moment.

He promptly seems about ready to vault the railing but freezes mid-action. Bouncer coming around a corner. Granger simply moves around to the stairwell and shuffles his way through the crowds and toward the dance floor. Hopefully he's tall enough to see Claudine above other people's heads.

The young girl jumps visibly at the hand on her shoulder, startled by Sean's sudden presence before her. In a bit of a panicked voice, Sakura's native language of Japanese comes out, "<What the…oh…Good grief, you scared the life out of me!>" She takes a deep breath, smiling at Sean despite her heart racing some.
Identity does not flirt with the bouncer as she enters the club. She barely looks to the bouncer, in fact. She makes her way in, and turns to the balcony to walk the perimeter, eyes scanning the crowd.

Well, the girl is short afterall, and hearing Sakura's startled voice, Claudine looks over and is about to do something when she realizes it's just Sean. "There you are! I was wondering where you were.." she says with a bright smile as she looks around for Orion. Hopefuly he'll figure out who the two targets are as she's hanging out with them afterall. "And..um..English please?" she reminds the Japanese girl.

Sean blinks at the Japanese girl. Yep, definitely Japanese. "Sorry, I, uh… didn't catch that. Sorry for startling you…"

Sakura blushes a little as she realizes she went off on a whole tangent of Japanese, "Oh…s-sorry…" She smiles through the blush on her cheeks, taking another deep breath, "I…don't like being snuck up on…" She just offers a little smile to Sean, looking around the room curiously.

Granger pops out of the crowds on or around the dance floor, depending on where Claudine and the others are, more or less beside Claudine. The tall man seems almost surprised to see her when he pops out of the crowd. Maybe he was certain she was more in that direction or something?

The moment of surprise passes quickly and he reaches out to pat her on the shoulder. He's smiling very broadly, like he just won the lottery or something.

"Hey! Claudine! Glad you could make it!"

"Ho! Geeez! Orion!" Claudine cries out, definitely startled that he's there already considering she was looking for him and all. Oh well, it's a big club, and it's packed, so she could've been looking at something else.

"Sakura..Sean..this is Orion..Orion, these are the guys.." she says, beaming brightly as she looks at the three of them, rather excited. It's been a while since she's gone out dancing afterall, and maybe, just maybe, this can turn out to be a normal night with just a little wierdness in the end..instead of a night filled with lots of crazyness.

"So..are we going to dance or what?" she asks.

Sean laughs a bit, looking around to see if he notices anyone he recognizes, other than Claudine and Sakura. "Have you seen Heather?" He asks, before smiling at the newcomer.

"Orion, eh? Neat name," he says, beaming.

Sakura offers a little bow to the man she's introduced to, "Konnichiwa." She smiles brightly, returning her hands to her jacket pockets despite the club being…warmer than she expected. Sakura looks over at Sean, shaking her head a little, "Not since she left earlier…"

Lissa drifts into the club, and blinks at the decor. Her face lights up with genuine delight and interest. Angel totally forgotten in the blink of an eye, Lissa aims herself for one of the walls, looking to get up close and personal with the art, fascinated.

Granger laughs at Claudine's reaction, smiling cheerily. If only you all knew him a little better, you might find that smile either creepy or menacing, like a predator sizing up its prey. Maybe. You never know.

The tall man reaches out with one hand to shake Sean's hand then, with that accomplished, he turns toward Sakura and bows a bit. He adds in his own 'konnichiwa', though it is pretty clear the only class on Japanese he has ever attended was probably taught at an anime convention… Or a sleazy comic shop.

"Great to meet you guys. How'd you guys meet up with Claudine?"

"I'm sure Heather will come in due time guys..let's just have some fun, yeah?" Claudine offers while idly running her fingers through her hair. She looks up at Orion and wrinkles her nose a little as she does know him a good bit, and well..it's slightly creepy and menacing. Menapy would be a better word. Or Crenacing. Something like that.

Either way, she shrugs it off and just focuses on the two, deciding to just have a good bit of fun before anything bad happens. Bad things tend to happen afterall..and yeah..

Unable to hide the giggle that comes at the reply to her her greeting, Sakura clearly appreciates the effort in returning it, at any rate. She grins a little bit, replying to Orion's questions with "A…badly named sandwich shop." She grins brightly, shedding her jacket and tying it around her waist for now.

Richard is, for the moment, just hanging out up there on the balcony— don't mind him, he's person-watching! Hm. Was that a familiar face down there? A crane of his neck, brow furrowing as he searches the crowd visually from above.

"Yeah, true - she'd better show up soon, though, or she'll be too late to be rejected by me." He winked at Claudine and turned away… and saw the bar, with its wonderful array of boozahol. /Shit/.

Lissa continues to examine the art, her attention thoroughly captured by the colorful helixes. Enough so, it seems, that she doesn't pay attention to the people around here, or the ones further down in the club. And if flashes of That Feeling prickle along her skin, she's not giving them any mind as well. She's particularly taken with one blue and green piece of work, head tilted to contemplate it.

Identity continues along the balcony, eyes scanning the clubgoers up at this level. She slides a Blackberry out of her pocket, and dials.

A smile and a soft laugh comes from Orion at Sean's response to Claudine's assurances. He smiles to Sakura and, after a moment's pause, inquires, "I'm sorry… Did I say it wrong? Did I, I dunno, say something obscene or stupid… Or obscenely stupid?"

Granger looks like he's afraid he did something obscenely idiotic… Anything except for having a horrible accent on his attempts at Japanese. The tall man moves just a smidgeon closer to Claudine while he's talking though. Maybe he's still not sure he read her text message right.

No, the text message was right! She didnt fudge or anything like that. At the pause though, Claudine awwws and lets out an impish giggle as she hooks her arm around Orion's giving it a gentle squeeze. "Dont worry about it. It was just at Noodle Heaven..you know, there's always lots of people thre.." she chirps brightly.

"And guys..we're on the dancefloor..just taking up space and talking.." she reminds them, waggling her brows at Granger before chuckling at Sean. "Though it seems, he has his attention focused on something else.."

Angel Gets lots big surprise with all the people moving around she gets tossed around a lot and isn't sure where she's going or 'who she's bumping into just gives a lot of " Sorry excuse me sorry .. ack so sorry .. I didn't mean to eeeep " . She's in trouble and in the middle of a club and no idea what to do with herself.

Sakura giggles and shakes her head, "No, nothing like that. It'sj ust…a funny accent to hear it from." She smiles again, starting to look around the club—before Claudine's words snap her out of it, her tongue clucking a little as she looks around the crowd curiously, "I…guess…should we move?"

Watch the heads turn, ladies. Heather's in the hooouuuuuuse! Bet you didn't think a farm girl could clean up so well, did you? And she is dressed for success to. If that success is attractive the boys. It's almost like slow motion, as she steps down the stairs into the club. Dressed in a pair of tight TIGHT jeans, a white halter top, and near stilletto heel black leather boots. Her auburn red hair reflects the lighting in the club, almost as if there is glitter in it. "Wow….crowded." she grins, casting a sly smile to a few boys as she passes and attempts to locate her friends.

The press of people gets a little irritating when Identity catches an elbow to the midsection, and she retaliates with a quick jab to the lab to the nethers of the offender which leaves the half drunken jostler doubled over. The brief disturbance is swallowed into the crowd as Id turns to head back toward the door, with an annoyed sound. She clicks off the phone, and shoves it into her pocket.

"Hey, there's Heather!" Sean spies Heather - who was definitely looking quite good, making quite an entrance - over Sakura's shoulder. He sticks his hand straight up in the crowd, and shouts Heather's name. Hopefully loud nough for it to carry more than three feet.

For once, Orion Nathaniel Granger is not responsible for something the Company provided an Evolved human. Well, there's a lot of stuff he's not responsible for, but this is involving clothing. The tall man tilts his head to one side as Sean starts shouting into the crowd.

And then Orion realizes that he has a Claudine affixed to his arm. Orion suppresses the urge to make a pathetic, trapped expression. Instead he smiles down to Claudine and gently tugs her against his side since she's clutched his arm. Promptly, Granger makes an offer he is likely to regret making.

"We could always… Dance."

Claudine looks on over towards the door and spies Heather, a wry grin curling onto her lips. Good job girlfriend!

At the offer though, she blinks blankly for a few moments at Granger and a soft chuckle escapes from her lips. She proceeds to take his hands and starts to lead him away from the others. Upon finding a spot, she places her arms around his shoulders as she starts to sway her hips from side to side with the beat of the music.

She goes on her tiptoes, whispering a few things to him as she looks over furtively towards Sean and Sakura every now and then. Then there's a few giggles every now and then too. Who knows what they're talking about?

Orion senses: Claudine leans in and whispers, "I never thought you'd ask. Though be glad I didnt introduce you as my boyfriend..I was tempted to though.." She giggles impishly before looking over to Sakura and Sean. "So..what's the plan from the high ups?"

Lissa finally tears herself from the nifty art, as That Damned Feeling starts walloping her upside the back of the head with renewed force. The ebb and flow of the crowd has apparently brought her within range of Certain People, and she can no longer ignore the full-body buzzing crawling along her skin. She looks around, trying to identify potential sources in the crowd. Good luck. There's a lot of people in a small area, and they keep moving. She'll just have to… oh god. Mingle. And triangulate.

As there's a brief disturbance not far from the entrance, Richard's eyes narrow ever so slightly; lips pursing as he catches sight of the cause of the trouble (or at least the cause of its -ending-) - one particular Identity. A smile twists to that expression, and he slips off the chair's arm, dropping down to a crouch between chair and rail where he's not too visible… leaning back against its shadow, and he's gone in a faint ripple of darkness.

Sakura looks around, shrugging and deciding she might as well. She doesn't so much grab anyone in particular as just get on the dance floor and just start to move. She feels a bit awkward, never having been in the situation before, but why not? And so…the dancing begins.

Identity passes the bouncer a second time, exiting the club with a mutter that is lost in the sounds of the club. Exit mysterious brunette!

Sean leans over to Sakura as Claudine and Orion sneak off. "Can I have this dance?"

Orion follows Claudine's lead, casting a wave over his shoulder at Sean and Sakura. He never gets a chance to say anything else as he finds himself amidst the sea of people on the dance floor; most of whom are dancing to something a bit more popular, like, let's just say, Soulja Boy.

Granger smiles warmly to Claudine and leans in, whispering back to her. His smile fluctuates in intensity as if in the midst of some sort of very amusing conversation. He's apparently following Claudine's lead in dancing as well.

Claudine senses: Orion leans in and whispers back. "I was under the impression you already had." He pauses, glancing back toward Sakura and Sean for moment or two before looking back. "Detailed observation. Then we bag and tag, preferrably with the utmost in discretion."

Claudine continues to dance with Orion, pressing just a little closer as she whispers a few things every now and then. She's giggling impishly the entire time as she looks over to Sakura and Sean every now and then.

Promptly following that, she takes one of Granger's hands and places it on her hip, cause well, that's how the boy should dance when with a girl. Especially to this bootie popping music afterall.

Orion senses: Claudine ponders for a few moments and chews on her bottom lip. "Well maybe I did, but if you are my boyfriend, shouldnt we be making out? Ya know..to be more convincing.." she says, just seeing how far she can push his buttons. "And yeah..how do you suggest we subdue them? I cant just ask them to go to a facility..unless they're really trashed.."

"Hey guys!" Heather grins, as she turns down offer after offer to dance as she starts to make her way over to where the friends she met earlier are. But then Claudine is stolen away by Orion, and Sean seems to be trying to get his groove on with random chicks. Sakura's moving and grooving. Seems she's about the only one that isn't. Weird, I know! But she's also got a feeling as though she's being weighed down. Maybe it was the sandwich earlier? She starts to scan the crowd when her eyes pass of Angel first, and she pauses briefly. <different> <garbled> Resuming her scan, next she encounters Lissa.

And that's when it hits her…..

Mid-move, Sakura realizes Sean's actually talkin to her. She blinks and blushes a little, having to tease, "Well…" She giggles a little bit, offering a little shrug but still moving, looking to see if Sean decides to try and keep up with her.

Lissa turns, and begins to wander through the crowds, wide blue gaze unfocused as she relies more on other senses, and instinct to try and find whatever, or whoever, she's seeking. The problem? Multiple sources of That Feeling. And they keep moving. And she's feeling very odd indeed. She shakes her head, and then looks towards Heather, stopping dead in her tracks. Blink. Blink. Erp. You know how sometimes, you open the bathroom cabinet, and the mirror on the front of it points towards the large mirror over the sink, and you're in between, and the mirrors reflect you into infinity? That's Lissa as she tries to make heads and tails of things.

Sometimes it is good to be portrayed by a suave sumbizzatch. Sometimes it is not entirely fitting. Orion Granger cannot decide what time this is exactly. He can't help but arch his brows at something Claudine says, which follows closely on the heels of her putting his hand on her hip. Apparently it has been a long time since he's been booty dancing.

He glances around for a moment or two, perhaps double checking how the other dudes are gettin' their groove thang on out on the dance floor… Or perhaps making sure he's not about to get served. It's sometimes hard to tell with the strong… Strong types.

Claudine senses: Orion gets a look somewhere between 'Aha! I knew it!' and 'Oka- Wait, wait, wait. WHAT?!' at the suggestion. He tilts his head for a moment or so, though it seems more fitting to his dancing than any actual expression he's wearing at the moment. "… I had an emphasis in pre-med. I, ah… The Company provides me access to their pharmaceutical cabinet as a result. We can get them absolutely smashed." Funny he doesn't bring up the making out part.

Angels lots very lost and not to sure what to do with herself. She ends up on the dance floor and looks around and well something inside her just snaps the hell with it give in. She closes her eyes and starts to dance just letting the music guide her moving her body to the music she takes off her shirt shes got that tight white T-shirt under it same picture that shows off a lot of her body as she groves to the music.

Awww. Claudine broke Orion! Well, she didnt mean to anyway as something more upbeat comes up, with a sort of Latin flavor to it. Of course, that sort of music only gets her hips swaying from side to side more as she steps forward and back to the beat. She's having too much fun with this right now.

Fortunately, she can actually dance. It wasone of her favorite things to do back home, and so she takes one of his hands, helping him 'lead' her in a spin before she presses herself up to him once more. She waggles her brows and leans in to whispers a few things once more, giggling impishly before she looks over to Sakura and Sean once more.

Orion senses: Claudine chews on her bottom lip as she lets out a hearty chuckle at his reaction. This is just way too amusing for her as she nods. "Well, if you're suggesting roofies that would work too.." she admits ruefully, though frowning at the thought. "Though really..I'd rather just get them utterly and completely trashed. They'll have more fun that way, and they wont need to have things explained to them.." she says before bumping against him. "And so..you're not doing your part as the boyfriend ya know.." definitely hinting at the making out part. She just loves torturing him. Way too amusing.

Look away, Heather. LOOK AWAY! You'd think it'd be simple to do. But ever been in an empty room, shout, and then try to determine which way the voice was coming from? That's what it's like inside Heather's head right now. SENSORY OVERLOAD! "Ow…OW….Jesus…" Heather groans, placing her hands on the sides of her head as she stares at Lissa. "What is the hell is going on?" she whimpers, her eyes starting to well up with tears. Her head starts to droop, and that's when she loses her visual lock on Lissa. At that moment, the echoing and reverb stop. Look back up. OW! Back. Heather quickly turns away, looking more in Angel's direction. <different> <heavy> The voice returns to being clear. "Claud…..Claudine?" she asks, feeling something wet under her nose. Touching her fingers to it, they come back bloodied.

Sean looks to his left to see Heather finally made it - but she's not exactly looking too good. The booze is calling him, but at heart he's made of the same stuff his brother, the doctor, is - and he doesn't like to see people in pain, and whatever Heather had in her system wasn't good for her. Funny, she didn't seem the type to do drugs.

"Heather, come on…" He grabbed her arm, and pulled her towards the door. "Let's go, kid."

The dancing portion actually seems to come fairly easily to Sakura once she doesn't feel quite so awkward. She's not the…come-do-me-now type dancer like some of the girls on the floor, but it certainly doesn't look like her first time on a dance floor either. For the moment, her mind's distracted from everything—including present company. It takes her a minute, though, to realize she's dancing by herself…and then she spots Sean dragging Heather toward the door, her dancing stopping as she looks on in concern.

Lissa declares, finally, as her brain does a soft reboot and her senses stop reeling, "I am having a Very, Very, Very Confusing Day." She speaks -and- thinks in capital letters sometimes. She rubs at her forehead, and frowns, petulantly, unable to even start explaining this latest permutation of Weird. But she'll never forget Heather, not after -that- moment.

Angel Is just dancing she spots lissa and smiles waving at her to come join her on the dance floor of course missing the commotion going on with heather .

Orion keeps dancing with Claudine. He finds himself doing all kinds of crazy dance moves as a result of Claudine doing some kind of freaky unleading leading. The tall man glances around for a moment, suddenly wondering what happened to this 'Heather' woman. She looked hot.

Err. Wait. That didn't come out right. Good thing it was only in his head. Granger rather abruptly bumps against Claudine in a quasi risque sort of fashion. He leans in and whispers something to Claudine, continuing to dance along to the music and doing his best to mimic what he sees the other guys doing out on the floor.

Claudine senses: Orion frowns slightly at Claudine's moralizing, but nods a bit. He hisses out, "We can get them smashed and provide them a roofie colada without doing much damage. It's mainly to keep them from freaking out right off the bat." He makes a very carefully disguised rueful expression, Claudine can tell her hair is flowing from a dance movement such that it conceals his face. "Do you really think us making out is integral to the task at hand?"

"I'll….I'll be fine." Heather responds, nearly stumbling in her heels. Hey, you try walking in stilleto heals with a Class 5000 migrane headache and what sounded like the choir of the angels in your head. Of course, she soon thinks better of herself. "Maybe some fresh air would do good." she recants, allowing herself to lean on Sean and be guided towards the exit of the club. Lissa's face is now burned into her memory, but she doesn't dare look back to find out what became of her. She's not /that/ much of a masochist.

Claudine continues dancing with Orion, and it's a good thing that she isnt a telepath or she'd have to smack him. Or maybe wear something sluttier next time. yes, the dancing is risque, but it's the merengue, and so there's a lot of bumping and grinding until the music gets all salsa-inspired in which case, she twirls a bit more.

As she twirls though, she catches sight of Heather, and her eyes widen, chewing on her bottom lip with more than a bit of concern. She leans in and whispers something to Orion, before she steals a quick kiss on the lips before running off to go to her friends.

"God..Heather..you okay?" she calls out, definitely worried, considering she knows about the girl's power.

Orion senses: Claudine hrmms for a few moments as she mulls it over, "Okay..I agree to that. Get them delightfully tipsy before slipping it in their drinks..just make sure it's the right drinks.." Then she pauses with a wry grin, "And yes, it's completely integral to the task at hand, and I want to know how you kiss.." It's then that she looks over to Heather, "But after this. I gotta make sure she's okay.." She then gives him a quick smooch before running off.

Seeing Heather guided off the floor, Sakura frowns and steps out of the crowd herself, patiently but insitantly pushing her way through the bodies of blatantly hormone-drive people to by to make sure everything's all kosher. Once she's out of the crowd, though, she reahlizes that she has absolutely no idea what happened…nor what she can do to help. So, she lingers back, but watches.

Orion very nearly falls over backward after Claudine kisses him on the lips. It's a little smooch, but it's a smooch nonetheless. He looks startled to say the least. For a few moments, he keeps dancing out on the dance floor, possibly mentally lost. Rather abruptly he realizes he has no dance partner and so goes off in search of her… And her powered friends.

Sean leads Heather out through the crowd, anxious and worried. Once they're outside - now joined by a quick-walking Claudine - he leans Heather out to lean her against the wall of a nearby alleyway, and looks her straight in the eyes. "Whatever you took before you got here… don't take it again. You should be smarter than to mess with what you put in your body." He looks over at Claudine, and shakes his head, beginning to leave. "I'm gonna go… gonna go home." Regardless of the fact that (as far as Sean was concerned) what happened was a drug trip gone horribly wrong… it still freaked the hell out of him.

Lissa drops into the nearest unoccupied seat, landing heavily. She rubs at her forehead again, and blinks back tears, as the headache really begins to settle in after the Mother Of All Weird Moments.

Angel Spots lissa sitting down so heavy and frowns she moves forward down by lissa's side and kneels down " You okay lissa? you don't look so good " . She places her hand on lissa's shoulder in comfort as she looks at her friend .

Sitting down on the steps of the club, and holds her forehead in her hands. "I didn't take anything…that's the thing." she whimpers, trying to fumble for the headache tablets in her pocket. "N…no…don't leave." she starts, resigning her to the fact that maybe it's better Sean leaves. Especially if she has to go to 'the hospital'. Claudine's arrival brings Heather's gaze up. "I'll be fine. Jus…just make the headache stop." Ah, there's the pills. Her thumb pops the top off the bottle and she pours out four of the tablets. Twice the recommended dosage. But damn, this is one killer of a headache.

"Your powers went whack in there huh.." Claudine whispers as she looks over Heather, inspecting her thoroughly to make sure she's okay. This was partially her fault in a way, not really expecting more evolved than theothers. "Did..were there too many? Or was someone just really powerful? And if so..who waas it?" Cause if that person can do this to Heather, then that person definitely needs to be captured.

Of course, all this would be said when no one else is around or when no one else could possibly be paying attention to what she's saying. "Maybe you should go home, hun.."

Granger pops out of the club a few minutes after Sean leaves. He looks around quickly, eyes finally settling on Claudine and Heather. A few moments later, the tall man is coming to a stop after trotting over to the duo.

"What happened?"

Still bleeding from her noise a bit, Heather shakes her head at Claudine. Small droplets of blood spatter on the ground as she does. "Not man…many." she stutters, clearly shaken by what just happened. And to think, damn, all she wanted was a good night on the town. A few illegal drinks. A hot boy to keep her warm. "Just one. Not powerful…but…it was almost like reflecting what I was reading. Like I was in an empty room shouting and my voice was echoing all around. But fifty times louder." She looks up at Orion as he appears. "Feedback."

Mulling over the response, Claudine blinks blankly for a few moments as she processes it all. "Someone in there..has the same powers as you?!?" she says with a bit of a surprise before she covers her lips once more as she helps guide Heather someplace a bit less crowded so they can speak softly. "Who was it? What did he or she look like?" she asks, definitely wanting to take that person in..not for the sake of the powers, but because her friend was hurt.

She then looks over to Orion and hrmms for a few moments, "We might have to change the plan.."

Lissa informs Angel, absently, "This is turning into a Very Strange Week." This, it seems, it all it takes to sum up several straight days of pure weirdness, involving way too many questions and not enough answers.

Angel Blinks " Well I'm a scientist maybe I can help finding answers is what I do " She smiles " I work at the university finding answers , so what are your questions perhaps I can help hmm? " She cocks her head waiting for lissa to respond.

Lissa makes a face at Angel. "No one ever has good answers. Especially scientists. I moved to New York to get -away- from scientists and doctors and tests and stuff."

Granger nods to Heather slightly, looking to Claudine curiously, but smiles. He shrugs a little bit, glancing over his shoulder toward the club for a few moments before looking back to Claudine and Heather.

"Claudine's new friends are evolved, right?" He directs the question to Heather.

Oh please don't ask her to go back in there and identify the person. That much is evident by the look on her face. "I….could probably ID her from a photo." Heather frowns, shaking her head. "But don't make me go back and look for her." The blood is starting to dry up now, so maybe she'll be a little better. A nod is given to Orion's question as she tries to wipe the dried blood from under her nose. "Yeah. The one that split can..ummm…manipulate size. The other is a copycat." The secondary information is given willingly.

Unclear on if her bailed comrades are coming back, Sakura sorta shrugs. She's taken the time to look around the club in the mean time, watching a few of the groups dancing. It hasn't taken her long, and Sakura's mimicing the steps she watched. A little awkwardly at first…but after that, it seems to flow just like she'd always known it, each step matching what she watched.

"Copycat? And size manipulation. Oh! that's what the SM is..and copy cat.." Claudine hrmms for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip as she runs her fingers through her hair. "That's the AMM! Adoptive muscle mimicry from Suresh's book." she says, mulling it all over while idly running her fingers through her hair once more.

It's then that Heather asks to not go back in and she smiles warmly, stroking Heather's hair ever so gently. "I'm not going to ask you to go back in there. Orion and I can take care of things from here, right?" she asks, looking to Granger to confirm that.

Orion smiles cheerily to Heather and nods once. When Claudine asks for his clarification, he nods again, still smiling.

"Then you should probably either head home or to one of our hospitals. You don't look like you've suffered any terrible ills, but I'm not a professional doctor."

Granger looks to Claudine, contemplating his response for a few moments. He could, perhaps even should, suggest they go back in and bag and tag the remaining evolved person. Then again, Heather has identified their powers for them… And Sean seems to be the greater risk, all things considered.

"We will continue to observe, I'm fairly certain nothing bad will come of this tonight."

Heather breathes a sigh of relief as she's let off the hook. There was more fear inside than she actually showed, but if she had been pushed she would have gone back in. "Do you think there would be someone at the hospital at this hour?" she asks, feeling as that might be the safer option at this point. She fumbles in her pocket for her Iphone. "I suppose I could call." Her fingers clumsily slide across the display and soon the phone is against her ear. "Yeah…this is Heather Noyes. I was wondering if someone was there and might be able to come pick me up. I've had an episode." A pause. "Ok, I'll wait here then. Thanks." Hang up. Her gaze drifts to Claudine and Orion and is filled with relief. "They're on their way."

"Of course there's people there. It's like Jack in the Box..twenty four hours and seven days a week.." Claudine says as she leans in and places a soft and reassuring kiss on Heather's forehead. They look after their own afterall before looking towards her once more.

"You going to be okay out here? Or do you want me to wait till they're here before we go inside and finish recon?" she asks curiously before looking up towards Orion with a wry grin.

"And you..still have to pretend to be my boyfriend.." Ha! Whatever that means. "Cause you know..for the mission and all.." she adds quickly in the end.

"If I did not know better, I would swear you were enjoying torturing me, Miss Salonga."

Orion offers an enigmatic smile and settles himself down onto the ground beside Heather. He shrugs off his coat in spite of the chill March nighttime and holds it out to her.

"We'll wait until someone arrives for Heather. Then we'll go back in to complete our mission."

All the reassurance has made Heather feel a bit better. And it shows. She's more relaxed now that when she first got out on the steps. "I'll be fine out here." she says, nodding. "Go in, find them. Find /her/." she adds, frowning as she tries to rmemember what Lissa looked like. "Blond hair…blue eyes…that's all I remember." Of course, that's probably three fourths of the people in that club. She shakes her head at Orion. "No. Go on. The longer you wait, the more time they have to disappear."

Sakura even gets lost in the shuffle of dancing after a while, not really paying attention to who she's dancing with so much as just grooving to whatever music they decide to play. After a while, though, the girl's tired, smiling and making her way off the dance floor to sit at a nearby table. She's more or less alone at this point, but tries to make it look like she's waiting on someone…

"Blonde hair, blue eyes. And female. You realize the only people you've cut out of the possible patrons in there are Sakura and I, right?.." Claudine quips with a wry grin on her lips to add a little bit of brevity.

With that said, she playfully ruffles Heather's hair and nods, "As long as you'll be okay. I'll bring you some cake tomorrow.." she says before winking in Granger's direction.

"Oh come on..I cant be that bad of a kisser to where it's torture. And I so know you were wanting to.." she teases before taking his hand to lead him inside, should he be willing to go. "We'll look for the girl who did this to you..you have my word on that.." she says rather emphatically in the end. "Come on, /sweetie/" she tells Orion, trying to suppress a giggle.

Granger frowns slightly at Heather's response. He is clearly not pleased with the situ- "HEY!"

Granger finds himself getting tugged to his feet rather unceremoniously by Claudine. Orion's jacket falls by the wayside at Heather's side as he disappears back into the club with Claudine.

Meanwhile, along the periphery of the crowd, Randall is fresh in from the street and taking a good long look around, trying to get a feel for the vibe of this particular crowd. He presses against a wall to get out of the way of a group on their way to the bar, then exchanges a glance and a smile with a fetching redhead— until her obvious boyfriend shows up a second later, and they head out to the dance floor together. So much for that idea.

Lissa certainly hasn't gone far. She's got her seat, and now she's nursing a drink obtained from somewhere, somehow, along the way. She's lapsed into a quiet state of being, as she breathes deep and attempts to regain her equilibrium and general sense of all that's right with the world.

Angel Looks at lissa and cocks her head " Hey you need to talk to me what's bugging you dear if you don't tell me I can't help " . She pats the girls arm tring to reasure her " Now what was all that about what made you sick all of a sudden /".

As the pair heads back into the club, Claudine dishevels her hair a little and pulls and tugs at her blouse, giving her that she just got all hot and heavy with the beau look. There needs to be an explanation for why they were gone, right? She looks around and spies Sakura and continues to lead Granger on over.

"Sorry bout ditching you..Heather's okay though..and well after..we kinda sorta..well you know.." she says with a wink while waggling her brows with an impish little giggle.

"So..I'm thirsty..what's your poison, Sakura? My treat!" she chirps brightly while sitting down and crossing her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable as she looks around the club for a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Shit. There's so many of them.

Lissa just shakes her head at Angel, briefly. "Long story. I will be just fine, I'm sure. It's just been a Very Strange Week. I think I'm allergic to New York City or something."

Sakura breathes out a little sigh, lounging in her chair. She's approached by a couple of guys who try and get her to dance with them, but the young Japanese girl shakes her head, even going so far as to deny them in Japanese as if she didn't speak English. She blinks a little bit as, all of a sudden, Claudine's…right beside her, "Oh…I, umm, I don't drink…" She blushes at the notion that Claudine's trying to get across, clearly understanding whether she wants to or not.

Orion is missing his jacket and there's gank from sitting on the pavement on his jeans. Guys can look disheveled a lot easier than women can, can't they? The tall man looks at Claudine and then at Sakura, a mildly mortified expression crossing his face as he reads into the implication.

"… Don't order whatever she had before I found you guys. I don't think I can handle it."

Angel Nods and shrugs " I got time " She looks and sighs " I got no friends so trust me I got time " her voice is a half joke hard to say if she means it or not. She blinks a few times when she hears the Japanese and looks over towards the sound but can't quite pin point it so she looks back to lissa.

"Well..it doesnt have to be alcoholic. It can just be a coke or a sprite or a ginger ale. Heck..even water.." Claudine offers as she looks over to Orion and lets out an impish giggle. She leans back and crosses her legs while motioning for him to take the seat next to her..being very scandalous about it as well. Ya know, to keep up appearances.

As the speakers crank up some Crystal Method, Randall gives up on making any more headway toward the dance floor himself. Instead, he diverts to the bar, picking up an orange-juice-and-something, then wanders over in the general direction of a familiar face or three. It's less crowded that way, at least.

Sakura shrugs, thinking, "Umm…just a sprite then, I guess…" She's still fairly relaxed, lounged back in her chair and even yawning a little bit. She stops and glances back at Claudine and Orion before shaking her head, looking a little embarassed all of a sudden.

Granger pulls out and twists a seat around, setting himself down on it with a quiet grunt. He smiles cheerily at Sakura and Claudine, waiting expectantly for someone to tell him to go get them drinks. It's great to have a guy that's over-age as your 'boyfriend' isn't it?

Claudine leans in, almost pressing her lips against his ear as she whispers a few things, making it look all so sexy. Yeah, she's milking this as much as she can before she pats him gently on the leg. "Orion's such a sweetheart isnt he?" she says with a bright smile. After that's said, she glances around the club once more..damnit. Still too many blonde haired blue eyed women. Does she have to rock smashie everyone in here? Gah.

Orion senses: Claudine whispers, "You going to do to her sprite what I think you're going to do? and..well, I'll have whatever you're having."

Sakura giggles softly, shrugging her shoulders lightly. The girl's…the wrong person to ask, frankly, and she just allows herself a little smile. As she takes a minute to realize what she looks like, she probably doesn't look totally innocent herself…hair matted to her face, looking totally exhausted, and slouched in her chair. Shrugging a little, the girl just grins and goes back to watching the crowd.

Orion arches an eyebrow at Claudine for a moment or two before shaking his head. He smiles all the while though. It's like he took lessons from Noah Bennet on how to look all happy and not reveal what he's actually thinking while replying to something covert.

A moment or two after his leg gets patted, Granger stands up and smiles to Sakura before making his way over to the bar.

Randall leans over the edge of a railing, setting his drink down and glancing over at Orion and Claudine as they share a moment. Leaving them to it, he peers downward, spotting Sakura instead and waving to her. "We seem to run into each other in the strangest places, don't we?" he offers.

"Oh and Sean was tired, so he had to go home. I got his number though..so we should all totally go out again. Cept you know..make sure Heather doesnt have any incidents.." Claudine says with a bit of embarassment in her tone. "So..hope you've been having fun, and we should totally exchange numbers.." she says while taking out her blackberry waiting for Sakura to give her number.

It's then that Randall arrives and starts talking to Sakura. Giggling impishly, Claudine eases on up and rushes on over to Orion to whisper a few things to him once more, before motioning to the two left at the table..maybe she thinks they got all hot and heavy too?

Orion senses: Claudine whispers with a bit more concern, "Dont slip her the roofie colada yet..there's someone there and if she just passes out, that would look..bad. Unless we can distract that guy somehow?"

Lissa blinks at Angel at the bald admission of friendlessness. "Oh," she states. "I'm sorry." That's about all she can really do, being somewhat on the not-so-socially-adept side herself.

Orion turns to look at Claudine. He looks almost like he got caught with his hand stuck in the cookie jar because of the mouse trap someone laid in it in place of the cookies.

"I hadn't planned on doing that, honey. It's really quite alright," he insists, smiling and arching his eyebrows a little. When the bartender returns he orders a second Sprite.

Sakura blinks as she looks up to see Randall standing in front of her, offering a little smile to the man, "Ah, konnichiwa." The girl's voice is a bit quieter than normal, possibly drowned by the club at this point. Maybe she's just a bit too comfy…

Angel Yep just great she's sitting their alone yet talking to somebody. She stares at her drink just stares feeling sorry for her self just down right sorry, when fate has a way of making up her mind for her. As angel sits in the booth talking to lissa it suddenly starts to groan and creek as if under a lot of stress , this of course makes angel's eye's go wide " Oh shit not again! " is all she can get out before the booth crumples as she falls heavily to the floor . The impact of her body isn't a Human body thud either more like 800 pound gorilla impact.

"Okay..sweetie..as long as you say so.." Claudine says confidently before she steals a quick kiss on his lips once more. She's definitely milking it, but hey. She's having fun with this.

It's then that Angel destroys her chair and Claudine's brows raise, definitely finding that strange. She gives the woman a strange look, especially with the loud thud. "Damn..she didnt look like a fatass.."'

Angel Yep just great she's sitting their alone yet talking to somebody. She stares at her drink just stares feeling sorry for her self just down right sorry, when fate has a way of making up her mind for her. As angel sits in the booth talking to lissa it suddenly starts to groan and creek as if under a lot of stress , this of course makes angel's eye's go wide " Oh shit not again! " is all she can get out before the booth crumples as she falls heavily to the floor . The impact of her body isn't a Human body thud either more like 800 pound gorilla impact.

Lissa startles out of her seat as Something happens around Angel. Like a needle to the rear, she springs up and turns around to watch, wide-eyed. "Enough with the weird!" she exclaims indignantly, starting to pout despite herself. "I'm tired of the Very Confusing Day!" And even as her skin prickles and buzzes like a whole beehive's gone nuts around her, she backs away. Even she has her limits.

Randall returns Sakura's smile in kind, starting to say something back to her, but instead he jumps in surprise at the loud noise. It takes him a couple seconds to spot the ex-chair and its ex-occupant; he rubs his eyes, then picks up his glass and deliberately drains it at one go. Well, that's one way to cope with the strange and unexpected, sure.

Presumably, Orion will be fine so long as this sticks to 'honey' and 'sweetie' as pet names. He smiles to Claudine and starts to say something, but finds himself cut off by a kiss on the lips. Again. This once more proves it is great that he does not have super strength, because from the way his hands are going milky white at the knuckles, he would probably smashed the glasses into atoms in his hands if he could have.

"… No. No she did not…"

Sakura blinks as she looks over at the rather loud thud, just sorta…staring in that direction for a bit. Odd, she thinks, but she doesn't speculate. For all she knows, the chair was faulty. For all she knows, the table collapsed and made the thud. Who knows?

Awww. Orion's getting mad, and so she decides maybe it wouldnt be a good idea to push his buttons further. But hey..getting free smoochies. That works for her. With that done, Claudine wrinkles her nose a little and motions back to the table they were previously at.

"I think Sakura and her friend are waiting for us, sweetie.." she says before starting to usher him back to the table.

Orion is left at the bar with four glasses of soda as Claudine is already making her way over to the table. Granger frowns slightly and reaches back for the drinks, carefully trying to grab all four at once. This works reasonably well…

Until he starts walking. His glass of Coke starts spilling all over his orange shirt. "I hate clubs."

Sakura smiles a little bit…until she realizes Orion's covered in coke. She can't help but giggle, mentioning, "You could've…asked for help." She offers a little smile, her mind removed from the loud bang across the club.

Randall blinks a few times, looking from one person to another and back again. "I don't know," he says to Sakura, "it looked more like an issue of crowding than balance. Might be at a bad angle, though." Claudine's implication of further couplehood appears to have gone right over his head.

Lissa drifts away from Angel, losing herself somewhere in the crowd in an attempt to achieve normalcy, and avoid being linked to such an oddball occurence. Really, she likes things to be quiet.

Seeing that he spilled some of the drink, Claudine sighs and grabs a few napkins, offering to take two of the drinks. "You really should be more careful, hun.." she tells him as she sets down her drink along with Sakura's before smiling warmly towards Randall.

"So who's your friend, Sakura?" she asks curiously, definitely wanting to know the name as well just in case he has powers as well, considering everyone and their mom seems to have powers now a day.

Once Orion's settled down, she'll lean over and wipe off the Coke off his chest, while minimizing the stain, just like a dutiful 'girlfriend' should.

Orion smiles to Sakura and shakes his head as he sits down on his turned around chair again. He's totally a child of the 80's and early 90's, what can he say? The tall man pulls a few napkins from the table and starts trying to dry his shirt off while he responds to Sakura.

"Nah. I can't ask for help, the rest of the Men would revoke my Man Card and sentence me to breaking up with Claudine here, followed by twenty psychos."

And then he finds his handfuls of napkins bumping into Claudine's handful of napkins. Orion promptly quasi-blushes.

Sakura giggles a little, breathing out a little sigh and shaking her head at the 'man card' comment. She'll never understand it. She looks up at Randall with a little grin, introducing, "Randall; Claudine, Orion. Orion, Claudine; Randall." She smiles a little bit, unable to hide the little giggle that comes as both Claudine and Orion try to clean the stain…and the blush that follows on Orion's face.

Randall glances down at Sakura again, exchanging a knowing glance - there's a developing friendship there, it seems, if nothing else - then back up at Orion and Claudine, extending a hand to complete the intros. "Nice to meet you both. Good night to be here, lot of sympathetic threads running through it." What?

Awww. They shared a moment! Sort of! Maybe? Who knows. Upon seeing Orion's blush, Claudine's cheeks flush a similar tinge as she just pats the rest of the spilled coke off his shirt.

"You really should be more careful.." she says chastizing him as she sighs and grabs her own sprite to dab some of it onto a clean napkin. It's pretty much like clubsoda afterall.

She continues patting down his chest, not trying to cop a feel, but actually remove a stain and it succeeds. Home economics skills like woah here peoples! Once she's satisfied with that, she looks over to Randall and extends her hand, "Pleasure to meet you Randall.."

In order to avoid further blushing and possible degradation to sputtering uselessly, Orion jerks his hand out to meet Randall's. He shakes it firmly, perhaps a little too firmly, but he is in the middle of a moment with his pretend girlfriend, give him a little slack.

"Nice to meet you, Randall. How'd you and Sakura meet?"

Sakura smiles and shrugs a little bit, answering the question simply: "The same way I met Claudine…the funny named sandwich shop." She smiles a little bit, possibly misinterpreting Orion's question's meaning…but in the mean time, she just smiles over at Claudine and Orion, kinda rokcing back and forth in her chair idly.

Randall returns the handshakes, then nods, his attention wandering around from time to time as he chimes back in. "Yeah, about a week ago, I think? Busy hour, lack of open tables, you know how it goes." He straightens up at this point, nudging his empty glass out of the way.

Orion nods to Sakura and Randall, smiling cheerily still.

"Of course. Of course. That's kind of like how we met, isn't it, Claudine? Busy gym hour, lack of lockers on campus. Struck up a conversation, that sort of thing."

He promptly realizes that he's still holding two drinks and sets them down on the table, sliding them into their proper positions for their intended drinkers.

"I'm sorry. I forgot I was holding those!"

Angel Sputters and stands up quickly her face red blinking several times before she looks down " Talk about structurally unsound booths " She brushes off the servers who ask if she's okay looking to lissa " Sorry ' . Angel moves quickly trying to get outside her face red with shame.

Now that is just adorable. Claudine giggles impishly as she watches Orion actually forget that he was still holding their drinks. Maybe it was a real moment? Wouldnt that be a surprise!

A warm smile forms on her lips as she gently pats his leg while looking back towards Randall and Sakura. "Of course, sweetie!" she chirps before leaning towards the other pair. "He was totally checking me out..and it was love at first sight.." she says, knowing that she'll get smacked for that later.

Sakura giggles a little bit, smiling at the brief story they're told. She's confused WHY exactly the story's told…but hey, more power to 'em if they wanna share. For her part, Sakura seems…re-energized, appearing that the lounging has done its job. She smiles, though, and grabs her sprite, taking a sip of it and sitting up straighter.

Having had his fill of standing around (and politely ignoring Angel's embarrassed exit stage left), Randall walks around and over to a nearby empty chair, settling down carefully. "Well, congratulations to you both, then. Obviously some chemistry."

Note to self:
Stop babbling like an idiot.
Sincerely yours,
Orion N. Granger

Granger smiles cheerfully enough in spite of his cunning witticisms inside of his head. He focuses, instead, on keeping his eyes on the subjects. Sadly that is what he considers Sakura and Randall at the moment. He is paying special attention, however peripheral it may be, to Randall who he has yet to identify "properly".

Chemistry indeed. If it means that Orion's going to pummel her after this for going along with the charade. Or maybe they'll make out? Who knows?

Claudine chuckles as her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red once more as she nods and takes a deep breath. "So..Randall, what do you do?" she asks curiously, meaning that in more way than one.

Lissa finally, after a while, exits the safety of the womens' restroom, where she went to seek solitude and sanity. Don't ask. It seemed like a good thing to do at the time. She drifts through the club, with no real destination.

Angel Gets outside and leans against the wall of the club " Stupid stupid STUPID " She bangs her head against the wall a few times " Here you are with a I.Q over 190 and You let yourself slip and look what happens to you " . Tears well up in her face "Damn it angel you came here to change yourself not do the same stupid stuff you did before ". Angel continues to verbally berate herself in her insane way to calm herself down.

Sakura, not addressed herself yet, just sorta sips on her sprite, looking around the club curiously. Her ear's still pointed to the conversation, but for the most part, Sakura's attention is…elsewhere.
"Oh, odd jobs to pay the bills," replies Randall, glancing in passing at Lissa as she wanders back into view. "Lately I've been a warm body at a clothing store over on Madison. I'm doing some independent research in my spare time, but it's kind of slow going."

Orion tilts his head curiously at Randall's mention of independent research. He smiles enigmatically as he studies the other man for a moment or two.

"What sort of independent research? I majored in biology, maybe I could help you out a little?"

Lissa finds her path, strange and meandering as it is, taking her near Claudine. She spots, and peers, spotting that vaguely familiar face and said vaguely familiar face's friends. Her brow furrows. But then she decides that maybe, just maybe, she shouldn't bother anyone more. That way lies madness.

This research intrigues her as well, but considering Orion's got it taken care of, she looks over to sakura instead, the real focus of the night. "Hey..it's late..and I have classes tomorrow. You wanna head on home?" she asks curiously, so of course she can find out where the girl lives. Bwahahaha.

Her attention then goes to her 'beau' with a warm smile, "I think I'm calling it a night. Call me when you get home, kay babe?" she says before stealing a quick peck on the cheek this time. She yawns and stretches her arms into the air, looking rather tired now.

Angel Comes back inside looking about seems like normal nobody notices her so she moves trough the crowd popping out in the opening that seems to be around Orion and the group looking about she flags down a waitress and orders a rum and coke.

There's a little shrug from Sakura, admitting, "I'm…not in school, but if you want someone to go with you, I can." She smiles lightly, grabbing her jacket from underneath her and pulling it back on.

Randall nods to Orion. "Something like that. Paranormal events - closer to magic than science, but there's some science tied in with it, biology particularly." He looks sheepish as he explains this: yes, he's a nutter, go ahead and say it.

Granger opens his mouth to say something. He pauses and closes his mouth before anything more than an 'I' gets out; he starts considering his words thoughtfully, studying Randall for a few moments more. He seems to pause, turning to kiss Claudine on the cheek right back and smiles.

"Of course I will, hon. You and Sakura take care now, huh?"

Orion looks back to Randall and smiles warmly, steepling his fingers a bit. The tall man seems almost to be dancing around the issue for several moments before he finally answers.

"Paranormal studies was a pretty interesting course. I took it a couple of semesters ago. Hard science is great and all, but sometimes stuff happens that you can't really explain through it. At least, that you can't believeably explain. You mind if I ask what sort of event got you started on it?"

A warm smile forms on her lips as he actually kissed her back. That was an unexpected surprise! Or maybe she's just so tired she's imagining it all. Who knows. "Of course we will, baby..and g'night Randall, nice meeting you!" she says winking in the end.

As Sakura eases on up, Claudine beams brightly and hooks her arm with the other girl's. "So shall we then? You can totally be my bodyguard..I've seen you fight.." she comments before starting to head out the door..

Sakura giggles a little bit as she gets to her feet, blinking as her arm's hooked by Claudine. Shrugging a little bit, she 'leads' the other girl out of the club, pausing to offer a little bow to Orion and Randall before she and Claudine exit.

Randall scratches idly at the back of his neck as he replies to Orion. "Early high school— I found a group of people who thought along similar lines, and we kind of clicked. For a while, anyhow… they were more a pure school of thought about it, I was more interested in trying to scratch the surface. Like I said, slow going, but I've got the time to put into it."

Granger nods a bit to Randall, still smiling cheerfully. "I gotcha. So it's not like you got into it because of that whole X-Files fad or anything. That's cool. Well, if you ever need some help with your research, feel free to give me a ring, yeah?"

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