Claudine Salonga - Dark Future Style
Claudine Salonga
Portrayed By Claudine Barretto
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 4, 1989
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Dine
Place of Birth San Nicholas, Philippines
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Ex-Company Agent, Freelancer with the LITERAL Underground Railroad
Known Relatives Mariano and Carmela Salonga (parents, human, deceased) Marilou Salonga (sister, aerokinetic, deceased), Luis Salonga (eldest brother, hydrokinetic, in service of Petrelli regime), 5 older brothers (deceased)
Significant Other Orion Granger
Known Abilities Terrakinesis/Geokinesis
First Appearance Lions, Meerkats, and Underground Railroad?

What once was a young, naive and idealistic Company agent is now a battle hardened, cynical young woman. Starting off with humble beginnings as the seventh child of farmers, Claudine got accepted on a prestigious Primatech scholarship to Columbia University immediately after graduating high school. Upon discovering her abilities, she became a loyal Company agent, but had to follow her conscience the instance Sylar, the man who had murdered her sister, was brought into the fold. Now she runs the underground railroad, a series of tunnels she created to keep humans safe while fighting the government.



  • Lions, Meerkats and Underground Railroad - Speaks with Jane and McAlister about trying to get the message of the Underground through the airwaves as a means for saving countless numbers of human lives.
  • Blue Lights, Big City - In an effort to try to get the others to trust her, Claudine fights off George, Felix and some HS agents, freeing some detained humans and gets caught in the process. Fights George and Felix, freeing some detained humans, but gets caught in the process.
  • Interrogation and Posturing - Once caught, Claudine uncharacteristically emulates the element at her command by being stony with her resolve and then later burns with the passions of a volcano, angry at Felix and George. Fortunately for her, her knight in shining armor, Orion rushes in to save her.
  • Reunion at the Orphanage - Runs into Brooks and Eric in the underground and she says she doesnt know anything about the Lancaster homicide. Finds out current plans within the Company and decides to train Marcus a bit.
  • Another Delivery - Rafe stumbles upon one of the hideouts within the tunnels. Feeling sorry for the kid, she and Orion take him to Kitty's Orphanage to be someplace safer. Later they have The Talk about some interesting things.
  • Underground Recon - Peter gives her a sooper seekrit mishun. It is discussed with Orion, and taking some initiative, they try to route out who the traitor is by talking to the double agent, Felix all while Planning and Snuggling.
  • Christmas in July - Claudine, having gone through an old toys r us and babies r us brings crates of chocolates, toys and clothes to Kitty's orphanage.
  • Nothing Here But Us Chickens - Practicing her powers a bit in redecorating their home, Claudine and Orion have some downtime to just make up for all the lost time they had fighting against the odds it seems. Later on, she's inspired to expand her training that he taught her before, going from raising plateaus, to as Orion says it Mothereffing Mountains!!!!
  • A Devil's Bargain - Found by Mr. Donovan, Claudine is given a phone to try to contact him should she find out about the one who can control insects. Later on, she contacts him to give an information about the murder of a cryokinetic evolved and as a good agent of the government, he rounds up The Usual Suspects
  • Train Job: Earthbending - Picked up by Peter, Claudine and Orion head to another part of the tracks where there is no train traveling as to make sure there are no accidents. She gets all earth-goddessy until a rocketblast knocks her out of her trance and she loses control. Badness ensues..but they all survive. No one is killed. YAY!


  • "Follow me if you want to live.." - yes, she just wanted to say that, but without the Austrian accent
  • "I huff and I puff and I blow your house down!" - Claudine to Cyprus


Important People

  • Orion Granger - Her recruiter. Her mentor. Her confidante. The love of her life. All these things and more, their relationship started off with a simple missions and assignments and over the years they have grown quite fond of each other. She's shown her jealous streak in the past, but now, she is confident in their relationship and there's nothing she wouldnt do for this man.
  • Kitty Hanner - The younger cousin of Marcus Brooks, Kitty and Claudine met two years ago. Their friendship has blossomed and now she's her BFF. If Claudine and Orion were ever to get married, she'd definitely be the maid of honor for sure. For now, she's a vital part of the Underground Railroad, and is often brought toys and sweets for the kittens of the orphanage.
  • Marcus Brooks - Even though he was a simple company dupe before, Marcus has grown in the past two years to become a full agent. Even though Claudine is no longer affiliated with the Company, they still have mutual respect for each other, and now she's teaching him the tricks she has learned over the years so he can help humanity from an oppressive apartheid.
  • Ianto Pryce - Also kidnapped and mindwiped the same day she was taken into the Company, Claudine became friends with him quickly. Discovering his knack for superspeed, she's brought him into the underground as one it's runners..cause well, that's what he does.
  • Rafael Ayala - The young boy has struck her heartstrings. Stumbling upon one of her resting chambers in the underground, Claudine's maternal instincts have been brought out and she has brought him to the orphanage to keep him safe. She often visits just to check up on him and just wants to see him happy. A sort of adopted little brother due to the loss of her own blood younger sister, Marilou.

People Whose Existence Doesnt Bother Her

  • Peter Petrelli - Leader of the alliance and occasional bossman. He goes to her for missions that require someone to rock people's world. She happily obliges.
  • Felix Ivanov - She feels bad for the FBI investigator. He took a pounding so she could be freed rather easily, and so, she's kinda taken a liking to him. He seems pleasant enough.
  • Jane Forrest - Once, she loved teasing the older woman. Now, there's a mutual respect between the two as she's her primary contact with the Zoo.
  • Vasili Babenkov - Another former Company agent sippin on some major hatorade, Claudine finds him annoying. Still, they have similar goals and thus she'd try to contact him should his skills in mayhem, killing and massive destruction be needed.
  • Giselle Muldoon - Her human partner in the Company for like two weeks, they dont get along exactly. Claudine was considered too bubbly, perky and young to be an agent, but oh well.
  • Cyprus Donovan - Aide to Nathan Petrelli. He told her about those who were killed by insect stings, and still being quite compassionate to innocents getting hurt, she agrees to try to find who did it. They've been dealing with each other a lot recently, having been exchanging information and missions and such. She respects him that's always good.
  • Nathan Petrelli - Keeps the nation together. Moved from wouldnt mind seeing dead, to his existence is necessary for order.

People She Wouldnt Mind Seeing Dead

  • Rianna Rockford-Johanssen - Once trying to recruit her, Claudine has nothing but emnity for the telepath.


  • Her powers have expanded..considerably. She's more elemental than human now in some respects, and her moods can often reflect on her surroundings. Her ability to harden a material with diamonds are forever also allows her to do the opposite, making liquid molten magma as well. She can also sense vibrations in the ground, giving her some ability to 'see' things that might be hidden.
  • She's become a huge b*tch. She's snarky, quippy and cocky. No longer is she typically perky and bubbly around others. However, when around Orion, she goes back into bubbly, giggly girl mode for some reason…
  • Inspired by the Civil War and the Underground Railroad, she follows the spirit of Harriet Tubman, though taking a bit her story literally. She's built an underground series of networks, tunnels and caves along with various safehouse connections to serve as an underground railroad to bring humans to freedom away from evolved oppression.
  • Her favorite food is still Choco Pies from Orion Confectionaries. They're a lot harder to come by in the Dark Future though. That's probably why she's become b*tchy.
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