Dextris (Dark Future)
Dextris Neal
Portrayed By Keira Knightley
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 15, 1984
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Drea, Dex, Andrea
Place of Birth Quebec, Canada
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Freedom Fighter,
Known Relatives Kendra Wash (Mother, whereabouts unknown), Jenna Wash (Step Mother, whereabouts unknown)
Significant Other Brad
Known Abilities Telekinesis
First Appearance

Crazy, action junkie that wields guns and knives? Dex is totally sane.. yeah.


Andrea Dextris Neal or Dextris as she is now called is a fighter. For Peter Petrelli to be exact. After the kidnapping of her parents, Dex hasn’t really been a happy camper. She has been on a desperate and ruthless hunt for them every since. She joined Peter not long after the war started and she fought back against the Empire, and boy did she fight hard. The end result was a woman warrior that loves the fight and hurting of the enemy a little, /too/ much. Also dating a human, Brad. Dextris is even more protective of him because we can’t have her boyfriend in a detainment camp now can we? She spends most of her time out on assignments, causing mayhem and well, hurting people for the greater good. She hasn’t gotten close at all to finding her parents. This seriously irks her and she is beginning to give up hope that she will ever find them. If she doesn’t? The Empire will have an even bigger problem to deal with. And please be careful when you arm her with a grenade.


  • Notable IC events.


  • "Next one"


  • Has a vast assortment of knives, guns and grenades. She hides them well on her person. She hides them /everywhere/.
  • She has a pet name for her favorite dagger: Lips (You might not want to know why she calls it that)
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