Candy Cain (Dark Future)
Candy Cain
Portrayed By Elizabeth Hurley
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 12, 1965
Age 43
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Mom; Miss Cain; Wonder Woman
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation The Boondock Saints' Den Mother; Queen of Candywasteland
Known Relatives Jaden Walters (son; disowned), Charles Walters (brother; deceased)
Significant Other Desmond Cusick (to her, anyway!)
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance Too Old Too Soon

Former starlette, former film producer, Candy now spends her time in Candywasteland Studios. Sometimes, she makes cookies.


The war was not something Candy could ever factor in to her life plans. It totaled her beloved Candyland Studios, decimating it completely - save for the below basement levels, which to this day remain almost untouched. But that wasn't the biggest hurt.

These days, Candy acts more motherly than she ever did when she was actually raising a child. She cares very much for the group her son formed known as the Boondock Saints, always ready with a cookie, a bandage, or a hug. She helps them on their missions when she can, and has worked to become a fitter and buffer Candy Cain than she ever was when she was an action heroine.

She oversees her now abandoned studio building, known almost affectionately as Candywasteland. What's left of it is filled with elaborate movie sets with special effects still in place, and storage areas that can come in very handy during desperate times. Much like Candy herself, this place acts as a decent resource for the Saints, even if it's not always entirely needed.


July, 2009

  • 29th - Too Old Too Soon. Jack detours to Candywasteland to pick up some firepower, and he and Candy have a brief heart to heart.
  • 31st - SKJDFHKJSHDKJ. Important mission is important. :|

August, 2009



  • Prime: Son. A pale imitation of whom he used to be, which makes Candy cling to him all the harder. He's gotten broodier, seriouser, and scattereder, and she can't help but worry about him every day, even within the context of violent Sainthood. He is still her best friend, but she recognises him more as her only child ever since he was seriously hurt during the war. She still calls him Jaden.
  • Desmond Cusick: Companion. Candy was amongst the Saints when they busted out a whole group of detainees - and among them was Desmond, a former friend-with-benefits who needed a helping hand in times like these. For lack of a better term, Candy took him in to live and hide with her in Candywasteland. She is much less the shallow, flighty woman that Desmond used to associate with, and she'd never admit how much she needs him for fear of freaking him out. But she's happy to keep things light and casual. Just like the good ol' days.


  • Jack Derex: Fearless leader. Candy has an almost sibling-like bond with the war-roughened Irishman, possibly due to the fact that both feel in a way parental towards the Saints. She provides him with emotional support of an equal, putting all her faith in him to do right by the ragtag group of people she shepherds in her own way.
  • Elena Gomez: A girl whom Candy feels had to grow up too fast. She is recognised as Prime's best friend, which makes Candy feel more for her by proxy.
  • Katrina Kah: Trina is one of those capable young people that Candy will still give a cookie and a hug to, but doubts she needs. They seem to get along just fine, and Trina also comes with that very handy talent of hers of fixing cars! Often does Princess need a little fixing now and then.
  • Gene Kensington: The odd, scarily smart one. Candy isn't sure she can hold an entire conversation with this youth without feeling somewhat stupid or uneducated, but she has an immense respect for… whatever it is that Gene does. Which is a lot. She does wish he'd cheer up on occasion, too.
  • Alyssa McAlister: Candy respects the hell out of this one for not desiring to pick up a weapon. Candy herself learned how, but she was always a bit of an action fan anyway. But the fact that this girl chooses to use her head (and her voice) in times like these is a wonderful thing. Candy calls her Alyssa.
  • Eric Walker: Generous and elusive, Candy doesn't know Eric too well, but she knows he's a big part of what makes the Saints work as a group. Candy's tried to make it clear that the resourceful young man can always come to her as a friend, but has never really pushed it.


  • Peter Petrelli: Circa 2007. Not the mean one. Candy was startled not only by the fact that he came from the past, but how different he is from the Peter Petrelli she knows (the mean one). He is, in her eyes, a puppy, and will totally save them all. He gets extra cookies.
  • Emery Rowe: The half-crazed Irishman who drinks a lot. He lost his daughter a while ago which did wonders for his psyche, and Candy can't help but feel sorry for him. Otherwise, he's good company, and shapes her eyebrows when she's feeling down.


  • "Times like these, everyone's got to grow up all've a sudden." (Too Old Too Soon)
  • Jack: "Question. What's a milkshake?" Candy: "Something that brings all the boys to the yard?" Jack: "Oh. OH! Damn right." (SKJDFHKJSHDKJ)
  • "You're all I've ever had. Even when we had everything." (Mom)


  • Candy's status as an Evolved or as a human is a contested matter. Ask a Saint, and they'll tell you she's the former, so you just may as well go with that.
  • We now return to your regularly scheduled Candy Cain.
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