Elena Gomez (Dark Future)
Elena Gomez
Portrayed By Jessica Alba
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 28, 1988
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases 'Lena, Scrappy, Dark Angel, Rose Payne, Joan of Arcadia
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation "Terrorist," 2nd-in-command of the Boondock Saints
Known Relatives Catalina Gomez (mother; deceased), Ramon Gomez (father), Manuel Gomez (brother), Luis Gomez (brother, deceased), Juanita Gomez (sister, deceased), Desiree Gomez (stepmother; missing/dead?), Portia Maddox (step-sister), Parker Maddox (step-brother)
Significant Other God, The Saints, Jaden "Prime" Waters (platonic, heterosexual life partner), Eric Walker (???), Peter Petrelli (???)
Known Abilities Biochemical Control
First Appearance Dark Angel To Candyman

In the dark future, Elena Gomez is the heart and soul of the infamous terrorist group, The Boondock Saints.


When my mother told me that one day, I would lose my heart, I didn't think she meant this — standing over the graves of my little brother and sister.

I visit these three gravestones every night so I wouldn't forget.

An alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Elena returned to New York City to help evacuate her family. Two of her siblings, Juanita and Luis, died in the attempt. The destruction of the Den of Iniquity, Jaden Cain/Waters's near death, and the attempt on Jack Derex's life were the straws that broke the camel's back. Using her formidable smarts, her mastery of her gifts, and her unfaltering courage and charisma, Elena helped found the Boondock Saints with the former two to combat President Nathan Petrelli's fascist regime.

It was fitting, really, considering her grandmother, Maria Esperanza Gomez, was a revolutionary back in the day.


Given her unique understanding as to how an Evolved's powers work, Elena has achieved mastery over both the power level and her control over her abilities. Her range of effect has increased to 20 feet. Additionally, she has learned to effectively augment her physical stats and performance with her Boost ability, and has developed a way to home in on individual bodies using her Ping ability - a sort of neurotransmitter radar.

While considered one of the Saints' weaker combatants, Elena more than compensates when her training is paired with Boost. A product of the mysterious Project Advent, she has long since learned that her powers were meant to turn her into a highly efficient soldier of fortune if she had been serious about the physical training while younger. Now, she takes such training seriously, and tends to cut down opponents with her signature deadly grace and efficiency.




  • "Get out. You can't be here! These…they're all I have left! Everyone you drag into a hot zone -dies- and I'm sure as hell NOT allowing my family to be next in line to your bloody goddamned draft so you can just fuck off! Don't curse me more than you've already have!" - Elena to Peter Petrelli circa 2007 (The Albatross)
  • "We're simple folk. We put ourselves first, the Cause second. As for the rest of you….well. To put it bluntly, you're in our way." - Elena to Homeland Security Agent George Dawson, when asked where she thought the Saints and Homeland Security fell on the scales. (Boom Town)
  • "I do what I do so I could try and make sure the rest of you are able to carve out some semblance of happiness out here. If one of my Saints should die, I want them to see something happy and recent before their candle snuffs. I heard that your entire life flashes before your eyes before you die, having something that makes you happy until the day you do so would ensure you go with a smile than tears over the things you wish you could do over." - Elena to McAlister. (Firestorms)


  • Elena of the Dark Future has taken to using fake tattoos or inscribing them upon her skin with special, black ink. These tattoos or inscriptions are usually something termed "angelic script," usually the name of an archangel or a saint. This is her modern twist on "war paint," donning these symbols before every Saints operation so she can draw strength from her faith.
  • While she has killed before, Elena is still a practicing Catholic.
  • Elena visits her mother, brother, and sister's graves at the local cemetery every evening, though the times vary. If she wants to be alone to think, she holes up in the graveyard's ruined chapel.


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