George Dawson (Dark Future)
George Dawson
Portrayed By Matt Damon
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 1, 1973
Age 36
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases None
Place of Birth Waco, TX, USA
Current Location Washington, DC, USA
Occupation Aide to President Petrelli, Homeland Security supervisor
Known Relatives Michael (father), Julie (mother), Michelle (sister)
Significant Other Aileen Kincade @!#?@!
Known Abilities Tychokinesis
First Appearance Imagine Today (IC order) / Blue Lights Big City (OOC order)

Under normal circumstances, this would be considered hitting the jackpot.


Of necessity, George Dawson took a roundabout path to his field of interest: killing time in his dead end of a home town, then entering the business world as an excuse to hone his people skills. Finally, he moved to New York and hired on with the Petrelli comeback campaign, and the wait was worth it; as his boss's star rose, so did his - if only in the eyes of certain knowledgeable insiders.

These days, he doesn't worry about career advancement; he doesn't have time, there's too much already on his plate. He coordinates governmental actions in plain view of the public, while secretly counteracting those who would prefer to move faster and blunter, and establishing a few unofficial contacts. All to repair the Empire from the inside. Someone has to.





  • "Find the eye of the storm!"
  • "…knock it off with making the earth move, would you?"
  • "The point of the Second Amendment is that a broken government should be overthrown…"
  • "…neither of us is merely surviving."
  • "If both sides are thinking along the same lines…"
  • "I promise I'll pick you up a couple of new toys while I'm out."
  • "Wow, where'd you get the—?"
  • "Do you remember your ability? I mean besides looking good on camera?"
  • "You need to know what the world's like before you go back out into it."
  • "I hate to think we're undoing Lincoln's work— but maybe this way the reconstruction won't take another whole century."
  • "I can think of at least one other way out…"
  • "I'm sure you'll have the same smile on your face when you get back to me on that."
  • "Gray won't rest until he's torn everything down… he can't rest, not any more. At this point, it's a blitzkrieg or nothing."
  • "As for you, how about a first step?"
  • "But you'd better really hope that I am wrong."


  • Prefers Tim Tams to Oreos.
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