Daphne (Dark Future)
Daphne Thorpe
Portrayed By Caroline Dhavernas
Gender Female
Date of Birth 20 November 1982
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Daph, Animal Planet
Place of Birth Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Owner, Bronx Zoo
Known Relatives Mom. Dad. (Both missing.)
Significant Other Rudyard Thorpe (Husband)
Known Abilities Animal Telepathy
First Appearance Lions, Meerkats, and Underground Railroad?

The Dark Future

Daphne was just a zookeeper when the war began. When it ended, she was one of the only people left trying to take care of the animals. By the time the new government was starting to detain people, the zoo had become a fortress, surrounded by razor wire and electric fencing, patrolled by animal guards of all kinds. It's still one of the true safe-havens in New York, and while it's not impervious to attack, so far, Daphne's been lucky - as have the approximately fifty people who call the zoo home.

At some point, she found a kindred spirit in an unlikely location. Rudyard Thorpe, who she didn't like much at ALL in the past, became a confidant and a friend. While their wedding ceremony wasn't exactly flashy, it did happen, and Daphne cares for him a great deal. Rarely will she show outright affection, but she's there for him, and he for her.

Currently, she's in control of roughly three thousand animals. She's not sure this is going to last forever, but she's not sending them out to attack people, the animals aren't terrorists— All she really wants to do is keep her home safe. Keep the refugees safe. She works with other resistance groups, but as a force in this battle, she's rather passive.

Dark Future Timeline


  • Laurel Halifax (STATUS: KILLED IN ACTION) :: Once Daphne's best friend, they had an argument shortly before the war regarding Laurel's spinelessness, which unfortunately led Laurel to join Nathan's side. A showdown between her and Laurel ended in the other woman's death, and Daphne will never forgive herself for that.
  • Jane Forrest (STATUS: FRIEND) :: Someone Daphne's known for a very long time, and trusts as much as she can.
  • Rudyard Thorpe (STATUS: FRIEND) Somehow these two managed to work out their differences enough to the point where they were comfortable taking vows. Daphne doesn't allow bees in the house, and Rudy won't let the meerkats share the bed at night.
  • Elena Gomez (STATUS: ALLY) Second in command of the Saints, Elena has been both a friend and an ally in this battle, providing supplies in exchange for shelter.



  • She's beyond just speaking with animals; now she can actually control them. She doesn't like to do it, but it's a handy trick for keeping people safe.
  • Though not a member of the Saints, she allows them to operate out of the Zoo with the stipulation that they pull their share of the weight when it comes to chores.
  • Daphne has a fondness for her mob of meerkats. She's named them all after people she knows or knew.
  • Somehow, Daphne and Rudyard managed to conceive a baby. Yeah, they have NO IDEA what the hell they're doing. OOPS. Luckily, they still have a few months to figure that out.
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